No wonder the Labour Party is broke

19 May 2014

19 May 2014

“We need to raise £66,000 to make…122,000 calls to Labour voters,” says a super-localised campaign email from the Labour Party. Apparently a donation of £5 will pay for ten phone calls to be made, and a £50 wedge will secure 100 of these vital calls.

No wonder Labour is more than £12 million in debt: it is paying 50p per phone call! That hardly inspires confidence about the party’s economic competence.

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  • drewswlon

    The party of edukashun, edukashun, eduwatsit seems to struggle with maths (as does Mr S.) – at 50p a call £66k would yield 132,000 happy recipients, not 122,000.
    Suddenly that boom’n’bust misunderstanding seems easier to explain.

  • Bluesman_1

    Maybe they are paying people to make the calls (radical, I know).

    Oh, Article 50, because it cannot be said enough.

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