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Nigel Farage joins the political greats

1 May 2014

3:35 PM

1 May 2014

3:35 PM

Nigel Farage has been ‘egged’ while on the campaign trail. He was pelted by a protestor as he left his car. The protestor was dragged away by police.

Screen Shot 2014-05-01 at 15.41.22

Mr S can’t help but notice that Farage has joined a list of political greats, including such lights as John Prescott and Ed Miliband, who have been ‘egged’ while out on the stump. Truly, Ukip has arrived.

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  • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

    Nottingham is famed for egg snipers, no doubt a liblabcon plant.

  • pobinr
  • pobinr

    From the 1975 referendum leaflet – ‘IF WE SAY ‘NO’
    What would be the effect on Britain if we gave up membership of the Common Market?
    In the Government’s view, the effect could only be damaging.’

    As damaging as this ?

    1] Cheap imported labour that drives wages down & take jobs from locals

    2] Classes full of kids that need special lessons in speaking basic English

    3] Being told it’s just Daily Mail fiction when I see it with my own eyes

    4] Higher house prices & rents due to increased demand

    5] More crowded surgeries & longer NHS queues

    6] Worst housing shortage since WWII

    7] More & more houses on greenbelt

    8] More & more road congestion

    9 Theft of our democracy >

    EU loan to Ford to move our Southampton Transit factory to Turkey >

    Southampton ship repairs moved to Germany.
    Our dry docks sat empty ever since.

    10% of our economy now under threat thanks to an new EU dictat >

    And Mr Clegg has the gall to say ‘Being in the EU protects our jobs’

  • George Laird

    Dear All

    I see that the Police have arrested the person alleged to have egged Nigel Farage.

    We should remember that this type of behaviour, there is no excuse.

    That being said, going to work on an egg in this case will certainly help Nigel Farage to be seen as the anti establishment candidate and Ukip should benefit from it.

    I like scrambled egg myself, I would never consider throwing it but rather would much like to stick it in a roll and eat it.

    3 rolls of scrambled egg at one sitting is required, enough to enjoy and within bounds of moderation with tea.

    Finally, it would take a political bomb to stop Ukip at present, why the person though an egg would do it is beyond me, then some people aren’t very good at politics.

    Yours sincerely

    George Laird
    The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

  • Raddiy

    This morning the Peoples Army stood ready awaiting the onslaught, the battalions of cooks, plumbers, stockbrokers, mums and dads, grans and grandads awaited the daily onslaught.

    The enemy were late this morning, would they come? We waited, and we waited, but we waited in vain.

    In the halls and offices of the Westminster village, bags were being packed, equipment stood down, final expenses forms were being filled in as the full scale retreat began. The routed establishment had now conceded defeat hoping to throw itself on the mercy of the Peoples Army on the 22nd May 2014.

    Staring at the sky, a silence descended over the battlefield, the rotting bodies of the establishment littered the ground, the Forlorn Hope of the establishment, comprising of the pet monkey’s in the main stream media dropped their pens at the first sound of shot, and ran for the hills in the twilight of yesterday.
    Not a single journalist had stood their ground, although two second rate hacks Dan Hodges and Kevin McGuire, convinced that their side had won the battle were found hiding amongst the women and children in the baggage train.

    Battle scarred with senses honed for the fight’s to come, this small peoples army swollen by more and more recruits as the battle wore on, collectively proffered the two fingered salute, and bared their backsides in the direction of Westminster.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Looks like he used a small egg – stingy twit.

    • Alexsandr

      didn’t want to shell out for a big one
      sorry, no more yokes

      • Hexhamgeezer

        One for my album(em)

  • Wessex Man

    Just had a quite reasonable comment put on hold waiting approval, ah well, in simple terms whatever the bloke thought he was achieviving with his egg throwing, all he’s done is help UKip to 41% of the latest poll.

    • Denis_Cooper

      Which poll is that?

      Do you have a link?

  • saffrin

    John Prescott and Ed Miliband political greats?
    Only if political greatness is decided on who serves one’s own interests best

  • Doggie Roussel

    Hang on… Cameron, Osborne & Boris J… along with a whole lot of upper-class hoorays, Rothschild, Guppy etc… used to dress up in the most exquisitely tailored tail coats and destroy up-market restaurants in Oxford…. and actually posed for photographs in their poncified battledress … as evidence of their excesses.

    They now appeal to our better nature to understand why sanctifying gay marriage and hugging hoodies is more important than addressing the appalling apathy to the depraved, demoralised, commercialised and anesthetised paralysis which grips most of the British electorate.

  • jeremy moss

    i was egged when i was standing to be an mp. it might look amusing but really hurts !

  • I like Comb-over

    This is how you take it like man, Mr Farage

    • Wessex Man

      Would you have taken with out screaming about right wing lunatics go away idiot.

  • EU thrall

    Welcome into the fold UKIP.

    Now destroy the establishment.

  • Denis_Cooper

    You’ve run out of arguments, the media scaremongering and smearmongering
    hasn’t worked and has even had the opposite effect to that intended, so why not hit your political enemy on the head with a placard, or hit him on the head with an egg, or stand around him shouting abuse in his face and threatening him, or disrupt his meetings and shout him down? In fact, why not kill him?

    And still to this day our hypocritical Prime Minister condones political thuggery by remaining a signed-up supporter of so-called “Unite Against Fascism”, aka “a bunch of thugs who themselves behave like fascists”, and will not dissociate himself from them and their violence.

  • Des Demona

    he could change his name to Nigel Faberge?

    • EU thrall

      You could change your name to “Ignorance is bliss”.

  • @PhilKean1

    The EU-Liberal-left establishment are in full panic mode.

    And you can see why. They have had it their own way for so long now they feel threatened and affronted when a political party comes along which aims to return power back to the British people.

    If there is any justice left in Britain, Farage will deserve to be rewarded in the New Year’s Honours.

    * Cromwell
    * Churchill
    * Thatcher

    * Farage ?

    • Fergus Pickering

      Did Cromwell get an honour? I thought he was dug up and his head stuck on a spike.

      • Mangochutney

        Well that’s catholics for you !

    • Denis_Cooper

      Twenty past ten and no comments at all on the Newslinks section of another website, so have they now got round to banning you from that section as well as the main sections?

  • anncalba

    Oh dear God, how pathetic can you get. Not a UKIP supporter, but the desparation of the anti Farage posts is – well – so childish it leaves me literally lost for words.

  • London Calling

    An egg…..You can fry it, boil it,scramble and poach it….I’m sure Fararge will think of something to do with it…tee hee……it comes with the job I’m, afraid to say….:)

  • RavenRandom

    Tomorrows smear headline today: “UKIP EXACTLY LIKE THE NAZIS!!!”
    The establishment attacks on UKIP are almost beyond parody. Expect a version of the above headline soon.

  • Mangochutney

    What is it about the left that attracts these violent nutters

    • Blindsideflanker

      Indeed, just beneath the lefts thin skin of PC talk are some some totalitarian thugs. Anything that might challenge their orthodoxy is met with an intimidating rent a mob.

      With UKIP we have seen the left’s play book in action where they denounce their opponents as racist, then get out the rent a mob. Why the police permit this political intimidation is hard to understand.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Good question. It is something to do with the leftist state of mind. When right wing people disagree with a point of view they tend to dismiss the author as wrong-headed, stupid or misguided. The leftist when confronted by a contrary opinion opposes the author with visceral hatred regarding him or her as evil and deserving of personal destruction at all costs.

    • HookesLaw

      The left? Mandelson was covered in green paint and Prescott ‘egged’. Narky people and extremist loud-mouths of all stripes tend to get egged.

      • MikeF

        I don’t recollect that the assailant in either case was from the ‘right’.

        • Wessex Man

          It might have been Hooky, you know what he’s like!

    • EU thrall

      Idle hands make the devil’s work!

    • Fergus Pickering

      Everything. Violence is their oxygen. An England cricketer recently committed a standard socialist act. He got out for nought and was so cross he punched his locker. And broke his wrist.

  • UniteAgainstSocialism

    another few hundred UKIP supporters created by a pathetic traitor lefty wasting food. Im sure some food bank could have fed someone with that egg. Hopefully this rather odd looking lefty that threw the egg will be jailed for 6 months for assault.

    Vote UKIP and Unite Against Socialism

    • you_kid

      Pure comical gold.
      So UKIP are in the eyes of some not only anti-socialists but purveyors of London City and Magna Carta elitism? — Interesting.

      • UniteAgainstSocialism

        go away you horrible little man

        Vote UKIP and Unite Against Socialism

        • you_kid

          What, UKIP not socialists?
          They are, lad. They are the biggest socialists in Britain.
          They live and are funded by EU benefits.
          They love the City that mugged us all – you oppose nothing!
          They love the raking in of landlord benefits, their core vote depends on this income to subsist.

          How is that not socialist? It’s comedy gold socialism living on the back of the next generation of British people.

          The you_kids have long sussed that one, dad.
          You will kid us not.

          • saffrin


            • you_kid

              If one thing is certain then it’s that UKIP are socialists.
              I outlined the argument above.
              You may discuss what exactly the lie is with that serial troll spammer the viceroy’s gin who would love to conflate the life out of you. Enjoy

          • UniteAgainstSocialism

            stop taking the LSD and you should be talking sense in about 8 hours time. I presume the drug you are on is LSD cos youre not on this planet, Lad

            • you_kid

              We know times are hard for you socialists. You need to at least admit that they are, lad.
              EU and landlord benefits not enough to keep you ticking over? Let’s raise the house prices even more then shall we – to offset the fact that you never saved for retirement.

              Stuff the you_kids, hey?
              We you_kids sussed you lot out a long time ago. You will kid us not.

              • UniteAgainstSocialism

                like i said, stop taking the drugs, you’re just making yourself look like a total merchant banker

              • Fergus Pickering

                You use the word socialist rather in the way the viceroy’s gin usesit. Ahah! You ARE the vicery’s gin. Fuck off!

                • you_kid


          • Bill_der_Berg

            Of course it’s socialist. We’ve all heard the slogan, ‘Workers of the world, Unite for higher property prices’.

          • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

            UKIP are the opposite to socialists, they are much nearer libertarianism than any left or right.

          • Fergus Pickering

            You are obviously a socialist troll. But who were you before, I wonder. Those paragraphs of one short sentence are characteristic of tele. You are tele pretending to be something else entirely..

    • John Dalton

      I was impressed by UKIP’s Suzanne Evans on Question Time last night. She was attacked from every side in what was clearly set up as a Griffin style public lynching – but she kept calm and handled herself with diginty. In all her media appearances she talks sense.

      The point is UKIP stand up for what the people want – they don’t look down their noses at us like the other three who can barely bother to disguise their contempt.

    • Arthur Mason

      Obviously Fascism is your thing. Never mind all those that died in two world wars to prevent the rise of Fascism

  • Jabez Foodbotham

    I wonder if the egg was rotten, or have such eggs, like dum-dum bullets, been banned in political warfare under some humane treaty.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Eggs have gone the way of conkers. Potentially dangerous missiles for the mummy’s boys and cherubs. I imagine Farage won’t need counselling.

      The bearded baldy, one “Fred” of Nottingham, who smacked the egg down (it wasn’t thrown) says he did it because he doesn’t agree with UKIP’s policies.

      • colliemum

        Not that I could ever get that close to the establishment politicians, but if I were to throw eggs at all those whose policies I don’t agree with, I’d need a second mortgage …

        • Inverted Meniscus

          Or a henhouse perhaps.

          • colliemum

            More like a chicken farm – and they won’t allow that in my urban neighbourhood …

      • Aberrant_Apostrophe

        He’s got the vote hasn’t he? After all, we do live in a democracy – unless the EU gets their way before we do a Brexit.

  • CraigStrachan

    Not to mention John Major.

    • MichtyMe

      Ah subtle, took me a wee while.

      • CraigStrachan

        Subtle as an egg in the face.

      • Barakzai

        I think slightly subtler was the unspoken ‘weight’ after the two named ‘light(s)’. (Figurative in the case of Hull’s finest, of course . . . )