London as you’ve never seen it before

7 May 2014

7 May 2014

The new Shangri-La hotel opened its doors to Mr S last night. Located on floor 35 of The Shard, the luxurious establishment was only, in fact, semi-open, since three ‘signature suites’ and an infinity pool are yet to be unveiled. The exhibited areas were abundant in opulence and splendour.

The great and the good of luxury journalism were out in force. William Sitwell, editor of Waitrose Kitchen, Mark Palmer, travel editor of The Daily Mail and The Guardian’s Amelia Gentleman were all present to admire interior designer William Leung’s latest venture.

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All other glamorous guests appeared to have got lost in the lift on the way up.

Entertainment included a cocktail-making session and Mr S was treated to a private viewing of one of the rooms, complete with binoculars. Even with magnification, Mr S still failed to locate the missing party-goers. He may, however, have been distracted by the view.


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  • James Allen

    A showing in the Shard? You’re in the big league now….

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