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Is Labour a racist party?

20 May 2014

11:08 AM

20 May 2014

11:08 AM

Is Labour a racist party? The answer, I believe, is ‘no’. Apart from anything else, some of my best friends are in the party and I cannot think they hate themselves or anybody else simply because of their skin colour.

Yet the question must be asked. For just this weekend I was rummaging through recent editions of the Gazette Live (the latest news, sport and business from the North East, Middlesbrough and Teesside) when I happened upon this story: ‘Five Middlesbrough councillors resign from Labour Party and will stand as independents.’


You can read about the whole sorry episode here. But the crux of the article is this:

‘Cllr Junier said in his resignation letter: “I can no longer sit back and watch our fractured group implode through lack of direction, lack of leadership and more importantly lack of Labour values” 

‘Cllr Pervaz Khan said he felt “ashamed” for belonging to Middlesbrough Labour group which “is treating some of my Asian family and friends in a manner which they perceive to be racist and, incidentally, so do I” 

‘Cllr Sajaad Khan also criticised the current Labour leadership saying it was “different under Sir Stuart Bell, who would not have stood for all this”.’

Now I confess that I have no idea how different things would have been under Sir Stuart Bell, nor any particular insight into what he would or would not have stood for. But what I do know is that this story deserves to be front page news. After all, accusations of racism, especially justified or unjustified ‘perceptions’ of racism, from within any political party, from anybody at all – be he or she ne’er so low in the party’s apparatus – is front page news these days.

The Gazette Live ran this story on the 6th of this month. Yet this morning I have once again been scouring the front pages of The Times, Guardian and other national newspapers, and can find absolutely no reference to, or outcry over, this whole business. Is there a reason? Do any readers have any idea of what it might be?

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  • John Smith

    The Labour Party in the Boro is corrupt and no one expects anything different?

  • EU thrall

    vote ukip

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    A central plank of Labour’s strategy is playing the race card, so of course it is racist.

  • General_Patten

    Yes Labour is racist. They are hypocrites. They are traitors.

  • whs1954

    “Is there a reason? Do any readers have any idea of what it might be?”

    Asian Labour councillors not re-selected by Labour. Asian councillors quit Labour, accuse Labour of racism. Next on news, dog bites man; film at 10.30.

    In this case the above story – played out in Tower Hamlets and Harrow ere now – is augmented by some white, de-selected, councillors going too, but you won’t get this on the front pages because it’s a typically corrupt little story of nasty venal selfish people playing the race card when they don’t get their way.

    Much as I like to see the Labour party discomforted there’s little to see here.

  • Andrew Constantine

    Labour are clearly anti-English. While they encouraged the other three home nations to build up national political and cultural institutions, England was not allowed even one.

    Consider what national political institutions Scotland has compared to England:

    – Scottish Parliament

    – Scottish First Minster
    – Scottish Executive

    – Scottish Government
    – Scottish National Civil Service
    – Scottish Revenue

    England does not have of these important national institutions of its own.

    Some newspapers have run stories of the British elites having lost Scotland. More to the point, I contend they have lost England.

    The Camerons, the Cleggs, the Milibands, The Windsors etc etc all seem to have no affection or loyalty to England. So why should England care about and be loyal to them?

  • Conway

    Is Labour a racist party? I think the answer to that one is yes. If you are an indigenous white male you come low down in the pecking order. White boys seriously underperform in education, but Labour doesn’t seem concerned. White police officers can’t have their own Association. Diane Abbott is against white immigrants like Poles and Finns. Oh, you mean being against white people isn’t racism? Gotcha!

  • LucieCabrol

    They caused the rise in xenophobia by uncontrolled immigration to suit their own electoral ends…screw the electorate.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds
  • CraigStrachan

    Things would have been different under Sir Stuart Bell. He’d have been in Paris, and they’d never have seen hide nor hair of him.

  • Lucy Sky Diamonds
  • Dexter

    How often do we hear that the white working class are lazy and don’t want to work, that’s why we need mass immigration, is this Racism?…

    • LucieCabrol

      Well, at least its true I suppose.

  • Kennybhoy

    “Is there a reason? Do any readers have any idea of what it might be?”

    Och yer a funny man Maister M! You and Maister Liddle should be a double act! 🙂

    Seriously though…

    How in God’s name do you stand working for a title which over the past weeks has utterly disgraced it’s name…? How do you stand working with , in place of a few stronger terms which will get me censored, a crew of establishment lickspittles…? A crew who’s utter contempt for the British electorate and their values seems to know no depth or bounds…? Is the apparent polar dichotomy between you and Rod and the rest for real? or is it all just a clickbaiting exercise?

  • saffrin

    Positively racist I would have thought.
    They kept banging on about positive racism enough whatever that is.
    Anti-White-Brit as it turned out.

  • Penny

    Well, the political parties and the media started all this, but pulling my head out of the EU elections for a moment, it has occurred to me that this trawling-through-remarks scenario may have wider implications.

    I don’t think journalists, commentators or those at the upper level of the political pyramid have the first idea how very hard it is to recruit candidates to stand in local elections. Now that a trawling-around-for-remarks scenario is being established, perfectly decent people who may have considered serving their community might have to think twice.

    They may be spotlessly clean individuals (although angels on earth are rather rare) with all the right views, but politics comes with the hazard of having your words twisted or taken out of context. Acceptable norms in society change so what may be a *correct* view now might become beyond-the-pale in a few short years. It is entirely possible that, as a result of this current campaign in which the witch hunting of local candidates/councillors has been applauded, fewer people will want to take the risk of finding themselves or their families damaged by Facebook groups trawling the net for remarks (as per another comment on an earlier article by Douglas)

    Councillors do come in for a lot of stick, but they represent a level of our democratic process and most do a great job locally, helping people with day-to-day difficulties. At the lower end of the political ladder there is no payment for this job. It would be a pity – and a worry – if recruitment is made all the harder by this campaign.

  • cromwell

    Despite my previous comment Isn’t everyone a bit racist if they are honest?

  • cromwell

    Is Labour a racist party? What a stupid question of course not look at its leaders. Does it represent the working class, no of course not, what a stupid proposition.

  • Sapporo

    I attended a debate only two months ago, along with 1,000 others at the Guildhall on the subject of immigration. Nigel Farage trounced the panel, as usual. When you see him speak at such events, you understand why the political and media elite are so terrified of him. Tessa Jowell and David Lammy were, quite frankly appalling, they could make no clear arguments in favour of mass immigration and Lammy was humiliated, when he was asked whether unemployed young black men in Tottenham were calling for mass immigration and when he was referred to his previous quotes complaining about EU migration.

  • MikeF

    Is Labour a racist party? Yes because the doctrine of ‘anti-racism’ by which it effectively defines itself is a vicious, hypocritical ideology that aims to reinforce ethnic division in this country as a means to the achievement of purely sectarian ends that have nothing to do with the diminution of racial prejudice. The fact that there are people within the Labour Party who do not recognise that and genuinely believe that ‘anti-racism’ is something else does not change the reality of the situation.

    • LB

      There are good examples of racism from within labour. One member argued with me that migrants had saved the brits from inbreeding.

      There’s also the standard refrain. Migrants must be good because they are less likely to be on welfare. e.g Migrants good, Brits bad. It’s endemic. There’s no difference between migrants and brits. Migrants are not ubermensch. To claim they are is racist.

      • MikeF

        “One member argued with me that migrants had saved the brits from inbreeding.” A good example of the sheer irrationality into the left will descend when discussing – or rather refusing to discuss – racial issues. Though you could have asked in what way they achieve that end when they marry their cousins.

  • Smithersjones2013

    The Labour party is not racist but are pass masters of bigotry. In fact they have made an art of passing bigotry off as acceptable behaviour. That occasionally that bigotry breaks out in what might be perceived one of its crudest forms within the party is unsurprising as is the lack of interest of our prejudiced MSM.

  • Leo

    Labour have let the Working Class down dreadfully over the years, especially the young Working Class and ethnic minorities who have not been able to compete because of our Open Door Immigration Policy. Vote UKIP.

  • Leo

    No idea if Millibands a racist or not and couldn’t care less. He’s as much a disgrace as the rest of them at Westminster.
    Regarding Sir Nigel making negative comments about Romanians, there is a utube where Nigel actually takes on the President of Romania, with his usual aplomb, telling him that his policies against the Roma, his own people, were racist and utterly disgraceful. You can look it up. Funny on how you don’t get to hear about that from the media, isn’t it! Vote UKIP if you love your country.

  • CharlietheChump

    Yeah ‘cos if you’re a lefty you’re perfect and you can’t be wrong or uncaring or nasty, or smelly or a racist.

  • saffrin

    Had Gordon Brown said Britain needs the World’s immigrants to do the jobs home grown Brit’s are too lazy to do I would have called him a liar and a racist liar at that.
    Now, at a later date, had I found out those British jobs Gordon mentioned were being
    advertised abroad for immigrant consumption and not at home for our unemployed
    Brit’s I would have said Brown was not only a racist liar but a treasonous racist
    liar at that.

    As for Nigel Farage’s comment regards living next door to Romanian’s, what would
    one expect, a house full of hookers, burglars, muggers or cash point scammers?

    • Kennybhoy

      The notion of collective ownership of the available jobs, “British jobs”, is as socialist as it gets…

      • LB

        Helping yourself to other people’s money is also socialist. The problem is that Labour and the Tories and Lib Dems have allowed lots of people in who want or need other people’s cash, and they handed it over.

  • Jen The Blue

    “How would it have been under Stuart Bell”. Well he never set foot on Teesside so no different I guess.

    He was as bad as Gordon (ex-politician) Brown.

  • sfin

    To answer the headline: No.

    However, what the last few weeks of, so called ‘campaigning’ from the three established parties, has reinforced in my view, is that they are fascistic when confronted by views outside of their own social democratic models, and they are incapable of rational debate.

    It also reinforces my vow never to vote for any of them again.

  • Raddiy

    If you open your eyes Douglas, it is amazing what you will find.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Douglas Murray clears Labour of racism on a narrow issue, involving the odd person, determined by the racist rules Labour have set out.

    If a wider view of Labour was taken, it would be considered an institutionally racist anti English political party.

    Labour have been antagonistic against English people for a long time, even George Orwell noted their dislike of English people. All attempts I have made to find out what was at the heart of Labour’s racist hatred of English people has failed. No one seems to know, but it is there nevertheless.

    If anybody else had been so mistreated as English people, Labour would have been the first over the barricades in their defence of them. But not only can’t they bothered to represent English people’s interests, they are the architect of their discrimination. Labour’s devolution constitutional settlement can only be described as a racist constitution. It has made English people constitutional second class citizens, by any measure a racist act.

    In addition there is a low level anti English racism that is acceptable in the Parliamentary Labour party , and is so common people don’t bother to remark about it. Hardly a week goes by without some Labour MP using the derogatory pejorative description of English people as ‘Little Englanders’ , It was only the other day that Sadique Kahn called English people little Englanders on Question Time, now this is someone who is the Shadow Minister for Justice , supposedly in line to be the Justice Minister over English people, yet he uses such derogatory racist language.

    • HookesLaw

      You are getting a bit desperate.
      I suppose he could have been more polite and just said UKIP were xenophobic.

      • Blindsideflanker

        If any English people had been so ‘sloppy’ about their choice of words they would have been subject to a Labour party lynching. But Mr Kahn as someone who has publicly associated himself with his Pakistani heritage, in a position of authority, and shadow minister of justice, it should not be acceptable to use such pejorative language about another people. By the rules Labour have set out, he is a racist.

    • Holly

      There you have it in a nutshell….
      Labour are unfit to govern.

      • Blindsideflanker

        Unfortunately the other lot aren’t much better. Cameron leading a Conservative party who relies on English support has busied himself with every conceivable issue of equality, bar English equality. Cameron is happy about Labour constitutional dogs breakfast. As leader of the opposition he never raised the issue, in fact went to Glasgow to call us ‘sour faced little Englanders’

        And the Libdems have been cheer leaders to Labour’s botch devolution. It was a Libdem Minister , Jim Wallace, in the LibLab Scottish Government who brought forward legislation to charge English students a tuition fee premium for studying in Scotland

        • LB

          Correct. That’s why UKIP and the SNP will do well.

          Now the problem is that the established parties have no solutions, mainly because there are no solutions. The state is the problem, and its the state’s mess.

        • LB

          Correct. That’s why UKIP and the SNP will do well.

          Now the problem is that the established parties have no solutions, mainly because there are no solutions. The state is the problem, and its the state’s mess.

  • RavenRandom

    I believe Diane Abbott has tweeted racist insults that would get a white male thrown out of his party “White people love playing “divide and rule” We should not play their game”. That’s all white people. Explicitly racist, yet she still gets to comment.

    • lucillalin

      Another famous Abbott quote was that NHS shouldn’t hire us Finnish women, because we have never seen a black person and wouldn’t know how to treat black patients. Now, I don’t know if its racist, but made her look like an idiot.

      • Bill_der_Berg

        She wanted the jobs to go to her own supporters.

  • HookesLaw

    The BNP used to do well, peddling its wares in labour working class seats.

    • saffrin

      Renationalisation on our utilities and the rebuilding of the UK’s manufacturing base are popular policies.

      • Kennybhoy

        Yup. Socialist…

    • Kennybhoy

      As per my response to saffrin immediately above, that’s because they are both socialist parties and appeal to some of the same attitudes. Like collective ownership of the means of production…

      • James Lovelace

        At the 2010 General Election I asked my Trotskyist friends why they weren’t voting BNP, since the BNP was the only party standing across the country which advocated the core socialist policy of nationalisation.

  • keith

    Why ask the question, you know enough of how the media and the political establishment work together to destroy anything they see as a threat to their comfortable club. Are labour racist, well they have some MPs who can get away with making racist comments without any criticism, the likes of Dianne Abbot or Jack Straw and of course they have ex-BNP members who represent Labour on councils, but would their friends mention this, no, they are not UKIP, it will be really interesting when the results come in Thursday, that despite the whole of fleet street, the broadcast media and every other political party joining together to attack them, UKIP could still win or come a close second with a third of the vote, that tells you all you need to know about the disconnect between the establishment and the public

  • global city

    Nick Clegg… the Comical Ali of British politics

  • Bill_der_Berg

    “Eileen McElligott … was born and bred in Reading … She will fight for us here … because she is one of us.”

    Those words from a election leaflet led to charges of racism against a Labour candidate; her Conservative opponent is of Pakistani origin.

    The political parties seem to be obsessed by race in the chase for votes..

  • Ricky Strong

    Just give the following statement a little thought: ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity’.

    Now, who are the ‘right’, because as far as I am aware the ‘right’ contain people from all walks of life, from different cultures, races, religions, etc.

    So who exactly were the left directing that statement at? I can only assume it was directed at white people who would most likely associate themselves with being English. Why would you want to rub any other persons nose in diversity i.e people of African or Asian origin, if they themselves personify diversity.

    If that is not an example racism in its most simplest form I don’t know what it is. We are after all talking about people here who for some reason have made your skin colour an important question on a job application, perhaps I am just ignorant, but why should you be asked such a question? What does your ethnicity matter if you are applying for a job as an office worker for example?

    • Andy

      They even ask what your ethnicity is when you make a Planning Application.

      • Ricky Strong

        It’s ridiculous. I know they will say it is to promote fairness and equality but surely by not asking the question in the first place you can then only be judged on the qualities required for the application.

  • Sapporo

    Most white, middle-class lefties are racist. They believe ethnic minorities are different from them selves and so can be patronised and influenced by promoting positive discrimination and attacking opponents as “racist” and “anti-immigrant”, etc, to sway their voting intentions.. When the truth is, they share the same concerns as the white majority on all issues. To divide people by their skin colour or ethnicity and treat them differently is racist. This is endemic in left-wing rhetoric and why they are inherently racist

  • FellowHQ

    Thank you Mr Murray. Please keep up what we note is a lone voice in the howling wilderness of MSN groupthink. We won’t forget this.

  • Steve Lloyd

    If you want to accuse UKIP of Racism, or making Racist remarks, fair enough. We still have a smidgeon of free speech left to us in Britain, and it’s your right to make use of it while it still exists.

    But in the last week 15 Labour councillors have been arrested on race related charges. Not just spuriously accused a la UKIP, but arrested. Where’s the Media exposure? where’s the outcry? Where’s the justice?

    If Carlsberg made hypocrites.

    • HookesLaw

      Racist charges? Thats some story – who are they?

      • saffrin

        Lenny Henry was one of them I believe.
        Said something about not enough black fella on telly.

      • Smithersjones2013

        Follow the link above. Believe it as you will. Then of course there is this on the more general sins (abuse, homophobia, fraud etc etc) of the establishment parties

        List of crimes committed by Labour, Lib Dems and Cons not reported in past week….

        By all means share your conclusions about them with us all!

    • you_kid

      Now observe Unionist Scots support the England team in Brazil …

      o_O ?

      • ajibee

        Some will, some won’t, more so than Little Englanders would support Scotland. And what of it? I’ll be British, and proud of it, whether I support England or not, regardless of straw man ‘tests’ from the likes of you! Anyway, I’m sure you, like me believe that England have assured their spot at this year’s World Cup Final – Row B, Seats 11-22, so I’m told!

  • U kip if you want to

    Farage may not think he is a racist, but saying that you don’t want a Romanian for a neighbour is a racist sentiment. Suggesting that it was because he was tired so he misspoke, and he only meant the Romanian criminal gangs is one thing, but he was asked what the difference was between a German neighbour and a Romanian neighbour – his answer? “You know the difference”. Racist. Xenophobe. Bigot.

    • Toxteth O’Grady

      Mild xenophobia is a wise sentiment toward some cultures.

      • Shazza

        Allow me to correct you, if I may.

        ‘Mild’ should be replaced by ‘Extreme’.

    • rick hamilton

      Well, so what. No country I have ever visited outside the EU is so stupid as to allow just anyone to enter and reside just because they wish to. Having lived and worked abroad half my life I am entirely comfortable with any country deciding for itself who should enter and who should not, for whatever reason. That’s why we have countries, because people like their own way of doing things and if you don’t like them don’t go there.

    • Jules Wright

      Oh dear. How many times does it have to be said? Romania is a nation. If Farage had said he didn’t want a bunch of Slavic men moving in next door, then that would be different. But he didn’t say that did he? Could he have chosen his words more carefully? Probably. Does he regret not doing so? Yes – and has said so publicly. Romania, as a nation, does have a problem with organised crime (run by men) and it’s leaching outwards via porous EU borders according to Europol (the EU’s law enforcement agency) – becoming a clear and present problem for Italy and Spain in particular. This, for many, is an inconvenient and deliberately overlooked fact.

      It will then probably come as an uncomfortable shock to you that the Greeks have a long-standing crime problem with their very poor Albanian neighbours; you can rest assured that Greeks are *not* looking forward to Albania likely joining the EU in 2015 or shortly after. With family in Greece, I’ve seen the fall-out from this first-hand. It does not make Greeks racist in the slightest, merely concerned, pragmatic and realistic about a problem that threatens a serious crime-wave for them in the future.

      Reality is an unforgiving and blunt mistress, but one ignores her at one’s peril.

      • Sapporo

        Actually, he was asked if people should be worried about a group of Romanian men moving in next door. He said people will have concerns. every time the story is told, the truth becomes ever more hidden.

        • Jules Wright

          Thank you Sapporo; I stand corrected.

        • Kennybhoy

          Wot Sapporo wrote.

        • Andy

          And he is right. As a friend of mine discovered when a group of Romanian men moved in next door. The landlord terminated the lease as soon as possible.

    • Sapporo

      No he was asked what the difference is between a group of German children and a group of Romanian men. The response “you know the difference” is perfectly legitimate. Watch the video and stop promoting lies. Or maybe you do not want to differentiate between children and men, just like senior Labour politicians and their promotion of paedophile networks?

    • Ricky Strong
    • keith

      Jack Straw said Pakistani men were more likely to be in grooming gangs because they saw young white girls as easy meat, he still sits in parliament and is lauded by labour as a great home secretary, is he not a racist

      • Keith D

        He was wrong. The grooming gangs are another manifestation of the jihad against us all.

    • Cosmo

      Well, well, another witch-finder is amongst us. “Racist” “bigot” “xenophobe” blah, blah, blah. When/if you ever grow up, you will be so embarrassed at what a pri*k you were.

  • lookout

    The hypocrisy is everywhere, the people of our country can see through it and have now a vote to do something about it, Farage isn’t a racist, he’s an immigrationist as are most concerned voters.

    • Shazza

      Farage is a realist, not a racist.

      The real racists are the Labour Party who deliberately set about replacing the indigenous white population with third world, grateful, Labour supporters.

      If that is not racist, then I give up.

      • U kip if you want to

        When even the Sun call you a racist, you need to look at your statements. Farage made a racist statement. I prefer to call a racist a racist.

        • helicoil

          It’s a concerted propaganda war -if you can’t see that then you’re being wilfully blind.

        • dmitri the impostor

          What you mean is you prefer to call every shade of grey pitch black. Like a good little commissar.

        • Sapporo

          Then move away from the mirror.

        • Bill_der_Berg

          So what did you think of Diane Abbott’s remark that white people like playing divide and rule?

        • Alexsandr

          you need to get educated on what race and racist mean. Romanians are white europeans, same as indigenous brits. so we cant be racist towards them. I do wish the left would stop reinventing our language to stoke up their hysteria.

        • Tom M

          Farage said something about Romanians. As far as I know they are white caucasian. That means they are likely to be the same race as most of indigenous British.. Are you sure you understand what racism actually is?

        • Smithersjones2013

          Quoting a newspaper whose former management are almost exclusively now all defending themselves against criminal charges?

          Yeah people are really going to take you seriously…….

        • Cosmo

          You actually prefer to call anyone who doesn’t agree with your views a racist, as a means of silencing them. It’s sooo hackneyed. Personally I couldn’t care less what your ilk think anyway.

      • Keith D

        Spot on Shazza.
        From the United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007 61/295.

        that indigenous peoples, in the exercise of their rights, should be free from discrimination of any kind” and ”
        the urgent need to respect and promote the inherent
        rights of indigenous peoples which derive from their political, eco

        nomic and social structures and from their cultures, spiritual tradi
        -tions, histories and philosophies, especially their rights to their lands,”

        Of course it wasn’t Tony’s pink gin swilling friends that were to be denied their rights, nope it was their own core working family’s voters.
        Racist against your own, absolutely beyond parody.