Matthew d’Ancona has unwittingly shown why people want to vote Ukip

22 May 2014

10:24 AM

22 May 2014

10:24 AM

Well it’s polling day, and if anybody wants a spur to vote Ukip they have two options: Peter Oborne’s stirring cover piece in the new issue of The Spectator and Matthew d’Ancona’s column in yesterday’s Evening Standard.

If the sight of white activists pretending to be Romanians so that they could accuse black UKIP members of ‘racism’ did not push you over the edge, then d’Ancona’s column probably will.

His article was headlined: ‘We must expose UKIP as the racist party it is.’ This is some promise: for years, Ukip’s enemies have been trying to suggest that the party is racist. D’Ancona’s evidence? Ukip seemed to be racist because it – like the vast majority of the British public – is opposed to mass immigration. Then, happily ignoring the crime figures on Romanian immigrants in London (which Rod Liddle writes about in some detail in the Spectator today), d’Ancona said:

‘Last week, in an astonishing LBC interview, he [Farage] went even further: “I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next door, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be.”’ 


D’Ancona then adds:

‘If this is not racist, then nothing is racist.’ 

Really? Nothing? That’s not how I see it. Kristallnacht was racist. Apartheid South Africa was racist. The Rape of Nanking was racist. But to refer to an LBC interview with Nigel Farage as ‘racist’ is to rob the word of any meaning. It’s also a grave insult to those fighting genuine racism, in London and elsewhere. It strikes me as shameful that the ‘racism’ card is played so blithely.

D’Ancona concludes by asking his London readers to rise above the provincial Ukippery and save the rest of the knuckle-draggers in the country from themselves. He even crow-bars in the Olympics, finishing:

‘So — as so often in history — it is left to Londoners to speak for the nation. Tomorrow, they will vote for representatives in 32 boroughs, choose four borough mayors, and select eight MEPs to go to Strasbourg. Ukip has a single elected borough councilor, in Havering, although the party claims that 19 further individuals have defected to its banner. One of our eight MEPs is Ukip’s Gerald Batten. Two years ago, in an unforgettable Olympic summer, the voters of London reminded the world that this is the truly global city. Tomorrow, they should speak out again.’ 

A political elite and its supporters in the media has spent weeks trying to brow-beat the public into believing that it is not just wrong, but actually ‘racist’ not to vote Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour. D’Ancona is simply elaborating on a theme that has been played through most of Fleet St – even The Sun has depicted Farage as a demonic figure.

What effect will this have, as Britain goes to the polls? I don’t know how many people are tempted to lend their vote to Ukip in this election. But after this gang-up on the British public, you can certainly see why so many people are willing to take up Farage’s offer: to give this bullying and smearing political-media class, the bloody nose they deserve.

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  • BenTheHen

    Racism is simply prejudice or discrimination of a person based upon race, I fail to see how Nigel’s comment doesn’t qualify. To argue otherwise is to rob the word of it’s meaning, consult a dictionary if you’re confused.

    Racism doesn’t have to be on the scale of an apartheid it can be small and casual, and that’s where the big stuff starts. The way to deal with racism is to give it zero tolerance in whatever guise it manifests itself.

    If you are against racism as a matter of principle you must be against UKIP, regardless of whether or not you agree with its anti-immigration policy, or whether or not you think no other party adresses your concerns.

  • sodit

    Mr. O’Brien: And what about the line about not wanting to
    live next door to Romanians? It’s perfectly acceptable for people not to want…

    Mr. Farage: I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved
    in next door to you would you be concerned?

    Mr. O’Brien: What about if a group of German children
    did? What’s the difference?

    Mr. Farage: The difference, and you know what the difference

    Mr. O’Brien: I honestly don’t. I think this is where the disconnect is between your position and mine. What is the difference?

    So if Mr. O’Brien had a group of German children move in next door, he wouldn’t phone the social services? Does he think that because some of their grandparents’ generation managed to live ferally in the ruins of central Europe, that that trait has been handed down to their descendents?

    Or am I misrepresenting him? Is he tacitly assuming that the children are members of a family? So is Mr. O’Brien claiming that he cannot tell the difference between a
    house occupied by a family and an HMO (house of multiple occupation).

    Do we believe him, is he really so stupid, or is he being dishonest when he claims
    not to be able to distinguish?

  • Kevin T

    When even the Tories adopt the language and silencing tactics of the left – the same ones that were used on Michael Howard in 2005 – there really is no longer any point voting for the three old parties. Matthew d’Ancona and Matthew Parris and Dan Hodges and Michael White are the British equivalent of the New York / Washington elitists (that is the word we should be using, not elite) who blithely dismiss the majority of Americans as rednecks and insist their views should be ignored and steamrollered. That’s driven America to a point where it seems ready to split in two. At the heart of it is the snobbery of privileged politicians and journalists who have convinced themselves they are intellectually and morally superior to the rest of their countrymen.

  • global city

    You can understand how the open secret at the heart of the EU project is kept so obediently and completely in the UK.

    You do not have to ask yourselves why the basic flaws and contradictions in the EU are ever analsysed and why they are so often deliberately misrepresented or ‘explained’.

    Too many of the media’s ‘great brains’ are in reality just followers of the elite’s meme.

  • evad666

    The elites in London happily stifled reporting of islamic men raping white girls for over a decade in the interest of multiculturalism. Now that’s racist.
    Please don’t get me going about the blatant bias of Labours support for PIE either.
    Now where’s Harriet? Harriet!

  • SimonToo

    Don’t knock d’Ancona, There is great value in someone so reliably wrong.

  • Simon_in_London

    d’Ancona’s vile article in the Evening Standard certainly stiffened my resolve. Actually so did the whole smear campaign, for which the ES was at the forefront. I just fear that many of my fellow commuters are a lot more gullible and still fall for that crap.

  • Sean Raymond

    Sat in the pub with farage having a pint next to me in Basildon. Normally wouldn’t care but this was so out of the blue it is Surreal. I Got to say well done. And they have done well.

  • stephengreen

    When Ancona was originally hired by the (Sunday) Telegraph, they trumpeted his employment almost in terms of a new Cicero. Yet has he ever produced anything but stodgily ponderous, effete prose spread thinly over too much paper, that gives little insight?

  • Smithersjones2013

    So D’Ancona thinks that a Caucasian European differentiating between their own nation of mainly Caucasian Europeans and two other nations of Caucasian Europeans is racist.

    If that is the case what does D’Ancona think of the SNP and Alex Salmond who not only differentiate between two regions of European Caucasians and implement policies which disadvantage one of those groups but want to implement a level of apartheid between those two groups?

    Furthermore what does D’Ancona think of a British Prime Minister who has facilitated such, dare I say it, ‘racism’ by offering the perpetrators a referendum?

    Seriously D’Ancona is the saddest of commentariat throwbacks to the Blairite 1990’s and that period like D’Ancona should be forgotten for the Fool Britannia it was with one exception. That dreadful song. Because with UKIP rising ‘Things Can Only Get Better’

  • StephanieJCW

    ” But to refer to an LBC interview with Nigel Farage as ‘racist’ is to rob the word of any meaning. ”

    Hmm let’s see:

    I was asked if a group of Romanian men moved in next door, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be.”’

    Not racist?

    Well lets try:

    “I was asked if a group of black men moved in next door, would you be concerned? And if you lived in London, I think you would be.”’

    You maybe being overly pedantic – but you can pretty much see why the statement has been viewed in such an offensive manner. It’s a highly prejudiced thing to say.

    • Smithersjones2013

      What is the race of a Romanian ~ Caucasian. What is nigel Farage’s race ~ oh its Caucasian. Since when is one person of a race differentiating between another person of the same race racism?

      Next you;ll be suggesting that the SNP are racist because they differentiate between two nationalities of Caucasian people!

  • cambridgeelephant

    d’Ancona is a snivelling little Blair loving toe rag, who masquerades as a ‘Tory’ and urges Cameron to be more ‘uber-Tony’ than his hero was.

    Sad really. But no one takes him seriously other than himself.

  • Mike

    Left wing journos like Matthew d’Ancona still haven’t woken up to the fact that a broad spectrum of the electorate are sick and tired of the LibLabCon artists lying and spinning their way through politics.

    The truth is that these journos have done more for UKIP than any spin machine could have and in the process have prevented real debate on the serious issues confronting the country. We all watched the Clegg train wreck against Farage with glee but sometimes with hope that Clegg would actually engage in a proper debate. Sadly it wasn’t to be as Clegg just change the subject or trotted out more lies which were so blatant he was trounced by Farage.

    I’ll give Clegg his due, at least he had the courage to face up to Farage unlike the sniveling Cameron or the dysfunctional Milliband. If nothing else, the public has now seen these two sewer rats exposed as political cowards without any convictions other than self serving aggrandizement and maintaining the status quo.

  • LucieCabrol

    I am so utterly bored of UKIP that I’m going to vote for them, just this once and then back to my Tories… one seriously thinks they can deliver anything at the general election do they…except labour….surely that has got to be the worst possible outcome, worthy of even staying in europe for.

  • JEK68

    ‘you can certainly see why so many people are willing to take up Farage’s offer: to give this bullying and smearing political-media class, the bloody nose they deserve.’
    Well said once again. The media constantly say that they support the public in saying that the main three political parties are basically the same and can’t be trusted, then something different comes along and what do the media do? They try to destroy it and belittle it because they can’t seem to handle opinions that don’t tick the consensus boxes for their lazy cliché ridden ‘journalism’. Get ready for the main three parties to brush off UKIP’s success today as a ‘protest vote’ as if a protest vote means nothing and soon it will be ‘business as usual’, I hope it won’t be.

  • Robertus Maximus

    An excellent article, Douglas, of which you should be proud. A very rare example of ethical and honest journalism when covering the subject of UKIP.

  • andagain

    Is the phrase “No blacks or Irish” racist? What about “No Romanians”?

    • UKSteve

      Yes, no and no.

      The last two are nationalities. When will you people learn?

      • andagain

        I see. Farage wasn’t being racist, he was just dissing another ethnic group.

        Completely different.

        • Smithersjones2013

          So when are you going to condemn the SNP and demand that the independence referendum is scrapped then?

          After all aren’t the SNP differentiating between the Scots and the English?

          I suppose that’s ‘Completely different’ as well

        • UKSteve

          That’s correct, he wasn’t. I’ve no idea what “dissing” is, as it doesn’t appear in my copy of the OED. “Irish” and “Romanians” aren’t ethnic groups either. And to my knowledge, Farage has never said “No blacks”, which would be disgusting.

          It’s not your fault your parents didn’t send you to school, shame on them, but you make yourself look a crass fool by inventing phrases people have never used, and posting silly rubbish using invented words.

          • andagain

            Five seconds with google would have given a site with the definition, such as this one:


            In the meantime perhaps you would care to display your superior education by telling me why it is disgusting to say “No Blacks” but not “No Irish”, or indeed “No Romainians”.

            • UKSteve

              Yes, I can tell from your posts that your main educational source is Google, and doubtless that encyclopaedia of half-wits, Wikipedia.

              The source you quote, had you read it, states (my bold):

              1980–85, Americanism; from dis-1 extracted from such words as disrespect and disparage

              I speak English, not “American”. I would use disrespect and possibly disparage as appropriate, because I speak the world”s finest language, not some corrupted mid-Atlanticese. Further research has shown that recorded first use of it was in 1987, which makes the date in the source you gave as inaccurate.

              Your premise is ridiculous, because you’ve invented repeated something you found in gutter left-wing media, that Farage has never spoken, and then in your head drawn an inference based on something I didn’t imply. I was parsing the invented phrase for accuracy, and both it – and you – failed.

              It’s a pity that “andagain” didn’t apply to you going back to school after the first day. And a great pity that some of the trash in left-wing media didn’t join you.

              • andagain

                You forgot to tell me why it is disgusting to say “No Blacks”, but not “No Irish” or “No Romanians”.

                • UKSteve

                  No I didn’t. You forgot to learn to read.

    • Cobbett

      It’s ”no Roma” really isn’t it? How about ”no dogs or children”?

  • colliemum

    Thanks – another good post by you, Mr Murray.

    I think that once the dust has settled we’ll see the ruination of what used to be called ‘free press’, one of the pillars of democracy. When the whole MSM in a country gang up on one party exclusively, questions as to how this happened must be asked.
    Perhaps there still are some journalists not afraid to shine a light into the back rooms where deals such as ‘we give you dirt on UKIP if you leave us alone’ between the Tories and the grauniad were made.

    I think the repercussions of this campaign will reverberate for a long time.
    As has been pointed out by Brendan O’Neill of ‘spiked-online’ – this campaign didn’t only vilify UKIP, it vilified us, the people. We’re not likely to forget!

  • Denis_Cooper

    Thank you for taking the trouble to read the d’Ancona article and briefly tell us about it, because I long ago stopped reading anything that he writes.

  • SemiPartisanSam

    When Britain voted to remain within the EU in 1975, the late Tony Benn – then Secretary of State for Industry and leading figure from the No campaign – had these magnanimous words to say in the hour of defeat:

    “When the British people speak everyone, including members of Parliament, should tremble before their decision and that’s certainly the spirit with which I accept the result of the referendum.”

    Today, the British people will speak and deliver their verdict on 39 years of ever-closer union without consultation, but no one will tremble before our decision. The party PR machines will whir into action, the spin doctors will get to work and a herculean exercise in groupthink will take place until the establishment convince themselves – and many of us – that the result is an aberration, a blip, a flash in the pan.

    The political class has lost its fear and respect for the British electorate – Nigel Farage and UKIP, whatever their flaws, are helping to restore it.

  • Red Ukip

    We are the second most densely populated European nation out of 47 (excluding micro states). The Office of National statistics predicts our population will reach 80 million. Ukip are the only party who wish to curtail a massive population explosion on a very small island. If this isn’t an issue for you at all, keep voting LibLabCon who only think about short term politics.

  • John_Page

    I’ve never understood why people praise d’Ancona’s journalism. To me he just seems an unilluminating Cameron courtier.

  • Duc de Richleau

    I am disgusted at the attacks on UKIP. Never before have we witnessed such a hatchet job on any political party or its leader. Even in Scotland the Labour lying Daily Record were telling their readers to vote SNP to deny UKIP a seat. When did we ever see such levels of utter hypocrisy? I don’t like feeling that the press and media are shamelessly manipulating me, and that’s why I voted UKIP.

  • Toxteth O’Grady

    I read his article on the tube home yesterday. He’s a dreadfully smug, shiny faced git is D’Ancona (once of this parish) like his master Cameron.

  • JoeDM

    I just put my two fingers up to the political elite and voted UKIP !!!!

  • Jonathan Sidaway

    To the extent that journalists influence behaviour rather than preach to the converted, I’d’ve thought that MDA’s writing is a gift to UKIP, jaw-crackingly sparkling as his stuff is.

  • Picquet

    Well said. It was a wonder that they didn’t demand British support for all the other teams at the Olympics as not to do so would be Racist.

  • Slavic Girl

    Correction – the card read that “Farage is a racist scum”, not the black UKiP candidate, who btw. dipped his toes in far too many political streams to be taken as anything more than a mercenary, was a racist.
    Lenny Henry received mass support from Brits, but I do not expect mass support for any black person, who continues to stand for UKiP after the ‘next door neighbour’ remark. Divisive, despicable tactic of UKiP is to pray on the most vulnerable, and that include innocent victims of hate campaign as well as the voters duped into this mass hysteria. Thanks God, many people, black and white, see through these low tactics. But are they repulsed badly enough to get out to vote against this abomination? Or will they let UKiP win, as usual, with 12% of voters turnout?

    • Blindsideflanker

      You conflate two issues that aren’t the same race (Lenny Henry) , next door (Romanians).

      In the latter, the UN gives peoples the right to a nationality, and for indigenous peoples the right to not be marginalised in their own country. So people have every right to say they don’t want to be ethnically cleansed by mass immigration, it is those defending this mass immigration cleansing who are the racists.

      • Slavic Girl

        At the moment our graduates are cleaning your toilets, because they have no choice (blessing of the destructive free flow of capital). Nobody from eastern Europe is cleansing you ethnically, at least not in a sense in which millions of Slavs and Gypsies got cleansed in the name of the ideology of master race in 1940s. It’s just a low and divisive marketing campaign for the EU exit and you are a drama queen.

        They say that by 2050, 50% of Brits will be classified as ethnic minority (which does not include Slavs), but if you consider that a bad thing, then EU exit and closer association with Common Wealth would actually speed this process up.

        • Blindsideflanker

          I am not sure what the reason of your post was, but you seem to be arguing my case.

        • Bill_der_Berg

          So you and UKIP members see eye to eye about the destructive impact of the EU.

          There are Polish graduates cleaning toilets. There are Oxford graduates out of work. Part of the reason for that is the free flow of labour. Who are you arguing with? Those who support the EU or those who want to leave it? Or both?

      • NedMissingTeeth

        Didn’t Tony Blair change the law regarding the right not to be marginalized?

    • studio1972

      Your location is Broadcasting House, does this mean you are doing your political campaigning on BBC time? I see you’ve made over 400 comments, I guess you don’t get much work done there?

      • Ddddddss

        Another BBC employee trolling for the EU and Left?

        Get her details over to Guido Fawkes.

        He has had two Biased Beeboids suspended in the last 24 hours

      • Michele Keighley

        Does anyone? Get any work done at the BBC I mean?

    • Cobbett

      He really meant Roma, which from what i gather are not too popular in Romania either.We have every right to resist mass immigration.Same as it should be in any free country.

  • Mr Grumpy

    “So — as so often in history — it is left to Londoners to speak for the nation.”

    I read that on the train last night and thought “if this goes national it’s worth half a million votes to Farage”.

    I then began pondering some of the outstanding national spokespersons whith whom the capital has blessed us over the years. Mayor Ken. Mayor Lutfur. Bernie “the police got a bloody good hiding” Grant. Diane “divide and rule” Abbott. George “Hon. Member for Gaza” Galloway. To name but a few.

    For good measure, it also looks as if Mr d’Ancona has not quite grasped that the Olympic Games are an event where people from around the world gather to compete for their countries.

  • black11hawk

    I can’t believe that that mediocrity was ever editor of such a great magazine like The Speccie. According to d’Ancona “is treated as the best insight into Cameronism by Conservative MPs.”

    • Wessex Man

      says it all really doesn’t it.

  • right_writes

    As the Spectator knows, it is possible to read quite a bit of it online for free…

    During the period that D’Ancona was its editor, I didn’t even think it was worth a free read!

    • belarusi

      You can read all of it online. The limit set on the number of articles permitted per month is easily circumvented

      • Adliya Plaza


        • belarusi

          Probably clearing cookies is sufficient, I say probably because I use CCleaner to clear all my internet records including cookies – CCleaner is free.

    • Slavic Girl

      Yup, quite a few UKiP supporters said something in this vein. At the end of the day, it’s all about selling papers. Who cares about millions of lives destroyed as a result of hate campaign?

      • Penny

        I understand that you’re upset, but I don’t know why you are laying the blame for a hate campaign solely at Farage’s feet. It is surely the case that the media have hyped up and over-stated a particular aspect of it? I don’t know why you say that “millions of lives” are being destroyed. No one has done anything – and bar a prospective plan to have sensible and controlled immigration – no one will.

        The UK isn’t some dreadful, racist hole where immigrants fear to walk the streets.

        • Slavic Girl

          You seem remarkably insensitive towards the consequences which UKiP hate campaign had on the lives of vulnerable victims. Bullies will bully, oh well…

          • Penny

            You know absolutely nothing about me, and yet “bullies will bully”? What is that supposed to mean? I’m quite willing to have a normal discussion here but making insults your first resort won’t be helpful.

            • Slavic Girl

              I know about you just what you told me in your comments. Somehow I feel I know you a bit better than I would like to.

              • Penny

                Slavic Girl – this, and your recourse to “insensitivity” right off the bat – is teenage in outlook. Not every serious issue can be seen in emotive terms. And certainly not if your objective is to see fair play for immigrants.

                I said what is actually true: that it was the press who picked up the Romanian issue and used it like a battering ram, repeatedly bringing Romanian migrants into a spotlight that they would otherwise not have experienced. How can you not see that this is sympathetic to your argument?

              • UKSteve

                ….thereby betraying your childishness.

                How you can claim to know anyone from a few comments anywhere is retarded.

              • NedMissingTeeth

                Your trolling is very poor.

          • Fergus Pickering

            Are you a girl? Are you Slavic? Bet you’re not. You’re Tele in disguise.

      • MikeF

        ‘hate campaign’ – typical leftwing catchphrase short and emotive but utterly lacking in precision.

  • Frank

    It is very sad about D’Ancona. He has a good brain, but has just become a Pravda-writing sop.

    • Fergus Pickering

      If he has a good brain where did he mislay it. Nothing he has written for the Telegraph shows any sign of brain activity at all.

  • Beth Dawson

    It’s an insult to traditional Londoners to call a lot of the people living in London today ‘Londoners’. Most people living in London are ethnic minorities of all colours, nationalities and creeds and most speak hardly any English (if any at all) which means they have certainly not been born in the UK. The fact that our liberal establishment deliberately betrayed the true Brits and handed out British passports like sweets does not make those people British or ‘Londoners’. If those people were real, traditional Londoners they would care about this country. Somehow, I think
    D’Ancona’s ‘Londoners’ only care about themselves which probably suits Labour quite well! If you care about your country tell the liberal establishment traitors where to stick it! Get out today and vote UKIP!

  • dmitri the impostor

    D’Ancona is a courtier journalist, po:ncing about in his doublet and hose. Alastair Campbell famously said he did nothing that the Prime Minister did not want him to do. Similarly, nothing written by d’Anc-onanist deviates in the least degree from the thought of Cabbage Patch Doll.

    But this time next year, he will be selling the Big Issue outside TK Maxx,
    still wearing his doublet and hose, and it could not happen to a nicer chap.

  • Beth Dawson

    The British people don’t like bullies and I don’t think the political establishment know quite how much great numbers of us hate and despise them. The iiberal establishment has manipulated, lied, misrepresented stats and intimidated for years to push through their own agenda – stopping any debate on immigration, the EU, multiculturalism and political correctness. They have been giving away our country and our identity without ever asking for a mandate from the people (British people whose mothers, fathers, grandparents and ancestors going back generations have given to this country in every way). D’Aconca’s comments are a great example of this. The liberal establishment got away with it for a very long time because the British are probably too fair and reasonable for their own good. This fight-back has been a long timing coming and UKIP has given us the voice. The liberal establishment will pay a big price for their treachery. This is only the beginning.

  • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

    ‘So — as so often in history — it is left to Londoners to speak for the nation.”

    That’s put a few % on UKIP votes from outside London

    • saffrin

      We’ll need to; London has become too synonymous with Islamabad of late.

      “Vote Labour and all of London will know Islam” I believe was a once infamous Labour party quote.

  • Sean Raymond

    Britain it is time. Time to show the media & the political classes that we have seen right through their orchestrated & unethical alliance which has campaigned to smear a party which, by simply telling the truth on Europe, has threatened to upset the status quo. A status quo that signed our country away without asking us &, as attested to by the unscrupulous demonisation which has sort to obliterate UKIP, a status quo that aims to keep it that way.

    This is not about showing if you think being in the EU is good or bad – this is about the British people showing those who sold us out that we DEMAND the right to make that decision for themselves – a decision they have denied us for over 30 years.

    Let’s stick it to the lot of them today & take a stand for democracy & NOT an illegitimate mandate we never voted for. Democracy – you all remember what that is right? Let’s not give them consent to deny us our democratic right any longer.

    Britain expects every man & woman to do its duty. Let’s do it.

  • Kitty MLB

    Well am not one to ever join some emotional bandwagon,
    I shall vote accordingly this evening.

    • belarusi

      You’re not voting for Nick Cleg are you Kitty?
      I don’t think he’s your type, but then girls can sometimes take an ill-advised liking for a bad ‘un. (benefited from that myself.)

  • Hippograd

    It’s also a grave insult to those fighting genuine racism, in London and
    elsewhere. It strikes me as shameful that the ‘racism’ card is played
    so blithely.

    There is no such thing as genuine racism. The term was invented by cultural Marxists to demonize the entirely healthy and entirely natural desire of whites to retain control of their own nations and to associate with their own kind. Here is some genuine racism in Israel:

    Since a new law came into force last month, the asylum
    seekers – most of whom are from Sudan and Eritrea – say the authorities
    have been instructing many of them to leave the cities and towns where
    they have been living and report to a detention centre in the Negev
    desert in southern Israel. The new law gives the authorities the power to hold them in the centre indefinitely, putting them under intense pressure to agree to
    leave Israel voluntarily. The African immigrants began arriving in Israel in 2006 and it is estimated there are currently 53,000 in the country. Protests throw spotlight on Israel’s African migrant pressures

    Israel is run by people who care about Israeli citizens. That is why it does not want to be “enriched” by blacks. What happens when a country is run by people who do not care about the citizens of that country can be seen in London and other British citizens. Unlike the UK, Israel doesn’t have the vibrancy of rape-gangs or riots. And it doesn’t intend to. Good for Israel. It’s racist. And Islamophobic. Discriminating against harmful things is what sane nations do.

    • ChrisTavareIsMyIdol

      We should remember that Race itself was invented by people who wanted to sell others into slavery.

      There is but one race to which we all belong – Human

      • Hippograd

        We should remember that Race itself was invented by people who wanted to sell others into slavery.

        No, race was invented by Mother Nature as part of what is called evolution (e-vo-LOO-shun). Look it up. East Asians have bigger brains on average than whites and whites have bigger brains than average on blacks. That’s not an environmental phenomenon: it’s genetic. It also explains why Asians and whites both can invent and sustain civilization, while blacks can only wreck it.

        There is but one race to which we all belong – Human

        No, we belong to one species divided into lots of different races and sub-races. Like dogs. The genetic difference between a chihuahua and a wolf is minute. They belong to the same species, despite the huge difference in their appearance, behaviour and psychology. And you can’t erase the difference between them by adjusting the environment.

        • Booperkit

          Oh dear. You really believe that don’t you. I’m sorry for you. Slavery and apartheid rests heavily on your shoulders.

          • Hippograd

            Oh dear. You really believe that don’t you. I’m sorry for you. Slavery and apartheid rests heavily on your shoulders.

            The Britons who abolished slavery were, by modern standards, extreme racists and white supremacists. If those racists and white supremacists had been in charge of South Africa, apartheid would not have been established there. This appears to contradict your point. But reality is like that: not something that narcissists need take any notice of.

        • Damon

          “It also explains why Asians and whites both can invent and sustain civilization, while blacks can only wreck it.”

          If you really believe all this stuff, why not come out and give us your real name, you brown-shirted toad?

          Kind regards,
          Dr Damon Hager
          Harmston, Lincolnshire

          • Hippograd

            If you really believe all this stuff, why not come out and give us your real name, you brown-shirted toad?

            There’s a thing called history (HISS-tory), dear. Look into it. You’ll discover that someone called Winston Churchill believed exactly the same as I do. That is presumably why he was so warmly supportive of the Brownshirts and of Adolf Hitler. Indeed, I should imagine a majority of the British soldiers who went ashore at D-Day believed the same as I do. Presumably that’s why the Wehrmacht had the bunting out for them.

            But don’t worry: I quite understand why self-righteousness — and violence — are much more attractive to narcissists than reasoned argument.