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How did Labour manage to take control of Cameron’s ‘flagship’ London council?

28 May 2014

12:22 PM

28 May 2014

12:22 PM

After a formidable campaign run by Shadow London Minister Sadiq Khan, Labour took four out of eight Euro seats. Redbridge, Croydon, Merton, Harrow – none typically thought of as Labour boroughs – turned from blue to red. This should be the real story of the 2014 local and European elections.

But the most surprising result in London came when Labour convincingly took control of Hammersmith and Fulham. A council variously described as Cameron’s ‘favourite’ or ‘flagship’, it had enthusiastically piloted some of the most high profile and radical Tory policies.

The victory belongs to Stephen Cowan, the new Labour leader of Hammersmith and Fulham, and his team of candidates and activists, whose campaign outperformed the local Tories. Wards that the Conservatives had ticked off as safe went Labour with swings of up to 15 per cent.

But it was the message as much as the means that ensured a Labour victory. However many times you knock on or push a leaflet through someone’s door, you’re talking to yourself if the issues and policies don’t fit.


Here the issues were the closure of both borough A&Es, the demolition of Charing Cross Hospital to develop most of the site as luxury flats, the closure of a popular local school to provide the site for yet another free school and the demolition and sale of council homes to provide high-value development sites.

These were zealously pursued by local Tories, who saw such policies as a way of changing the social make-up of the borough. Top-tier levels of government supported this approach: Pickles called them ‘the apple of his eye’; Hunt endorsed the hospital closures; Boris featured everywhere on leaflets; Cameron made a personal visit to their HQ and was telephone canvassing on the day.

In wards where the average property costs around £1 million, the Tories seemed to think they could ignore the concerns of those objecting to such policies.

As a result, it was Ed Miliband’s message that carried more weight. Affordable housing, first-class healthcare, support for good schools without the politics and ideology of Michael Gove or Toby Young. These were what people of all income levels and backgrounds responded to.  Hammersmith and Fulham is a great place to live, but not if you are on a zero-hours contract or the council moves you on because you cannot afford to live there. If the Tories thought the wealthier neighbours of the people they were ousting wouldn’t care about this social engineering, they were wrong.

Locally, the Tories seem unrepentant. Fulham MP Greg Hands tried to spin their losses as down to Lib Dem defectors to Labour. The unpalatable truth for him is that most of the switches were from the Conservatives. Hands may well be trying to protect his own reputation as he seeks to advance his position in the Tory Whips’ Office. Dropping the ball and investing so much of the high command’s time in embarrassing failure won’t have won him any friends – but a little humility for the real interests of residents would win the Tories more respect locally.

The Conservatives did not lose this election; it was Labour that won it. It was Labour who listened in this election, and who addressed the real concerns of residents.  This is exactly what Ed Miliband is doing nationally and in the seats we need to win next May.

Andy Slaughter is the Labour MP for Hammersmith and Shadow Justice Minister

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  • Hackney Hal

    Andy Slaughter’s dismissal of “yet another free school” – in this case Fulham Boys Secondary school, conveniently avoids the fact that the parents lobbying for Sullivan primary school to stay open are exactly the same parents who would benefit from new secondary school places in the borough, parents do not choose their schools based on ideology. Obviously if we could all afford to go to a private school in the borough, like Andy Slaughter did, the situation might be different.

  • Grrr8

    The avg property in H&F costs £1m according to Andy. Yet he wants to stop additional private development of new housing which would increase supply and reduce prices. Social housing of course should be built as the taxpayer should give away valuable state assets to new labour voting residents. Machine politics and behind parody.

    • GraveDave

      No wonder you lost.Typical Tory bullshit arrogance.
      Frankly I cant wait until you’re wiped out everywhere.
      .And I’m hardly a rabid Lefty.

  • evad666

    Rotten boroughs were one of the curiosities of the British electoral
    system. Rotten boroughs were a product of a system that did not want
    change, where fathers passed on constituencies (and the power as a MP
    that went with this) to their sons as if they were property (which many
    saw them as), where some rotten boroughs were so bizarre that they
    beggared belief and where the very few who voted could not vote for whom
    they wanted to due to the lack of a secret ballot or challenging
    candidate. The term rotten borough only came into use in the 18th
    century, and was used to mean a parliamentary borough with a tiny
    electorate, so small that voters were sure to be controlled in a variety
    of ways. The word “rotten” had the connotation of corruption as well as
    that of long-term decline. (Source Wikipedia)

  • Hilton Holloway

    Here’s Hari’s story that mashed Bailey’s chances. Anybody have a view on its accuracy?

  • Hilton Holloway

    Two things. The Earl’s Court development is a consequence of EC being useless as a venue through age, lack of access and the massive unionisation of the place.

    Second, the low-density council houses that are being demolished were erected in the mid-1970s by the Labour GLC to block the route of the proposed West Cross Route road from Battersea Reach to Shepherd’s Bush roundabout. The WCR was designed to run parallel to the railway, behind Earl’s Court.

    Indeed the ‘Travellers’ camp under the Westway flyover was created at the same time to try and prevent the WCR being extended northwards towards Willesden Junction.

    Moreover, Mr Slaughter beat Shaun Bailey in 2010 partly because of a massive scare ‘story’ written just before polling day by our old friend Johann Hari. The apocalyptic piece in the Indy was full of direct quotes of ‘victims’ of the Tory council.

    Personally, I think the whole thing was made up by Hari, who was later caught doing this sort of thing. I wonder if Mr Slaughter used similar techniques warning about imagined Tory policies for the recent local elections?

    • Chingford Man

      Ah, Johann Hari – what a loss to our media.

    • Grrr8

      The Tory loss of this council is deeply unfortunate. They did good work on implementing Policy Exchanges ideas on social housing. Only the very entitled would see £450k social houses as a good use of taxpayer money and assets. Ditto with the no reform to education or the NHS anywhere and anytime brigade. Sadly this loss seems to be the triumph of the takers over the makers. Howpfully the hospital closure now goes through as the govt has nothing to lose.

      • GraveDave

        Only the very entitled would see £450k social houses as a good use of taxpayer money and assets.

        And who would they be?

        • Grrr8

          U perchance? Do u live in a council house? Or did u buy it via RTB? Either way, it’s sucking at the taxpayer teat

  • Harry Phibbs
  • Mr Grumpy

    Mr Slaughter, nice scare story about Tories reducing council estates to rubble, but haven’t you got anything better than a Grauniad hack’s claim that they published a plan for doing this five years ago?

  • DaveTheRave

    How did it do it? Simple – a significantly different demographic.

  • HookesLaw

    Wow really unbiased analysis.
    Labour know full well there are too many hospitals in London. Ask Stephen Dorrell. Read the HSJ. Never mind about more services closer to the community.

  • Smithersjones2013

    How very London centric of Labour.

    It’s understandable really.

    There is very little good news outside London in the Home Counties. Take Kent for example. in 2005 Labour held 7 seats in Kent & Medway. They were wiped out in 2010. Has Miliband’s ‘One Nation’ Labour Party made a comeback. Hardly. Even though the Tories have seen their of the vote slip well below 30% in the Euros, Labour have slipped to third labouring (excuse the pun) on a meagre 15% whilst UKIP go from strength to strength gaining close to 40% of the combined Kent & Medway vote. Even more ironic is that UKIP are strongest in those seats which were formerly held by Labour. In Thanet UKIP lead by 24%. In Medway by 19%, In Swale, Gravesham, Dartford and Dover, UKIP lead by over 15% and thats not over Labour thats over the Tories in second place. Labour are nowhere!

    Its hard not to conclude that UKIP have replaced Labour in Kent. How was it Miliband described his leadership in one word? ‘One Nation’. I have one word for him


    If Kent is anything to go by!

  • sarahsmith232

    There’s no such thing as the benefit cap. To get out of it all a mother has to do is claim to be single and work 16hrs pw. Then they can claim as much as they please in welfare. How much did the numbers of benefit claimants increase by in the borough? That’ll be the reason why. They’ll be no other reason, increased numbers claiming benefits, simple as that.

    • GraveDave

      They’ll be no other reason, increased numbers claiming benefits, simple as that.

      But how can this be – when – according to previous posts by the Speccie right – employment and jobs are on the up.And ‘no such thing the benefit cap’ ? Well, yes there is actually. And by the Tories own admission -‘it was never about saving money’.
      So what was it about then?

  • Kitty MLB

    What a lot of gobbledegook. This will be an absolute disaster. The worse run councils
    in this country are Labour run councils. People wish to give whoever is government a
    bloody nose. But this is cutting off the nose to spite the face and people will soon
    be horrified.
    Its generally excepted that Labour have not done as well in this election or far ahead
    in the polls to win an election and you also have UKIP snapping at your heels.
    You have no policies and a fool as a leader and nothing on Gods green earth will change that .

    • GraveDave

      What a lot of gobbledegook. This will be an absolute disaster. The worse run councils
      in this country are Labour run councils.
      Mine isn’t – and I’m not exactly a Labour voter myself. But speaking for my own, they do give better value for money on council tax and running public services.

  • MikeF

    Sounds like the Conservatives tried to play the ‘social engineering’ game that Labour is so good at, while Labour ran an old-style ‘Liberal’ campaign focussing on local issues. The fact is, though, that the Labour Party still relies on the votes of the ‘white working class’ whose identity and loyalties it actually despises. When UKIP exposes that contradiction and bites into that voting bloc things might start to look very different in London.

    • sarahsmith232

      Oh MikeF, sorry but i’m guessing it’s been a while since you saw London. There’s no such thing as a white working-class in London anymore. I used to love walking around for hours, lived in East London so that part I really know. You can walk for miles without seeing a white person, high st after high st after high st where you will not see a one single white person. When you do happen across one it’ll be an East European, (oh and BTW, the streets are thronging with people, people sardine packed onto these streets, so i’m not talking about empty streets, the direct opposite.)
      It really angers me that this has been hidden from view. The media is deliberately keeping this hidden. No one outside of London has the first clue, actually, I got to discover, there’s not that many IN London that has a clue. It’s the same story across the whole of London, London’s white English population is being wiped out, it’s only the white middle-classes that are still clinging on and due to rents/house prices, they’re also becoming extinct. But as for the white working-class, you can count that on one hand there. It basically doesn’t exist anymore, it’s shocking and Labour pulled this off without so much as a peep out the media.

      • MikeF

        Sarah – not at all I live in vibrant, diverse south east London where a black woman recently called me a “f***ing, white c***”. I know what you mean and London is the model for what the Labour Party has tried to do to the whole country. But there is still a substantial white not particularly middle class population that votes Labour despite the fact that that party’s activists and MPs for the most part hold their culture and identity in contempt – in London and elsewhere. If UKIP bites into that then Labour could feel some pain.

        • sarahsmith232

          Where? Substantial? Hmmm, I’m afraid i’m going to have to argue the toss on that. Still just about clinging on in there in tiny, isolated pockets maybe, but substantial? Sorry MikeF, ‘fraid I would have to say – def’ wrong choice of a word there dear.
          On your recent ‘enriching’ experience, funny, oh yes, I certainly have had a very long history of ‘enrichment’ living in some of these types of places, as well. By fav’ being an older Pakistani male coming to an abrupt dead stop on the street when he caught site of me and a platonic black male friend walking down the street together while linking arms. He made sure that we were left in absolutely no doubt about his views on our brazen display of depravity by screeching ‘YOU. . . ENGLISH SL*G . . . .YOU . . . . ENGLISH SH*T. . . .YOU. . ENGLISH SL*G. . . YOU. . . .ENGLISH SH*T. . .YOU ( he was obviously a really very imaginative Pakistani, we were 3 streets past him and he was still repeating the same screamed line). Oh yes, have also got the t.shirt with all of that as well. Enjoy your continued enrichment in South East London.

          • MikeF

            I’ll bet he put the emphasis on the English bit.

            • sarahsmith232

              LOL. Yep, apparently today’s Social Attitudes Survey has revealed that 30% of white people are willing to admit to some prejudice, there’s no research on the non-white population ‘/cause i’m sure anyone that’s ever lived in these types of places will be able to attetst, they carry really no prejudice at all, so why on earth would anyone bother to check their screeching, screaming prejudice.

              • MikeF

                The massive beam-in-the-eye irony, of course, is the assumption that ‘racism’ is something uniquely practiced by ‘white’ people against ‘non-white’ people which is itself a ‘racist’ attitude. What I now realise is that ‘anti-racism’ is a cover for an attack on the very type of society – one with a political culture based on freedom of speech and association – which is best able to diminish racial prejudice and discrimination. We conservatives (note the small ‘c’) are the real ‘anti-racists’ not the socialists.

                • sarahsmith232

                  Agree, agree. Loved Blair’s blast from his 1990s Globalisation evangelizer past popping up everywhere this week, great reminder about how wary we all need to be when they start blithely bandying about the word ‘modernity’. I’m afraid I’m prob’ not a person that’s a Conservative, more of a frustrated Liberal type myself. But even I’ve found myself coming to understand the importance of Conservatism after 13yrs of their deliberate and intentional obliteration of white English culture in London.
                  It’s all still completely lost on the likes of Blair and the rest of his still stuck in their ’90s fantasy of Globalisation – the New World of New Labour Modernity Bringer, it’s 2 decades later and they’ve still yet to notice that their New Modern England has become an illiberal, angry, hostile, more divisive and religiously dominant England. How in the **** anyone can manage to still not have noticed any of this, I really don’t know but Cameron, Blair’s current biggest fan follower, is one of them.
                  Enjoy your day.

                • MikeF

                  I fear it is not ‘lost’ on them – it is what they wanted. The ‘globalisation’, ‘multicultural’, ‘diversity’ thing is simplyly a mock-altruistic disguise for something narrow and vindictive that is rooted in their own warped little characters. May go into Lewisham later – who knows what that will bring.

                • sarahsmith232

                  Do you think? Warped and warping I would def’ have to agree is just about the right word. So you think they’re more than aware of exactly how corrosive their little experiment in full scale, total wipe out, exercise in cultural obliteration was (made me laugh, an Irish writer commented that you would need to go back to 1453 and the fall of Constantinople for an equivalent e.g of ethnic wipe out).
                  I can’t help but think they’re still stuck in ’90s fantasy about it all and haven’t been bothering to investigate mass immigrations’ effects ( I just wonder exactly how much time Cameron has spent getting down and dirty at street level in places like East London to really see for himself what’s gone on, ditto Blair, Tessa Jowell etc).
                  Ok, never a good idea for me to get distracted by posting early in the morning, still haven’t got a thing done, I can feel myself sliding off into slacking mode, so got to go, I feel for you, had call to go into Lewisham and it was a v.depressing experience, not been back since, take care out there dear.

                • MikeF

                  Well home is the hunter, home from the hills as Rudyard Kipling said – or me back from Lewisham. Not entirely an awful place – it actually does provide a little lesson in how integration can work.
                  The reason is that it has for quite some time had a small Italian community and quite unbelievably in the midst of all the dross there is a genuine Italian delicatessan where you can buy things like proper parmesan cheese. Now that is ‘cultural enrichment’.
                  It also used to have an Italian hairdressers that I used till it closed a couple of years back. I was always amused by the fact that on a shelf by the side of one of the big mirrors stood a photograph of His Holiness Pope John Paul II, while on the shelf below it sat a promotional ashtray with the word ‘Durex’ on its side. If that isn’t ‘multiculturalism’ what is?

                • sarahsmith232

                  Sounds nice, shame there’s not more of that around London. The only problem I have with Western European immigration is there’s just nowhere near enough of it. You’re obviously doing far better than I am in life, I’m still getting my parmesan from Lidl, (ever tried their 24month aged one? it really is gorgeous).
                  I’m going to disappear back off the comments section, couldn’t get something to do what I wanted it to, am slightly stressing on that, so I’m off, enjoy your evening dear.

          • GraveDave

            when he caught site of me and a platonic black male friend

            So you’ve got a ‘platonic’ black friend?
            Nope, you’re not racist. You’re definitely not racist.

            • sarahsmith232

              Yes, alright dear, it’s obviously been a little while for you but your lashing out in frustration comments are really not very impressive, nothing more than an angry, frustrated male that presumably can’t get it ** any longer.
              BTW – the reason why I added the platonic bit was to show that there was nothing sexual between me and the male, as in, the Pakistani had no reason to start screaming and shouting, he wasn’t confronted by the site of a male and a female that were behaving in a sexually provocative manner in the middle of the street. Just me and a platonic male friend, nothing between us, so could have been linking with a female friend, it would have looked just as sexual. That’s the reason why I added the platonic part, did you really need to have that explained to you?

              • GraveDave

                BTW – the reason why I added the platonic bit was to show that there was nothing sexual between me and the male,
                And the reason I put commas around it was why you assume anyone cares.

          • Christopher Darby

            This is racial abuse and you should report it. I have never experienced that.

        • GraveDave

          So what will UKIP be offering the working classes?
          And it is true they are for abolition of sick /holiday pay.
          Want more zero hours contracts?

          • MikeF

            Not patronising indifference bordering on contempt – that is for sure.

            • GraveDave

              Yes, but as I was saying …what will they be offering the working classes? Do you not know?

      • pinkgunnergirl

        How do the East Europeans afford to live there?

        • sarahsmith232

          2/3 to a room, that’s how.

          • GraveDave

            5 – 6 to a room. Like the early Asian settlers used to

  • LadyDingDong

    Having recently moved back into Fulham after a long residency in the better parts of Marylebone I was horrified to wake up last Friday for the first time under a Labour governed local authority. I can tell you this you Labtard numpty, pandering to people’s fears and buying the votes of those who contribute least and take the most will only lead to mismanagement, corruption and worse services for all. I for one will decamp to safer Conservative territory and I will take my council taxes and high spending with me.

    • Count Dooku

      Come and join me in Westminster :).
      I have studiously avoided living in Labour councils since I was old enough to vote with my feet. I am now happy in Westminster with probably the lowest council tax in the entire country. H*ll will freeze over here before Labour control this council.

      • LadyDingDong

        My dear Count – my lament was based on the fact I have just moved from superbly run Westminster (low rates, daily rubbish collections) to what was another Tory council only to have been cheated by Labtard’s imported, welfare-addicted. gerrymandered electorate. I fear my next move will be out of the country altogether if Slaughter and his Muppet overlords take control next year.

        • Count Dooku

          Oh you must not do that! Despite Labour’s efforts we still live in the loveliest city in the world! And in the nicest parts too (though housing costs are exorbitant).
          Why leave this wonderful and soggy city when you could vote with your feet and move to K&C or Wetminster instead?

        • GraveDave

          My daughter lives in a Tory borough in Herts. It’s also had social housing built and given to ex travellers and/or ‘pikeys’ and Africans /Asians and what you refer to as a ‘ welfare-addicted electorate’. So it’s really nothing to do with gerrymandering. Get that. It’s inevitable nowadays.
          Wherever you live.

      • sarahsmith232

        Check who your North Westminster MP is, she’s not a Tory.
        Check Edgware Rd, it doesn’t take Labour very long to turn anywhere into a 3rd world dump, Westminster was going, Edgware Rd was only it’/s most high profile dumpy, pound shop, kebab shop, 3rd world hole, there was quite a bit of it going. If they get back in, I’ll give them 3 yrs and you’ll be living in another East London.

        • Count Dooku

          You are mixing parliamentary constituencies with the council (which I was talking about).
          Anyway, I live in The Cities of London and Westminster constituency. Has been Tory since it was created and has the excellent Mark Field as MP with a majority of 30%.
          Labour can’t touch it and their voters can’t afford it.

          • sarahsmith232

            Lucky you, i’m sure all those absolutely empty, lifeless weekend streets must be so really very enjoyable to live in.
            I’m sorry, i’m in b**chy mood, couldn/’t resist.

            • Count Dooku

              Yes, an island of bliss in the centre of London. Jealous much? 😀

              • GraveDave

                Jealous much. Not really. Because it will come to you.

          • MrJones

            cloud cuckoo land

        • GraveDave

          Again – no one really cares that once White/British/English areas are being turned into third world market bazaars Can you not get that into your head. There is and has never been a solution by either party. And if anything the Tories probably love these African/Asian/Turkish/ Chinese/Eastern European/Mediterranean/ shop owners and their business taxes as much as Labour. More so. Remember – it wasn’t Miliband who said we should fit in more with the Asian way of life. It was Dave. My advice – look after your own first. And by your own – I mean your family. Not the herrenvolk. YOURS.
          All that nationalist stuff is waste of time.
          It’s too late.

    • Lizzie1a

      Ha well you feel like I have felt ever since that load of crooks got into parliament in 2010 and I have felt sick ever since. I am longing for next year when please God they will be in the wilderness again.

      • balance_and_reason

        Still taking the delusion pills I see

    • Boris Watch

      Diddums. You get used to it, Comrade, or they come round and machine gun your dog.

      It’ll be nice to go to work in Hammersmith tomorrow without the old council’s Pyong-Yang style lamppost propaganda banners, which were so unpopular Labour could put removing them as a virtually cost-free promise in their manifesto. The former administration gave Andy and co. so many free hits you wonder who was advising them, and whether it was in liquid or white power form.

    • GraveDave

      I for one will decamp to safer Conservative territory and I will take my council taxes and high spending with me.

      Safer Conservative territory. Lol. No such thing. And whatever it is – you will certainly be paying for it. .

  • William Haworth

    Let’s see how things work out once constituency boundaries are reviewed and made more fair, and once postal votes go to people who need them, not people who fill them in for others. I’d love to see the match-up of postal votes and the Labour majority.

  • grammarschoolman

    ‘These were what people of all income levels and backgrounds responded to.’

    Not me, mate. This is a disaster for Hammersmith. Well done in advance for destroying the place.

  • alabenn

    You polled around a pathetic 25% against a Tory 24%, slightly above the Tories and behind UKIP.

    Outside London and a couple of large conurbations with high ethnic populations your numbers went backwards.

    You are being left behind, your empire is built on support from dozens of different races, most of whom hate each other with a vengeance, Tower Hamlets should tell you that.

    Your long nasty period of playing the race card is over, you will lose more of the ethnics, just like you have lost the white working class that your party relied on for 100 years.
    Shut the door on the way out.

    • Shazza

      By the way, it’s Minaret Hamlets.

      • Donafugata

        Excellent, Shazza, that’s made my day.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Cheers Shazza that made me chuckle.

    • telemachus

      A petulant riposte
      You will not be so dismissive next May
      I am beginning to feel a little sorry for the unseemly misplaced triumphalism of the right

    • Chris Campbell

      “The ethnics”, eh?

      I bet you had to stop yourself from typing ‘coloureds’.

      Christ, these comments are mental.

      • alabenn

        What makes you think I was talking about coloureds, is your mind so feverish with guilt of who you are, that you automatically have to express outrage for others, have any of these coloureds you take offence for, asked you to do so.
        That you feel the need to speak for people without their consent indicates you think they are too feeble minded or cowed to speak for themselves, that means your contempt for them simmering below the surface suggests you have unresolved issues about their worth.

        • Chris Campbell

          I’m not a medical man, but I think a long lie down in a darkened room should do the trick.

          • alabenn

            Well hurry before you come over all dizzy.

    • Boris Watch

      “Outside London and a couple of large conurbations with high ethnic populations your numbers went backwards.”

      Apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you enjoy the play? Your comment about ‘ethnic’ populations has been noted, too.

      London has over 8m people and rising fast. Its eligible electorate went up 4% since 2009 and any party worth its salt should be looking at how to maintain its position by capturing its fair sure of those new voters. It matters, and you can’t just dismiss it in one line because Mr. Slaughter’s article has put your nose out of joint or because you have some bee in your bonnet about ‘ethnic’ populations.

      In Hammersmith and Fulham, as well as winning the council back Labour won the popular vote for the EU parliament quite well too, 32.8 to the Conservatives’ 30.6, who are not usually considered to lack support in the area. UKIP were on 12.1%. In 2009 the comparable figures were 37.9% for the Tories, 19.8% for Labour and 7.2% for UKIP. Who had the better election there, then? Who’s picking up those new voters?

  • UniteAgainstSocialism

    Did Labours victory have anything to do with them importing voters from backwards 3rd world countries and giving them British citizenship so they could vote labour, or did labour just appeal to traditional Conservative voters?

    • Martin Adamson

      And of course changing the rules on postal voting in order to allow these third world immigrants to preserve their colourful traditional customs of ballot-stuffing, vote-rigging, “losing” ballot boxes from areas they don’t control, confessional bloc voting, handing over blank ballots to “community leaders” to fill out, and sending gangs of thugs round the voting stations to make sure that there was no such thing as a secret ballot.

    • goatmince

      Russians in Mayfair, we are told, are driving up prices.

      • UniteAgainstSocialism

        cultural enrichment is driving up prices in areas that havnt been culturally enriched

    • sarahsmith232

      Agree with this apart from on one thing, the Tories have been in for 4yrs. But they’ve done didely squat to alter Labour’s immigration policies. H &F council tax payers are just about to pay very heavily for this. Cameron is a useless ****

    • Inverted Meniscus

      That and a great deal of lying. Labour is, after all, the party of lies, lying and liars.

  • 2trueblue

    Very easy for Millipede to spin a line about affordable housing and cost of living crisis. We had 13yrs where everything rose in price but people felt that as their houses were worth more and they could borrow more on the back of that, it was alright. Lurking in the background is the amount that people owe on their credit cards.
    Very few of us could afford houses in London as our families expanded, so guess what? We moved out and traveled back to our jobs in London.

    • Shinsei1967

      If there is a cost-of-living crisis then why would voters vote out the Council that has famously reduced council tax to one of the lowest levels in London.

      Compare and contrast H&F rates with those in similar, but Labour run, Camden.

      • Jimble

        Perhaps because our votes can’t be bought and we care about each other.

  • Shinsei1967

    Your point about the dislike of the “ideology” of Toby Young’s school would have more weight if it weren’t one of the most over-subscribed schools in London.