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Is Johann Hari ghost-writing Russell Brand’s ‘revolutionary manifesto’?

1 May 2014

1 May 2014

Whispers reach Mr Steerpike that disgraced journalist Johann Hari has been tasked with ghost-writing Russell Brand’s next book, the much-dreaded revolutionary manifesto to ‘establish a personal and global utopia’.

Mr S asked Brand’s publishers Random House for clarification. At first they wouldn’t comment; but then a publicist said that was the first she’d heard of it, and insisted that Brand will be writing the book himself.

What a pity. Mr S can think of nothing better than a revolutionary tract written by Johann Hari in the voice of Russell Brand. After all, Hari has form when it comes to impersonation.

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  • foto2021

    Disgraced, disreputable journalist ghost writes for disgraced, disreputable idiot.

    Yawn. Next.

  • K BB

    Please let this be true!

  • MC73


  • Terry Field

    Ha Ha

  • IfItPleasethThee

    A manifesto to ‘establish a … utopia’ is a logical contradiction. Or does Russell Brand not actually understand his own words? Perish the thought.

  • Doggie Roussel

    Johann Hari… didn’t he write a hilarious expose of the Royal Family God Save the Queen ?

    He and Brand seem suitable bedfellows… chippy, dead common, hideously ugly, extraordinarily opinionated and utterly anti-establishment… just for the sake of it…

    They are both as laughable and ridiculous as the Sir Herbert Gussetts and Tufton Buftons whom they seek to parody… only they crave acknowledgment and approval from the very people they decry…

    As our Russell would have said, when I shag a posh bird , like Beatrix Potter… the Jewish one… it is the paradigm of establishing my intellectual superiority over the neo-pretentious wankers who subsist on the paradigm of a reliance on the faux-intellectual fringes of that paradoxical blistered palm to which I aspire….

    • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

      How on earth is Brand “anti-establishment” He wants to give government MORE power, yet professes to be a Libertarian.

      • mightymark

        Conveniently my UKIP candidate, Khalid Khan, has just popped his election address through my door. He wants to make surgeries open at weekends and in the evenings, enforce long jail sentences and deport foreign convicts. Mr Farage in another leaflet says he wants “control over our borders”.

        Even if any or all of these are desirable they all would seem to me to give the government “MORE power”.

        PS No time for Brand by the way!

        • La Fold

          I wouldnt say that it wants to give the government more power at all. Our government already have or did have these powers previously. It seems to me it wants the sovereign government of this country to enforce its own laws and borders without intervention from a supranational organisation such as the EU (Human rights convention and the EU supreme court being two examples of how we cant impose longer sentences, deport foreign nationals convicted of crime and control our own borders)

          • mightymark

            Sorry but no. Your initial point was a philosophical one – you refer expressly to Brand’s seemingly phoney Libertarianism. If that is the standard how does say, forcing Doctors by statute to work longer hours meet that standard?

            I’d emphasise that I don’t necessarily disagree with these powers but it is plain nonsense to pretend that they don’t give government more power. They are merely the powers you rather than your opponents happen to agree with.

            • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

              Here’s something that might help educate you.


              • mightymark

                I saw it – a man who sees things in absolutist terms is addressing Brand who is an idiot and a hypocrite. I shouldn’t think anyone who is neither (me and the vast mass of humanity) has much to learn from either.

                • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

                  What on earth are you talking about? “Absolutist” What’s absolutist about Stefan? He is explaining how the system works, he hasn’t altered fact, this is the case.

                  You have a lot to learn.

        • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

          They would give OUR government more power.

          • mightymark

            From a libertarian point of view it matters not what government is given more power.

            • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

              What’s the relevance of this point? Just because I accuse Brand’s views of being contradictory it doesn’t mean I am saying UKIP are a wholly libertarian party.

              They will certainly give us much more of a voice than we have currently.

              • mightymark

                I don’t see any evidence of that. UKIP put forward what they think are currently popular policies but there is no suggestion that if they don’t work UKIP will defer to public opinion in changing their minds.

                Suppose the warnings about withdrawal from the EU come true, jobs, trade and influence are all lost and public opinion demands we apply to rejoin. Are you really suggesting Farage will do that?

                • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

                  I agree with that, UKIP are very much about public opinion. And that’s why they’re so popular.

                  Yeh if it doesnt work out of course he will. But there’s no evidence that those things would be damaged, but only improved.

        • Doggie Roussel

          A UKip candidate named, Khalid Khan… that would seem to allay the racist allegations against UKip…

          Go for it, Khalid….

          Vote UKip ….

          • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

            You’re missing his point, those doctor’s surgeries staying open later gives so much power to the government.

            • mightymark

              A truly libertarian government would leave it to market conditions – not enforce it by law.

              • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

                Why are you suggesting UKIP are pretending to offer a totally libertarian government?

    • Donafugata

      An excellent parody, Doggie, you capture the mixture of vulgarity and pretention perfectly.

      Had you thought of offering your ghosting services to Mr. Brand?

    • Benny Reid

      Hideously ugly? Is that your face besides your comment? Ugh! I wouldn’t talk about someone’s else’s looks unless I were good looking enough to get away with it. You Sir are no prize. If you have a mirror please reevaluate your mug before you pass judgement on another’s. You seem very opinionated too after all aren’t most people? You obviously crave acknowledgement otherwise why post here except for attention maybe? You also come across as a very ordinary fellow (dead common) and rather chippy. Were you even aware that you and Russell Brand were so much alike my goodness you’re almost like twins separated at birth and by millions of dollars neither aware that the other exist…..maybe it’s time for you two to meet and discuss your political views you may find some common ground there also.

      • Doggie Roussel

        Go and blister your hairy palm, Benny…

        And the avatar is a picture of the great poet and philosopher, Henri Le Con… who had a penchant for coupling with goats while parapenting in the French Alps…

        He is therefore much more interesting, amusing and accomplished than you.

        • Benny Reid

          You obviously found me interesting enough to reply to 😉

          • Doggie Roussel

            The day that I find myself interested by things like you, will be the day that I consider topping myself…

            • Benny Reid

              Interested enough by this “thing” for a second reply, you flatter me too much! It’s going to start going to this beasts head.
              Thank you,
              The thing with the hairy palm.

  • Retired Nurse
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