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Ed Miliband needs to be smarter than this

8 May 2014

2:51 PM

8 May 2014

2:51 PM

Mr S would like to share this video with readers. It is the latest campaign ad from the Labour Party. As spoofs go, it’s leaden: puerile personal attacks mixed with divisive class war. It says nothing positive about Labour; it’s aimed squarely at people who would vote Labour in any circumstances.

All in all, it’s not very clever, which is strange because Ed Miliband has spent much of the week professing that he has ‘more intellectual self-confidence’ than David Cameron. Labour staffers are certainly a little nonplussed. One party dogsbody lamented to Mr S: ‘How have we got from “I’m cleverer to that video in just 24 hours? It doesn’t add up.’ Indeed. Ed apparently has Thomas Piketty on speed dial. Perhaps he should give him a bell to ask for some advice on how to sell the revolution.

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  • Terry Field

    Class war, Labour style, is the sewer of British politics.
    It is the poison that wrecked the country before the blessed Margaret smashed it and replaced it with personal striving; it is also irrelevant. That is why Billimand will fail, either in office, as has the class based Hollande in France, or out of it, if the `Brits are bright enough to see through the nasty little creep. He and Balls remind me of the Righteous Brothers- ghoulish and alien.

  • Tunde

    I don’t want Labour coming anywhere near me. I’m a floating voter, normal working person, about as middle of the road as you can get. Labour don’t offer people like me anything – just horrible, destructive, negative people. Can’t you lot please just go away and leave Britain alone? You’re like wasps. You just buzz around annoying people, serving no useful purpose. Please, in the name of God, Labour people, please just find another country to be annoying in. Nobody normal in the UK likes you or wants anything to do with you. You’re just horrible. Tories – fine. UKIP – fine. LibDems – fine. Green – fine. Respect – fine. Even if I wouldn’t vote for any or all of them, I understand their raison d’etre and think they all offer the electorate something. But Labour – utter scum.

    • Terry Field

      VERY well said.
      Could not have been better said.
      Thank you.

  • arnoldo87

    I am a Blairite who is considering voting Conservative for the first time next year. I have admired Cameron and his first line for basically sticking with the New Labour approach and dragging the Tory party into the social policy centre. They have also made a fair fist of recovering the economy from the Banking Crisis.

    Miliband’s Labour, disappointingly, have said very little about how they would continue the recovery or about how they would deal with the undemocratic and spendthrift EU. Despite this they seem to float between 35% and 42% in the opinion polls.

    From my viewpoint this election broadcast was a massive error and has made me more likely to vote Tory next year, and if other undecided voters feel the same way, then Labour may well start to register under 35%

    • Dodgy Geezer

      …I am a Blairite who is considering voting Conservative for the first time next year. ..

      I am a Conservative who is unlikely to be voting Conservative next year – and probably for exactly the same reason.

  • Fergus Pickering

    You can have intellectual self-confidence and be pig-ignorant. We see it every day.

  • Fergus Pickering

    You can have intellectual self-confidence and be pig-ignorant. We see it every day.

  • Daidragon

    Test of a PBB is ‘are people talking about it’ and this case they definitely are. It’s silly and cliched but I’ve heard people laughing about it in work. Will have gone some way to achieving it’s real job of making Clegg a risible figure.

  • Tony_E

    “Ed Miliband needs to be smarter than this ”

    No he doesn’t. Thanks to the lib dems he only needs to get his core vote through the booths for a working majority.

    • Fergus Pickering

      His core vote is 29%. That doesn’t sound like enough.

      • Tony_E

        His core vote is about 33-35%. Had Gordon Brown got his core out he would still be PM. That core would never vote for anyone else – Labour is much more tribal than any other political party. It’s just a question of whether you can get them to actually post their vote.

        • Terry Field

          I would hate to see Gordon Brown’s core – the outer wrapping was bad enough.

  • BBC Farage

    Yougov poll liked it.

  • IfItPleasethThee

    Miliband is right. He is the man with Clever Ideas. A bit like Baldrick.

    • Terry Field

      Boom boom boom boom boom boom.

  • andagain

    This far out from an election, who is going to be looking at a party political ? Only party activists. Ads aimed at the actual electorate will probably come later.

  • jazz606

    It plays on stereotypical class prejudice and to some extent will work. There are a lot of thick 8ast5ards out there.

    • HookesLaw

      You can say that again

    • Terry Field

      Universal suffrage is a catastrophe. It results in universal suffering.

  • GUBU

    Those Labour staffers can at least console themselves with the thought that this is an improvement on the big plastic ice cube.

    Admittedly not much of an improvement, but you have to take your comfort where you can.

  • HJ777

    Miliband may be the most intellectually self-confident man in the world for all I care.

    That’s irrelevant. The point is that his intellectual self-confidence is misplaced.

  • London Calling

    I laughed my socks off, Labour cannot be serious, seriously,,,,,,,,,:O

    • London Calling

      The bedroom tax did hit the disabled hard, no excuses, it was wrong…:(

      • Holly

        …But like I have said many times, my husband gets the highest rate of DLA, and we have never qualified for the bedroom subsidy just because we do not live in a council house.
        We pay the difference ourself.
        Labour go on about how ‘unfair’ this is, yet did not make it available for everyone in the same situation. Which is even more ‘unfair’, to more people. The circumstances should be the main factor in deciding who qualified for this, not whether you live in a council house.
        It is the usual, easier option, cop-out by Labour to bemoan the cut, than it is for them to say they would make it fairer in future, and that circumstances would be the deciding factor on who received it, IF they were re-elected.
        There are contingency funds to help those most in need, so no one should be hit hard, all the Labour MP’s have to do, for any of their constituents who are hit, is to be ensuring the money allocated is reaching the right people.

      • HJ777

        There is no “Bedroom Tax” – as the High Court has made clear.

        What you are saying is that existing social housing tenants (but not private sector tenants) should be taxpayer-funded to occupy accommodation that is bigger than their needs, while hundreds of thousands of others languish on waiting lists due to lack of available accommodation.

        No excuses, that is wrong…

      • Terry Field

        YOu are a promoter of big state, blanket spending social wage codswallop.
        There was no Bedroom Tax. The subsidy payments should not be paid without reason. There were large funds to deal humanely with anomalies and you know it.

  • you_kid

    Piketty on speed dial – what wonderful imagery.
    I gather the author has ‘arrived’.

    • HookesLaw

      More gibberish.

    • balance_and_reason

      Well, they are still clearing up the carnage of the last socialist car crash….that’ll take a year or two more.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Personally I thought it was a rather amusing caricature in an Ealing comedy style. It wouldn’t have affected my vote at all though as I already know what a bigoted mean-spirited bunch of infants Labour are.

    I can see that it would not be appreciated by the highbrow intellectual urbane Tory and Libdem types (well they think they are anyway) but it might secure the votes of those tender conscience driven libby demmy centreists who would sell their soul to the devil not to be seen as nasty two faced turncoats (which begs the question why they ever voted Libdem in the firstplace)…….

    • Tunde

      I don’t want Labour coming anywhere near me. I’m a floating voter, normal working person, about as middle of the road as you can get. Labour don’t offer people like me anything – just horrible, destructive, negative people. Can’t you lot please just go away and leave Britain alone? You’re like wasps. You just buzz around annoying people, serving no useful purpose. Please, in the name of God, Labour people, please just find another country to be annoying in. Nobody normal in the UK likes you or wants anything to do with you. You’re just horrible. Tories – fine. UKIP – fine. LibDems – fine. Green – fine. Respect – fine. Even if I wouldn’t vote for any or all of them, I understand their raison d’etre and think they all offer the electorate something. But Labour – utter scum.

  • George_Arseborne

    Is it good to show how Cameron has turned Cleggy to be? Good one Ed

  • Hello

    I quite like that video. The Tories look rather competent, don’t they?

  • Blindsideflanker

    Talking about the lack of smarts I hear that Philip Hammond has just announced a review of allowing women into the front line. The last time this policy was reviewed they established that women have 30% less upper body strength than men. Nothing in the subsequent 5 years has changed on that front. Clearly PC posturing trumps basic facts, and no doubt the Cameron Conservatives believe they have found another policy to piss off their core support on.

    • Tony Quintus

      It needs to be reviewed every now and again otherwise you’d get law suits.

      • Blindsideflanker

        Nope, the review doesn’t have to be done for another 5 years. According to the BBC report, Hammond has already decided that women should be allowed onto the front line.

        From what I understand only two women have ever completed the Royal Marines trials, and then it physically broke them. No doubt to get some tokenist women presence in combat roles standards will be made gender neutral.

        I hope any enemy we come up against will also play fair and fight in a gender neural way.

        • Tony Quintus

          ront line combat roles does not mean Infantry only,for example I would have no problem with women driving tanks, in fact given their smaller stature the cramped drivers position would be better suited to a woman than most men.
          In no way am I suggesting that role specific fitness standards should be tailored to get women into front line roles.

          • Mr Creosote

            Sorry mate that’s discrimination – either their equal and up to the job or they’re not.

    • Mr Creosote

      After watching her programme last night, can I please nominate Kirsty Wark as the first to go??

  • DavidL

    The film Illustrates neatly Labour’s problem. Having denied any responsibility for the public spending deficit or the debt crisis, they have effectively ruled themselves out of being taken seriously in any serious economic debate. With the European Elections three weeks away, they appear to have no position on the EU and its direction following the euro crisis – perhaps that was George Osborne’s fault anyway. So they have little left to say, hence their resort to a rather weak faux-1950s lampoon of the Coalition.
    If Miliband doesn’t up his game PDQ, then Cameron might just be looking at victory, even in spite of the skewed constituency boundaries and the squeeze on people’s living standards. Certainly the Coalition’s mid-term poll deficit is getting smaller – incredibly shrinking in fact.

  • anyfool

    Unbelievable childish rubbish, delivered with all the self confidence of someone completely lacking in self awareness.
    Still there is a surplus of village idiots who will think it the peak of interlectual self confidence, a bit like Miliband in that respect.

  • Blindsideflanker

    Labour have defined themselves as the nasty party.

    • McRobbie

      Labour have been the really nasty party for some time, they invented the black art of spin under bliar and brown..and who was milie’s guru? the balloon broon ..the man who saved the world but destroyed our pensions, economy, sold our gold and infiltrated our public services with left wingers in senior positions to obstruct change..including putting the inept and embarassing ashton in as the EU foreign minister as part of labours games. Really nasty.

  • DWWolds

    Are we supposed to take it that this is an example of Milliminor’s superior “intellectual self-confidence”?

  • LadyDingDong

    Does this piece of second-rate garbage underestimate the intelligence of Labtard’s core voter or overstate the intelligence of the party’s leaders? Either way, the Conservatives should have some fun with this at the poor little Muppets’ expence.

    • glurk

      I never thought I could ever feel sorry for poor old Clegg but this has done it. Im actually quite shocked that this bit of dross has been made… with what end in view exactly.. it certainly achieves something but not perhaps what it’s intended to achieve.

  • Inverted Meniscus

    The absence of a single coherent policy of any description let alone a sane approach to economic management will never diminish the left’s belief that it has a divine right to rule by virtue of what it considers to be its inherent moral superiority. The fact that this supposed moral superiority is exposed as total hypocrisy when petty, spiteful and stupid videos like this are the core of Labour’s message should come as no surprise. Labour is and always will be, the party of lies, lying and liars.

    • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

      Labour’s add: “Tory toffs Eton hunting thatcher yachts”

      Meanwhile labour use their own candidates pretending to be member of the public when UKIP did that they complained, but the MSM isnt covering it.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        Well the BBC for example is the broadcasting arm of the Labour Party.

      • you_kid

        The fruitcakes and racists are being actively urged to leave the Spectator now and go where they belong – obscurity?

        • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

          The majority of people on here vote for UKIP. Perhaps you should leave, we are happy.

          • you_kid


            • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

              You really hate democracy, don’t you.

              • you_kid

                bless …

                • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

                  And you’re not a red top junkie? What are you doing here then? You would become my boot if i were talking to you.

                  You hate England, you hate democracy, you hate the poor and you love unelected fascist bureaucrats…… Yet you tell me I have no idea what’s going on around [me].

                  You’re either an MEP or very ignorant, given your intellect I’d guess the latter.

                • Fergus Pickering

                  Who is David Moyes? Should I know?

                • you_kid

                  The Rob Andrew of football, mate.

                • Fergus Pickering

                  Who is Rob Andrew? Is this to do with sport?

          • HookesLaw

            Oh dear – you want to be left alone to be hysterics together?

    • telemachus

      Inherent Moral Superiority
      Not racist
      Not plutocratic
      Not wishy washy
      Intrinsically morally on a higher plane with inclusive fair policies that will be spelled out as we get nearer the day of victory

      • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

        Surely you can’t be talking about the labour25 crew?

        1. they start taxing at £6,500…….. compared to the coalition’s £10,500..if they represented the working man why tax low-paid workers so harshly forcing them onto benefits as they are better off on them?????)

        2. they didn’t regulate the banks in 13 years. (Blair now a banker worth upwards of 60 MILLION- and he started the new labour movement…..) Google “Peter Mandelson on yacht with Nat Rothschild” “Google Brown at Bilderberg” etc.

        3. more tax has been paid by top earners EVERY year under the coalition than ANY under labour.

        4. They want to increase debt BY £3,200 per person

        5. spend 11.6% more than they take in tax.

        6. they destroyed our economy. Labour presided over the slowest growth in 50 years, they produced the fastest decline in British manufacturing since manufacturing began, they left us mired in the longest recession since the war, they bequeathed maybe the largest deficit in peacetime history, and they handed over a debt so huge we will still be repaying it when the earth is swallowed by an expanding sun, a cosmological termination which might therefore come as some relief.

        7. they want to continue to send 57million a day to the EU

        8. they want higher immigration (last time allowed the biggest mass immigration into the United Kingdom in our nation’s history: three million people, possibly more than entered these island in the preceding 1,000 years combined.)

        9. they have destroyed the NHS in Wales (where they are currently in power, why wouldn’t they do it here too?????- the coalition have ring-fenced our NHS budget so they CAN’T cut it, but labour will.) Our last labour government blew £250,000,000 on private surgery because their NHS was so bad1,200 died in Mid-Staffordshire Hospital alone, that’s more than died in Mid-Staffordshire during the Black Death.
        along with their gagging orders on whistle blowers within the NHS

        10. they raid the pensions.

        11. Iraq+Afghanistan.

        12.They sold off 400 tons of UK gold reserves and invested the money in euros, compare the change in the value of gold to the change in the value of the euro in recent years if you have some free time.

        13. run by the unions

        14. They bloated the welfare budget.

        15. They didn’t keep up with house building when demand rocketed, allowing house prices to triple

        16. They failed to build a lot of necessary infrastructure such as power stations.

        17. they didn’t invest in infrastructure (despite borrowing 1 trillion and taking 13 years of tax) Well, yes: they built the Millennium Dome. It’s easy to forget the Millennium Dome, because, after all, who would want to remember it, but this thing burned up 800 million pounds, was maybe the greatest marketing flop in recorded time, and it turned out to be a great big dirty tent where queueing families could pay £60, just to look at uplifting representations of litter.

        18. They continually increased fuel duty by over 107%, harming motorists.

        19. They signed the Lisbon treaty, giving vast amounts of power to the EU and going against their own manifesto in with they specifically said they would give the people a referendum.

        20. Allowing rich people to buy peerages.

        21. Started HS2

        22. They left us with the largest budget deficit in the G20 relative to GDP.

        23.They lumbered the NHS with vast PFI repayments which are coming out of Foundation trusts and straight into the pockets of the private sector. £50 Billion’s worth of loans which are costing us £300 Billion in repayments-genius!…….

        24. Housing waiting lists DOUBLED under Labour

        25. Europe. labour’s biggest achievement in Europe was to give away half our precious rebate, won by Thatcher, at a cost to you and me of £9 billion so far – and in return they got precisely nothing, unless you count a chortling, after-dinner promise from Jacques Chirac, that he’d make Tony Blair President of the EU, which he didn’t. A small mercy.

        26. Education. ensuring English youngsters are amongst the worst educated in the western world, and closing the grammar schools preventing the poor from achieving.

        27. giving everyones personal information to america “labour MP wants muslim prime minister”

        29. they can’t even run their party finances ( lost 2 million recently in banking)

        30. The party is almost identical to the previous labour government who got us in to this mess (ed balls).

        31. labour25 pedophile scandals.

        32. Medi Hassan wrote Miliband’s biography is a militant muslim who described westerners as animals (a video you can find on here)

        33. The espouse the same political policies and views as the French President Hollande which are destroying France, where the rich have left youth unemployment is at 25% and they have seen the largest drop in investment for over 60 years.

        34. 5 Labour MPs—and no Tories or Lib Dems—have been found guilty of expenses fraud by a court and sent to prison. Ed Balls claimed £33 parliamentary expenses for poppy wreaths he had laid at his constituency ceremony.

        35. you’re voting for the racist Diane Abbott, weak and incompetent Ed Miliband and the oaf who destroyed our economy 4 years ago- Ed Balls,

        36. labour corruption privatisation of Qinteq defence service making LABOUR Lord Drayson worth over £542 MILLION

        37. The gap between rich and poor was wider when Labour were in power.

        38.- Gave away sovereignty through Lisbon and the Human Rights Act

        39. – Abused state finances with 0.7% overseas aid pledge

        40. Abolished Primary Purpose Rule and allowed immediate A8 accession allowing 7 million immigrants into Britain 1997 to 2010 in a deliberate attempt to build its voting base.

        41. – Sucked up to crony public sector Unions by inflating pay and pensions of an unreformed public sector

        42. – Imposed postal voting extension open to political corruption.

        43. – Spent so much money on Labour cronies that it had a 5% structural deficit at the height of the boom.

        44. – Impoverished millions with the Climate Change Act of alternative energy zealotry.

        45. – Created the catastrophe of multicultural extremism.

        46. Sent our military to wars under equipped

        47. – Created welfare as a lifestyle, with the totally dysfunctional tax credit system, and the catastrophe of excessive housing benefit

        48. Labour insisted on 50% of pupils going to university even though degree level jobs for only 20%.

        As for the Labour Party right now, they’ve opposed every cut that aims to tackle the deficit their party created and are not offering a plan of what they would do differently. Apart from keeping all the cuts (which they are opposed to)

        • telemachus

          Funny I have read that garbage before
          We have a new crew
          With new policies
          Forget New Labour
          This time it is Real Labour

          • Tony_E

            This time it will he different? This time they won’t f##k it up?

            How many times have they left the UK economy in better shape than they found it?

            Not even once.

            Real labour. Real f##k up.

          • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

            How is it a new crew? Miliband worked as Blair’s PA! Balls effed up the economy last time, all of your front bench are the same, bar 1.

            I only wish I could forget it, but I’d have to live in a coffin underground not to see the destruction labour left behind…… At least I’d be buried, unlike under old labour.

            No matter how many cloaks you put on you’re still the same incompetent self-serving tw@s

            • telemachus

              I guess I might engage with that analysis if it came from a representative of a party with policies
              The only policy that I detect from your lot is a policy of economic destruction by your main aim of cutting off our lifeblood

              • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

                Shifting the argument?

                But they will not lead to economic destruction, unlike labour’s policies.

          • Hexhamgeezer


          • Inverted Meniscus

            Real lies, real lying and real liars.

      • Inverted Meniscus

        No just thoroughly and utterly dishonest.

        • telemachus

          Not only honest but not tainted by reprehensible racialism

          • Inverted Meniscus

            No they are the party of lies, lying and liars.

            • telemachus

              That is trotted out here so often that it has lost its meaning
              Please adduce evidence

              • Inverted Meniscus

                Where to start with 13 years of malignant madness to choose from:

                Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.
                British business wanted me to amend the FII rules so that private pension provision could be ruined.
                Gold was sold to rebalance the portfolio.
                PFI is an efficient form of financing.
                The NHS is safe with us – tell that to patients at mid staffs.
                Cash for honours
                There is no structural deficit
                Nobody will lose out following the removal of the 10% tax rate – only the poorest members of society.
                Defence ending has risen in real terms every year. My favourite it had fallen on three occasions and when forced to apologise to parliament Brown claimed it was on ” one or two occasions” priceless even his apology was misleading.

      • CharlietheChump

        you little tease

  • glurk

    If that is the level that certain of our politicians wish to operate on then as part of hard working Britain I think Im going to b****r off! Better off without that sort of garbage.