Drinkaware in Chelsea

12 May 2014

3:31 PM

12 May 2014

3:31 PM

Kensington and Chelsea Council can do nothing to counter its reputation as the most affluent borough in London. In fact, it revels in the notoriety. Take a look at the council’s new alcohol awareness campaign. The prostrate gentleman appears to be in white tie and drinking a half-bottle of champagne, while the lady, bedecked with pearls, swirls around with a martini glass in hand. Marvellous.





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  • NedMissingTeeth

    If the population was smoking weed instead of drinking alcohol the country would be a much better place. I love having a drink but you get soooo many w*ankers who get drunk and cause grief. .

    Vote UKip.

    • Aloysius

      The one thing worse than an annoying drunk, is an annoying stoner. Also, I don’t see how UKIP has anything to do with it – they are not for prohibition of alcohol or the legalisation or marijuana.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      Do your drinking at home. Far cheaper, safer, and much less damaging to your reputation and standing in the community.

      • George Smiley

        And then beat the c*** out of the wife and children in the privacy of your own home when you become drunk enough?! Ah, how many times?! You are a Japanese! Stop shoving your Japanese, Chinese or any other Oriental customs and stories down our throats! Not interested!