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Bullingdon Club: the movie

15 May 2014

5:44 PM

15 May 2014

5:44 PM

At first glance Mr S thought that he might be watching Labour’s latest class-war party election broadcast: rich kids at Oxford University trashing restaurants, tussling with the law and generally playing silly buggers in evening wear. Sound familiar?

This is, however, the trailer for The Riot Club: the silver screen’s answer to ‘the Buller’, which will bear little or no resemblance to the drinking society beloved by Boris, Dave and George during their time at the university.

Labour bods will be rubbing their hands with glee at the timing of the film’s release.

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  • black11hawk

    Does anyone really care about the Bullingdon Club, personally I couldn’t give a toss if someone has been in it or not, so long as they’re ok now. One thing I did find curious about the whole thing is though, no one seems to have discovered who the current members of the club are or if it even exists still.

  • Sir Harry Plunket-Greene

    Why is the first scene in hte trailer shot in Chamber Court, Winchester College (and the reverse view), alma mater of Seumas Milne and Richard Crossman?. 50 miles from Oxford.

    • Guest

      The Club have been banned from convening within 15 miles of Oxford since February 1927

  • David davis

    Er, well now…even the awful repellent leftist b**t***s in the Labour Club (and worse) didn’t behave like that in my day.

    Not sure what University the film-maker is talking about here, but it isn’t mine.

    If I was its lawyers, he’d find me/us sitting in front of him tomorrow while he tries to gulp down his sawdust-and-rat-droppings healthy cereal: moreover, I hope he would find some even slight if astonishingly expensive enjoyment from the experience.

  • Current Student at St Hildas

    I don’t know about David Cameron and Boris Johnson’s time, but it definitely bears a a great deal of relation to the Bullingdon Club now. Regardless, the arrogance, impunity and elitism which the Bullingdon club has espoused across many decades, is a source of great embarrassment to the vast majority of the student community at Oxford as a whole.

    • roger

      When exactly was the sword fight that Alan Clark refers to? economy with the actualite?

  • GeeBee36_6

    The mere fact that young men got up as swells, engaging in robust japes, and imbibing great wine, is automatically considered by the majority to be aberrant and loathsome, offers, as it were, a distant glimpse of a nation that once had the human capital to rule the world. That glimpse, seen as if from a life-raft, looking back at a noble, yet rapidly sinking ship, is only recognised for what it is by increasingly few. Those familiar, perhaps, with the novels of R S Surtees; or to any man who experienced life in a British Army Officer’s mess prior to a time around the 1980s.

    The fact that it is normal to regard the view from the life-raft as being rather different in scope – a view of a rusty old steamer, seen from a cruise-liner – encapsulates the delusional nature of Progressivism. The once mighty West is increasingly all talk and no action. It will be swamped in a generation by young, puissant nations that have scant regard for the death cult of Progressivism. By those, in short, that realise that a nation’s brightest and best, operating within a revered tradition of correct form allied to a degree of swashbuckling devilry, have what it takes to advance on the stage this great globe affords.

    The knee-jerk, default action of regarding the Buller as beyond the pale is as symbolic as anything of decline and fall.

    • HookesLaw

      There are various drinking – sorry dining – clubs at Oxford and probably Cambridge as well. They all dress up and pose for photographs like you would do in the 1860’s.
      As Balls’ experience with ‘The Steamers’ shows there are other clubs which don’t dress up but still get up to the usual high jinks. This is a story only silly people would take seriously

      • RoadrunnerNick

        I thought Balls did dress up in a rather worrying uniform.

    • Ed

      If deciding that we don’t like rich kids smashing up restaurants for kicks, and thinking that coughing up money makes up for this, then I’m all for some declining and falling.

      Pretentious blather.

  • cosyblackbird

    You have to admire the nuanced analysis of the psychology of class, the profound insight into motivation, the startlingly inventive use of language: ‘I just hate poor people!’
    Irony is it’s full of gilded darlings born straight into the luvvie aristocracy. The Express reports the person who wrote the screenplay is the partner of Sam West, another notorious champagne socialist with the bluest luvvie blood.
    Mind you, in this postmodern age perhaps it will do for Tories what train spotting did for drug addicts, and make them suddenly cool…

    • HFC

      Correction: “I’m sick to death of poor people”, actually. Not the same meaning at all – but I note you read the Express so that wouldn’t matter to you.

      • cosyblackbird

        Gosh, I stand corrected: that really is nuanced, profound and psychologically believable.

        I glimpsed the Express article on the back of a fellow commuter’s paper, as it happens, but in the internet age I think you can read any column, from anywhere, that the cyber waves happen to throw at your feet, without committing yourself to a world view.

  • windsock

    It was great as a play (performed under the title “Posh”).

  • southerner

    Not interested in where the they came from, just what they are now : intellectually bankrupt, spineless, unprincipled socialist Europhile troughers.

    • HookesLaw

      Thats the kippers who are the troughers – taking the money and not turning up for votes. A kipper vote is a wasted vote.
      As for the rest of the diatribe – the tories are being successful in dealing with the mess inherited from Labour. Reforming education welfare pensions health, local govt and cutting spending. Under the tories we will get renegotiation and a referendum.
      You live in fantasyland.

      • George Smiley

        And when we vote Tory often enough, we might have a Country ready to be colonised en masse by millions more of Poles, Ukrainians, ethnic Ukrainians in the Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, Romanians, Bulgarians and Turks!

  • you_kid

    It’s pure fiction. It engages the electorate. It resonates.
    Is there a UKIP movie? This is England III?

    • right_writes

      Are you paid for this?

      • Swiss Bob

        He’s a Telemachus sockpuppet, a member of Labour’s ‘seal’ team, named after some of the best soldiers in the World . . . . . .

        Which is ironic given the contempt Labour have for our armed forces. Children the lot of them.

        • you_kid

          Boy, you call me liebour one more time and I will campaign to get Fraser’s sub-editors to feed you Haggis till you pop.

          • Swiss Bob

            I like haggis. Sockpuppet

            • you_kid

              pop goes the weasel

              • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

                Does your avatar represent “winds of change”, it seems quite pro-UKIP, I imagine whomever you stole it from was quite intelligent.

    • David davis

      Fancy meeting you here…again! I thought you trolled on the DT only. Clearly you get funding. Fancy having your expenses audited then?

  • Swiss Bob

    Well Dave loves the thugs in the Uniform Alpha Foxtrot so much he gives them Govt money to batter his political opponents so the film is accurate at least in part.

    • HookesLaw

      More from Bigotsville I see.

      • Swiss Bob

        Are you saying that Cameron is not a founding member of the U A F?

        Or that they are not involved in violence against political opponents?

        Now I might withdraw the statement that U A F receive government funding but Hope not Hate certainly do and they are cut from the same cloth.

        Why does Dave fund far left groups? Is it because they attack his political opponents?

      • Colonel Mustard

        Well, UKIP get criticised for having racist members. But Azad Ali who is one of the UAF vice chairs no less has been called an “Islamic fascist”. In 2010 to gain Muslim votes Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband spoke at a campaign event with Ali in which he praised the Muslim terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. Ali also wrote on his blog that as a Muslim he is religiously obliged to kill British soldiers in Iraq and has denied that the 2008 Mumbai attacks were terrorism.

        When it comes to fascism UAF seem to have a problem confusing the words “for” and “against” and it is absolutely shameful that Cameron, a (supposedly) Conservative Prime Minister supports that gang of violent, intolerant SWP thugs.

        Of course UAF are not against fascism. They just want to intimidate and shut down anything they don’t approve of with their own special brand of fascism.

        • right_writes

          Well said Colonel…

          But the real question is….

          Were you in the study, on the night that the good doctor was knocked off with a bit of lead piping?


  • Hello

    That looks crap.

    • crackenthorp

      look and see before passing judgement as you might learn something but i doubt it

      • Hello

        What are you talking about? I watched the trailer: it looks rubbish.

        • Ed

          The play was quite good, though not subtle.

    • monty61

      Indeed. World’s Oldest University? Someone should tell Bologna.

  • HookesLaw

    The truth is that all the stories about student rampages are wildly overdone. In other respects, ‘student high jinks’ shock horror. Maybe we should have a featrure on ‘The Steamers’.

    • Swiss Bob

      Is Dave a founding member of the Uniform Alpha Foxtrot and does the Govt give them money to beat up their political opponents?

      Yes and yes.

      • HookesLaw

        Fell out with ‘common purpose’ have we. ‘Bildeberg’ lost its resonance? You really are pathetic. What a dimwitted load of crutches you have to rely on.

        • Swiss Bob

          Dave is a founding member, he supports violence against his political opponents.

          Suck on that.

      • roger

        Isn’t the UAF just the rebranding of the ANL/SWP crowd?
        Any group that goes out on the streets should be ignored as once humans get together like that they develop mob-think and all rational ideas are lost.

  • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

    The world is left-wing.

    • Vote UKiP

      Vote UKIP!

    • bobby_r

      Don’t be disheartened, people are gradually waking up to the extent of the MSM and Hollywood’s bias. The world is not left-wing in any way.

      • Realpolitik/ fruitcake/ racist

        The left have infiltrated the MSM and Hollywood, soon we will all be identical living boring pointless lives to only be judged on our appearance.