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Will David Cameron insult the Welsh by sending them Maria Miller?

7 April 2014

4:28 PM

7 April 2014

4:28 PM

The Maria Miller problem is not going away for the government. Tory MPs who went back to their constituencies over the weekend have come back to Westminster depressed about how big the issue is playing on the doorstep. There is fear that the whole story is playing straight into Nigel Farage’s hands. The 2010 intake are particularly concerned about the level of public anger over the issue.

David Cameron has always prided himself on not giving scalps to the press. This is why I’d still be surprised if Miller went before the reshuffle. But her prospects in that reshuffle are looking far glummer today than they did on Thursday. In the present circumstances, sending her to the Welsh Office would look like an insult to Wales. ​

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  • RationalSpeculation

    Please, Dave, send her to Scotland – I’ve got money on a “Yes” vote…

  • David Booth.

    Memo to David Cameron:
    Don’t reinforce failure.

  • Your Correspondent

    Nice to have someone working for UKIP in the cabinet.

  • Your Correspondent

    I thought that once you had messed up as Culture Secretary you went to Health…

  • wobble

    Im Welsh ….I already feel insulted by the whole lot of the troughers……

  • Lady Magdalene

    So all Cameron’s promises to clean up politics and the expenses system made in 2009…. the promise that Conservative shadow minister/ministers would be kicked out if they didn’t repay money they “erroneously” claimed…. the Right of Recall …. were just so much hot air.
    Perhaps the electorate should have READ THE SMALL PRINT.

  • WatTylersGhost

    No keep her in Westminster, right at the top of the cabinet sitting next to Dave, so that all the country can see how a true blue Tory behaves.

    • Lady Magdalene

      That’s a tad unfair. Cameron isn’t a true blue Tory. He has a wide yellow streak running right down his back.

  • MajorFrustration

    Miller has now a very limited shelf life so why not send Dave to the Welsh Office. Presume in due course Miller will go to the Lords – Dave don’t even think about it.

  • Frank

    “…prides himself on not giving scalps to the press” That might perhaps be better written as ..”prides himself on ignoring public opinion until it becomes so overwhelming that he is obliged to take action in a deeply humiliating fashion”. This is probably not what they call leadership at Eton.

    I am sure that Lynton can advise on what to do when the leader’s lack of ethics, spine and common sense become the story.

    I do hope that the press are equally vigilant about all other cases of troughing MPs (and I really don’t care if these MPs are pro, or anti, the gay marriage legislation!!)

    • ButcombeMan

      You are right again.

      It is the public he should be worrying about, not the press.

      The “Dog & Duck” lot are absolutely disgusted, by Cameron even more than MM now.

      Where is Crosby, he must know Cameron is behaving stupidly.

      The gift to UKIP that just keeps on giving. The man is quite barmy.

  • Tom Tom

    Why doesn’t Cameron go as Welsh Gauleiter and let Clegg and Osborne play at PM ?

  • MajorFrustration

    Miller got it wrong and Dave got it/her wrong – they should both go. If we have a PM with the complete lack of judgement/understanding/awareness as we have seen over the last few days then we should not have to wait until 2015 for an election we should have one now. You are both in this together.

    • Alexsandr

      yes but his misjudgement is equalled by Millipedes misjudgement on not getting rid of the paedophile apologists, the Dromeys.

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Keeping her at all is an insult to the entire UK, or at least its taxpayers. If she is not ditched properly this one will just drag on.

    • telemachus

      Yes indeed
      The above indicates a gift to Farage
      But Farage cannot capitalise
      It may increase from 43 the number of Tory marginals in which Farage can split the Tory vote and deliver to the party of reason

      • Alexsandr

        either shut up or make intellegent comment.

      • saffrin

        Yes, and we all know the reason that drives them is financially self advancement.
        The party that reasoned Mandelson, although rejected by the electorate three times, should be given the power to introduce a law that led directly to the purchase of his £8 million London mansion house.

      • First L

        The Party of reason?

        Is that the party that has advanced precisely eight different policies funded by the same tax on bankers administered eight times?

        • telemachus

          The banks have a lot of tax to render