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Ukip is already winning the immigration debate without controversial posters

22 April 2014

9:34 AM

22 April 2014

9:34 AM

Another day, another bad-tempered debate between two diametrically opposed politicians on immigration. This morning’s ding-dong on Radio 4 between Ukip’s Paul Nuttall and Labour’s Mike Gapes fell into the category of Debates That Won’t Change Anyone’s Mind But Will Make Them Grumpy Before 9am – a modern-day Sisyphean punishment.

The pair were discussing Ukip’s European elections, which in case you decided to take Easter off from being habitually outraged, are below:



Nuttall was arguing that his party was on the side of the British people on this issue and that the posters were simply presenting the facts. Unfortunately, his party did choose one industry facing a shortage of skilled workers – construction – for one of the posters, which has added grist to the mill of his critics who argue that immigration is helping build Britain, not destroy it (but it’s worth reading a column Fraser wrote a little while back on how politicians rely on immigration partly because they’ve failed to construct decent welfare and education systems).

Gapes was arguing that this sort of rhetoric could make Britain a nasty country. Some other outraged people have spend the Easter weekend arguing about whether we live in a Christian country, but aside from that, we are indeed incredibly fortunate to live in a welcoming country that loves freedom. Gapes worries that Ukip and those who try to imitate Ukip will destroy that.

Regardless of who is right or wrong, the point is that Ukip is winning on this issue. Not just because the outrage over the posters among those who are quite happy about mass immigration just puffs more air into Nigel Farage’s bellows by suggesting to voters who aren’t quite so happy that the ‘liberal metropolitan elite’ still want to shout down debate about immigration. But also because it changes the whole debate into one where mainstream politicians find themselves desperately repeating mollifying phrases like ‘it’s fine to worry about the effects of immigration’ or ‘for too long politicians haven’t had an open debate about immigration’. And because all three main parties have had to toughen up their immigration policies to respond to Ukip.

Labour might not be all that thankful to Mike Gapes for jumping up and down on these Ukip posters when it has spent months rolling the pitch by saying it is ‘understandable’ to worry about the negative impacts of immigration and announcing tougher and tougher measures to control those negative impacts. I wrote about the party’s attempts to at least neutralise immigration as an issue earlier this year, and since then Yvette Cooper has continued to announce ‘tough’ policies. There is no longer an attempt to take the Gapes position on this issue. So Nuttall and Gapes and others who take similar position can continue to debate this issue as long as Sisyphus rolled his boulder up the hill – but deep down, both know that one of them has already won when it comes to the political debate.

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  • Captain Pugwash

    A poem about current affairs and the liblabcon:
    Labour reds have made us poor
    Because they spent all the cash and more
    Tory boys are feeling blue
    All their votes gone to you know who!
    Yellow bellies are all a mess
    Cause Cyril Smith and co were pests
    The Eurobots are in a spin
    Because Nigel Farage just walked in
    UKIP are the only choice
    For our countries tiny voice
    We will vote on 22nd May
    UKIP of course Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

    • Realpolitik

      hahaha, that’s really good!

  • LimesOut

    I would love to see UKiP winning this debate and attaining the real power. I had just about enough of this whining, moaning and shirking.

  • McClane

    I am going to vote UKIP. But not because of their immigration policies.

    It is the benefits system that is broken. It encourages unemployed Brits to stay on their backsides (and housing benefit) watching their tax-payer subsidised HD-ready smart tvs while EU nationals (and non-EU) come here and take the jobs the Brits won’t do.

    Who is going to clean hospital floors, serve coffee, wait on tables and so on if the Brits won’t do it and the immigrants aren’t here?

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …you pay well enough and they’ll do it.

    • cartimandua

      Students. they used to and school leavers. All those are entry level jobs. If Brits (of all ethnicities) cannot get to those jobs it is because they cannot leave their social housing and sleep on a park bench. Minimum wage is not enough to keep the social housing going while moving for an insecure job.

    • Realpolitik

      Why won’t they do the jobs? You appear to share their attitude “can’t be bothered” Perhaps you should think “my goodness, why don’t we get the people taking out of the system to start paying into it”?

      If there are jobs, these people are lazy and need a kick up the behind, if there aren’t jobs we need to stop immigration.

      This will improve society tenfold.

      • cartimandua

        They cannot take a job if they are in social housing and cannot risk having no home at all. Minimum wage jobs are insecure.

        • Realpolitik

          That’s a problem with they system, not the people. Let our people work!

          • cartimandua

            The getting people to pay for “extra rooms” seems sensible on the surface but I wonder if it has stopped young people from taking risks to get work.

            • Realpolitik

              Are you referring to the scrappage of the spare room subsidy?

              • cartimandua

                yes . It “sounds good” and we have all come across families living in cheap housing with 5 working adults in it.
                The reality is real problems for the disabled and for young people trying to “launch”.
                In my youth you could get a cheap bedsit to launch. Now you cannot.

                • Realpolitik

                  But that can’t possibly have anything to do with allowing millions of immigrants to arrive. I’m stumped.

                  Hopefully our young will have the initiative to borrow some children and a tin of black shoe polish when applying for housing.

    • cartimandua

      One third of our housing stock is social housing. Wages are so low people cannot take those minimum wage jobs. They risk ending up with no job and on a park bench.
      Migrant workers usually do have a home somewhere else to go to.
      During the last few summers my University student son has waited tables. His whole wage just covered the cost of keeping on his place in his student flat.
      He could only do it at all by living with family.
      His work colleagues “lived in” and were not British and were treated like slaves.
      Some for instance opted to work til 2 am and up again for 6 am. That’s health killing. It is slave labour.

    • George Smiley

      If I remember correctly, the public toilets were getting cleaned in England before the year 2004.

  • Ben

    Well done Paul. You stuck to your guns AND the facts. The Labour man is just another arrogant ,deceitful, self serving Westminster puppet. Nobody is listening to them any more as they have been exposed for what they are.

  • Denis_Cooper

    Labour’s Mike Gapes is a disgusting specimen, a eurofederalist to his core and smirking with it. English readers please note: Gapes is not a Scot, he is an English scumbag who has been foolishly elected by ordinary decent English people for an English parliamentary constituency.

  • fathomwest

    The nasty Labour party labelled anyone who sticks up for the majority of people in this country as RACISTS. When everything else fails label people as Racists. That has failed. We cannot be racists Gapes and his ilk are the Racists and we should send them all packing.


    What has been happening across EU is unprecedented – 470 million people can move to another country if it is to work. This is like the inhabitants of Central America being allowed to move to USA without the government or electorate being able to impact it. Try selling that in Texas or Arizona!

  • George McCarthy

    Construction doesn’t have a shortage, the workers are doing other work because there are no jobs in construction that pay the same? Because of the weather and rate reductions, construction workers don’t have a full ‘year’, so tradesmen have left for jobs that pay a similar wage over the twelve months. Jobs like Jaguar Land Rover assembly line or Supermarkets. Also, government will tell you there are shortages, as an excuse for not building, because to build, would break his ‘Help-to-buy’ Ponzi scheme!

    • Realpolitik

      A lot of building firms only hire Polish workers and pay them very little money, they would sooner hire a Polish bloke for £50 a day than an English bloke for £100.

  • Realpolitik

    These posters are truly great, they are giving the man on the street FACTS, and the political classes hate it.

  • Full Name

    Isabel: You’re right one side has won the debate on immigration: Because it has never been democratically chosen by the citizens of the UK. The politicians in favour of mass immigration / 100% open doors to the EU have lied and disassembled and forced their own views on the population who have no demos-kratos (people power).

    This is the link between: Establishment (#1) – Immigration (#2) – EU (#3) or what I call branch-stem-root cause of the problem and how to solve the problem of communicating to the people that the EU (root of the problem) is:


    These posters communicate in seconds the above result what would take hours and possibly months and years via numbers and argument as used at:

    >”The population of the UK will grow by over 7 million to 70 million in the next 15 years, 5 million due to immigration – that is the equivalent of the current populations of Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Bradford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Oxford.”

    >”We must build a new home every seven minutes for new migrants.”

    >”To keep the population of the UK, now 62.3 million, below 70 million, net immigration must be reduced to around 40,000 a year. It would then peak in mid-century at about 68 million.”

  • alabenn

    Gapes opened his gaping mouth and pushed two feet in, his neurotic chanting of the race card is the only card Labour have left to play.
    That Ed Balls wife has been putting it about that Labour were wrong about immigration and were going to initiate stricter rules, these warbling`s have been totally ignored by all their old constituency the white working class, they have been ignored because no one believes them.
    Their new client vote from the Third World, have also ignored them, they know that Labour has no where else to go, that is why there was not a peep out of them as she was spouting her lies.
    All Gapes has done is draw attention to the only policy they have, which is to pretend they have a policy.

  • DaHitman

    What’s controversial about highlighting the facts, only the left-wingers who demand we listen to their pro-EU tripe are moaning

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      How do you do the boldface?

      • DaHitman


  • Chris McLaughlin

    Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the EU, EU immigration is not much of a concern fr me. 80% of the permanent migraton to the UK over the last 20 years has been from outside the EU (As Melanie McDonagh has pointed out before in The Spectator – This is immigration we could stop tomorrow in it’s entirety if we so desired. I’m willing to bet any money you like that the grandsons of today’s Polish and Romanian immigrants will never blow themselves up on the London Underground but I’m not so sure about the thousands of Pakistanis who aquire residency and then citizenship every year through abuse of the marriage laws.

    • Pootles

      Indeed! Like the GKC avatar.

    • HookesLaw

      You are correct and EU migrants are mostly not permanent. It is laughable that UKIP choose construction where there is a shortage of skills. This is where the EU is of great benefit to us.
      One poster that UKIP will not be throwing about is, ‘Net migration to UK falls by a third’

      Immigration from ‘new commonwealth’ countries has fallen and the govt have cut the abuse of student visas.
      Net Migration is of course also influenced by how many people leave.

      But UKIP peddle a big lie. If we left the EU and joined the EEA like Norway we would still have to meet single market rules and free movement of labour. Plus the danger of being forced into Schengen as part of any ‘free trade’ deal – ‘free trade’ effectively meaning being in the single market. Does anyone really think we would build two types of product one for good old UK standards (who cares about the rest of the world attitude) and another for export to the EU? No – we would still be governed by EU standards – just have no input into determining them..

      • the viceroy’s gin

        …nice to see you siding with your Millipedal soulmate Gapes, lad.

  • Mc Kenzie

    Free and fair exchange of goods, services and labour – that is our libertarian credo

    • monty61

      Rather easier said than done. And who defines free and fair?

  • The_Missing_Think

    “This can be black or white

    Section 9. Explanatory notes. (2010 Equalities Act).

    Racial laws of equality, have to include everybody, or they’re not actualy equal are they?

    All are equal, except that one group there, rings of 1930’s uglyness.

    Thus, whites have to be included, or the law becomes racially abusive itself.

    And those that made said law… what word summarises them?

    You understand why the word ‘white’, is in the 2010 Equalities Act yet?

    The true moral high ground, leaves no option.

  • slonytattery

    Unfortunately, his party did choose one industry facing a shortage of skilled workers – construction – for one of the posters

    Tripe! There are tens of thousands of skilled site tradesmen who left to focus on private work or got another more secure job during the slump. Some are now filtering back onto site, whilst others will not come back (mostly groundworkers, dry liners etc.) because their wages have been hit by the easy access to cheap easily substitutable labour from overseas.

    Developers and big construction companies are quite happy to produce ‘evidence’ of supposed skills shortages to justify more ‘onshore offshoring’ and labour arbitrage. They’d rather not pay any wages at all.

    Cheap labour only benefits the big developers and the banks; it offers precious little in the way of cheaper house prices or better or faster built houses in reality.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    I can`t help noticing my comment has been deleted. Too near the knuckle for you Spec, or was it collecting too many recommendations?
    Posted 10.52 UTC, that`s UK summer time, not “16 hours ago”

    • George Smiley

      And your point being?

  • David B

    Labour have to learn screaming “racist” is not debating. They appear unable to move past the technique because, as in many other policy areas, they don’t trust the public.

    The conservatives are scared of the “racist” chant as the liberal media happily take up the chant. Look at what happened when Cameron expressed a view that most of the population (including Ed Miliband) agrees with.

    It’s about stopping debate

  • Jez

    We love it!

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    The problem for the political class is not whether they are right or wrong to favour open immigration, it is the fact that they never asked us. They did not give us the choice. That isn’t how democracy is meant to work. They did of course put up different manifestos but in power nobody did anything differently. They sold us the EUI without clarifying the effects of free movement of workers and its implications. No proper democracy takes place when there are lies and obfuscation.

    They didn’t ask us. Now there is a party, however immature and disorganised, who raise the question the old parties don’t even know what to say except to resort to the old perjorative labels. Bastards.

  • Colonel Mustard

    “we are indeed incredibly fortunate to live in a welcoming country that loves freedom.”

    We might love it but the various tiers of politicians who think they know what is good for us are busy taking it away from us.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      Coming from the mouth of a Labour politician whose party’s goal is to eradicate all political opposition and create a single party state is difficult to stomach. Additionally, Labour’s loathing of free speech and any opinion contary to the ‘party line’ leaves one feeling that you really can take irony too far.

      • Brummie_engineer

        We have a single party state; LibLabCon.

  • swatnan

    They’ve blown it. The chickens are coming home to roost and the we British turkeys are not going to vote ourselves out of brussel sprouts and the EU gravy train. A string of allegations about EU money being siphoned off, and expenses, and unsavoury characters in the Party line up is taking its toll.

  • Inverted Meniscus

    I like a bit of irony now and again but a Labour MP, whose party is dedicated to the eradication of all political opposition and favours a one party state, arguing to preserve our love of freedom is a step too far.

  • Pootles

    What we need is to bring in a mass of Romanian, Pakistani, Bulgarian, Somalian, and Polish (to name just a few) MPs and media types to replace ‘our’ MPs and media beggars in London – all the new ones to be employed at a fraction of the salaries enjoyed by the current encumbants. Then we would have a more vibrantly diverse, cheaper, harder-working etc etc Parliament and metro media elite. Perhaps Gapes could volunteer to be the first to be replaced?

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Exactly – why is it that the meeja and politicos are exempt from the same market rules a the rest of us. For starters the Beeb should be contracted out to India where there is an excellent pool of educated RP speakers who will do their jobs for a quarter of the fees of Dimbleby, Naughtie and Co.

      • Patricia

        “For starters the Beeb should be contracted out to India where there is an excellent pool of educated RP speakers who will do their jobs for a quarter of the fees of Dimbleby, Naughtie and Co.”

        Yes, please – what a wonderful scenario.!

        • Conway

          I wonder what “we in Labour” would think about that!

          • Patricia

            “I wonder what “we in Labour” would think about that!”

            Well they made enough fuss when some of them had to go to Manchester.

  • Shazza

    Labour has overplayed it’s continued chants of ‘racist’ to shut down any debate over their disastrous population replacement programme.
    It no longer has any resonance on the British public save those out of touch Metropolitan elites and their cronies in the Lab/Lib/Con cartel whose lives have not been adversely affected by immigration.

    They are not the ones in the queues for housing, school places, NHS treatment etc.
    They do not live in the areas where certain adherents to an ideology which reflects primitive beliefs mar the lives of indigenous British people.

    May these UKIP posters wake up the tribal Labour voters who will never vote Tory but who seethe at their betrayal by a political party who laughingly and cynically purport to represent their best interests.

    Top of my wish list is to see UKIP replace Labour (The Party of Mass Destruction) on the opposition benches post the 2015 general election that has delivered a Conservative victory.
    Then the fun will begin.

    • Inverted Meniscus

      That works for me Shazza!

  • cargill55

    What on earth is controversial about drawing people’s attention to the appalling consequences of EU membership for Britain.

    • The Patriot

      Indeed, and last time I checked Europeans were the sam Caucasian race as ourselves so I’m completely baffled as to how they can be labelled racist… It’s a matter of control (us vs the EU) and numbers (open door vs carefully selected) Apparently Westminster doesn’t want the control and shouts down patriotic British people for wanting them to have it!

  • Raddiy

    You really need to do your own research, rather than just accept what the building trades employers parrot out.

    Much of the building trade consists of small family, and 1 or 2 men businesses who quote for jobs as the prime contractor for domestic type projects, or as sub contractors on bigger projects.

    Since 2004 the rate that plasterers, brickies, groundworkers etc have been able to quote and get the job have plummetted as east europeans have undercut them. There isn’t a shortage of building trade workers, there is a shortage of skilled building trade workers who are prepared to work for the minimum wage or just above it, which so many East Europeans are prepared to do. The shortage is caused by the building trade employers using cheap European labour as a big stick to try and blackmail them.

    The building trades are exactly the right industry for UKIP to target, as it continues to bear the brunt of forced wage deflation caused by the unlimited immigration of cheap labour. The fact that you appear unaware of such a fundamental truth, an awareness that is common knowledge across whole swathes of our country, suggests your attempt to analyse this subject falls at the first hurdle,

    • wayne

      Ex plaster, last time I was doing my trade which took me 5 years to learn I was earning 220 pounds a week for doing ceilings 7 days a week.
      If Ukip don’t get in next election watch the fun begin

      • Raddiy

        Exactly Wayne!

        I sometimes wonder what world the Londoncentric establishment and their useful idiots in the MSM inhabit.

        It speaks volumes about who has the finger on the pulse of the real working and middle class world in everyday UK, when something as patently obvious as the destruction of building trade careers, as well as IT careers as another example of careers destroyed on the altar of open door immigration is apparently invisible to them.

        UKIP have their finger on the pounding pulse of those from all sections of society who have been cast to the dark depths by the Lib/Lab/Con on the altar of EU ideology.

        How did we ever arrive at a situation where the three main elected parties actually care nothing for the people of this country, in fact they not only care nothing, but consider all of us as something they have stepped in which needs to be scraped off.

        • Aberdeen nationalist

          Wayne Raddiy, and heaps of other posters, on here, thanks for making my day that bit happier, by knowing I am not alone in what I see, sometimes watching the Leftist BBC, drives you crazy as they spout obvious lies …And its good to know I do not have it wrong.

  • Greenslime

    Gapes leapt into the ‘racist’ chant with gusto. Like Labour’s ‘cost of living’ argument, it is based on implanted perception. Make someone believe that someone else is racist by shouting the word loudly any time anyone says anything contradictory to their postion.

    It is not racist to say that this country is full up. It is not racist to say that we have X million unemployed so why on earth are we accepting hundreds of thousands of European migrants into the country who will compete directly for the same jobs as our unemployed are going for. And it is not racist to say that our housing, healthcare, welfare and schools are under pressure because of the arrival of so many migrants.

    Labour doesn’t want you to hear those arguments. They just want to chant the word racist over everything in an attempt to stop the debate taking place because they know that they are largely to blame for the current situation. That is the shame of their position.

    • monty61

      It’s not full up. Large parts are depopulating. It’s the south east that’s full up (and not just because of immigration). What to do about this is quite another question.

      It’s correct that UKIP have forced the issue about what **sort** of immigration we want, and highlighted the fact that within the EU as it stands we have no control whatsoever over half of it.

      Unfortunately the result of this has been Cameron’s idiotic focus on cutting the half we benefit from. Other than the loony ‘diversity for the sake of it’ brigade no-one is cheerleading for yet more mass immigration from sub Saharan Africa, Middle East or South Asia, though family rules make it hard to stop that ball rolling once it has started. So the softest of soft targets has been gone after – students, particularly post-graduate students of the sort Britain really needs an should be competing globally for, now have their right to remain after graduation slashed. (With a knock-on effect now being seen on Britain’s attractiveness as a place to study – both barrels in the foot, nice one).

      On the EU side benefit cuts and elegibility changes (not nearly fast or deep enough but still) and education improvements may be starting to shift things but UKIP are right in saying that only getting out of the EU will change that. But the fact is that the whole thing has another side to the equation – the roughly equal number of Brits who move to other EU countries. Yes the beneficiaries of this are the educated (young and middle aged) and asset-rich pensioners, not the near-minimum wage working classes. But to be fair to UKIP it’s a genuine issue, a genuine debate and a genuine choice. (Not one that’s addressed by shouting ‘racist’).

      As for the ‘Britain is full up’ chanting, it’s patent nonsense. But admitting that would mean acknowledging serial failure in regional policy and London’s role as the UK’s great vampire squid.

      • sarahsmith232

        Think you’re missing the point, somewhat. The ‘Britain is full up’ line isn’t used ’cause the person saying this believes that when flying over England and seeing lots of green space they become confused think they’re looking at concrete. The line is used ’cause every single important part of England (it isn’t Britain) is past full, full isn’t the right word, it’s experiencing a soul crushing crisis of the type that causes extreme misery, due to mass, uncontrolled immigration. I’m sure I wouldn’t need to tick off the lists – housing, schools, hospitals, roads, public transport etc etc etc etc. ALL because of mass, uncontrolled immigration.
        Did you really need to have that explained to you?

        • monty61

          No explanation is required as you are plain wrong. This is a distinctly metropolitan view based on what you can see in a few places that you consider ‘important’. (The giveaway word in what you just wrote).

          • sarahsmith232

            when I used the word important I meant = schools, hospitals, housing etc. not regions.

          • Patricia

            “This is a distinctly metropolitan view based on what you can see in a few places that you consider ‘important’.”

            It’s more than “a few places”; it’s the infrastructure of most places you can shake a stick at. One tiny example – our country town is becoming unrecognisable; its roads almost are almost chocabloc, huge swathes of fields are disappearing for housing and the schools are already over-subscribed.

            • Kitty MLB

              Indeed, its a rather large part of the UK,
              at the moment rural areas in the southwest,
              rural areas and coastal areas in the east and
              south of the country are not too bad with
              excessive immigration at the moment.
              And up north the only place I can think of
              are the Yorkshire dales, Although these are
              green belt areas, they will not be safe indefinately as we cannot build in to the sea.

              • Jackthesmilingblack

                Isn`t “uneven population density” the expression you`re reaching for?

                • Realpolitik

                  Immigrants refuse to live outside of our cities and towns, we are not spreading a light layer throughout the UK, they are all cramming into our cities and Towns, forcing up house prices ensuring our children suffer from a huge amount of competition when applying for jobs and the prospect of never affording a home due to the low wages they have to accept – otherwise they’ll be undercut by immigrants.

                • Aberdeen nationalist

                  Thats another issue thats destroying Britain, house prices, where by both adults/parents are forced to work, to pay ever increasing mortgages limiting British family sizes. Also the normality of two British youngsters falling in love and being able to buy there own place has gone, normal wages simply dont get you a house, so the passage into normal family life has also been removed by mass immigration.

            • monty61

              Caused by what? Decades of underinvestment in infrastructure? Demographic change that clusters wealth among older people, who no longer down-size? Or by hordes of filthy incomers, taking our jobs etc etc etc? I just don’t buy the ‘swamped’ narrative at all.

              • Patricia

                “Caused by what? Decades of underinvestment in infrastructure? Demographic change that clusters wealth among older people, who no longer down-size? Or by hordes of filthy incomers, taking our jobs etc etc etc? I just don’t buy the ‘swamped’ narrative at all.”

                Nothing to do with under-investment – there used to be enough to go around. The wealth from “older people” keeps the money going into the economy and plenty of them are down-sizing. And, I didn’t call incomers “filthy” – you did.

              • Aberdeen nationalist

                Well take your head out of the sand you must have buried it in. Try living in reality street, rather than Sesame Street.

            • Conway

              My market town is due to expand by 40% – nobody locally wants it because there aren’t any jobs and the roads are already extremely busy. Most of the building that has already taken place (without any improvement in the infrastructure) has been on farmland. There are similar, if smaller, housebuilding projects in the outlying villages.

              • Aberdeen nationalist

                Ditto all over Scotland as well.

              • Realpolitik

                Progression, modern, 21st century!!!!!!!!!

            • Aberdeen nationalist

              And Not just England plans are afoot to double Aberdeens population, and every direction you drive from our city you are met with building sites, building thousands of houses. They are also building on much needed farmland (remember those spaces that we need to provide food for future generations) which will have disastrous repercussions for our children. We keep hearing of progress, does that include the traffic jams we did not have 10 years ago, does that include our NHS going bust providing care for the world, does that include our culture and children’s birthright being sold down the river and given away. Monty61, you are just plain wrong.

          • Realpolitik

            You’re wrong, our country is full, we are a small island, this immigration wave has only happened in the last 10 years, as I type these people are having children as more come….

            We have enough people, there is no reason to have any more, youth unemployment has doubled.

      • Kitty MLB

        Indeed its what sort of immigration not against immigration in general.Its a pity, as you said that the
        Labour party decided overload the country with anyone, regardless of a lack of qualifications, the
        inability to speak English and the drain on public
        services. In some parts of we are stuffed together
        like sardines in a tin and unless we deal with the
        EU that will get even worse and there is nothing
        we can do about ginormous amount of people
        we have here from Arabic Countries- those
        who make their intolerant presence felt the most….

  • XH558

    Yes. And the “losing” side knows that UKIP can harmlessly win an infinity of political debates, because (to maintain the metaphor), the country must function as Hilbert’s Hotel for as long as it remains within the EU.