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The major parties don’t get UKIP, and neither does the BBC

3 April 2014

9:35 AM

3 April 2014

9:35 AM

So, in the second debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg the UKIP leader won by 69% to 31%, according to the post-debate polls. That, you would think, should be the top line of the story, but it was not the way in which the BBC News reported events. The corporation’s “package” of the debate showed Nick Clegg winning four-nil and the spoken introduction, at the top of the programme, simply stated that the debate had taken place. It is true that at the end of the sequence the BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, delivered a fair and honest assessment of proceedings.

There are plenty of reasons for me, at least, not to vote UKIP. But Nigel Farage is genuinely seen, and perhaps rightfully seen, by the vast majority of British people beyond W12 (and N1) as being “in touch” and speaking their language – not just regarding Europe, but also, I suspect, immigration and even the events in Ukraine. The BBC no more understands this than do the major parties.

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  • Ger

    Will nige get rid of the bbc and install a trustworthy news Chanel .i hate the bbc.

  • Anne Thomas

    There are other parties who speak the language of ordinary people and actually stand for social justice and the future for our planet. Vote Green!

  • kingkevin3

    unfortunately Farage represents the only party willing to take the south east out of the gravy train that is Brussels. Who gives a fuck about their other policies.Something that left-wing retarded journalists like yourself Rod don’t have to care about…you can just talk and write bollocks..nice job if you can get it, but in the real world we have to pay for it.

  • oscargracie

    Because he appeals to base instincts and frustrations.

  • sharon332

    Politicians have been drawn from too narrow a pool of people.
    Whilst it is wrong to demonize those who studied at Oxbridge, unfortunately too many of the private and independent educated set have taken too many of the high profile positions in politics, MSM and many high profile jobs. You can sort of tell that the MSM have close connections with the politicians and they probably all knew each other at their posh schools and universities .

    Politicians are now too far out of touch with the majority and essentially living on a different planet.

  • Thomas Evans

    Maybe Rod Liddle could explain why he wouldn’t vote UKIP and why he is choosing to vote for the party he is voting for?

  • dado_trunking

    The game is much bigger than UKIP.
    The elite want to be relieved of their duties, they want ‘folk’ to take control and they will most definitely have it their way.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well, I’m afraid that “speaking their language”, i.e., “our” language is the problem isn’t it? Clegg, Paxman, Bumblebee, Robinson etc, think “we” don’t have a language that’s worth the name. None of us whom Farage undoubtedly represents (correctly) can possibly know the “facts” as they really are in BBC-land, i.e, Europe. If the last debate doesn’t swing it for us then nothing will, and we will know for sure that as Jonah Goldberg has argued we are nothing but subjects of a most dangerous form of liberal fascism. Oh and Rod, I think your approval of Robinson’s remarks are a bit hopeful…

  • bwims

    Can’t understand why Rod won’t vote UKIP. Surely he won’t vote for Wallace and Gromit!

  • UKNative

    This is the typical response to UKIP – I think they are right on important issues that affect the country but I’ll still vote for LibLabCon.

  • The Commentator

    The smug-faced apparatchiks at our state broadcaster calculated that if Farage and his views were subjected to some real public scrutiny they would be met with horror and revulsion. The fact that the opposite happened with the public warming to Farage’s critique of an arrogant and out of touch elite has caused more than a little consternation. The new tactic seems to be the reverse of the first, shut UKIP out of the news altogether. I’m not entirely convinced it will work!

  • Agrippina

    The reason Farage is seen as ‘in touch’ is because we can see and hear the changes wrought by mass immigration all around us. We know about friends who cannot get their children into local schools as they are oversubscribed by the influx, of eastern euros in our case here in Cambs. The classroom asst eastern euro to assist their kids to catch up.

    That we wait for 2 weeks for GP appt and when you get there, not an Eng person can be heard, all chatting away in their lang. Ditto the hosp. Ask under FOI how many transplants are being given to foreigners, specifically multiple organ transplants.

    We have 1000 man mosque being built here, on Fridays we cannot move for the R of Peace mob, who park everywhere in the narrow streets here.

    We know of young people who cannot get social housing because the road has mostly single mother poles living there. (lots of male visitors). Elderly and disabled have had carers cut.

    So that is why voters believe Farage, the evid is everywhere.

  • WorthSayingAgain

    Colonel Gadaffi’s last words are reported to have been a bewildered, ‘why does everybody hate me?’

    Likewise the media political elite in London. They just don’t get it.

  • beenzrgud

    Unfortunately I think most people have been indifferent to politics in the UK for a very long time, which has bred a kind of sense of entitlement within those who govern. They have become used to simply implementing their ideas and pushing the country in whatever direction they want, with little regard for the wishes of the electorate. This issue of EU membership is becoming increasingly important for a lot of people, and it’s really exposed how out of touch with reality our leaders are. It’s also exposing how the establishment/media are used by those in power to try to influence public opinion. The more they try to paper over the cracks the more it obvious this manipulation becomes.

  • Richard N

    The BBC is the number one propaganda organ of the EU in Britain – and they are desperate to find any way they can of undermining UKIP.

    The trouble is, that like the EU puppet liblabcon parties, they just haven’t a clue about how to attack UKIP – partly because they’re all traitors who couldn’t give a damn about this country, and thus can’t understand those that care desperately about what has happened to it, and partly because the endless smear attempts against UKIP by liblabcon haven’t worked at all, and if anything have assisted UKIP – which has left them bewildered.

  • transponder

    What are the plenty of reasons for you not to vote UKIP? Surely there are plenty more reasons why you should. UKIP is the party of rationality and decency in my homeland, and it’s the only one to be so in the past thirty years. I’d vote for them in a heartbeat, but I’m transpond.

  • DavEd CamerBand

    Camers, give us an EU membership referendum next Month, I’m sure you can manage that, if you’re not too busy with gay marriage and Waitrose visits.

  • Colonel Mustard

    One of the most significant changes in the way our Parliament conducts its business is that whilst paying lip service to the idea that they are elected to represent us more and more of their collective rhetoric and excessive output is about controlling us, “nudging” us and imposing on us without our consent. What Parliament really represents today is the vested interests of various ideological agendas determined to socially engineer and has little or nothing to do with the real needs of the majority of people.

    In recently studying the history of the police and firearms legislation in this country I have been continuously impressed when reading Parliamentary debates and exchanges from the late 19th and early 20th Century by how much opposition was articulated towards any proposals that sought to centralise or empower the state at the expense of the individual. It is apparent that a majority of MPs saw themselves as guardians of the rights of the people they represented to lead their lives free of state interference. They were a bulwark between the people and the state. That is gone and now in stark contrast the Commons seems to operate more often as the rubber stamping executive of what the state wishes to impose, always extending its remit over our lives. The imported term “lawmakers” is being used more often to describe what should be representatives, as though the production of as much law as possible in the speediest bureaucratic way permissible is the main criteria for their existence. Critical scrutiny, circumspection, caution and an appreciation for unintended consequences now appear to be rarely if ever exercised.

    Something has gone seriously wrong with our constitution and the relationship between the government and the governed. And this now extends to local government and the services it provides which more often seem to see themselves as another authority over us. One of the criticisms of Farage’s UKIP is that it lacks the credibility of being able to govern and is an “amateur” organisation. Actually I find that quite an appealing characteristic set against the mainstream parties which are increasingly made up of “professional” politicians, more interested in advancing ideological agendas on behalf of their parties than representing the interests of their constituents.

  • rtj1211

    Nor does David Cameron get Farage, either.

    He was offered the chance to join the debate and declined. For him to then slag the pair who did do the debate is the height of cowardice, poor judgement and a lack of statesmanship.

    It ill behoves a Prime Minister to make such a poor error of judgement.

    One hopes that it is an isolated occurrence…..

  • DougS

    Nailed it again Rod.

    I watched the sneery-faced David Aaronovitch on the DP today – I’d put him neck and neck with Will Hutton and Jonathon Porritt in the smug/self centered/’you’re all stupid if you don’t agree with me’ stakes.

    He completely dismissed or misrepresented everything that UKIP stands for then sat back awaiting the plaudits – he’s still waiting!

    Every vote for UKIP helps to stick it to him and his type.

  • terence patrick hewett


  • Agrippina

    It is that lack of understanding that will backfire spectacularly on both major parties. As the tories believe that their voters will ultimately return to vote for them, and labour believe that their voters will not vote for UKIP.

    But people are fed up being told that they don’t understand europe and that they are dealing with immigration. It has been said for decades and all can see that neither party have any intention of doing anything about either issue. Thus for real change all that is left is to vote for someone else and hope that change will occur.

  • gelert

    Maria Miller and David Laws typify MPs. Dave typifies the elite’s acceptance of their trickery.

  • edithgrove

    Two things I’ve heard on the BBC this week that beggar belief. A Portuguese politician interviewed on the Today programme, unchallenged, stating that there was no anti-EU feeling in Portugal nor any politician with a similar stance to Farage.
    And then also on radio 4 ‘The country formerly known as London’. Was it a play? A docudrama? Pure propaganda? about a London of the future, run by Boris Johnson, exclusively for bankers. What was it on for, or about? Probably I digress.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Presumably they avoided interviewing a French politician because he would only have needed to point to the recent gains of the anti-EU Front National in municipal elections to make the Farage point. All across Europe ultra conservative anti-Brussels parties are gaining ground.

    • Wessex Man

      I saw her say that, what a loony, there was a Swedish or Danish MEP sat next to her and as she continued with her rant he edged slowly away from her, ah strangers in the night!

  • Wessex Man

    The number of people congradulating me, as a member of UKip on Nigel Farage’s performance and Nick Clegg’s childness ranged from all my neighbours, people I met on business and at the Gym and at the shop where I bought my paper. No one tried to stick up for Clegg, nor the federalist European dream.

    Clegg was brave to challenge Farage to the debates but it’s backfired on him badly, it’s just a pity that Cameron and Miliband were such cowards.

  • Nigel Tipple

    It was interesting that Clegg kept referring to the ‘Modern World’, a topic pursued and agreed upon, by Mary Riddell in the Telegraph. (I’m convinced she’s been employed as a joke by the Editor) They speak as if their interpretation of the ‘modern World’ is the only valid one and to dissent from their opinion is quite simply a sign of madness.
    Sadly for them, it appears not many of the public agree with them.
    Farage clearly won last evening, although I would have preferred to have heard him bury Clegg when he claimed that it is impossible for a nation to exist outside of a political union. Really? So that means that the vast majority of Nations simply cannot survive? Strange isn’t it, that the countries that are really thriving are those who are actually outside of political unions. NF should have hammered Clegg on this.

  • sarahsmith232

    Caught Cameron on the BBC this morning, is it me or did it seem like the BBC bloke had been ‘instructed’ beforehand to make sure to always address him with the words ‘prime minister’. Presumably because his handlers had told him ‘sorry, we did ask but they said being made to say Mr Prime Minister was asking a bit much really’. Our new Great Leader, bless, his was giving it some welly this morning, really trying his hardest to do Farage-like heartfelt conviction, yeah, didn’t exactly work too well. And is it just absolutely beyond him to not come across as a member of the superior orders, knows he has to sully himself by addressing ‘their’ concerns. Presumes he’s speaking to such mentally retarded inferiors that it’s like he’s speaking to children.
    Farage, obviously, never does this. Mainly ’cause he’s actually got some respect for people. Saw a bit of the Daily Politics and it was a ‘why did Farage win? ’cause the viewers are emotional, we in the media are aware of the facts though’, translation – because they’re irrational and unable to grasp the enormity of the situation. They just can not for nothing just admit, why did he win, er because he’s right. His arguments are valid, they’re legitimate, this though, they apparently are too emotional, irrational and unable to grasp.

  • Gwangi

    I though Clegg’s jokes were dismal. Moreover, his insinuation that Farage was a friend of Putin was daft. His attempted smear that Farage and UKIP are extreme right wing is the same nonsense that spews out of the mouths BBC reporters and all metropolitan elite lefties and so-called liberals. But Farage does not associate with Islamofascist as do members of the Labour and Liberal parties, I notice…

    Many people who won’t be voting UKIP quite simply GET what Farage said: we want A European Union and not THE European Union. We want a trading organisation, not a superstate on a grand project French model which aims to get rid of all nationhood and sovereignty of countries to create one big Napoleonic country called the EU.

    The fault is with the French, as usual, who seem to be the only ones in Europe who want this country called Europe. Everyone else in EU countries want a trading body, not some dictatorship of democracy-loathing Euro-crat dunces.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      “The fault is with the French” … Perhaps you missed the outcome of last week’s French municipal elections and the astonishing advance of Marine le Pens’ vehemently anti-Brussels party? The country’s political elite is most shook up about it at the moment. A similar outcome is expected in May when the Front National is set to elect more MEPs than any other French party. Change is afoot across Europe and you can thank the banksters and the ensuing seven year recession for it.

  • In2minds

    And luckily Farage is the only thing the BBC gets wrong!

    • Wessex Man

      don’t be silly.

  • SDg

    UKIP are the Peoples Party.

    Ordinary British people, not ‘the people’ as defined by socialists not extreme right. We will get our once great country back from the occupying power of the hated EU. @UKIP #PEOPLESARMY.

  • Lungfish66
    • Wessex Man

      I have one as well, good arn’t they.

  • The PrangWizard of England

    I would urge everyone to vote English Democrat in the EU elections. It is the only party which offers genuine change. It is not a Unionist party like UKIP the Tories, Labour or the LibDems, so it is not part of the same old Establishment thinking and aspiration. It campaigns for a parliament for England, withdrawal from the EU and an independent England. It is the only party which offers a complete break from the status quo. If UKIP get anywhere near the centres of power, they will just slip into the Establishment and become like the rest. We need major change and breaking the Union is the only way.

    • Pootles

      Sadly, the Eng Dems have made too many mistakes – they let in BNP ship jumpers, at least one of their top types is a pretty nasty fellow (viz the suicide blogging), they made a mess of their advantage in Doncaster, their conferences don’t decide anything at all as the party hasn’t moved beyond being a one man band (understandable given how much money he’s sunk into it), and it’s small showings in local ellections are on a clear downward trend.

      • Wessex Man

        It’s a two man party and their claims mean they are compared to Laurel and Hardy.

  • Frank

    Rod, I agree about the BBC. Apart from not understanding UKIP, the other surprising thing is how little self-awareness Dave, Nick, or Miliband have. Perhaps both of these things are reflections of the same lack of political empathy? It is as if these three people know the price of all political calculations, but don’t understand the value of political genuineness? I also suspect that if you have lived in the real world, like Farage trading metals in the City, your antenna are better since you live by your wits and contact with the market?
    As for Clegg, he is the worst, as he genuinely seems to think that a considerable degree of democratic deficit is OK for the good of the cause. He clearly doesn’t understand that, as in the days of independence in our African colonies, people would rather be badly run by their own politicians than (possibly) well run by foreigners.

  • Eyesee

    The TV show was, as is usual, a points scoring exercise between what pass for politicians. The BBC is fully in tune with this. The people however, respond to the real world aspects, like the fact that the EU is a hopeless, yet dangerous monster attempting to devour all in its path. We can see it is a politicians delight but when you have to earn a living it isn’t. Either immigration is a problem or the incentives (the world’s most idiotic benefits system) are, but whichever you choose, the EU is the facilitator of misery.

  • XH558

    I would give the BBC more credit. I am certain that they “get it”, but their mission is (so far as possible), to neutralise it.

    • allymax bruce

      So, you reckon the ‘Impartial BBC’, are trying to ‘neutralise it’; and you want to give them ‘credit’ ?

      • XH558

        No. What I mean is that the BBC is not so stupid as to fail to understand UKIP (as Mr Liddle seems to suggest). Rather, they understand it perfectly well, and hate it, and intend to do everything in their considerable power to put a stop to it. For the avoidance of doubt, I loathe the BBC.

  • Cyril Sneer

    “The major parties don’t get UKIP, and neither does the BBC”

    This does not surprise me in the slightest, this has been common knowledge for a long time. There is a disconnect between the political big three, our media and the views of huge swathes of Brits for a great many years now.

    I hear the accusations from the media of Nigel siding with Putin, but that really isn’t true. Nigel echos my thoughts (and many others) on Ukraine, Syria, Libya, the EU, mass immigration etc etc. I’m just amazed the media, being aware of our long list of interference in other nations, have yet to see the whole picture. I keep hearing human rights, democracy, freedom from oppressive dictators etc etc and yet the end result of EU and US interference is lawlessness, violence, failed state and the rise of Islamic extremism whilst (the media and government) failing to mention the REAL reason why we interfere – regional hegemony, oil and gas, undermining the influence of Russia and Iran etc etc. Come on the media – what happened to proper investigative journalism??

    But alas to many single brain cell organisms, to understand Putins position, to understand his reaction to an aggressive EU and US supposedly makes us Putin lovers and lovers of some Nu-Communism…. it’s simply not true and it is incredibly basic and shallow to think like this (i’m looking at you on the Left).

    Much the same as to want controlled sensible immigration is deemed as racist. Or to reject gay marriage is somehow homophobic. Again simplistic and infantile to say the least, again I look at you on the left.

    Nigel speaks for so many of us, and all the media and the liblabcon liars can do is make baseless accusations and throw mud, and they’ve been doing this for quite some time now. I think that in itself speaks volumes about the quality and character of those that currently lead us.

    • Richard N

      The entire EU’s media – including of course the UK – is under the coordinated control of the EU, and (in Britain) by their liblabcon puppets.

      I don’t believe a word I read or hear from British media on political matters any more – and I’m sure I’m not alone.

  • Hippograd

    But Nigel Farage is genuinely seen, and perhaps rightfully seen, by the
    vast majority of British people beyond W12 (and N1) as being “in touch”
    and speaking their language – not just regarding Europe, but also, I
    suspect, immigration and even the events in Ukraine.

    Not British: white British. And that’s why it’s so important that Farage is crushed or neutralized before mass immigration can work its magic and turn Britain into a true rainbow nation. If he’s a serious threat to the powers that be, a car crash may be arranged.

    • Mr Creosote

      Well said Mr Mugabe.

      • Wessex Man

        He know what he knows and nothing will change him.

        For the record our Small Busines specialist is Amjad Bashir our Commonwealt specialist is ex-commonwealth Boxing Champion Winston Mckenzie.

  • Mr Creosote

    Rod, Newsnight’s coverage of the debate typified your point. Both pundits; “Lord” Danny Finkelstein and the Labour ex-spin-meister both dismissed the debate as little more than an annoying irrelevance, unlikely to alter the course of the Ship of State.

    I suggest they are in for a major shock in the very near future when Farage’s “People’s Army” hit the ballot boxes!

    • Kitty MLB

      ‘ Peoples Army’ ! purple the new red, I presume those militant union
      leaders are getting excited. And Labour left its party a long time ago.
      The Conservatives soon to be official opposition in parliament.
      Labour will dismiss it, they have no idea how popular UKIP is with
      their party and how destructive excessive immigration has been to their own
      voters- more then any other. As immigrants tend to live in Labour areas,
      Poor devils !

      • Shazza

        Yes Kitty and Farage actually had the temerity to say ‘white working class’ – that caused a massive indrawn breath from the likes of Sky’s Kay Burley and it was all she could mention post debate when questioning the pundits. What? How dare he?
        Of course, telling the truth is ‘hate speech’ so expect even more racists barbs against Farage from the BBC/MSM after last night.

        • Jacky Chan

          In the time of universal deceit telling the truth is an act of revolution and who said the revolution would not be televised!

      • scampy1

        Yes and no charges against muslim grooming gangs or hospitals reporting FGM in labour run areas of Wales and Scotland?

    • Richard N

      Yes – that is, IF the EU doesn’t rig the vote.

      I don’t think people realize that with so much riding of those elections which threaten their decades-long conspiracy, the EU will certainly have discussed this possibility.

      • Thersites

        The point is not who gets to vote, it is who gets to count the votes (attributed, I believe, to Lenin)

        • livnletliv

          Its a good idea to become a member of UKIP even if its just the £2 year membership, then its harder for the elections to get rigged because the higher the membership list the more votes they are likely to get.

      • Dodgy Geezer

        The EU will effectively, I think, be in charge of:

        – what question is asked

        – what information is released to the public

        – how any debate and advertising is undertaken

        – what funding is allowed to support the debate

        – how the votes are counted

        – what interpretation is drawn from the result

        The above offer a vast range of opportunities for partiality and outright fraud.

      • sharon332

        What about the fact that the head of You Gov is married to the wretched Baroness Ashton.

  • Kitty MLB

    Nigel Farage is seen as one of the people instead of a politician, and generally
    he speaks their language.’ The peoples army’ comments will appeal to
    the working class voter and the North of England where excessive immigration
    had had a detrimental affect the most. Labour voters say, they hate the Tories
    but vote Labour because they had no alternative.
    Well Farage has drawn a line in the sand.
    This Lib/Lab/ Con phrase we are always hearing, well the Lib Dems are finished,
    and regardless of leadership, Conservative and Labour voters are very different,
    And Mr Farage has made his choice, and he needed to.
    Goodbye wretched Labour.

    • allymax bruce

      Good comment, Kitty.
      Yes, Clegg got battered again, but ‘having this debate’ was not a ‘mistake’, by Clegg; he knew this was his last-chance saloon moment. Clegg was only playing the percentages, trying to give himself/Lib-Dems a fighting chance at the next elections. This way, Clegg had a chance of winning, instead of being wiped-out at the polls anyway. So, we now have Con/Lab/rUKIP to contend with as voters. rUKIP will take the majority of the Lib-Dem votes, at least a quarter of the Labour votes, and bring back the ‘disenchanted’ non-voters; rUKIP are now the 3rd Party. Hmmm, seems to me, if The Conservatives don’t take a majority at 2015 General Election, it wouldn’t take much for The Conservatives, and rUKIP, to come to an agreement to take a massive majority, virtually wiping out Labour for ever! So, Kitty, yes, you’re right.

      • mountolive

        The only point that I would take issue with is whether UKIP will take the majority of LibDem votes. I think a majority would return to their roots in Labour. But otherwise, spot on.

      • Kitty MLB

        Excellent Ally. The Lib Dems have just been the opposition within
        from the very beginning, they just never knew how to put country before party ideals. Cleggie even mentioned loathsome wind farms
        and green energy. I believe you have off shore wind farms in
        beautiful Scotland.
        A question, ( do not get upset UKIP people) does UKIP
        have people who can form a government- I only know of Nigel,
        and a few other names you see. 😉

        • allymax bruce

          “does UKIP have people who can form a government” (Kitty).
          Not yet, Kitty. But from small acorns …
          UKIP are well on their way to 3rd Party.
          The Lib-Dems vote is a luxury vote, that existed before the Crash; they are no longer viable, acceptbale, nor trusted.

          • Dodgy Geezer

            “does UKIP have people who can form a government” (Kitty).

            Er… Do ANY of the major parties? A lot of their people get put in jail…

        • Wessex Man

          Paul Nuttall, Steve Crowther, Stuart Wheeler. Hugh Williams, Matthew Richardson, Jonathan Arnott, Peter Reeve, David Chalice Patrick McAndrew, Rod Peers, Patrick O’Flynn, Michael Heavor Alexandra Phillips, John Gill, Tim Aker, Liz Vald, Liz Phillips, Stuart Agnew, Carol Lovatt, Steve Woolfe, Winston McKenzie, Lord hesketh, Roger Helmer, Steph McWilliam, Grerald Batten, Andrew Charalambous, Amjad Bashir, Lord Dartmouth, Lisa Duffy, Steve Harris, Deborah Hodgson, Julia Reid, Jane Collins, Rob McWhirter and George Konstantinidis at the top of the Party and many more chosen candidates.

          Sorry if I bored you with the list Kitty but there are some strange people who come on here to bellow that it’s a one man band!

          • Kitty MLB

            Thank you Wessex Man, you have not bored me I am genuinely interested. It seems that I have rather a lot
            of names to google 🙂

      • Wessex Man

        It won’t be rUKIP or rUK if you Scots vote to go, it will be UK and Ukip and it will really be none of your business as you have been saying about we English. When Scotland goes it goes!

    • Shazza

      Excellent Kitty!

  • MikeF

    I think they do understand, Rod, but they are just too scared to admit it.

  • tribalterror

    The BBC completely underplayed Farage’s clunking win and Nick Robinson seemed to be saying that actually it was a good result for Nick Clegg because he got to set out his platform – despite the fact that no one seemed to like it!!

    • allymax bruce

      The Telegragh are trying the same con-trick; trying to tell the Public/voters what to think. A ridiculous article by Zionist shoe-in Dina Rickman suggests UKIP are sexist cavemen! Why is it all the MSM media are infiltrated with Zionist useless talentless non-entities? Daddy, can I have a job? Yes, dear, you can work anywhere in the MSM; take your pick.

  • zanzamander

    Our politicians and media are now completely at odds with the vast majority of public opinions and aspirations. It is as if you lot are living on a totally different planet to the rest of us. No amount of protests or begging will change your mind, you just keep steaming ahead with your own agendas and drag us along whether we like it or not.

    We only get the vote to keep democracy going, but all three main parties and the media then completely ignore our wishes and totally ignore us.

    What is the point of voting?

    • Shazza

      We are allowed the illusion that our opinion matters. The politicians and the media are wearing the Emperor’s new clothes but the plebs are waking up.
      Clegg’s biggest mistake was to challenge Farage.
      The Establishment is not going to make that mistake again.

      • Kitty MLB

        You are speaking of the working classes, Labours core voters I presume- Farage has made his choice.
        To be fair on loathsome Clegg, he is the most unpopular politician
        in the country, a member of the most deplored party in the country
        and wants us to stay in the EU, Labour are the closest to his views
        and he was always going to fail.

      • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

        Clegg’s biggest mistake was to challenge Farage.
        Which ‘little me’ predicted would turn out to be the case in a post on this site.

        Clegg employed the skill (it is a well used skill) of responding to but not addressing the questions.
        His smear over Putin was a disgrace

        Let us hope that the metaphorical drums of war, beaten by that Redskin whose photo Clegg showed are going to be beaten.

        In the long term I have my doubts.

        The white UK population is so brainwashed, submissive , marginalised and lacking confidence regarding their identity they are paralysed

        • Shazza

          Again, that photo did not lie did it?

          I’m sure that it struck a chord with all those people who are so fortunate to live in the diverse, culturally enriched areas so far removed from the leafy, trendy hotspots so enjoyed by the BBC/MSM/Political classes as they celebrate how wonderful this new multi culti society is.

          • scampy1

            You mean in areas where blacks and muslim drug dealing non working robbers and rapists live?

            • Shazza

              Are you describing the cultural enrichment we are supposed to celebrate? Until it spills over into ‘leafy, trendy hotspots’ etc. nothing will be done.
              Don’cha know if you object, you are a racist? Get with the programme.

              • Richard N

                Incredibly, if you object too loudly, you’re in danger of being arrested – just for expressing your opinion of immigration.

                And this is the law in England – which was the land of free speech.

                • daysofdissent

                  Hey I’ve got an idea. Stop reading the bleeding Spectator. Stop voting tory (or bnp). Stop being a *racist*. And try being a nice human being for once in your sorry life.

              • daysofdissent

                Well you clearly are. Gonna deny it? Thought not. Racist.

          • wudyermucuss

            Did anyone see the 4 person members of the public interview after the debate/main event.
            One chap was barely literate,and,incredibly,could neither name,nor say on which side the person who he supported was standing?
            The interviewer literally had to name the person,(Nick Clegg).
            I celebrated this example of vibrantly diverse cohesion so enthusiastically,I nearly spilt my organic fairtrade tofu smoothie all over my Guardian.

            • Shazza

              Another product of ‘Educayshun, educayshun, educayshun’.
              Bet he could tell you who won X Factor/Big Brother for the last five years, though.

        • Agrippina

          It is brainwashed, a man visiting a school in Birmingham on the radio (taken over by the R of P lot,& under investigation) for his offspring to attend, said ‘he did not mind segregation etc, as it is their way, I say live and let live’.

          He appeared not to consider that ‘it is not our way’ we do not live in downtown karachi, and they should follow our way of doing things or move to an Islamic country to follow their backward ways.

          People in these multi culti places, seem to have had the stuffing knocked out of them and do not even recognise that we do not have to cave into other folks demands.

          • wudyermucuss

            They do not like our way.
            Like Clegg,they prefer any other way.

        • Richard N

          Yes – exactly as intended by the EU when they ordered the flooding of Europe with 3rd world immigrants – to kill national identity, which they recognize as the biggest threat to the EU.

          • Donafugata

            Is that why the EU encourages Muslims?

            The EU is full of unintended consequences so this could prove to be an own goal.

            When the Muslim population reaches tipping point and assumes that Europe belongs to them ( in the not too distant future ) there will be a tsunami of nationalism against the alien culture.

            The communist fools in Brussels will have provoked a right-wing reaction, not seen since the 1930s.

            • RobertC


              Hopefully, you may be right about the consequences.

            • DaHitman

              The Nazis were Socialists, the same Socialists that has Muslim SS Divisions

              • David davis

                The Nazis also invented the “Palestinians”, in May 1948, as a “J-I-T” operation to continue the Holocaust.

            • David davis

              I don’t think it’ll work out quite like that. The tsunami reaction will be a halal jihad, probably complete with scimitars. It’s too late now.

          • David davis

            They also privately ordered the flooding of Somerset, planned years ago and executed last winter. That’s because nobody who lives there wanted to vote for the f****rs.

            The floods were not a result of gay marriages, but of GramscoFabiaNazism in action.

    • GeeBee36_6

      Recent posts I have made, including on on the gay marriage thread, are appropriate to your question, and I reprise them below:

      Never expect modern ‘democratic’ governments to reflect the views of the
      electorate. I’m not sure what your, and other commenters’ definition of
      totalitarian government is, but Lib-Lab-Con more or less fills mine.
      There is no real choice there, and any vestige of pretense that there
      was has been stripped away by the current ‘Tory’ PM.

      It has been pointed out by the nascent Neo-Reactionary school of
      political philosophy that European and American ‘democracy’ typically
      involves a two-party system, and that there is always an ‘inner’ party
      and an ‘outer’ party. The former are ‘progressives’ of the left-liberal
      persuasion, the latter, a rag-tag band of so-called conservatives. Furthermore, there is a sort of political entropy at work, whereby over time the political orthodoxy – the zeitgeist – moves in one direction only, which is to say inexorably to the left.

      As we can easily observe, the inner parties push their universalist progressive agenda (PC to give it a popular name, or Cultural Marxism if you want to be more accurate) further and further to the left, and the hapless outer parties meekly tag along after a ‘decent’ interval, capitulating to the ever more extreme policies of the inner parties. Thus today’s conservatives (a misnomer if ever there was one: no conservative party has succeeded in actually conserving anything for arguably a century or more) are no more than yesterday’s progressives.

      Throughout what we still like to think of as ‘The West’, when the people’s wishes are perceived to run counter to the entrenched articles of faith of our progressive political elite, and its heavy mob enforcers of ‘the cathedral’ (i.e. the media and education establishments plus the NGOs, civil service – the whole panoply of state control), Brecht’s quip about frustrated ‘democratic’ governments ‘dissolving the people and electing another’ comes into actual play.

      This takes two forms. 1) a new electorate is imported from the third world (they are all natural progressive party voters; and 2) a new electorate is produced by Orwellian means, by which is meant ‘re-educating’ the children of the old one.This latter ploy is more gradual, but ultimately even more effective than the former.

      These processes have traditionally been strongest when the traditional ‘progressive’ elements, such as Labour in the UK and the Democrats in the USA, are in office. What we now have in Britain, however, is a sort of pan-progressive political establishment, where even the ‘Conservative’ party is signed up to the progressive agenda. Cameron may be lampooned as an Eton and Bullingdon club toff, but don’t be deceived. He is that rara avis, a clever tory, who furthermore has grasped that in order to be re-elected he must steal Labour’s progressive clothes. Hence gay marriage, foreign aid, ‘the greenest government ever, and so on.

      Democracy – who needs it?

      • Donafugata

        I agree, we are now in the grip of a totalitarian regime, except of course, we have elections.

        These days we don’t really have any choice. We are told we can switch energy supplier, change our bank, or shop around different supermarkets.

        There is no real choice, as with lab/lib/cons, it is an illusion of choice to make us think we are in control.

        • Colonel Mustard

          I think it is more authoritarian than totalitarian but the direction of travel, even in the last 20 years, and the encroachment on individual liberty is alarming.

        • Richard N

          Absolutely. The EU has retained the furniture and window-dressing of democracy – elections, MEPs, etc. – to delude people into thinking they still live in a democracy.

          You can vote for whatever party you like – it’s just that it won’t make any difference.

          • Bandmomma

            Why have the British MSM not reported on the riots and mass demonstrations that took place in Brussels yesterday? Just wondering’!

        • livnletliv

          They keep repeating Ed or Cameron are the only possible PM, thats what they think, i can not wait for Farage to be PM and kick the traitors out.

      • Chris Bond

        The political theory you have outlined is utterly accurate. One thing about the theory which I think need correcting though is that the reason all parties are signed up to the agenda is that they have agreed to use the UN as a think tank of sorts. I have found this by accident as a result of the gay marriage, homosexuality issue. There is a program called Gender Mainstreaming which has been designed at the the UN and is being collectively pushed by western governments in the west and on the rest of the world – hence Putins speech at the Valdei club in September 2013 and India, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Russia re banning homosexuality/ gay marriage/ propaganda at the same time. This seems to be the case with child rights (as seen by the new Cinderella law) agenda 21, and I would wager – multiculturalism, though on this last point I have had more trouble confirming this, as this was pushed a while ago, and finding actual documents under the mountains of publications makes it almost impossible without access to UN archives.
        For proof of the theory you outline, here is a UN/EU report on Gender Mainstreaming from 1998. Note page 10 on education and media professionals, and page 36 – 38 and the information regarding media, NGO’s interest and pressure groups, politicians etc.

        They don’t hide it. They are very brazen in their totalitarianism. They hide in the open. Me and you are not consulted in this, they even refer to left wing pressure groups as INCREASING democracy. You can’t argue with that level of Orwellian thinking.

        • GeeBee36_6

          Thanks for that Chris. I take it you are familiar with the usual neo-reactionary blogs/sites? I found them quite recently, and they absolutely chimed with my growing uneasiness, and then downright despair regarding democracy.

          • Chris Bond

            I know of them in a round about way. I came to largely the same conclusions through my own snooping/ pulling at threads/ googling. Because when you add things up – it’s not making sense.

            • GeeBee36_6

              I tried to reply to you but note this: I linked to the blogs I mentioned and my post was ‘modified’ (i.e. banned). It seems that certain strands of political thought are beyond the pale, at the new, progressive Speccie!

        • Neil Saunders

          This would be dynamite if the general public had been sufficiently educated to understand its implications.

          • Chris Bond

            If you like that, take a look at the Birmingham schools situation at present. It seems to me that they are not “terrorists” but Muslims trying to take over the school to counter the teaching of homosexuality – and the government is happy to actively persecute them to hide it!
            And I don’t know if you are aware of neo-reactionaryism, which the kind person under the name “GeeBee36_6” explained. If not, then I recommend googling Mencius Moldbug (especially “open letter to a progressive” and “how Dawkins got pwned”, Asminov at www dot moreright dot net and Nick Land Dark’s Enlightenment amongst many more excellent works. Shockingly people had figured out this mechanism by which we are governed already. I can just provide an actual live example of it in action as it unravels which I found completely by chance.

            • Neil Saunders

              That’s an interesting point, Chris. We’re being divided in order to be not merely ruled but oppressed and corralled into conformity by the so-called “liberal” elite.

    • Fencesitter

      Ken Livingstone (yes, him) once wrote a book entitled If Voting Changed Anything They’d Abolish It.

      For once, I agree with the newt lover.

    • lojolondon

      The point is to vote UKIP. Because they care. And they are only doing it because they care. No career politicians in UKIP. Go for it, vote for democracy, vote for Britain, vote UKIP.

    • kandanada

      People are beginning to realise that the three main parties are, essentially, the same as each other.

      Their MPs live in the same places, work in the same places and use the same (newspeak) language.

  • Shazza

    The real message that the BBC and our ruling class should take from Farage is that the EU will break up eventually. As he so presciently said last night, it will either end democratically or violently.
    History has taught us that dictatorships have limited life spans and in general are brought down by the sword.
    The EU is a fast developing dictatorship with grandiose ambition to create a United States of Europe, with as Farage suggested last night, it’s own armed forces. I have posted before that I believe this is what the EU is working towards, why else have we cut our armed forces if for no other reason than we would just be a ‘division’ in the new army? An EU army would be ideal to put down any ‘insurrection’ in any member states,
    We have been warned.

    • allymax bruce

      “EU will break up eventually. As he so presciently said last night, it will either end democratically or violently.”
      Clever Shazza; yes, and right now more than 40,000 NATO forces are being ‘assembled’ in Poland; that does not bode well, for Germany!

      • Wessex Man

        It does not bode well for any of us, it seems to me the Elite ruling the EU seem intent on poking the Russian Bear, have they learnt nothing from Napolean and Hitler?

    • Kitty MLB

      Excellent, as always shazza.
      Very important facts you have raised in regards to the EU. Nigel Farage is
      correct southern countries like Italy, Greece and Spain will eventually
      leave and we will have a smaller group of northern Countries, under Germanic
      control. And those counties will be somewhat even more involved with the wretched EU and will never be able to escape. Angela Merkel has some kind
      of plan I am sure and we in England are a somewhat big piggy bank
      and Merkel cannot rely that idiot Hollande ( with his defecting parliament)

    • Simon Lock

      Last night was the first I’d heard of any kind of EU army and then I saw this link from Reuters : EU launches peacekeeping force for Central African Republic

      • Ricky Strong

        I just read that article. How typical that they are helping Muslims who are under threat in Africa but when it comes to Christians in the middle east….. I give in.

  • Epimenides

    Amongst the LBC listeners, and LBC were host to the first debate, the result was Nigel Farage 92.3% to Clegg 7.7%.
    YouGov is the polling arm of the Labour party.

    • Shazza

      YouGov is run by Mr Cathy Ashton – vested interests et al.

      • Epimenides

        Mrs Ashcan is a Marxist, CND warmonger. She wants an army to take on Russia.

      • scampy1

        If ever a guy should get a medal it is him for sleeping with her?

        • Shazza

          You made me laugh, thank you!

      • davidshort10

        Isn’t John Humphrys a shareholder?