Russell Brand cannot let BBC row slide

24 April 2014

11:00 AM

24 April 2014

11:00 AM

Russell Brand won’t let go of his row with the BBC. He popped up as the mystery guest at Letters Live (a spin off from the wonderful Twitter account @LettersOfNote, where assorted luvvies read great letters from the past). Inevitably, Brand screwed up his reading. He tried to rescue the situation by quipping: ‘Is this like when I broke the BBC?’ This was met by assorted groans and the odd clap.

Brand’s references to his suspension and departure from the BBC over the ‘Sachs-gate’ affair in 2008 are getting very tiresome indeed. Mr S was under the impression that Brand was busy plotting a revolution.

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  • willshome

    Whatever you might think of him and his performance, as a journalist you have an obligation to tell your readers the truth. The remark (at 1.30) gets a ripple of laughter, no groans. (Unless it was a noise in your own head.

  • Retired Nurse

    Wonderful Stewart Lee sketch on Brand’s anti-racism treatise here…

    • JabbaTheCat

      Lee’s sketch on Paul Nuttall and Ukip is equally funny…

  • In2minds

    Russell Brand, still going? Amazing!

  • Realpolitik

    This is the “libertarian” who wants bigger government, what a fool.

    • La Fold

      This is also the man who believes in wealth distribution but got his US citizen business manager to buy his mansion so he didnt have to pay taxes on it.

  • Robertus Maximus

    Yes, but the loathsome git still appears on Question Time, spouting his incoherent drug-addled garbage.

    • post_x_it

      That’s him sober, believe it or not.

      • Robertus Maximus

        Very funny – and very true!

    • In2minds

      RB does QT because he is pure BBC, perhaps if we stopped paying for it?

  • Kitty MLB

    A pointless, attention seeking, grubby little leftie missile of intellectual mass destruction. A self important fool and an example of how far we have fallen as a country. Brand is an example of someone who speaks too often and says nothing.

  • fundamentallyflawed

    Brand is a tiresome attention junkie who requires constant media attention everytime he opens his mouth and farts

    • Shazza

      Brand epitomises everything that has gone wrong with Britain.