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Podcast special: Maria Miller’s resignation

9 April 2014

8:40 AM

9 April 2014

8:40 AM

Why has Maria Miller finally decided to resign this morning? The Spectator’s Fraser Nelson, James Forsyth and Isabel Hardman discuss in this mini-View from 22 podcast on what the resignation of the Culture Secretary means, the damage it has done to the Prime Minister and No.10 as well as what to look out for at PMQs today.

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  • Magnolia

    I still think the momentum of the public anger and the lack of MP support was because of GM and press regulation and the expenses issue was the useful vehicle through which that anger was being expressed.
    The PM has given MM a fulsome letter of support following her resignation where he reaffirms the importance of her role on those policy issues and of that legislation to him personally.
    He therefore equates this with those issues and they were always lines in the sand for him.
    The public hates so-called ‘troughers’ but there are any number of them in the HOP and they have not all been treated like MM.
    In my opinion it was her ministerial record that did for her even though this reason might have been expressed ‘unconsciously’ via a plain old expenses scandal.

    • John Lea

      “The public hates so-called ‘troughers’ but there are any number of them in the HOP and they have not all been treated like MM.”

      No, some of them were jailed!

      • Magnolia

        There are plenty of flippers still in situ but they did not make her accounting errors nor did they ram through the PM’s pet policies against the wishes of the majority of his own MPs and against the wishes of his own Party. The PM was her friend but no one else was so she took the full force of the flack and, unsupported, she got pushed out. I in no way support her but that is how I see it.

        • John Lea

          ‘accounting errors’? A shameless, unconscionable swindling of expenses more like. Understand your point, she’s not alone on that front, but have zero sympathy for the wretched bint. Glad she’s gone, but disgusted to hear that she’s getting a £70k golden handshake.

  • toco10

    Let it not be forgotten five of Red Ed’s former colleagues in the House of Commons were convicted of far more serious offences and at least four of them were put in prison.Nothing for Red Ed and Labour to shout about here.

    • Wessex Man

      That’s why Labour are staying so quiet and dear old tele making such a noise about the Telegraph!

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    Why so many posts today? How many podcasts are there? This sort of thing forces tele and hooky to make many more senseless comments than we would otherwise have to put up with but spreads the relevant comments from others over many posts, losing coherence. Calm down. Not many dead.

  • MaxSceptic

    This whole affair demonstrates that Cameron has lost his political nous.

    He should have acted decisively a week ago and demanded Miller’s resignation.

    Instead, this farrago has been drawn out to the detriment of the Tories (and Labour – who having plenty of skeletons in their closet lay low until Miller was a dead woman walking).

    The main beneficiaries, short term, will be UKIP who’ll make hay of this in next month’s EU elections.

    • starfish

      Demanded her resignation

      I’m sorry I disagree. Any competent CEO faced with a senior member of his board flagrantly abusing the company’s expenses system would have sacked ger on the spit before the police HMRC etc got involved.

      Any civil servant or member of the armed forces behaving like this with public money would expect instant dismissal followed by criminal prosecution

      Dave has had years to sort this out, he promised that he would. He has blown the economic success story by indecisiveness and misplaced loyalty to an immoral evasive benefits cheat.

      He is unfit for office and should go too its not as if he doesn’t have form on broken promises

    • Wessex Man

      and why not? As for Cameron’s political nous, he’s never had any, he is now found, it’s taken an awlful long time for so many to see through this man!

      • John Lea

        well said!

      • John Lea

        And don’t forget, Francis Maude is still in post, despite (ahem) everything that was revealed. Another Cameron stalwart.

  • 2trueblue

    What is now needed is a thorough revisit to the expenses area to flush out all those who think they got away with it. Liebore have little gain to make as they presided over the debacle and did little to clean it up.

  • telemachus

    Bullying of Cameron by the DT

    • David Booth.

      No, she was a tea leaf and a bully.