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Podcast: Ed Miliband’s radical Old Labour agenda and Clinton vs Bush round two

24 April 2014

9:22 AM

24 April 2014

9:22 AM

Where has Ed Miliband found the policies to form the basis of his potential government? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, The Telegraph’s Dan Hodges and Marcus Roberts from the Fabian Society debate the current state of Milibandism and whether the Labour leader is successfully crafting an intellectually coherent set of policies for government. Will Miliband limp over the finish line into No.10 with a strategy to win 35 per cent of the vote, or go for a broader One Nation approach? And does he still have any chance of becoming Prime Minister?

Harpers’ Magazine John Rick MacArthur also joins to discuss Clinton vs Bush, again, with Freddy Gray. Why is the American political establishment looking increasingly like an oligarchy? Is it already a done deal that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush will be the Democratic and Republican candidates in 2016? Does this show that American politics has become too predictable?


Plus, James Forsyth and Alex Massie look at the need for less pessimism in politics — both in Westminster and Scotland. Why are voters turned off by the lack of an optimistic message? Could the traditional British reserve be the end of Britain and David Cameron?

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Show comments
  • rjbh

    “New Labour” has adopted the policies

  • alabenn

    Clicked on the tag in this line.

    Where has Ed Miliband found the policies to form the basis of his potential government?

    It came up as Blank page and froze my laptop, could not be more apt for the fool.

  • rjbh

    independence for Cornwall!!!

    • terence patrick hewett

      home rule for Crick.

  • misomiso

    Why is there NEVER a discussion about letting the Scottish Tories break away and form and Independent Unionist party? And why do the political journalists never bring thing up or explore the history?

    The current failure in Scotland is a result of there not being an independant Unionist voice, rather than three parties that are essentially controlled from London. If David Cameron is really a unionist he should let the Scottish Tories go so they can be independent and argue with London, as they did in the 60s and before.

    When there was an independent Unionist party they used to form electoral alliances with the National Liberals and do very well, which should be a template for the Scottish seats in 2015.

    The shake up the Unionists need is to let the Scots go, so they are forced to find there own political equilibrium and take on the Nationalisit directly. That way the Unionist party may have close ties to London, but will not be controlled by it, and can differentiate themselves from the Nationalists by arguing for Economic competency and for being part of a democratic UK as opposed to an undemocratic EU (re Ireland, Portugal etc).

  • Kitty MLB

    As said elsewhere it will show this country as shambolic and undemocratic, and our politics at its lowest if this unscrupulous witless, clueless fool of a student politician,
    who became leader by default because of a few union dinosaurs, were to shamefully
    First minister of the Queen and limping into Downing Street by default also, through
    that undemocratic back door.
    There is pessimism in politics because we no longer see politicians as representing us, they are all quite clueless and pygmies compared to the political giants of the past.
    Although the ‘ optimistic’ shroud of a message that that sly old fox Salmond is
    spouting is hiding the fact that serious questions need to be answered and he has
    jet to do it and Cameron needs to pull his socks up and defend the United Kingdom,
    in a more productive manner- and if it all goes pear shaped he needs to defend the English taxpayer.

    • allymax bruce

      Your ‘imposition arguments’, (of slandering Scotland’s democratically elected First Minister), is getting tedious. I think you fancy him; why else would you get all ‘hot & Bothered’ about him?

      • Kitty MLB

        What has happened to the humorous, polite, poetry writing, sparkling soul of Ally who reminds me of beautiful Scotland. I do not recognise
        him in you.

        • allymax bruce

          You’ve run-down our Scots Nation, our Scots Country, our democratically elected Scottish First Minister, Scottish Deputy First Minister, and support those that slander and demean us Scots on this forum; what’s not to ‘recognise’?
          Or, do you think you have an invariable right to go about demeaning Scots & Scotland?
          I wonder where you got that from?

          • Kitty MLB

            Well I apologise, it was never truly meant, just foolishness,
            I though you and I got on quite well, but you have changed.
            There is no need to speak with me again, if all you are going to do is slay me with your sword, goodbye my dear Celtic Warrior.

            • allymax bruce

              When you apologise, you articulate conditions to your apology; why? Is your apology sincere?

              I have not changed, I have made an insightful comment about the way you run down Scots and Scotland, while I never run down English nor England.
              While you have been cordial to me mostly, but for your confused and malicious remark, you continuously run down Scots and Scotland. Holding me as ‘a hostage to fortune’, while you are rude to Scots and Scotland per-se, is ungenuine.

              If you don’t like the way you’ve been behaving, as I have pointed out, but try and shift the responsibility onto me, then certainly goodbye.

              • Kitty MLB

                Well it was genuine, but you may not have noticed but the
                Scottish here are no shrinking violets when it comes to insults but I will hold my tongue. You have been purposely slaying me with your sword all day.. the first time ever. You have changed, I do not recognise you. I have never held you as a hostage to fortune and have always been cordial to you. And have never purposely shifted any responsibility on to you. I liked Ally, for the brief moment in time I encountered
                that soul. But time to wander off like a scented breeze into
                the twilight – so farewell, my dear….