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Patrick Mercer banned from Parliament for six months

29 April 2014

5:50 PM

29 April 2014

5:50 PM

Patrick Mercer has been banned from Parliament for six months, the Standards Committee has confirmed, following revelations by the Telegraph and BBC Panorama that he agreed to table questions in return for cash. He had already resigned the Conservative whip.

The question now is whether Mercer resigns as an MP, triggering a by-election in Newark which the Tories could try to hold on 22 May? Nigel Farage today said he would consider standing in a by-election this year. In 2010, Mercer won a 16,152 majority, with Ukip coming fourth with 3.81 per cent of the vote.

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  • swatnan

    Any bets on Mercer joining his fellow associate sticky fingers Neil Hamilton in UKIP?

  • Chingford Man

    At least Mercer did properly resign with some dignity, which is more than can be said for some people.

  • Brigantian

    Well Patrick Mercer has done the decent thing after being the victim of a sting.
    Meanwhile Nigel Evans returns to the Tory whip after walking free from court after witnesses ‘changed their minds’ and left the police and CPS looking like fools.
    The electorate are not idiots. Perhaps Mr Mercer should stand as an independent for the Ribble Valley in 2015.

  • you_kid

    The ‘resignations’ of Miller and now Mercer are timely.
    It appears it is now Tory policy to be ‘out of Brussels’ and we are beginning to grasp what that actually means.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …well, you’d first have to stop grasping the goat, lad .

  • Nick Emm

    Why are our politicians above the law? Asking questions in the Commons in return for cash should be a criminal offence, not one that is policed by some Parliamentary Committee. It should carry a mandatory prison term and should include being banned from ever holding public office again. We are still recovering from the ‘expenses scandal’ where most got off with it by ‘repaying’ money fraudulently obtained by turning a blind eye to the flaws in the system. Every single Politician including Cameron and Clegg should have at the very least been stripped of public office for that, and banned from future public office for life. Why do we tolerate it? Only the other week we saw Cameron defending the Culture Secretary in an indefensible situation. He is also a friend of Rebecca Brookes, currently on trial for (alleged) phone hacking. I call for the law to be changed. I call for the British people to expect more from our politicians. I call for the media to start a campaign that takes the policing of Parliament and politicians out of the hands of Politicians and into the hands of the Police where it belongs. Let’s get the law changed and finally start holding our Politicians to account for their actions.

    • John Lea

      Spot on, Nick. So many MPs should have gone (Cameron included) when the expenses scandal first broke. To think that someone like the ghastly Francis Maude is still in the cabinet, while a patently decent bloke like William Henwood is forced to resign for making a few comments about that fat idiot Lenny Henry, makes my blood boil. These days it seems that not accepting the BBC’s insufferably PC agenda is more damaging to your political career than defrauding the expenses system of thousands of pounds.

    • Kennybhoy

      “I call for the media to start a campaign that takes the policing of Parliament and politicians out of the hands of Politicians and into the hands of the Police where it belongs.”

      Make the people’s elected representatives , in matters relating to parliamentary process, subject to the whims of the Met? Where have you been lately?


  • Ray Veysey

    There is no reason at all for any over confidence for a tory win here, otherwise Cameron would have sacked him outright. For him to receive a mere 6 week ban for what he has done and the way he did it is a farce.

    • starfish

      6 months not weeks
      Anyhoo he has resigned

      • Ray Veysey

        yes you were right, my mistake. Still the fun starts now over the by election, No Nigel, which is a good decision by him, though that won’t stop the press making a mountain out of it.

  • Cooper1992

    I think he is a good character, but it’s a shame he had his hands in the till (an MP? with his hands in the till? Surely not…?)

    He could do two things:

    1. Join UKIP.
    2. Resign.

    If he resigns then I’m sorry but the Conservatives will win the by-election. They have a 15,000 majority with a 72,000 electorate. Even for Mr Farage that is a bridge too far.

    Even if he wanted to switch to UKIP I don’t think they would accept him. As he is damaged goods now, and would put the party into disrepute for just one seat.

    So yeh I think he will resign, hopefully after 22nd May.

  • itdoesntaddup

    Newark by-election in six weeks?

  • Chingford Man

    Will the Chiltern Hundreds or the Manor of Northstead be getting a new Bailiff soon?

    Colonel Mercer served his country honorably in uniform and I hope that he does now what needs to be done.

    Dave’s discomfiture will be a bonus, of course.

    • telemachus

      From BBC: Ex-Tory MP Patrick Mercer is expected to resign after being suspended from the Commons for six months for allegedly …


      From Guido: Will Farage run?

      • telemachus

        STOP PRESS

        • telemachus

          Boris says he will not be tainted