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Nigel Evans: I am not seeking to return to the position of Deputy Speaker

14 April 2014

11:16 AM

14 April 2014

11:16 AM

Nigel Evans, who was cleared last week of sexual assault and rape, has described the last 11 months as torturous, and believes the case should never have been brought to trial.

Speaking on the Today programme, Evans said he didn’t ‘blame the prosecution for throwing everything including the kitchen sink at him’ but ‘even when they did that, it simply did not work’.


He has now asked Keith Vaz to look at the issue of anonymity in such cases. He also stated that he was not seeking to return to his position as Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, but is keen to use his prominent position to speak out on behalf of others who ‘go through the mill’.

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  • swatnan

    The fact is his conduct was unbecoming and not aprropriate for a Deputy Speaker,
    or even Speaker, or MP, whichever way you look at it. He might blame drink, I blame his human failings. It just demeans Parliament.
    But one thing I would agree on is name both, or neither.

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    He lacks the judgment and decency and responsibility to be a constituency MP, to be a lawmaker, innocent or not. And Kitty wants accusers to not get off scot-free? How will that work in any case where it is one word against another?

  • James Strong

    Anonymity, or the publication of names,should go both ways.
    Mr. Evans is not guilty, but his name is everywhere. His accusers should be known too.
    And we should know the name of the CPS official who decided to proceed with this prosecution. Some of the ‘victims’ didn’t even know they were victims.
    Name the official who made the decision.
    I am sure that ‘lessons will be learned’ etc. etc. but that is rarely good enough.

    • Colonel Mustard

      The current trend in the public sector is that “decision makers” should remain faceless, unchallengeable and unaccountable.

    • Kitty MLB

      Wholeheartedly agree James. Mr Evans will be forever linked to this,
      he will never be truly free. There are those who will say, no smoke without fire.
      No, those who accuse others of such atrocious crimes when they know that person is innocent should be named and shamed at least, as well as paying
      the legal fees- might make them think twice about their actions.

    • MirthaTidville

      Lessons learned by the CPS???,,I wouldnt bet on it,

  • Kitty MLB

    Its a utter disgrace what this kind and gentle person had to go through,
    just a witch hunt where lives are being destroyed, because some despicable
    cretin or more, presumes it would be “fun” to jump on this particular bandwagon.
    And as Mr Evans stated his life will be never the same again, whilst the accusers
    get off scott free. I would like to ask who he should he not get his job back, he was
    very good at it and found innocent. There are those sitting on the green benches
    who are guilty on all manner of mischief.