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Miliband’s moment of decision, does he call for Maria Miller to go?

8 April 2014

7:03 PM

8 April 2014

7:03 PM

Ed Miliband faces a big decision tonight, does he use PMQs tomorrow to call for Maria Miller’s resignation. So far, he has limited himself to saying that Cameron has questions to answer about how this whole business has been handled. But if Miliband went for it at PMQs, it would keep this story going for yet another day. It would also fit Miliband’s argument that Cameron is a Prime Minister who ‘stands up for the wrong people’.

Set against this, though, is the question of whether it is in the interests of any party to get into a row over expenses. Tory MPs are quick to point out that five Labour MPs—and no Tories or Lib Dems—have been found guilty of expenses fraud by a court and sent to prison. Also if Miliband goes on Miller, he will justify a re-litigating of the pre-2010 expenses claims of his own front bench. (It should be noted that in 2009, the Telegraph hailed Miliband for having some of the lowest and cleanest expenses of any MP).

The third way for Miliband on this is to use PMQs to call for reform of the system, to set himself up as the leader prepared to sort this system out. Meanwhile, Number 10 has to work out if they think Miliband will call for Miller to be sacked. If he does, is Cameron prepared to stand at the despatch box and defend her repeatedly or does he want this sorted before 12pm tomorrow?

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  • HookesLaw

    Usual saddo garbage from a bunch of ‘no life’ numpty nutjobs.
    Helped by a prejudiced self serving press.
    Utter tripe from bigoted kippers.

    • saffrin

      Says the man from Brussels.

  • DavEd CamerBand

    Ha, of course he will, this is the man who criticises everything yet offers no alternative.

    I thank you for the fact about the 5 labour MPs it is duly noted:

    1. they start taxing at £6,500…….. compared to the coalition’s £10,500..if they represented the working man why tax low-paid workers so harshly forcing them onto benefits as they are better off on them?????)

    2. they didn’t regulate the banks in 13 years. (Blair now a banker worth upwards of 60 MILLION- and he started the new labour movement…..) Google “Peter Mandelson on yacht with Nat Rothschild” “Google Brown at Bilderberg” etc.

    3. more tax has been paid by top earners EVERY year under the coalition than ANY under labour.

    4. They want to increase debt BY £3,200 per person

    5. spend 11.6% more than they take in tax.

    6. they destroyed our economy. Labour presided over the slowest growth in 50 years, they produced the fastest decline in British manufacturing since manufacturing began, they left us mired in the longest recession since the war, they bequeathed maybe the largest deficit in peacetime history, and they handed over a debt so huge we will still be repaying it when the earth is swallowed by an expanding sun, a cosmological termination which might therefore come as some relief.

    7. they want to continue to send 57million a day to the EU

    8. they want higher immigration (last time allowed the biggest mass immigration into the United Kingdom in our nation’s history: three million people, possibly more than entered these island in the preceding 1,000 years combined.)

    9. they have destroyed the NHS in Wales (where they are currently in power, why wouldn’t they do it here too?????- the coalition have ring-fenced our NHS budget so they CAN’T cut it, but labour will.) Our last labour government blew £250,000,000 on private surgery because their NHS was so bad1,200 died in Mid-Staffordshire Hospital alone, that’s more than died in Mid-Staffordshire during the Black Death.
    along with their gagging orders on whistle blowers within the NHS

    10. they raid the pensions.

    11. Iraq+Afghanistan.

    12.They sold off 400 tons of UK gold reserves and invested the money elsewhere (including in euros, compare the change in the value of gold to the change in the value of the euro in recent years if you have some free time).

    13. run by the unions

    14. They bloated the welfare budget.

    15. They didn’t keep up with house building when demand rocketed, allowing house prices to triple

    16. They failed to build a lot of necessary infrastructure such as power stations.

    17. they didn’t invest in infrastructure (despite borrowing 1 trillion and taking 13 years of tax) Well, yes: they built the Millennium Dome. It’s easy to forget the Millennium Dome, because, after all, who would want to remember it, but this thing burned up 800 million pounds, was maybe the greatest marketing flop in recorded time, and it turned out to be a great big dirty tent where queueing families could pay £60, just to look at uplifting representations of litter.

    18. They continually increased fuel duty by over 107%, harming motorists.

    19. They signed the Lisbon treaty, giving vast amounts of power to the EU and going against their own manifesto in with they specifically said they would give the people a referendum.

    20. Allowing rich people to buy peerages.

    21. Started HS2

    22. And the icing on the cake, they left us with the largest budget deficit in the G20 relative to GDP.

    23.They lumbered the NHS with vast PFI repayments which are coming out of Foundation trusts and straight into the pockets of the private sector. £50 Billion’s worth of loans which are costing us £300 Billion in repayments-genius!…….

    24. Housing waiting lists DOUBLED under Labour

    25. Europe. labour’s biggest achievement in Europe was to give away half our precious rebate, won by Thatcher, at a cost to you and me of £9 billion so far – and in return they got precisely nothing, unless you count a chortling, after-dinner promise from Jacques Chirac, that he’d make Tony Blair President of the EU, which he didn’t. A small mercy.

    26. Education. ensuring English youngsters are amongst the worst educated in the western world, and closing the grammar schools preventing the poor from achieving.

    27. giving everyones personal information to america “labour MP wants muslim prime minister”

    29. they can’t even run their party finances ( lost 2 million recently in banking)

    30. The party is almost identical to the previous labour government who got us in to this mess (ed balls).

    31. Google “labour25”

    32. Medi Hassan wrote Miliband’s biography is a militant muslim who described westerners as animals (a video you can find on here)

    33. The espouse the same political policies and views as the French President Hollande which is destroying France, where the rich have left youth unemployment is at 25% and they have seen the largest drop in investment for over 60 years.

    34. 5 Labour MPs—and no Tories or Lib Dems—have been found guilty of expenses fraud by a court and sent to prison

    As for the Labour Party right now, they’ve opposed every cut that aims to tackle the deficit their party created and are not offering a plan of what they would do differently. Apart from keeping all the cuts (which they are opposed to)

  • Rhoda Klapp8

    If anyone can show to me that absolutely nothing else is happening in the world I won’t need to point out that that is enough Miller for a while. How many more posts with no substance are coming?

    • HenryWood

      Yerrsss, that’s right, Rhoda, just let it all string out over a few days then let it (AND OUR MONEY!) disappear down the usual plughole of an MP’s bank account who just happened to make a “mistake”.

      Rhoda Klapp8, are you now, or have you ever been, connected to thieving (Oooops! sorry!) *MISTAKEN* claims by very busy MPs? (“Busy” in so far as they keep making “mistakes” in their expenses claims, but *NEVER* so busy that they ever forget to claim!)

      • Rhoda Klapp8

        No, she should have gone days ago and I have comments on other threads saying so. In this case I am merely fed up with the number of posts about the same subject with no new news. A criticism of editorial priorities. Of course now she HAS gone it is fair to run it again, but one post ought to do.

  • George Scoresby

    Talk about a bubble. An article in the so-called right-leaning Spectator asking if Miliband should call for the resignation of a Tory minister, and cautions that that may not be a good idea because it may not be “in the interests of any party to get into a row over expenses.”

    Well get over yourselves, you bubble people. The public never moved on from the expenses scandal. We are still watching, with horror, the way you bubble people suck up to each other.

    Time to burn your house down.

    • telemachus

      You must be a journalist
      This seems identical to the red top opinions of today

  • Holby18

    A complaint was registered regarding her parents living at the home she claimed expenses for. The complaint was not upheld but the commissioner decided to look into mortgage payments. Recipient was cross as the original complaint had no substance. Commissioner states recipient owes a lot of money. Subsequent investigation by body charged to do this, says that claim was not as much as error caused by not taking account interest rate changes. Appears that no intention to deceive or to make financial gain.

    A poor apology – yes. A woman who is supposedly responsible for monitoring the press (probably done by No10. Her aide should not have mentioned Leveson. No 10 right to complain that journalists bothering her elderly father. Sacked editor needs to vent his feelings at someone. Journalists attack the minister not because she acted illegally or fraudulently but because of her role.

    Have I got something wrong? Seems to me you are having a field day and trying to whip up the public. I loathe how expenses are granted, what is given and how it is monitored. I also loathe what I consider unfair hysteria against a public servant.

    • Alexandrovich

      So you reckon she’s a public servant eh? You’d do better reminding Maria Miller of that. And the rest of the despicable bunch while you’re at it.

    • HenryWood

      Holby 18, you ask, “Have I got something wrong?”

      Well, for starters, you then go on to claim you see “unfair hysteria against a public servant.”

      I am a member of the public so may I presume Maria Miller is my servant? Since when did Maria Miller’s “no intention to deceive or to make financial gain” not hurt me?

      I pay taxes. Maria Miller took some of my taxes and “unintentionally” made a financial gain by taking some of my taxes.

      If I had “unintentionally” made a financial gain by claiming benefits I was not entitled to, well, “My feet wouldn’t have touched … ” etc., *ESPECIALLY* if there had been a few thousand quid involved like your charming lady friend Maria “UNINTENTIONALLY” claimed for!

      Come off it, sunshine! You actually seem to have quite a bit “WRONG”!!!

      • realfish

        Let me assure you that you are completely wrong. If you make a honest mistake when claiming benefits (as many people do) – the remedy is that you pay it back.

        Criminal sanctions are reserved for those that set out to defraud the system.

        There is no evidence whatsoever that Miller has set out to defraud.
        Thankfully, at long last, there are the first signs that people are starting to see through the froth and realising this.

    • realfish

      ‘Have I got something wrong?’

      One small thing, the Standards committee reduced the amount to be repayed from £45,000, not because of any mutual back-scratching, but because the Standards Committee received new evidence to show the amount overclaimed was less than previously assessed. The Commissioner and Kevin Barron, (Labour) Chair of the Committee, were both satisfied that the new £5,800 estimate was correct.

  • realfish

    ‘…five Labour MPs—and no Tories or Lib Dems—have been found guilty of expenses fraud by a court and sent to prison.’

    And there lies the story. A group of Labour MPs, miffed that their mates were sent to prison, trying to get even. Read Docherty’s letter to the police and Mann’s complaint that Miller was treated differently than Tony McNulty. Even Peter Hain had a go on QT last week

    It was tit-for-tat, vexatious, partisan politics of the worse kind that re-ignited this. And of course the reason that Miller was treated differently was that whatever mistake that she made, it was of nowhere close to the level of corruption of those five Labour MPs.

    Miliband will be wise to keep his mouth shut.

    • McRobbie

      Except it isn’t just left wingers who are up in arms over this abuse..its bad enough that miller can use the “flipping” gambit to profit but then to find the committee of similarly troughing MPs of all parties water down the repayment to a fraction of what was recommended is disgusting and self serving…Clearly they have decided that a bit of mutual back scratching is necessary so that they can keep on with their scams…sorry, lets use a more accurate definition, fraud.

  • saffrin

    Ed Miliband faces a big decision tonight, does he ask Brussels what to think or not?

    Nice shot of the 4mm hole his Doc drilled.

  • ButcombeMan

    Cameron does not know what to do, he is in a pickle entirely of his own making.

    MM of course, should resign her post, insist on going, regardless of what Cameron says.

    The way he is playing it she will be politically finished, forever. He does not seem to care about her, that much is obvious.

    A subtly drafted resignation letter could save a morsel of a career for her. Might save her constituency but it will be touch and go now.

    She would need to take advice from different people, to those she has, up to now, relied upon..

    • telemachus

      I am tired of such sanctimonious nonsense
      Maria should ride it out
      Cameron will ride it out
      It is end of term
      It will go away

      • crackenthorp

        so says a devout tory who believes that his darling party can do no wrong no matter what they do. If the tories were to bring out a law requiring everyone reaching 65 years of age to commit suicide you would support them.
        You are just beyond the pale

        • realfish

          Ha. You’re new here, aren’t you.

        • Colonel Mustard

          Too funny!

          • telemachus

            The issue here is good credible government of our country
            Due process has censured Miller and she has apologised and now eaten humble pie(local paper)
            Her boss, our ultimate leader, has no doubt given her an earwigging but conclude she can do her ministerial job
            We just cannot allow the situation where the Telegraph and the Spectator can blog on blog dictate the running of the country, particularly since this is wound up by their anti-regulatory agenda.
            Anarchists may like all this
            Reasonable folk do not

            • crackenthorp

              they would probably do a better job at running the country

              • telemachus

                Not if you study diatribes from anarchist posters

            • Colonel Mustard

              Come on tel, where is your sense of humour? Even you must find it hugely amusing that some half wit posting as “crackpot” calls you a “devout Tory”!

              • telemachus

                Candidate for assimilation?

                • Colonel Mustard

                  I think crackpot was already assimilated but something went wrong with the wiring.

          • crackenthorp

            who was talking to you, mind your own business

            • Colonel Mustard

              Ok crackpot.

              • crackenthorp

                you are just a meddling old fool, crawl back into your hole and leave the intelligent debate to those who can

                • Colonel Mustard

                  And you are just a nasty crackpot. So far I haven’t seen any evidence of intelligent life on your planet.

                • crackenthorp

                  typical tory, all mouth but no balls

                • Colonel Mustard

                  Don’t count on it crackpot.

                • crackenthorp

                  tell me does being a prat come naturally to you or do you have to practice at it ?

                • Colonel Mustard

                  Practice makes perfect.

  • swatnan

    Poor EdM doesnt have a choice. He has to bleat: ‘In the name of God, go!’ whether he wants to or not. Maria could save embarassment all round by handing in her resignation at 9am.

  • Alexsandr

    if millepede goes on expenses you can bet the press have ready to run stories about labour and expenses. If he has any sense he will go on the price of cat litter or something. so he will probably lead on miller.

    • startledcod

      Never mind cat litter, doesn’t he realise there’s a cost of puppy training pads crises affecting millions?

      • McRobbie

        He’s going to use the bankers bonuses to build cat flaps for all cats.

        • startledcod

          I think you mean the tax on Bankers’ bonuses, not even EM would actually expropriate the actual bonuses. You made me laugh, these threads get better after the red wine kicks in.

    • ButcombeMan

      In the whole MM affair, one of the most interesting things is the silence of Farage.

      He must be loving what Cameron has done.

      • Alexsandr

        farage is playing a canny game. letting the others give him support through their daftness. a few eurocrats trying to bully us on the today programme is just icing on the cake.
        he is wise not to blather on to give the MSM soundbytes too. he doesnt need them.
        In the election Kinnock lost, the polls were wrong cos people would not tell pollsters they would vote tory. I wonder if the polls are wrong now for the same reason, only this time people wont admit they will vote UKIP????

        • ButcombeMan

          In my local, EVERYONE is voting UKIP or says they are, -at least in the EU election. It is frankly astonishing.

          It is almost as though Cameron wants to lose votes.

          Where is Lynton Crosby, what is he doing?

      • Chingford Man

        Nigel doesn’t need to say anything. He can order another jar in the safe knowledge that the Tories are doing his job for him.

    • crackenthorp

      Your post has lost all credibility because you cannot address a person by their correct name

  • Tom Tom

    Why bother ? She should stay and help Tories get wiped out

  • Darnell Jackson

    Can you grab the most senior minister available and ask them why Cameron dithers like this please James.

    It is an absolute certainty that he will bin her just after the maximum damage has passed.

    • John Lea

      Where’s the confusion? He refuses to fire her because it would be an act of supreme hypocrisy, Cameron being one of the worst offenders when it came to expenses.

      • Darnell Jackson

        She will go, no doubt about it.

      • startledcod

        No he wasn’t. What a very silly contribution to this thread.

        • McRobbie

          no not silly, just normal left wing spin..if they shout rubbish loud enough and often enough someone may listen and nod a head wisely!!!.

          • startledcod

            Therefore it was, actually, a bit silly. Never mind DC’s expenses why isn’t Boris running for US President?

          • John Lea

            So daring to criticise Cameron for claiming substantial expenses to pay for his Oxford home makes me a rabid left-winger? You really are very stupid indeed. Do some research.

        • John Lea

          Do some research you infantile tw*t.