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Exclusive: Max Chambers to join No.10 policy unit

24 April 2014

4:20 PM

24 April 2014

4:20 PM

I understand that Max Chambers of Policy Exchange will soon join the Number 10 policy unit. Chambers will take on the home affairs brief that has been vacant since Patrick Rock’s resignation in February; Rock quit shortly before being arrested over an alleged offence related to child abuse images.

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Max Chambers

At Policy Exchange, Chambers has advocated devolving more powers to Police and Crime Commissioners and building bigger, more modern prisons. He is the latest figure from Policy Exchange to be recruited to the Number 10 policy unit; Alex Morton joined to cover housing in December of last year.

With Neil O’Brien, the former director of Policy Exchange, advising George Osborne and heavily involved in the manifesto process, it is clear that the modernisers’ favourite think tank will have a considerable influence in shaping the 2015 Tory offer. ​

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  • anncalba

    This appointment, to a non job, by a nonentity, perfectly highlights the disjunction between the people and those who govern us. But they still don’t get it.

  • sfin

    Wow! I’m trying so hard to contain my excitement over this momentous news!

    First of all, who is he? (I don’t know)

    Secondly do I agree with his policies (I don’t know)

    Thirdly, if I don’t agree with his policies, can I vote against him. (No. He is a ‘political appointment’)

    Welcome to the post democratic age.

    Reverse it – vote UKIP.

  • Colonel Mustard

    University theory to think tank theory to policy planning theory. This unelected ‘expert’ who has never felt a collar or faced a life-threatening riot in his life is going to ‘advise’ our politicians about policing. Nowhere is experience, accumulated wisdom or first hand knowledge of the profession evident. When I read stuff like this I realise why this country is so fucked up.

    • sfin

      Hear! bloody hear! Colonel!

  • southerner

    “……it is clear that the modernisers’ favourite think tank will have a considerable influence in shaping the 2015 Tory offer. ​”

    So we can look forward to more Europhile socialist garbage from the un-conservatives then.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      I wonder, do these Camerloon muppets realize that such announcements as this further degrade their political competitiveness? From the way they seem to flaunt them, you’d almost think they think they’re being clever or something.

      • southerner

        It does appear that way. They have no sense of history. Hate our country. Worship the ground Blair walks on. Despise the only conservative elements in their party. Their promises about reforming the EU we know are all a lie. It’s all boys in short trousers whose sole purpose in life is to hold onto the reins of power and nothing else.