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Maria Miller had no choice but to resign

9 April 2014

8:07 AM

9 April 2014

8:07 AM

Listen: Fraser Nelson, James Forysth and Isabel Hardman discuss Miller’s resignation

Maria Miller has bowed to the inevitable and resigned. For days now, it has been clear that Miller’s Cabinet career was essentially over and the question was when, not if she went. By quitting this morning, she has resolved the issue before PMQs today.


Yesterday showed the political price the government was paying for keeping Miller in place. The IMF’s prediction that Britain would grow faster than any other G7 economy was totally overshadowed by Miller’s expenses.

I suspect that if last Thursday, Miller had bent the knee and thrown herself on the Commons’ mercy, she would have given herself a fighting chance of survival. But her graceless and defiant tone, made the situation far worse for her. It made it impossible for colleagues to say that she had apologised and it was time to move on. ​

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  • swatnan

    She was forced out by a concerted campaign organised by the Press and redneck ‘Tories against Gays’.

  • DavEd CamerBand

    What do you have to do to get sacked in the public sector these days?

    Another reason to vote UKIP over the weak Tories.

  • Frank

    Still waiting to hear the police response: are they going to investigate her expenses claims and justifications for these, or not?

  • Wessex Man

    Oh no this sorry saga is all over now, it was such good fun.

    David Cameron has shown yet again his appalling judgement in supporting this woman and will now hopefully suffer even more for it! The sheer arrogance displayed over the last week will come to symbolise the all that’s rotten in Westminster.

  • Tom Tom

    The IMF should have said whether this growth was higher or lower than under The Great Helmsman Gordon or not

  • David Booth.

    And now her Basingstoke Constituency party needs to have a meeting with her (without coffee) as they say in the Amy.

    • James S

      Army even

      • David Booth.

        Thanks, finger trouble on my part, but Amy did say it as well.

        • SilentHunter

          Are you allowed to say that you have “finger trouble with Amy”? :o.

    • DavEd CamerBand

      Who’s Amy? I was enjoying your comment until it took an erotic twist.

      • David Booth.

        The full description of a meeting for the bollicking of, is: No coffee, no biscuits, and your hat on!
        Amy gets coffee, biscuits, and she can wear what ever she wants.

      • SilentHunter

        Steady, lad!