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Introducing Spectator Health

9 April 2014

1:25 PM

9 April 2014

1:25 PM

I am very pleased to announce the imminent arrival of Spectator Health, a new magazine from the Spectator. As you can see from our new landing page, it will be like nothing else on the market: a lively, myth-busting quarterly publication that cuts through the claims and counter-claims you read in everyday health journalism to provide clear, concise and expert advice and information. Spectator Health will keep you up to speed on the latest health research and medical innovations, as well as providing some expert commentaries, opinions, and tips.

As editor, I see it as my mission not to boss you about: Spectator readers don’t want to be told what and what not to eat or drink, or how much they should be exercising. We are certainly not health fascists. Rather, I want our audience to know what they can get away with, health-wise. Spectator Health aims to be authoritative and informative — not faddish or pious. As the longevity of the average person increases, more and more people need to know about what they can do to ensure that they don’t just live a long life, but a healthy one too.

We hope you all like it and do tell us if there’s anything you’d like to see in future issues.

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  • wimsb

    Will it bust the myth known as the McGovern report, writing by a vegan staffer that opened the floodgates to endemic obesity by moving people from fats to carbs?

  • Lussac

    Will I be able to get this as an overseas subscriber, I don’t currently get any of the other supplements that are published with the magazine?

  • MaxSceptic

    Will it help bring our National Sacred Cow to the slaughter?

  • Magnolia

    Why does spouse have to pay for my prescription charges?
    Why can my GP block my request to seek a hospital consultant opinion?
    Why has the family doctor system been thrown out for all except the over 75s?
    Why don’t doctors examine their patients any more?
    Is a 3,5 or 10 minute GP consultation either ethical or professional?
    Why do I have a normal cholesterol and BP even though I’m middle aged when I am not thin and have eaten lots of cream, cheese, butter and milk all my life?
    Is it wrong for fat people to expect sympathy and free treatment for obesity related illness?
    Should regular eye tests be available on the NHS to everyone?
    Are the 5/2 and removal of sugar diets just fads as I believe and no different from any other calorie lowering diet for weight loss purposes?
    I’m sure I’ll think of much more and I believe it will be far more useful than Spectator Life which I pass unopened to the Aged P.

    • HookesLaw