Eggcellent openings in Westminster

2 April 2014

11:45 AM

2 April 2014

11:45 AM

Westminster City Council is advertising the role (offered by the Westminster Adult Education Service) of tutor in ‘Ukrainian egg decoration’ – at £25 an hour. Anyone who thinks that the job would be a walk in the Royal Parks should think again. The advert says: ‘As well as being enthusiastic and motivated you need to have a teaching qualification (minimum PTTLS)’. Mr S better put his tiny ornate paintbrush away. He would have applied for the equally well remunerated ‘hula-hooper’ tutor too, were it not for the equally restrictive qualification barrier.

Tristram Hunt must be so proud that teaching qualifications are being taken so seriously.

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  • spaniel

    Decorating pysanky, or Ukrainian Easter eggs, is an ancient art and takes lots of practice and patience (occasionally, the egg breaks….), and takes years to perfect. Teaching pysanky is well worth £25 an hour, although it is obviously not a full-time job. Paying an artist of any kind £100 for a four-hour seminar to a group of people is not that bad a deal.

    May I suggest that everybody make a pysanky this Easter to remember those who died on the Maidan in Kyiv?

  • No Good Boyo

    Thank goodness I decided to study for a professional teaching qualification as well as Ukrainian egg decoration!

    My mum said I was mad to be studying Ukrainian egg decoration and teaching. “Why don’t you study teaching and mathematics? Or teaching and art? ” she said, “How many councils are interested in taking on a Ukrainian-egg-decoration teacher?”

    Ha! What does she know?

  • willshome

    I’m also impressed you managed to rustle up a picture of Ukrainian egg painting. They’re all rather lovely. Not only fun for the kids over the Easter holidays but potentially a nice little business for someone, boosting the economy.

  • willshome

    Mr Steerpike gets paid at least £25 an hour for pointing out that there is a demand for Ukrainian egg painting instruction in Westminster. Which is the more justifiable expense? At least with Ukrainian egg painting you get a painted egg.

    • HenryWood

      Mr Steerpike is not paid by the local council tax payers who if they fail to pay up will have the bailiffs knocking on their doors. Westminster City Council tax payers can choose whether or not to buy the Spectator. When there is the same choice regarding council tax payments you may have a point.

      • No Good Boyo

        With Mr Steerpike, you get to learn about how councils are squandering their residents’ money.

        A painted egg, or buying my children better Christmas presents? Hmmm, which would I prefer?

        This is where Mr Willshome replies, “Per resident, it amounts to such a tiny amount, you selfish cad.” But lots of tiny amounts amount to a very big amount, wouldn’t you agree?

        Or as my grandmother would have said, “Look after the pennies, and the pounds will look after themselves.”