Does Country Life know their derrière from their elbow?

23 April 2014

4:46 PM

23 April 2014

4:46 PM

Fun times for our country cousins over at Country Life: they have compiled a list, drawn up with the help of Jeremy Paxman and Jilly Cooper, of dos-and-don’ts to guide the modern gentleman.

Mr S has chosen not to comment on their unprovoked attack on coloured trousers, or the usual jazz about pre-tied bowties and tardiness, because he is rather puzzled by the emphatic statement that a true gentleman always ‘makes love on his elbows’.


The mental image is beyond description. Needless to say, this particular tip does not seem to have made the cut for Debrett’s – or, to take in another point of view, Playboy.

Mr S can only recall the famous line about Marlon Brando’s seduction technique. When asked why so many women fell in love with him, Brando replied ‘elbow time’. He would prop himself up on one elbow after sex to make it look like he was interested in the small talk even though he was actually falling asleep. The charmer!

Is that what Country Life means?

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  • The Laughing Cavalier

    There is no precise definition of a gentleman. One is or one is not. As a general rule, anyone who calls himself a gentleman is unlikely to be one.

  • MC73

    I bet the bumpkins at CL could write a better headline than the illiterate nonsense above this article.

  • Kitty MLB

    Woman are in outrage about the comment that gentlemen should not own a cat.
    They are kind, intelligent and thoughtful- never trust a chap who doesn’t like cats,
    or even worse a man who prefers rottweilers or pit bull terriers- yuk !
    T. S Elliot, Dr Samuel Johnson, Edward Lear and Winston Churchill all had cats.
    I agree that they must never do ghastly twitter, Oh yes they must curtail their drinking
    before becoming disorderly and be suitably attired for every occasion.
    But I would say excellent manners make a gentleman, I like old 50s films and see
    David Niven as the perfect gentleman- and if anyone wishes to tell me differently
    I don’t want to know….

    • MC73

      I like cats very much. Would never own one though (co-own perhaps). Winston Churchill was an exceptional individual for whom allowances must be made. Otherwise the male cat-owner is highly suspicious.