Does Andrew Davies prefer Kevin Spacey’s version of ‘House of Cards’ to his own?

2 April 2014

11:07 AM

2 April 2014

11:07 AM

It sounds like the screenwriter of the original House of Cards prefers the US version, although, of course, he couldn’t possibly comment.

Andrew Davies, who adapted the BBC version from the book by Michael Dobbs, said he got ‘completely hooked’ on the Netflix series starring Kevin Spacey, and ‘more or less binged on three or four episodes at a time’.


When Mr S asked him how the two series compared, the writer said:

‘[The US series] is fascinating. I think that because it’s going to be so long they had more space to develop the characters in such a lot of detail. I particularly liked Spacey’s performance- so different from Richardson, a lot darker.’

But does he prefer Spacey in the role? ‘I’m not allowed to say something bad about the show so I won’t say anything.’

Such powers of evasion; Davies should have been a politician.

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  • Simon Charles Gardener

    except, post_x_it, the UK one is better. I rewatched it recently. sure the production values aren’t so good but , cracking

  • post_x_it

    How can you even compare the two? The UK series was very good, but it was only four episodes. The US series started from the same material but has developed ito something much bigger. It’s futile to have a discussion about which one is “better”.

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