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Dave’s brush with the bed bugs

22 April 2014

3:27 PM

22 April 2014

3:27 PM

First it was a jellyfish that blighted the Prime Minister’s Easter break in Lanzarote. Now, according to Trip Advisor, fellow guests at the discreet Casa Tomaren might have had more than the PM’s  swarming security detail and travelling aides to worry about. One happy punter writes:

‘We just spent a holiday at Casa Tomaren and I wish I had not. After our first night we complained of ants in our beds and in hindsight we should have left straight away but did not want to spoil our holiday. As the holiday progressed our girls got bitten to death by bed bugs and I have picked up some other bug related rash which I have yet to diagnose. I thought they were mosquitos at the time but took the girls to the doctor on my return and was told they were bed bugs., URGHH’

Another adds:

‘Bit shabby and dirty. Stayed in a big house which was very dusty and a little one where we were bitten to buggery my (sic) mozzies and the rubbish was never collected. Frankly we baled out before we were due to leave and never saw the money for the remaining night. Poor show all round.’

Mr S will be keeping an eye out for any reviews from Dave and Sam from W11.

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  • atinato

    Hard to believe when reading the rest of the nearly 100 positive reviews and the articles written by other journalists who have been at Casa Tomaren. Sorry, but it´s poor journalism when giving people just a piece of information and not the whole story.

  • Pepin

    Wow, you are quoting the only 2 bad reviews out of nearly 100 very positive ones Casa Tomaren has on tripadvisor, very balanced and objective. And they are years old. Did you know that sometimes people complain because they try to get money back, not because something went wrong… but… if I have to explain that, you won´t understand

  • Lanzarote Villas

    Bed bugs and ants are part of the eco-system in Lanzarote, or any island as a matter a fact and can be difficult to erradicate if you don’t want to use strong chemicals. In any case the legend say they only bite you if you have high sugar in your blood…

  • Donafugata

    Such a pity Lord Snooty doesn’t have any yacht-owning Russian oligarchs or sleazy Italian ex-prime ministers as his pals.

  • Mynydd

    “travelling aides” how many were there having a holiday at the taxpayers expense?

  • Dahai Dong

    Google “bed sized bed bug trap” to convert entire bed into a trap with sleeper as inaccessible CO2 bait. It was a dream to kill 100% bed bugs as easy as kill 100% ants by poison bait. This dream has become true. You only need 1 hour to set up the special trap and solve the problem immediately due to no more bites and negligible daily effort.
    Heating entire room fails if bed bugs hide in electronics which can’t be heated. Only illegal pesticides such as DDT kill bed bugs by chemical residual. No pesticide is allowed to touch clothes. If you hire professional spray service, exterminators take easy job to spray furniture; you take difficult job (16 hours) to heat all of clothes in house by a dryer, seal them in plastic bags, store them properly, and remove them from bags in future.
    A bug lays up to 300 eggs. Anyone preferring chemical spray must dump mattress or purchase mattress encasement, which is as nonsense as a camper uses tent as bush encasement to seal mosquitoes inside bush and sleeps outside tent. Bed sized trap protects sleeper as efficient as tent protects camper. You don’t care how many insects hide in mattress or bush after sleeper is protected. Mattress or bush does not need any protection.
    It is difficult for you to search bed bugs without missing a single one. It is easy for every bed bug to find you and die on the way for food without survivor.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    I thought he liked EU parasites.

  • Pier66

    Never go in Fucking Spain for holiday!

  • mikewaller

    I am put in mind of a story I came across in the Reader’s Digest many years ago. A customer of a major hotel had written to the CEO to complain about having been bitten by a bed-bug during a visit. He received a most fulsome apology which included an assurance that it had never happened before and a generous offer in respect to a future stay. Unfortunately the secretary had left the CEO’s actual instructions pinned to the letter she sent: “Send this nut a bed-bug letter.”