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Britpop 20 years on: the Tory voters who love Oasis

17 April 2014

3:57 PM

17 April 2014

3:57 PM

It’s twenty years since the height of Britpop, but does anyone still care about it? YouGov has carried out some polling on the subject today. Although 35 per cent stated that they like or really like Britpop (compared to 20 per cent who dislike/really dislike), 44 per cent replied ‘don’t know’. There’s also a lot of indifference on whether music has been better or worse since. Nine per cent think better, 26 per cent worse, and 34 per cent stated they also don’t know.

At the height of Britpop, Oasis painted themselves as a working class band, the lads, in contrast to the perceived effete and posh boys of Blur. Based on this public image, one would expect Oasis fans to be natural Labour supporters (like Noel Gallagher, who posed in No.10 with Tony Blair) and supporters of Blur to more right wing (like Alex James, part of the Chipping Norton set). But according to the polling, 24 per cent of Blur fans vote Lib Dem — the largest minority — while a third of Oasis fans vote Labour:


Interestingly, 30 per cent of Oasis fans also vote Conservative. Either those Tories who love Oasis don’t know where the band stands politically or, most likely, don’t care. Much like David Cameron’s love of The Smiths, their love for the music transcends mere party boundaries. I wonder how pleased Gallagher — who once said ‘we’ll party like it’s 1989 when Margaret Thatcher dies’ — will be about his split fan base.

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  • La Fold

    The biggest thing Oasis done was make the old boutros Boutros Ghali very fashionable. Now ive got nothing against those who wish to partake of the white lady but flock me they are boring.
    They were half decent from about 94 til the 2nd album then became a staus quo tribute act. Ive officially banned Champagne Supernova being played anywhere near me, n the workshop radio, at parties, wedding receptions, barmitzvahs anywhere!

  • shaft120

    Just as Comedians mistake their popularity with people actually giving two hoots about what they think, bands and singers are even worse. If they think the majority of people listen to their songs because they agree with their outlook on life or political ideology, they are in for a shock. As any comedian such as Izzard, Brand or David Mitchell will tell you. As soon as they try and make a political statement instead of being funny, the majority of their fans will smile politely for an embarassing moment and switch off.

    • La Fold

      That very true. I once had the msifortune to be dragged along by the then girlfriend to the “local comedy” club to see an upcoming star flown in direct from Australia. His act was meant to be political but consisted of basically all americans are thick and fat. When I didnt laugh he asked if I was American, I replied that I wasnt but at least Americans were original before walking out. Thats when the arguments started.

  • DavidL

    In Rock music, as in other areas of the performing arts, it would be career suicide to admit to Conservative (let alone UKIP) leanings. Better – in the eyes of the media – to be a paedophile film director (with impeccably liberal views) than to be a respectable Conservative voter. I suspect a number of rock stars are closet Tories – or will be if Ed Miliband goes for Hollande-style taxes. But they’ll never dare to say it out loud.

  • Realpolitik

    I thought labour preferred “London’s burning”

  • P_S_W

    Who really cares? Can’t stand either of them, although I liked a couple of Blur’s tracks. What is this obsession with people judging music taste against a politics backdrop? If Cameron want to like The Smiths, although I can’t imagine why as they’re depressing, then that’s what he likes.

  • Span Ows

    WOW. how does anyone explain that odd Lib Dem result? Blurred vision? (they’ll be a few more next month!

    • Span Ows

      Looking again it is the INTENDED voting that throws up this LD aberration: the results for the 3 main parties for 2010 actual vote is pretty equal (bit more Labour prefer Oasis as expected).

  • RavenRandom

    Music is the same as any product, you can like it without worrying about the political affiliations of its creator.

  • HenryWood

    The main thing I remember about Oasis was commenting something like, “That Liam Gallagher has one of those faces you just want to slap!”
    All of the people standing around me at the time totally agreed with that judgement.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    BritPop? Kess ku sse?

    • dado_trunking

      I doubt the author would be in the position to answer that first hand.

  • Rhoda Klapp8