At last, Britain is investigating the Muslim Brotherhood

1 April 2014

3:23 PM

1 April 2014

3:23 PM

The UK government has announced a long-overdue investigation into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK. I am delighted. Why Britain should continue to act as an Argentina-like sanctuary for Islamic fascists I have never understood. I hope the investigation will be deep and wide-ranging.

But of course if the government really wants to go into this properly it could do no better than to start at its own doorstep. Last week the inept and unelectable Baroness Warsi announced the formation of a new Foreign Office Advisory Group on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Given that Warsi has previously and repeatedly claimed that tackling ‘Islamophobia’ is one of the UK government’s ‘priorities‘ I think we can probably all guess where this ‘Advisory group’ will be heading. And it won’t be dealing with the Christians being slaughtered by Islamists across the Middle East and North Africa.  Or Jews being targeted by Palestinian terrorists who still receive salaries for their crimes from the UK taxpayer.


But who does it consist of – apart from the inevitable Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty and Kate Allen of Amnesty? Why none other than that dauphin, that exemplar of Muslim Brotherhood royalty, Tariq Ramadan.

It was Ramadan’s grandfather who founded the fascist movement now under investigation and his parents’ generation which continued the tradition. If Her Majesty’s government wants to learn about the Muslim Brotherhood, I am certain it could make no better start than by asking for the co-operation of its new advisor on ‘Freedom of Religion or Belief.’

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  • tokoloshiman

    why the farce? why appoint the fox to examine the rights of the chickens?

  • Simon Morgan

    Right, I’m now sure that there is something very, very wrong with my glasses. I mean, what I understood from the above was the British government is giving money to Palestinian terrorists. Our government, paying terrorists a …salary…LOL!! …!!!

    No, of course not, what a ridiculous notion!

    It must be saying something along the lines that our government is donating funds to help Israel fight and keep these terrorists behind bars. Yes, that must be it.

    Phew, for a moment I thought I was going to burst a blood vessel there. All good, I can relax and arrange to see my optician at my earliest. Thank you.

  • Hard Little Machine

    What the government wants to learn from the Muslim Brotherhood is how to more effectively destroy society and in exchange the Muslim Brotherhood will learn how to stay in power the next time.

  • Edgar Davidson

    Warsi’s committee of 15 includes 10 who are either Islamists, apologists for Islamists, or anti-Israel obsessives. What is also interesting is that if you go to the Foreign Office website with the story ( you will see it is presented in two other languages as well as English: ARABIC and URDU
    (at taxpayers’ expense of course). I’d love to hear the reason why
    Arabic, especially, was chosen for the UK’s Freedom of Religion or
    Belief group. For details of the background of the committee members see:

    Since the ‘Policy’ of the Group is stated as “Promoting human rights
    internationally” and the topics covered are:
    “Equality, rights and citizenship, Foreign affairs and International aid
    and development”, this is a curious bunch to have chosen.

  • anotherjoeblogs

    was this article posted before noon yesterday ( 1st april ) ? I hope it wasn’t.

  • Bill O’Rights

    State capture of the U.S. by Qatar, via the Muslim Brotherhood, explained here:


  • Mynydd

    Here we see the two faces of Mr Cameron:
    1) My government will investigate the Muslim Brotherhood – that should get me some Christian votes.
    2) My Muslim cabinet minister, Baroness Wasi will ensure Freedom of Religion or Belief – that should get me some Muslim votes.

  • Frank

    Hard to see this investigation as having to take too long as MI6 can presumably offer chapter and verse on what the Brotherhood is doing in the UK.
    Crispin Blunt’s intervention is peculiar … unless he is just seeking airtime.

  • scampy1

    Has Warsi still got her clitoris?
    I would like to check it out.

    • anotherjoeblogs

      apt name for the job Scampy.

  • JEK68

    I can’t believe Sayeeda Warsi is still actually being taken seriously, peoples fear of rejecting a conservative, female, Muslim from an ethnic minority (ticks all the diversity boxes) and being called sexist, racist or islamophobic are to blame for her so called ‘career’.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    I note you haven`t got around to covering the trial of the Cambridge grooming gang, Spectator. Community cohesion considerations, right?

  • Bonkim

    Britain is harbouring unsavoury characters that have committed war-crimes in their home countries and now finding it difficult to deport them on the premise that the justice systems in their home countries do not measure up to those in the U.K. How silly can one get.

    • RobertC

      Maybe it will be easier to deport Blair when his country of birth become independent.

  • SpookySpook

    Ramadan is a bigoted, immoral slimeball and an apologist for extremism.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    I’m a well connected chap and I can exclusively reveal the pre-planned result of the investigation.

    ‘The Mu$l!m Brotherhood has noting to do with !$lam’

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Btw. The FCO employed the likes of ‘moderate’ Mockbul Ali. They shouldn’t be let within a million miles of an ‘investigation’ into the MB -assuming of course that this isn’t an April Fool.

  • Chris Bond

    Failure to place actions like this by the British government in line with geo-political maneuvering in the middle east with regard to the energy needs of the EU and UK is to be negligent.
    Prior to this, the muslim brotherhood were usfull as puppets in Egypt and potentially Syria, which was beneficial to the EU and UK gas supply. With the change in climate in Eqypt and the failure to oust Assad, they have lost their value. The wishes of the UK population regarding such matters is irrelevant to our “elites” in this post democratic age.

    • GeeBee36_6

      And why would this country have an interest in ousting Assad? Surely not because certain chief camel-drivers in that hell-hole run by the ‘house’ of Saud want him out, to further their internecine struggle as to which brand of the RoP is left standing once they’ve knocked seven bells out of one another? (and a little test here: which faction – Assad or the camel-driver gang trying to depose him – is the one known to be tolerant towards Christians, and which the one that rounds them up and puts them in jai – if they are feeling tolerant that day? And which of these two factions is HMG falling over backwards to support?

      We need not, of course, be in thrall to them, but then the route to freedom in this regard would upset the green fascists. It’s called fracking.

      We live in the last days of the poison known as ‘democracy’, and it will not be long before it destroys us all…

      • Chris Bond

        Assad/ Syria is nothing to do with Islam, as always religion is used as a motivating factor for the dupe/ fighters on the ground. It is, and always has been about natural gas. There is a massive gas field in the sea between Qatar and Iran. Qatar and Suadi Arabia wanted to build a gas pipeline to europe via Saudi, jordan, SYRIA and Turkey – Iran wanted to build one from Iran, northern Iraq, SYRIA and Turkey. Assad signed the Iran version, and then the war started in the same month. Syria is the lynch pin of the route. This was what the Ukraine thing was about as well. It was an attempt to remove Sevastopol military base from Russia to impede his support of Assad.

        Why do you think Obozo is in Saudi right now trying to get Syria going again, and why do you think the Turks were just caught trying to start a false flag war on Syria.

        For the Muslims the motivator to get riled up is Islam, for us it is Democracy, Humanitarianism blah blah blah

        • GeeBee36_6

          Thanks for your insightful reply. I often tend to see things in a way biased towards the cultural rather than the economic, but you’re right: usually there is at least an element of the latter driving a given political/cultural conflict. The USA, however, has (certain states, like NY, excepted) embraced the opportunities for shale gas. This is a game-changer, and we may henceforth see less of American agitation in the region.

          • Chris Bond

            Don’t believe the shale gas nonsense. It works for a short while, then the returns are rubbish. The gas fields in the US are all closing/ being sold to muppets as quick as possible. The only reason they are talking about exporting gas from USA, is because they can get a higher price in europe then in the USA, which is the only way it will be economical. The USA is actually still a net importer of gas. It’s a joke. Here a good link on that. –

            The fact of the matter is that if shale gas was viable, and green energy was not a complete waste of time, then we would not be hosting nutters like the Muslim brotherhood etc.

            Personally, I would prefer they fired up the coal plants and got rid of them all back to Egypt or wherever.

            • FrenchNewsonlin

              Apropos coal plants. Have they not just announced huge offshore coal-fields around UK are now accessible? That could spell an end to any fracking in Europe .

  • Trapnel

    “Unless they throw out Cameron and his gang of sycophants soon, and replace it with a sensible anti-jihad government, Britain is finished.”

    Robert Spencer: Weeks after welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into the UK, Cameron orders them investigated for “links to extremism”

    Perhaps the Home Secretary might like to reconsider the banning order on Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller as I am sure they are in a better position to offer sorely-needed, prudent and coherent guidance than Warsi’s Advisory Group for the Advancement of Islamo-dhimmi Symbiosis is ever likely to bestow.

  • zanzamander

    Words like horse, door and bolt come to mind.

    This is too little too late, I’m afraid. We have allowed islamism to take root in this country and any attempt now to trim or shape it in the vision of our own imagination is an impossible task.

    This also gives out mixed signals. On the one hand we’re brainwashed by our media, educators and politicians into believing that Islam is the most wonderful, tolerant and benevolent faith ever and then we try to ban organisations that encourage the faithful to follow the faith to the letter!

    And why now? Is it a precursor to us throwing Morsi under the bus and giving legitimacy to the Egyptian military coup?

  • Porphyrogenitos

    If this investigation doesn’t include in its remit Jamaat e Islami, then there will be little point in it. It is Jamaat which is the fountainhead of political Islam in this country and has done so much to subvert the political/media/academic establishment in this country, so that any criticism of this vile ideology is classified as the thought crime of Islamophobia.

    Jamaat front organisations include the East London Mosque, FOSIS – the Muslim student organisation, the IFE – its political branch, Young Muslim Organisation (YMO), the MCB whose leadership it controls, and its Dawah branches of UK Islamic Mission (UKIM) and Dawatul Islam.

    It says all you need to know about Jamaat that one of its British leaders, Chowdhury Mueen Uddin – is wanted for genocide in his native country of Bangladesh for leading death squads. Approximately 1 to 3 million people were killed in this genocide, probably the bulk of them Hindus, in which Jamaat had a guiding hand. These are the kind of people we are up against.

    • Andy

      Uddin should be sent back whence he came without a second thought. And if a length of hemp awaits so much the better.

  • KingGreen

    put your pom poms away – you have answered your own question

    every step towards progress that MI5 will make, some arseh@le from our own government will come out and put stones in their way, in the name of not upsetting killers and rapists (the MB officially legalised marital rape and wife-beating)

    I’ll believe it, when I see them all on planes being deported back to countries who know how to deal with terrorists – until then, I’m counting the seconds until I finally leave United Arabdom for good

  • Shazza

    If I recall, wasn’t ‘Islamophobia’ a Muslim Brotherhood construct in the 90s designed to shut down any debate/criticism of the RoP? Oh, the irony….

    • Hexhamgeezer

      Funny how that elemental bit of fact escapes the BBC, the Met, LIblabcons, Guardian andeveryotherfuckingmediawhore