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An American, an Australian and a South African walk into a British election

18 April 2014

1:37 PM

18 April 2014

1:37 PM

All three main parties have now hired foreign advisers to help run their general election campaigns. These foreign advisers have one thing in common: they’re all from the English speaking world.

Despite our membership of the European Union, when it comes to winning elections, all our political parties think there is more to learn from other English speaking countries than France or Italy. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any of them putting a European in charge of their campaign. But they are all delighted to have their American, Australian and South African campaign hands.

Partly, this is a language thing. But, I think, it also goes deeper than that. It is a recognition that there is to, some extent, a shared political culture across the English speaking world which is an argument for not putting all this country’s eggs in the European basket.

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  • HookesLaw

    I’ve read somewhere that one of Axelrod’s policies is high electricity prices. Has someone told Miliband?

  • jesseventura2

    Axelrod has got his work cut out trying to sell the strange looking characters Bean and Balls up to the British public?

  • Tony_E

    The employment of Axelrod simply tells us how dirty a campaign it’s going to be.

    Labour already dominate social media, I see the lies being spread across my screen nearly every morning by people who really ought to be able to think deeper. But the sound bite and the outrage is enough for them to follow, and it panders to the left wing prejudice that Tories are just the rich looking after themselves.

    So many people on social media are just sad and disaffected types. It is very easy for them to believe and spread any dumb propaganda that says that their life is the fault of someone else’s greed amd wealth.

    And this is how the political landscape has changed since Browns massive welfare expansion. These disaffected people have more to lose, they have benefits. And they are then clearly easy to corral straight into the voting booth for the red team.

    It’s somebody else’s money. That’s the message that Axelrod has been brought in to ram home. ‘Yes you can (have other people’s. Money)

  • Kitty MLB

    When did politicians become so disengaged from the electorate that they need
    to ship someone into the UK who knows very little about this country and the requirements she needs just because its about winning. Because winning is now
    more important then being right and suitable.
    Especially as far as atrocious Labour party is concerned, although the dirty politics
    Obama used will be right up their street, yet remember you cannot make a silk
    purse out of a sows ear, as far as Milipede is concerned.

    • Wessex Man

      Don’t forget Kitty that the darling Liberal Democrats are paying their head of Steategy, Ryan Coetzee £100,000 per year from tax-payers money! Roll on the 2015 elections!

  • Tom Tom

    The British import Everything and make Nothing

    • Wessex Man

      You just love to put this nation don’t you?

  • RavenRandom

    Yay, oh to be manipulated by foreigners.

  • Peter Stroud

    A good manager needs a good team to win. No matter how good the manager might be, Labour has a useless team.

  • HookesLaw

    ‘a shared political culture across the English speaking world’ No its just that there is a common language which leads to a greater ability to follow the different politics. To bring Europe into this is just an absurd act of desperation by Mr Forsyth.
    Axeldod is being wafted around just to big up a link with Saint Obama. No doubt this will be orgasmic for the pacifist rabidly anti-tory LD to Labour switchers.

    • Wessex Man

      now you list zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • jason green

    You are stretching it bit to say that South Africa is an English speaking country

    • Mike Purves

      Ach men, thet’s a blurry lie!

    • Holly

      Stretching it a bit for Axlebod to think he can make the British speaking Brits forget what a bunch of lying, no good gobshites, Labour bods are….Or what they do whenever in power.
      Chortles again.

  • Faceless Bureaucrat

    Is it just possible that Mr Axlegrease is under the mistaken impression that he has signed-up to run David Miliband’s Campaign and not Ed’s? Just askin’….

    • Holly

      Plus the fact that with Obama there was at least something to work with, the all talk & utterly useless Labour lot, Axleshaft should look upon on this career change as being demoted!
      Off topic…I have just purchased a chocolate filled/chocolate covered bun of some sort, and by crikey, it is so salty!

      Back on topic, Happy Easter!

      • HookesLaw

        He is apparently good at packaging black candidates to white voters. So maybe they think he will be good at packaging a crypto marxist to free marketeers.

        • Holly

          I bet it was ‘his sort’ that made my scrummy looking bun salty!
          I still ate it though….well at £1.20 what else could I do?

        • Wessex Man

          but who will do the same for Call me Dave?

        • Lady Magdalene

          Which free marketeers would that be?
          No-one supporting Lib Lab or CON is a free marketeer, believing in a protectionist Customs Union as they do.

  • Machina22

    It’s cute that you, and they, think this will make any difference to the outcome.

  • James Allen

    Wow – well done for catching up with the rest of us.

  • Smithersjones2013

    Well some chance any of them have in a country where less than 40% of the eligible population support the two governing parties. Only Crosby has previously faced such disaffection and he didn’t achieve much last time around in 2005 when arguably the political landscape was far more benign to his cause.

    What an admission though by the establishment parties that none amongst their numbers has the wit or wherewithal to address the disaffection of the UK electorate and instead they turn to foreigners with little understanding of home nation cultures to try and fix the politics that the establishment parties had broken in the first place.

    Is it any wonder they are so out of touch?

    • Conway

      They couldn’t even spell his name, apparently; they had him down as Alexrod.

  • Kaine

    In much of Europe the system is built around multiple party coalitions, a practice that might not translate well here.

    I am surprised we don’t get more Frenchies though.

  • you_kid

    My eggs are local, thank you very much. Asserting otherwise would be impenetrable hyperbole.

    • Holly

      My eggs are chocolate..Mmmmmm.

  • BuBBleBus

    Let’s face it, Westminster parliament’s days are numbered, no matter how many smooth-talking wordsmiths the main parties employ. Scotland is leaving soon, followed by more disguntlement from the English regions. God save the Queen, and the UK because Cameron and co are simply not up to the challenge.

  • alabenn

    Europeans are totally different to us, they may live on the same continent but politically they may as well be from Uranus, no matter how you spell it.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Wot? None from Pakistan, Nigeria, or Kenya?

    • Hexhamgeezer

      They will all need a Postal Vote Coordinator. Could they, for diversity’s sake, look for a New Commonwealth adviser.

  • Alexsandr

    one wonders if they will get the hatred of the political class in the UK, and of their failures and lies, and have a strategy for countering it.
    suspect not.

    • telemachus

      At least the 3 main political parties have advisers with a respectable pedigree

      The fourth bubbling under party is advised by an assortment of imbeciles, eccentrics, deranged and demented

      In addition remember Jasna Badzak tweeted

      As a former #UKIP Parliamentary Candidate I know #UKIP are racist party, wanting ‘rights for indigenous white Anglo-Saxons’ and nobody else

      12:24 PM – 29 Sep 2012

      • saffrin

        “As a former #UKIP Parliamentary Candidate I know #UKIP are racist party, wanting ‘rights for indigenous white Anglo-Saxons’ and nobody else”

        And your problem with that is what exactly?

        • telemachus

          You have precisely defined my problem with Ukip

          • saffrin

            And their appeal.

            • telemachus

              And that is exactly my problem with them

              • saffrin

                ‘rights for indigenous white Anglo-Saxons’ will put them in number 10.
                While your support for the likes of Abdullah Deghayes will see Labour never do again.

                • telemachus

                  Tolerance saffrin

                • Conway

                  I don’t see much tolerance being advocated in the koran.

        • HookesLaw

          Nothing if you are a racist bigot.

          Increasingly UKIP are nothing to do with the EU they are looking to make racism and intolerance acceptable.

          You of course kindly prove the point.

          • saffrin

            While you prove, until UKIP’s rise, Britain was a one party state.

            • HookesLaw

              No it was not, it was anything but. As ever you talk like the garbage based life-form you are..

              • saffrin

                There is no difference between you and telemachus. Both queer, both anti-white-Brit, both pro-eu, both full of sh!t.

                • Cooper1992

                  To be fair the Yali people of Indonesia have rights, protecting their culture, heritage, race, environment, and language.

                  So do the Miao people of China, and the Surma people of South Sudan, and even the Sami people of Norway.

                  Nobody would deny their rights, would they? That wouldn’t be racist, would it?

                  So why can’t the same not be said for the English people of England?

                • Wessex Man

                  saffrin, I think you will find that Tele and Hooky are from the same Stable.

          • Lady Magdalene

            Wanting both quantity and quality control over immigration (like Australia, NZ, Canada etc practice) is not racist or intolerant.
            It’s common sense: something the CON Party lost when Mrs Thatcher was ousted.

        • Lady Magdalene

          Absolute b+ll+cks.

      • Frank

        UKIP is a pretty broad church if it had a candidate called “Jasna Badzak”!

        • telemachus

          Make no assumptions on name
          Think Portillo

          • Wessex Man

            now you are showing your very own rancid racist soul.

      • Colonel Mustard

        You are imbecilic, deranged and demented. You don’t have the redeeming quality of being eccentric though.

        And there is far too much of you here.

        • telemachus

          I guess your last comment is a sign of mature self reflection
          Which unfortunately became turned round as it left your pen

          • Colonel Mustard

            No. It’s not. You post more “comments” here than anyone else. Unfortunately they are very limited in subject matter and follow a tediously repetitive pattern of trying to dominate every thread.

      • Wessex Man

        Really tele, you were a Ukip candidate? care to share the details with us so we don’t start getting all leery and susect that you are telling pork pies.

      • Dave Cockayne

        telemachus why is it that left cheer things like the ‘United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples’ when it applies to anyone else but the second white British people want some it you guys scream racism? Why exactly should we hate our own children and people so much?

        New Labour stole our country and our birth right to sell it off to the highest bidder or give it away to favoured groups just so they could ‘rub our noses in diversity’. Why should the white working class be reduced to beggars in our own country just so that the left can pretend it is creating some multicultural utopia?

    • Frank

      Indeed. You have to laugh, either we have no political experts here (plausible), or all the British political experts told the three political parties that they all so far up the proverbial creek without paddles that further “sophisticated” sound bites (eg I am a Jew, I am a Christian, etc) would only make it worse!!