Adam Boulton’s not retiring, no siree!

28 April 2014

10:41 AM

28 April 2014

10:41 AM

Utter the word ‘retirement’ in 4 Millbank at your peril. The bods at Sky News are waiting for the arrival of their new political editor, Faisal Islam, who is working out his notice period at Channel 4. Mr S hears that Adam Boulton, the outgoing political editor, is snapping at anyone in the office who says that he is retiring. Staff members are curtly reminded to say that Boulton is being ‘promoted to Editor-at-Large’, and he’s certainly not planning to go anywhere yet. ‘It’s the easiest way to wind him up,’ chortles my camera-wielding mole.

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  • fathomwest

    Sly News is a left wing channel. Their ‘Newspaper Commentators’ always have at least one. You never see anyone from Ukip or the BNP or English Democrats. Just the same old Westminster Bubble crowd. As for Boulton he is the epitome of a biased commentator we are so used to on the BBC. A terrible interviewer. Just listen to the number of Argghs in a sentence. He is almost inarticulate.

  • anyfool

    So Sky News has now come out of the closet and revealed, it is now a socialist mouthpiece vying with the BBC, so as to whitewash the left and Labour for every destructive act they commit.
    As to Boulton why they don’t just sack the bladder of lard is beyond me, his pathetic screaming at an interview years ago, should have been his swansong.

  • keith

    I feel sorry for the poor old boy, put out to grass just like all those old politicians he has spent many years sneering at

    • anyfool

      You would not feel sorry for him if you read his dire columns, in the Sunday Times.
      His panicked ranting on TV has more coherence.

  • Wessex Man

    Is this really a story worthy of putting here, one dead weight politcal reporter being replaced by another dead weight political reporter at one barely watched channel from another barely watched channel.

    Really Steerpike have you seriously nothing better to post?