Why shouldn’t people have a flutter on the Pistorius trial?

3 March 2014

3:39 PM

3 March 2014

3:39 PM

You can bet on all manner of scummy things on Paddy Power: when Fergie and Andrew will remarry; how Julian Assange will leave the Ecuadorian embassy (odds for him leaving in a diplomatic bag are currently 20/1). Now you can also bet on the outcome of the Pistorius trial. I’ve got a fiver on the Blade Runner getting off.

I jest. But given the extensive coverage lavished on the trial so far, is it any wonder that people are starting to have a flutter. The scrutiny has been astonishing – with live television and radio broadcasts available for anyone who cares. South Africa even has a 24-hour TV channel devoted to coverage and commentary of it.

The media have been handed a dream story: a sports star, a model and a smoking gun, all set in a country with no qualms about cameras pointing into their courtrooms. The international press is having a field day – is it any wonder the average punter wants in on the action too?

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  • La Fold

    I once worked on in a gas terminal and there was a book being for when the police would catch Tyneside gun nutter, survival enthusiast and good friend of Gazza Raoul Moat. It was up to around the 800 pound mark when someone scooped it.

  • Jupiter

    Pistorius hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

  • Graham Barker

    Because it’s tasteless and insensitive?

    • lojolondon

      No, because you need to get a life and mind your own business, not piggy-backing on the Liebour Cabinet who will say anything at all to get people listening to and agreeing with them…. unfortunately the MSM is playing along.

      • Kingstonian

        Except – obviously – the Spectator.

        • lojolondon

          Correct – because the Liebour front bench and the MSM is squealing, Laura Prendergast is saying get on with it.