Venetian secessionists deserve to be punished!

23 March 2014

2:59 PM

23 March 2014

2:59 PM

How should the western powers react when part of a friendly nation holds an illegal referendum and votes to secede from the country in which hitherto it was located? Sanctions? Military reprisals? We’d better send the gunships to the watery redoubt of Venice, then, which has just voted overwhelmingly to leave Italy. The Venetians, part of Italy for 150 years, are sick of paying taxes to bail out the indolent and mafia-ridden south of the country and wish to go it alone. The rest of Lombardy may soon follow suit. Rome has refused to recognise the plebiscite, fearing that the entire country may cease to exist. No sense of history, these Venetians. For them, Garibaldi is just a biscuit.

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  • Transponder

    Garibaldi is just a biscuit

    It isn’t, you know. It’s also a bright orange fish.

    As for Luca: I know that we can’t all be naturally beautiful, but at least he could shave. If you’re going to do the Miami Vice look, you have to be gorgeous like Don Johnson. I take it the Venetians are rich enough for razers….

  • Baron

    Why can they get away with it, the Venetians?

    You should have listened to the bald one from Yorkshire this morning, Rod, he explained it by commenting on why Russia was kicked out from the club of the few: ‘He, Putin must share our values…’ he said. Luca obviously does, the KGB colonel doesn’t, hence the shouting, arm waving about Crimea.

  • Randy McDonald

    If Venetians end up deciding to want to leave Italy, why not?

    I would suggest that a Venetian referendum held (say) at a time when Austrians were garrisoning the country and putting their puppets into power was not a legitimate one.

    • Baron

      Except, Randy, that another bunch of Austrians backed few dozen thugs with machine guns to install a government nobody wanted for before in Kiev. You’ve got to get your timing right, you clever one.

  • rtj1211

    Italy’s a pretty recent invention to be honest. Most of Italy’s greatest triumphs occurred when it was a bunch of city states, regional fiefdoms etc etc.

    One does wonder what the denizens of Trieste would think about all this if they effectively became a bit like West Berlin during the Iron Curtain. Will there be a dedicated motorway to allow them to drive through a foreign land to get back to the rest of their homeland or will they be told to merge with Slovenia or the like just for geographical convenience??!!

  • Gwangi

    I think only a few thousand people live in Venice – maybe 50,000? Most travel in to the city to work and they would probably vote not to leave Italy.
    Went there 18 months ago. Horrible hotel. Mega mosquitos. Interesting though. But I prefer other Italian cities.

    Funny though – Venice is sinking so will one day disappear under the waves. If it’s an independent country, it may then well be the first ever country to vanish from the map in such a way. Unless that Islamic dictatorship The Maldives sinks into Allah’s watery bosom before…

    • rtj1211

      The hinterland has about 2 million folks in it.

      • Gwangi

        Indeed – and as in Florence, the industrial suburbs are famous for being traditionally leftwing with quite a large share of the vote for the communists.
        Florence’s mayor came from that left-wing tradition.
        In the cities proper – Venice and the rest – you get traditionalist, well-off, conservative old money, and Mussolini fans, frankly. Very few people live in the centre of Venice – all out in the hinterland, as you say.
        But they’re been talking about separation for years – and it distracts from the fact that the Italian economy is nose-diving, performing worse than any other in Western Europe. They love the EU and its cash, and the EU would never allow a member state to splinter – because then we are back to an age of city states and pre-1848.
        That is why the EU won’t let Scotland be a member if it votes YES. It wouldn’t want another 100 places to break up present nation states everywhere.

    • Transponder

      I shouldn’t worry about the Maldives (the Bad Dives?). Load of propaganda about climate change that nature does best, weren’t it?

      • Gwangi

        What’s certain is the paradise of the Maldives is an Islamist dictatorship where all critics of the regime are persecuted and some are tortured to death in police cells. Not that the rich Western tourists care, so long as no bodies are floating by on their dives…

        • transponder

          Charming. I suppose those tourists that can’t afford the Maldives go to Cuba instead.

  • Jez


  • DougS

    When a region holds an illegal referendum – especially if the EU doesn’t like it – there’s only one course of action; sanctions.

    A tariff barrier against all Venetian goods (coloured glass?), all EU ‘citizens’ banned from holidaying there, vague threats from John Kerry involving ‘red lines’, assets of rich Venetians frozen worldwide, travel bans on anybody associated with the illegal plebiscite, lots of finger-waving from Cathy Ashton and much foot stamping and toy-throwing in the EU parliament.

    That’ll bring them to heel in double quick time!

    • gelert

      No Venice Film Festival for the luvvies. Sean Penn would probably go alone to make a “statement” 😉

    • Baron

      Don’t they have a couple of oligarchs in Venezia we could kick?

  • Tim

    Some polls are more equal than others.

    Irish vote no, Wrong answer.
    Dutch and French vote no, wrong answer.

    Problem with democracies is that they tend not to like, er, democracy.

    EU in.out vote anyone?

  • Terence Hale

    Venetian secessionists deserve to be punished! Da chi mi fido, mi guardi Dio, da chi non mi fido guarderò io. When it rains in Rome they blame Milan, when it smells in
    Locri they blame the Cosa Nostra. Don,ta worry.

    • rtj1211

      What happens when it rains in St Peter’s Square?!

      • Terence Hale

        It never rains in St Peter’s Square and to give inference of such is blasphemy and a matter for the Spanish Inquisition. I will tell the Pope.

        • Squire Western

          Imply, not infer.

  • shebamurphy

    Do you think London will vote to leave the UK?

    • rtj1211

      And if they did would Heathrow be in a foreign land?? Would ‘London Gateway’ be in a foreign land? Would Kent let them get to the Channel Tunnel without taxes??

      • shebamurphy

        would pigs fly?

  • artemis in france

    Thirty years ago I knew an Italian Contessa who owned part of Lake Garda. She was blistering in her opinion of Italians in the South. It was ever thus and being part of the EU has just made it worse. Interesting times.

    • La Fold

      Oh yes, the Northern Italians arent too kind to there southern cousins, anyone from further south of Bologna or the River Po is usually considered terroni or albanesi by their Northern counterparts.

  • Daniel Maris

    Luca Zaia looks like a very honest and trustworthy person and not at all like those swarthy Mafia types from the south.

    • DougS

      And if Luca is looking towards the EU in the photograph, he’s holding up the wrong finger!

  • Kasperlos

    The Post WW II NATO/EU order, along with the final goal of an engineered global new world order, won’t permit anyone to exit the system without feeling the wrath of said order. You can check in, but never leave. The Scots might vote for independence, but that doesn’t mean they’ll get it or be recognized. The dirty tricks tool box is working overtime.

    • Frank

      Kasperlos, I would probably double the dosage.

      • Derick Tulloch


  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well, “not sacrosanct” – they are in western style societies; it’s what holds us together as stable political units. On the other hand, if Yorkshire would like to make tracks then P..s off soonest is all I can say…

  • GeeBee36_6

    ‘The rest of Lombardy may soon follow suit.’

    Er, you surely don’t think that Venezia is part of Lombardia do you Rod, il mio vecchio amico?

  • Bonkim

    Why not? National boundaries are not sacrosanct – change over the years through wars, revolutions, and democratic means. If people of Venice feel they would be better off who is to say no to that? And yes – Italy is a Mafia-ridden corrupt state, most people avoid paying their taxes, moonshine and are there just for what they can get out of the EU.

    • MichtyMe

      Indeed, Italy’s finest days were before unification when it was mosaic of autonomous states and cities, an Italian State has been their misfortune. Big States are not necessarily good, would Scandinavia be a better place if the Nordic countries were united, I don’t think so,

      • Bonkim

        Strength in numbers – Small states need to be remote or under protection of the big guys for security. Scandinavia is a huge land mass and survived from the power politics of Europe because of that. Also Sweden/Norway/Denmark and Finland as also some of the southern Baltic territories were once part of the Swedish Empire – and the Vikings were the terror of Europe and North Africa during the dark ages and their genes now in every country of Europe – Norsemen despite their small numbers rule O.K!

        • Tom Allalone

          A pedant writes – Denmark has never been ruled by Sweden. Sweden has, however, been ruled by Denmark

          • Bonkim

            Swedish Empire in the 16 and 1700s was spread across the Baltic and in lands in today’s Germany, Poland, Russia, Finland, Norway, and also some Danish territories. But would agree with you that Denmark (the Danish Vikings) were the principal groups that invaded Britain and Europe in the dark ages. Scanians mixed Danish/Swedish played an important part in the history of the region (King Canute) However must not enter into a pedantic discussion without further research. There were territorial adjustments between Denmark and Sweden as well following the wars with the Holy Roman Empire – the main point was that Scandinavia was and is a vast territory despite its small population and had access to vast resources, as also intelligence and organisation that allowed them to punch above their weight in the history of Europe. Sweden was the dominant power of the Baltic during the period.

        • rtj1211

          I not sure that’s true of Nik Bendtner at Arsenal……..

          • Bonkim

            don’t know much about football.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    .and for some Jaffa is just a cake…

  • Bluesman_1

    Only modest territorial demands: Crete, Cyprus and some of the better parts of the east Adriatic coast.

  • Wessex Man

    ha ha ha, cheers Rod!