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Ukraine polling: EU vs Russian integration and who is the weakest leader?

5 March 2014

11:09 AM

5 March 2014

11:09 AM

It’s difficult to figure out exactly what’s going on in Ukraine and what it all means — as Freddy has pointed out there’s a lot of hyperbole at the moment— but where is public opinion on the current situation?

There’s some interesting historic polling on where Ukrainians stand on more integration with Europe vs Russia. Ukraine’s ambassador to the European Union Kostyantyn Yeliseyev suggested in 2011 that business tycoons and politicians from the Russian-speaking Eastern regions are just as on board with more EU integration as those from western regions. Yeliseyev noted at the time ‘if any politician today in Ukraine declared himself to be against European integration, he would be politically dead’.

The situation is no longer as clear. Since December 2012, support for integration with the European Union rose to almost 60 per cent but has since dropped to 39 per cent. As the chart below shows, the last poll suggests that support for Ukraine’s accession to a Russia-led customs union has been slowly on the rise — and now roughly matches support for more EU integration:


How do people in the UK feel about the crisis? YouGov has released the first polling on Ukraine — half of those polled believe the situation between Russia and Ukraine is something that should concern Britain and the West, while a third believe it’s for those two parties to solve. Just 3 per cent said that their personal sympathies generally lie with Russia, compared to just over half whose sympathies are with Ukraine.

And how are the world leaders seen in light of this situation? Interestingly, Angela Merkel is seen as the strongest leader while David Cameron is the weakest:

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  • Anna

    As an ethnic Ukrainian, I can tell you that ALL of those figures are completely false and fake. Don’t believe this propaganda.

  • OriginalChris

    The EU’s hold over Ukraine is already very considerable if the Association Agreement they signed up to is anything to go by. Far more than just trade, and look at the amounts of money already poured in to the Ukraine by the EU (our money). The goal apparently is to integrate Ukraine both economically and politically into the EU, and now the EU is poised to sign an Association Agreement with Moldova. Little wonder that Putin is concerned, if you look at what the Association Agreement actually entails. Much more detail on R North’s eureferendum website:
    Ukraine: EU provocation presages a retreat

    Link to Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU:

    • Noa

      Excellent links, thank you.

  • Kitty MLB

    I must do something most unusual and say
    I would trust Cameron’s judgement over all those.
    Putin is a thug, Obama all mouth and no trousers
    and Merkel is a women with an ultimate and quite
    scary goal.
    I suppose bashing Cameron is now a sport,
    he has many faults but being personally weak in not
    one of them.If there is any weakness its due to
    the blasted coalition and the iron grip of
    the EU both must end as soon as possible.

    • Noa

      And who willingly entered into the Coalition?

      You are wrong to mistake quite legitimate concern over Cameron’s appalling statesmanship and the damage his coalition policies have caused.

      • Kitty MLB

        I am no apologist for the coalition which is a total
        abomination, and not in the national interest.
        I just said that I would trust him ( only him, not the coalition ) more those dictators Putin and Merkel as well as the puppet Obama.

        • Noa

          As he is the co- architect and signatory of the Coalition Agreement and primus inter pares in the Cabinet I fail to see how you can separate and excuse him from ultimate responsibility the actions and failures of the Coalition government.

          • Kitty MLB

            Yes, I cannot disagree with you. I think
            I have shot myself in the foot as they say 🙂

    • DWWolds

      Agreed Kitty.

  • Baron

    Any poll in which over half of those asked say the messiah is a strong leader cannot be taken seriously.

  • Fergus Pickering

    Was Blai a strong leader. Lord save us from strong leaders, then. .

    • Kitty MLB

      No no no Fergus ! If I may say, Blair was a weak man
      Who had the advantage of being dealt a very strong hand,
      Cameron a much stronger man, disabled by the opposite.
      A lot of it of his own doing I must add.
      Brown was strong but fragile, and dangerous,
      Cleggie&Milibums both as strong as a amorphous jelly.

  • Noa

    “Interestingly, Angela Merkel is seen as the strongest leader while David Cameron is the weakest:”
    It’s not surprising though. Like Obama, Cameron appears as a ineffectual lightweight on the world stage, wedded to Blair’s ludicrous phantasy of globalism.. Merkel may have no more military capability to deploy than the UK, but she ably represents Germany’s interests. As does Putin for Russia.

    • HookesLaw

      The inner illogic in your ramblings seems to have escaped you.

      • Noa

        Blah, blah, Cameron, swoon.Blah blah, UKIP splitters, blah blah, nutjobs.. blah, blah, blah….

        • BarkingAtTreehuggers

          SDP spitting the landscape… bla bla bla… seen it all before… bla bla… it all ends well… bla bla bla.
          Game over, you lose.

          • Noa

            You’re really quite witless, arn’t you?

    • telemachus

      I am bothered at your Hitchens hero worship