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Ukraine: Number 10 focuses on de-escalation of tensions

3 March 2014

4:31 PM

3 March 2014

4:31 PM

David Cameron spoke to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon today before the meeting of the National Security Council. The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said the pair ‘agreed it’s important that the Russian government enter into discussion with the Ukrainian government on how to reduce tensions in the region and de-escalate the situation’.

The spokesman repeatedly emphasised that ‘de-escalation’ was a key part of the international response to the situation at present, suggesting that it was as important as the threat of costs to Russia. He said:

‘The way I would characterise things is that… the international community is clear that there will be what the Foreign Secretary is talking about in terms of significant costs but also alongside that, seeking ways of de-escalation, encouraging this dialogue between the Ukrainian government and the Russian authorities that we were talking about this morning.’

He added that the ‘violation of Ukrainian independence and sovereignty will lead to significant costs, but I would keep emphasising the point around de-escalation’.

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  • Bonkim

    Confucius says ‘Those who act do so without many words. The idle shout from the sidelines. ‘

  • Smithersjones2013

    Surprise Surprise given that Cameron and Hague are getting a bit of a pasting over this and the whole of their foreign policy is now being questioned (and rightly so).

    I imagine Lynton is telling them to get this of the front pages double quick before it costs them votes.

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, but if they go wobbly, Frau Merkel will have her revenge on the Cameroons, one way or another. I think she holds their fate in her hands.

  • Curnonsky

    “De-escalation of tensions” is gov-speak for “accept Russia’s gains on the ground”. Putin has given Cameron – and Obama – an embarrassing lesson on why military power still trumps soft power: it creates facts, not attitudes. “Dialogue” with Ukraine will mean Ukraine – in return for Russian withdrawal – will accept Crimea’s autonomy, and will agree to neutral status between Russia and the EU. And the EU, in turn, will have to come to terms with the new power equation: Russia, not America, now holds the key to stability.

    Still, “none of our business”, right?

    • Michael Mckeown

      Interesting take, wouldn’t surprise me if it was all prearranged.

  • Augustus

    The Russians mean business: “We will open the attack on Ukrainian troops if they haven’t withdrawn from Crimea by 5am Tuesday morning (03.00 GMT)). Russia demands the full military control over the Ukrainian peninsula.”
    -Alexander Vitko, the commander of the Black Sea Fleet.

    • Michael Mckeown

      They aren’t messing about and if you accept the new president of Ukraine then it follows you accept the new leader of Crimea and that new leader invited Russia in so there is no hostile act.

      • Tom Tom

        There is no President of ukraine other than Yanukovich, putting up a Jewish lawyer as a puppet is hardly a resounding mandate…..but maybe Bercow could take over from Cameron when the mobs start shooting in Whitehall and occupying government buildings and armed militias enter Parliament

        • dalai guevara

          That would require Cameron to opt for Hind-E style air travel into exile first.

    • Tom Tom

      However he did not say it……..crap !

      Kiev is hyping things up to get EU aid so it can pay civil servants and pensions…….when it runs out of money watch the place blow up……..Russia simply needs to wait and hold onto its $15 billion loan as does China. This regime which has used a Rump Parliament to pass weird legislation is illegitimate.

      Why doesn’t our regime pass legislation banning Urdu and Gujerati from government forms and offices as with Russian and Hungarian in Ukraine ?