They’re not all made of money on ‘Made in Chelsea’

31 March 2014

5:34 PM

31 March 2014

5:34 PM

With the new season of Made in Chelsea set to air in on Channel 4 next week, I hear that all is not well in SW3. Extras and cast members of the faux-reality show have not received payment for their work. ‘Our accountant left the company abruptly due to unforeseen circumstances and training the replacement on a new payroll system has created these delays,’ explained a representative of the show’s production company, Monkey Kingdom, after numerous complaints about missing money. The outstanding cash is promised by the end of the week.

Mr S can’t help thinking that, if you are going to make a TV show about the supposedly glamorous lives rich kiddies living off their family millions, it is a pretty fundamental error to leave those building the façade out of pocket.

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  • Hexhamgeezer

    Do they have Bingo in MiC?

  • Cooper1992

    “new season”

    No! Not “new season”, it’s “new series”. Remember you are in Britain, writing for a British magazine, about a British television programme.

    A season is one of the four divisions of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.

    A series is a set of television episodes of the same programme, aired or filmed at a similar time.

    All this Yankee language really is getting ridiculous now.

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