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Russell Brand vows to write the revolution

14 March 2014

2:46 PM

14 March 2014

2:46 PM

For a man who claims to be apathetic about politics, Russell Brand is rather noisy. Not content with guest editing the New Statesman and getting crucified by Jeremy Paxman, all in the name of his revolutionary cause, Brand is now writing a political book.

‘People keep asking me how The Revolution will work?’ ‘We all want to bring down the government and establish a personal and global utopia, but how?’ they ask. Well, in this book, I’m going to explain it.’

I suggest the title of Das Krapital.

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  • justalittlebitofthis

    I hope Russell Brand puts the story of Two Jewish Bolshevik’s Lenin and Trotsky in his book.. The REAL Holocaust called Holodomor which killed 16.5 Million white people in the Ukraine and Russia from 1921 onwards,

    also I doubt that he will mention that African’s came ashore and enslaved One and a Quarter Million white slaves before the African slave trade and after it finished..

    I wonder if he will also mention the truth about 80% of Black American slaves were actually transported by Jewish Bankers ships?

    My backside he will.

    • Robert Anderson

      You are probably correct that Russell Brand is not anywhere near the ignorant hate-fueled waste of human life that you are, and he will likely not pass on the same made-up spew that you waste your life passing on.

      • justalittlebitofthis

        I noticed you didn’t deny the Jewish Bolshevik’s Lenin and Bronstein Trotsky murdering 16.5 million Christian white people during Holodomor …. Go back to Karl Marx and Moses Hess who were planning the death of Scottish Highlanders like myself ”Humanly by gas” in 1860. What did the filthy communist call us Scottish.. ”Racial trash?” Pair of Zionist scum.

        • Robert Anderson

          I did not deny that the Prime Minister is an alien or that dogs speak English or a host of other absurd made-up assertions. But, if that is your basis for veracity, then that explains a great deal. More importantly, just because you are a repulsive purveyor of hate who has surrendered the use of reason does not mean that I hold other Scots accountable.

        • Daniel Maris

          Lenin wasn’t Jewish. But where did that quote come from – about Scottish Highlanders. I’m intrigued.

          • mdj

            Here’s one starting point: ‘

      • me63

        Ooops, I think you just pushed the magic button. Wait for it…..

  • La Fold

    In his Paxman interview he talked about a socialist egalitarian revolution which involved a massive resdistribution of wealth, ending financial disparity etc. Frankly i doubt Mr Brand is a big student of history.
    Then he went on to blame his drug use on belonging to a social and economic which is underserved by the political establishment. This would be the same social and economic class which sent him off to the Italia Conti school. Never done a hard days graft in his puff.

  • derekemery

    A personal and global utopia…
    He’s very naive

    • No Good Boyo

      My impression from his Jeremy Paxman interview was that you can here precisely the same philosophy in any pub, any night of the week: “The world isn’t working. It needs to be changed. Why can’t we all just be nice to one another? People need to change their hearts …”

      I can’t help feeling that he aspires to be a great sage, but fundamentally, he’s not all that bright.

      • La Fold

        He, like most other bag heads i have met, thinks he really is that important.

  • Aunt Nell

    A “personal and global utopia” that presumably leaves Russell Brand in his privileged and overpaid position as a celebrity gobshite.

  • Ben Kelly

    ‘Utopia can only ever be approached across a sea of blood, and you never get there’ – Peter Hitchens

    • Daniel Maris

      Hmmm…I guess a 19th century millworker working 12 hours a day at age 12 might look at our lives and think we live in a kind of utopia. Or to put it another way, I don’t see why we can’t make further striders in creating a good society.

      • Ben Kelly

        Trying to create a “good” society is very different from trying to create a utopia.

  • Tim Reed

    “I want to bring down the Capitalist system.”

    Now buy my new DVD and book, and see me on tour now!

    As John Lydon used to say, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

  • PitPony

    We bring down the government the same way we brought down the last one. We vote them out.
    Not exactly a book. Am I missing something?

    • No Good Boyo

      That was one of Jeremy Paxman’s questions: “How are the leaders of this movement to be selected?” Russell Brand clearly hadn’t thought this far down the line.

  • Raw England

    I have a different Revolution in mind: A Pan-European (AKA White) Revolution.

  • gerontius

    Hi guys, give the kid a break: He’s scoring some bread while he can.
    We’d all do the same if we could get the gig.

  • David davis

    I did once think RB was vaguely intelligent. However, reality has broken in for me, and if he’s talking about “bringing down governments” and “personal and global Utopia”, then he’s not really learned anything since all these concepts are mutually antipathetic.

    It will be exciting and interesting to see how he treats the notion of private property, since I think he has now quite a lot of it.

  • D Whiggery

    Anyone fancy a small sweepstake?

    How many times will the word “paradigm” appear in Brand’s magnum opus?

    I’m pitching for 45.

    • No Good Boyo

      Don’t you know the more big words you use, the more you know what you’re talking about? The very brightest ideas are absolutely incomprehensible.

  • John Smith

    The young seem to like him ..

    • Marie Louise Noonan

      Ah, ‘the young’. Always ‘the young’.

  • balance_and_reason

    The elegance and subtlety is beautiful, Picture of Che Brand in revolutionary beard; thereby associating himself with the revolutionary workers revolt of South America…awesome…… He should be our leader.. he so clever. Show me the way dear leader

  • Marc de Salis

    “I suggest the title of Das Krapital.”

    I suppose ‘My Little Red Booky Wook’ would have been too easy…

    • No Good Boyo

      I laughed aloud at that one!

  • Hexhamgeezer

    Is he Jo Brand’s lovechild?

    • HenryWood

      I love it! I heard this a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to sly it into one of my posts. Thanks for getting it into “print”!

  • Algernon the Sceptic

    “How to defeat capitalism” by Russell Brand – only £55.99

  • Doctor Mick

    I’ll wait for the DVD to come out.

  • RaymondDance

    Is there anything in the world more pitiful than a stupid man who thinks he’s an intellectual?

    • Marie Louise Noonan

      I don’t think he believes that. I think he extracting the urine.

      • La Fold

        I honestly think he has his head so far up his own elementary canal hes started to believe his own hype.

  • Donafugata

    The man is the consummate narcissist.

  • Lancastrian_Oik

    Unfunny and as thick as a nappy butty to boot.

  • Pitkapoika

    You will never change this dope-head’s philosophy. He thinks he is amusing. Just goes to prove ” you can’t educate pork”.

  • La Fold

    Always be wary of anyone who uses wants to create Utopia.

  • george

    ‘People keep asking me how The Revolution will work?’ ‘We all want
    to bring down the government and establish a personal and global utopia,
    but how?’ they ask. Well, in this book, I’m going to explain it.’

    with all the usual socialist hypocrisy, do as I say not as I do, authoritarian but tocks we have come to know and despise from lefties of all hues.

  • colonel_hackney

    ‘We all want to bring down the government and establish a personal and global utopia, but how?’ they ask. Well, in this book, I’m going to explain it.’

    Comedy gold. Hopefully the book will also outline how to turn base metal into gold, the secret of eternal youth, and how to make yourself invisible.

    • Fergus Pickering

      I can’t blieve this fellow would ever want to be invisible.

  • Andy

    Mein Kampf might be a more appropriate title.

    • The Meissen Bison

      Mein Krampf (im Handgelenk)
      would be better

  • S&A

    ‘I suggest the title of Das Krapital’.

    Already used for the latest edition of ‘Roger’s Profanisaurus’.

    Unlike Brand, the Profanisaurus is actually (a) funny and (b) useful.

  • Shazza

    Russell Brand epitomises everything that has gone wrong in this country.

    • Marie Louise Noonan

      I think you’re giving him more credit than he deserves.

      And he’d take that as a compliment.

      In fact, right now, he’s probably…

    • IainRMuir

      No, he epitomises nothing.

    • Iain Hill

      You can quarrel with his style if you wish, but he pinpoints everything which has gone wrong with this country. May he continue!

      • First L

        Do you mean pinpoint or epitomise? Cos I claim the latter. May he end swiftly and messily.

      • La Fold

        Oh yes, I loved how he goes on about the eviuls of capitalism from his million dollar mansion paid for by his Tv shows on Fox and his 45 quid a pop stand up tours plugged by the Sun. The man is a hypocrit who has pin pointed fack all apart from his own self induldgent regard for his self.

  • No Good Boyo

    I can’t wait! No 1 on my must-read list.

  • La Fold

    I wouldnt say i hate anyone in the world but this ex baghead is on my list of possible candidates.

    • GUBU

      My attitude to Mr Brand is at one with his talent as a comedian and actor – completely indifferent.

      Taking him seriously would require more time and effort than I am willing to give.

      • La Fold

        Probably the best way to deal with it, but much like me rancour for Robbie WIlliams my dislike for Brand just seems to fester and come back worse than before, much like a bad case of atheletes foot.

    • Aunt Nell

      He’s the only ex-addict I would hope to see back on the skag, if for no other reason than it might shut him up for five minutes