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Putin asks the Russian parliament to approve sending troops to Ukraine

1 March 2014

1 March 2014

Vladimir Putin’s decision to ask the Russian parliament to approve the deployment of Russian troops to Ukraine makes the situation there even more serious. The request shows that Putin has no intention of heeding Western warning to request the sovereignty of Ukraine. It is also noticeable that the request doesn’t simply cover the Crimea, with its ethnic Russian population, but the whole of Ukraine.

It now seems that at the very least this situation will lead towards the de-facto partition of the Ukraine. But the question is whether Putin will be satisfied with this. His ambition has always been to restore Russia’s pride about its place in the world, ‘defeating’ the West in Ukraine would—in Putin’s worldview—do that.

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  • Hegelguy


  • bengeo

    Looks like a deal has been struck. Russia gets the South and East and we get the North and West.

  • colliemum

    Funny – it doesn’t seem to occur to Mr Forsyth, nor has it apparently occurred to the EU and their ‘troika’, the FMs of France, German and Poland who created the ‘agreement’ which toppled the Ukrainian PM, nor to the US State Dept, that Putin’s response was eminently predictable, at the latest last year when PM Yanukovich rejected the EU assimilation treaty.
    I am aghast at the shallowness, the plain ineptitude and carelessness of all those politicians who are guilty of this mess.
    In case it’s already forgotten – Putin was engaged in Sochi, something the EU and US plotters obviously thought to take advantage of.
    A pity that it’ll be the Ukrainians who’ll pay the price for this mess created by the West!

  • Colonel Mustard

    Mr Putin. Please make a point of arresting telemachus and incarcerating him in a specially re-opened gulag (a system he much admires).

    Keep him for as long as you wish but don’t give him online access.

    PS If you have a moment please send troops to liberate us from the leftist swine permeating everything in this wretched country like a really bad smell. They have disarmed us so you are our only hope of a Christian conservative spring.

  • an ex-tory voter

    The tragedy for Ukraine is that none of this need have happened. Putin’s reaction was both predictable and predicted it is only the megalomaniacs in Brussels and their puppets who could, or more probably would not, see it. Drunk on the insane belief that nothing could stop their ever growing empire.
    The idiots in control of the EU have stirred a hornets nest and the Ukrainian people will pay the price. They have managed to simultaneously ensure the end of Ukraine’s dream of joining the EU and to resurrect the Cold War.

    The difference this time is that they face a powerful adversary led by a man whose treasury is in surplus, whose human and mineral resources are vast and whose power grows by the year. As an aside he is also the man who controls the heating and lighting in many European homes.
    Will the EU now have the bare faced cheek to turn to the USA for support? If so that would be the same USA they have constantly insulted and treated as the “evil empire”!

    This is the same EU who laughingly claim to have ensured peace since the end of the last war. Who is laughing now? There may be calm in Brussels, Berlin, Paris and London but there is no calm in Kiev or Sevastopol

    • Jambo25

      Christ! You Kippers are so warped by hatred of the EU that you actually blame it more than a fascist thug like Putin. You really are as mad as hatters.

      • colliemum

        So you have never heard of the EU Assimilation Treaty which Yanukovich did not sign because of the intolerable strings attached, last November?
        You never heard of the cosy relationship a certain Vitali Klitschko had with Madame Merkel and her party?
        Never heard of the agreement, broken within 24 hours, negotiated by the FMs of France, Germany and Poland: all members of the EU?
        Never heard of the EU Finance Commissar Olli Rehn’s ‘offer’ of four billion Euro, even bypassing the EU Parliament?

        Nooo – it’s all Putin’s fault, the EU is totally innocent and UKIPers have no right at all to point inconvenient facts out …

        • the viceroy’s gin

          …and that’s not including the geostrategic realities here, the realpolitik as they say. Russia isn’t letting go of Sevastopol, no matter which Brussels numpties signet-stamp which EU treaties. That ain’t happenin’.

          • colliemum

            Exactly – and one doesn’t need to have a PPE from Oxford to know that. But our politicians have apparently never had any lessons in geography or history, never mind in realpolitik.
            They probably thought Blairite spin would get them out of this.

            • Jambo25

              Russia ran Poland for 130 odd years after the partitions. Ditto the Baltic states. Then they were republics or a satellite of the old USSR from the end of WW2 to the early 90s. So, facing geopolitical realities the EU should simply assign Poland and the Baltics to Putin. Try clearing that one with my Polish and Slovak relatives

        • Jambo25

          Get medical help. You need it badly.

    • Coffee House the Wall

      An interesting take on this posted on Coffee House Wall

      The sudden collapse of the pro-Russian Ukrainian government this week is a too-good-to-be-true win for the protesters. No one in either the mainstream or alternative media is questioning the glaring contradictions about what happened during the supposed “coup” this past weekend. Who gave the orders for all of the riot police to melt away and leave their posts? The almost totally disarmed opposition easily took control of the city and just walked up to the presidential villa. Who gave the orders to the pro-Russian Party of Regions, who wielded the majority in parliament, to suddenly switch their votes to join their political enemies in unanimously ousting President Yanukovych (who, knowing what was coming, had already left)? It certainly wasn’t the opposition. This all smacks of the same staged “collapse of communism” that supposedly toppled multiple soviet-controlled governments that still had fully functioning police, army and security forces.”

  • Tony_E

    There is a treaty from the early 90’s supposedly guaranteeing the borders and neutrality of the Ukraine. Russia and the US are both signatories, as are the British so I have read somewhere.

    What obligations do we have to the Ukraine, or can we use the excuse that Yanokivic is the democratically elected president and is requesting assistance from a neighbour?

    • an ex-tory voter

      treaties mean nothing in the face of real power.
      We will do nothing, Brussels, Berlin, Paris and especially Washington will do nothing.
      The game is up, the gaff is blown, the EU is exposed for the fraud it always was. I for one don’t want to see a single member of the UK armed forces put at risk to correct the mess made by the EU.
      As for Ukraine, she must regroup and wait until Russia no longer sees the growing EU as a threat to it’s historic zone of influence. Far too many Russians died driving the Wehrmacht back over the Dneiper for Russia to sit calmly and watch as they return in civvies.
      Unlike the EU Russia has a history and national pride, alongside that the EU has and is “nothing”.

      • colliemum

        I read in the DT (I think) that the EU Foreign Ministers will hold an ‘urgent’ meeting about the Ukraine – sometime next week …
        I’m reminded of Goethe’s poem “Der Zauberlehrling” …

      • Tom Tom

        1975 Helsinki Accords guaranteed the borders of Serbia but NATO detached Kosovo…….so explain

  • Jez

    This is absolutely outrageous!

    They are giving Multiculturalism a terrible image for the propaganda fed Western audience.

    How dare they!

    • the viceroy’s gin

      Yes, it’s shocking to behold. Why, my fainting couch has been in constant use for days now.

  • David Lindsay.

    I think it is time to rejoice.
    Khrushchev made a major error of judgement in 1955 in giving Crimea to Ukraine.
    At least this will be redressed.
    As for the rest of Ukraine it is well to remember that the fascist thugs that revolted last week were the grandchildren of the special SS squads and camp guards.
    They would merit a spell in the gulag.

    • Jambo25

      And presumably also grandchildren of the millions of people killed by the old Soviet (largely Russian) regime.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Having a change from playing games with peoples webcams?

  • London Calling

    Putin is flexing his muscles much to everyone’s concern, who knows how far he is willing to go, protecting borders one day, invasion the next step is already happening. Washington’s deep concern is but a whimper……………….

    • Tom Tom

      Putin is defending his country rather than invading Iraq or bombing Libya or using drones in Pakistan, Yemen, or Somalia. He fires no cruise missiles, and it is NATO that broke the agreement with Gorbachev that none of the Warsaw Pact nations would be allowed to join NATO

      • London Calling

        Thanks for that Tom Tom…….Like I said Putin is flexing his muscles, however he is unpredictable and that is what concerns me………..:)

        • the viceroy’s gin

          Au contraire… this is all perfectly predictable. Crimea and particularly Sevastopol isn’t going to leave Russian control… ever… and anybody with a brain knew Putin would execute based upon that known known. Parts of Ukraine might be negotiable, but no matter what happens all of it will be still subject to a Russian sphere of influence.

          All of this was/is predictable, particular after the Georgian kerfuffle a few years ago. This is business as usual, surprising only to EUSSR muppets and Obama.

          • Tom Tom

            England will seize its bases from the Scottish Kingdom after September 2014

            • the viceroy’s gin

              They would if they had to, I agree, but I think they’d be more likely to negotiate over all that, and come to a constructive situation. But if there is to be a split, one of the negotiation points would be that the jocks better do nothing that upsets the defense of the whole of the British Isles. That’s the point I’d gather you’re making, and it’s a good one. An armed incursion from the South would be on the radar screen, if the jocks got stupid. The West would demand it, if the jocks decided to let Chinese nuke subs base up there or something equally bizarre.

    • Alexandrovich

      He doesn’t need to ‘flex his muscles’. He has a free rein. I think it’s called impunity.

      • London Calling

        Putin is quite fit so there’s little flexing to be done anyway…..:O

  • Curnonsky

    Putin is running the risk of terrible retribution – John Kerry could fire back one of his stern tweets. Head for the shelters!

    • the viceroy’s gin

      …wait, are you implying Jean-Francois Kerry isn’t going to stand up and be accounted for?!?

  • JoeDM

    This is not the West’s problem. We should not intervene in any way.

    • Fergus Pickering

      Nor will we. We are frightened to do so and a good thing too,

    • Rhoda Klapp8

      We already intervened. The EU is pushing Putin’s buttons in a way they must have known would cause trouble. We ARE the EU.

      • colliemum

        I think the EU leaders, in their arrogance, thought that with their thick wallets full of our money they didn’t need to think or look further than the Ukrainian border. They believed their own propaganda – and I hope they’ll get a fat reckoning come May this year.

  • Tom Tom

    Why does Debka write: “How the British-led EU Plan for Ukraine Went off the Script

    The plan was for a pro-European government forcing Yanukovych to its will – not ousting him.”

    Is this a Hague Scheme ? It is interesting that they also posit a coup by the Ukrainian Army. This is a real example of sending Boys to do a Man’s job. There is a huge amount of Russian and Chinese money available for business in Ukraine so why doesn’t Hague do the decent thing and open the borders to Ukrainians to enter the UK without Visas ? That would be a splendid gesture before the EU Elections in May !

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