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Podcast: Gove’s last stand, the march of the dog police and the future of conservatism in America

13 March 2014

8:27 AM

13 March 2014

8:27 AM

Why is Michael Gove under attack from his coalition partners, his own party and numerous enemies? On this week’s View from 22 podcast, Toby Young, James Forsyth and Fraser Nelson ask whether the Education Secretary’s attitude and policies are his own undoing. Is he, as Anthony Horowitz describes in this week’s magazine, an unsettling character who is too abrasive in his approach to reforming education? Which of Gove’s friends are out to get him? Should he be worried about the threat from Boris Johnson? Are we witnessing a return of the Tory wars? And is Rupert Murdoch involved?

James Delingpole and Freddy Gray ask if conservatism is in a better or worse state in America than it is in Britain? Can anyone in the GOP stop Hillary Clinton? And why is James Delingpole such a fan of Sarah Palin?


Plus, Josie Appleton and Camilla Swift discuss the menace of the dog police. Why are Dog Conrol Orders used to target old ladies walking their dogs on beaches? What are dog owners doing to fight back against these abuses of power?

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Show comments
  • Frank

    Boris is delusional if he thinks he has a chance at the top slot.

  • telemachus

    Gove is dangerous
    He is an Educational Social Darwinist out to further polarise our society

    • Ben Wilder

      Educational Social Darwinist is an interesting turn of phrase.

      Does that mean he believes in excellence and competition?

  • Colonel Mustard

    Have I stumbled into Labourlist in error? Recently this website seems to have been colonised by more and more sneering lefties.

    • monty61

      On the basis of your comments, your definition of ‘Labour’ seems rather broad, your definition of Conservative rather narrow.

      • Colonel Mustard

        Well, you would say that. And it is yet another sneer.

        Labour has got broad and the Conservatives have been colonised by lefties too. There are more sneering lefties about than I have ever known in my lifetime. I know of only one who posts here occasionally that I would not put into the category of sneering.

        • rtj1211

          ‘Behave unto others as you would have others behave unto you’ is a homily remarkably apposite for you, I would have thought……

          You are a grade A sneerer, it’s just that when you do it either you think it’s fine or you are completely unaware of how you will be perceived by others.

  • monty61

    Toby Young’s vacuous propaganda for academies is just laughable. Several I know only because academies to avoid school closure/amalgamation (such as the one by daughter goes to) or because of a spat with the local authority. It’s an intriguing piece of politics – sticking it to interfering LEAs – but it’s made zero real difference to education. Nelson’s point of teachers wondering ‘why this war?’ is spot on.

    • Colonel Mustard

      Sneering. All you do is sneer. I’ve read your comments too.

  • ohforheavensake

    I can answer the Delingpole question: it’s because he’s not that clever.