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PMQs: Labour still loathe – and feel contempt for – Nick Clegg

12 March 2014

1:29 PM

12 March 2014

1:29 PM

With David Cameron in Israel today, it was the deputies’ turn at PMQs. These Clegg/Harman sessions are, by now, thoroughly predictable. Harman attacks the Lib Dems as the Tories’ accomplices while Clegg gets stuck into some spirited Labour-bashing.


Today was no different. Interestingly, though, Clegg chose to attack Labour from the left—mocking it as the party of the 40p top tax rate, of Fred Goodwin and sweetheart deals with private health companies.

There, frankly, was not much else to report from the session. But it was a reminder that Labour still loathes Clegg, there’s a contempt in the heckling of him that Labour doesn’t even manage for Cameron. For his part, Clegg visibly enjoys laying into Labour. At one point, he demanded that they ‘apologise for what the Labour party did to this country.’

On a day when Labour and Liberal Democrat policy on Europe converged, PMQs was a reminder that the personalities involved make it very hard to imagine the two parties doing a deal. ​

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  • gerontius

    “But it was a reminder that Labour still loathes Clegg”

    That won’t stop them coming to an accommodation if that is profitable

  • Alan Douglas

    Contempt for Nick Clegg ? As nothing compared to my contempt for Ms Harperson, along with Broon and Tony Bleagh.

  • James Strong

    I do not approve of the convention of the Leader of the Opposition standing down and passing it to his deputy when the PM is away.
    The whereabouts of the PM are not the responsibility of the opposition.
    If the PM doesn’t show up that’s a government choice, I don’t see why the opposition should then send in the reserves.
    Although it hasn’t happened yet, as far as I know, this convention would allow the PM to deliberately avoid questioning.

  • Swiss Bob

    PMQs: Labour still loathe – and feel contempt for – Nick Clegg

    I’m not surprised, it must be like looking in a mirror for them.

  • ButcombeMan

    I have never turned PMQs off before. As the odious Harman’s voice rose to a crescendo, I decided it was ruining my lunch, off it went. I even avoided the brilliance of Brillo’s post match analysis.
    Awful woman.

  • Alexsandr

    who cares about clegg? 14 months and counting then he can clam job seekers allowance.

    • CharlietheChump

      JSA = EU job with fat pension

  • telemachus

    They loathe him because he is an opportunist
    Perish the thought that there will be no majority next May
    But if Ed needs support it will have to be delivered under the auspices of Vince

    • Swiss Bob

      Your comments always have one up arrow from a ‘guest’ immediately you post.

      You sad, sad people.

      • telemachus

        The team are cohesive

    • gerontius

      “because he is an opportunist”

      Coming from you?

  • LadyDingDong

    Watching these two hypocritical, wannabe saddoes going at each other reminded me of the Iran-Iraq war; impossible to support either and hoping they would annihilate each other.

  • Colonel Mustard

    They are not the only ones.

  • William Haworth

    For the leader of a party of permanent coalition, Clegg REALLY knows how to irritate people.