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PMQs: Cameron won’t commit to travel restrictions on the Russian elite

5 March 2014

1:33 PM

5 March 2014

1:33 PM

Six questions from Ed Miliband on Ukraine resulted in a calmer, more discursive PMQs than normal. Though I suspect that the headlines will be grabbed by Samantha Cameron’s presence in the chamber.

In response to Miliband’s questions, Cameron indicated that he expected to boycott the G8 meeting in Russia saying that it was ‘hard to see how a G8 meeting could take place in these circumstances.’ Miliband tried to move Cameron towards a tougher line on travel restrictions on the Russian elite, but Cameron side-stepped the question.


The other piece of news from the session seemed to be an indication from Cameron that there might be a vote on hunting before the end of this session.

As for Samantha Cameron, she was watching with a friend, who from your correspondent’s perch in the press gallery, looked like Venetia Butterfield who is married to Chris Lockwood of the Number 10 Policy Unit. ​

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  • alabenn

    It is a peculiar trait of Labour that when they want to embark on economic sanctions against any country, the only ones they seem to prefer are the ones that cost this country money, the pointless proffering of sanctions is the stock answer even though halfwits like Miliband must know that the only sanctions Germany and the EU will enact will be financial ones that cost the City money, but will never interrupt the cross border flows of oil and gas to Europe nor the massive exports from the EU mainly German.
    Miliband is a complete buffoon although judging the rest in the H of C he is not the only one.

  • Colonel Mustard

    Stand the Russians in the naughty corner, you wazzocks. That’s about all you are capable of. The censure and disapproval of ‘Miss’ in the primary school classroom which is where the infants Cameron, Clegg and Miliband belong.

    Muppets the lot of them.

    • Noa

      Rather it’s Cameron who is sending himself to the naughty corner.
      It seems that such Tantruums are the now new discourse of foreign policy,the exemplication of the new ‘soft’ power that has replaced real power.

    • Jez

      It’s shocking.

  • HookesLaw

    It says much about the Daily Mail’s odious influence that The Spectator seems more interested in the PMs wife than the world geo-political situation.

    • Noa


    • MirthaTidville

      Well you must admit she`s a bit tasty, or had`nt you noticed??