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Number 10 plays down Warsi Eton Mess stunt

18 March 2014

1:17 PM

18 March 2014

1:17 PM

Downing Street is trying to play down Sayeeda Warsi’s  Eton Mess stunt on The Agenda last night. Asked what his response to her decision to hold up a front page saying ‘Number 10 takes Eton Mess off the menu’, the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said:

‘Look, I think that was in the light-hearted section of the programme. I’m not sure whether he actually caught the programme, as it happens.’

He then added that the Prime Minister had ‘spoken about the importance’ of greater social mobility, and that the Chancellor had made similar comments to that effect yesterday. Both Warsi and Michael Gove were at Cabinet today, but the spokesman said there was no discussion either of the Etonian Problem, or of the need for ministers to stay on message.

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  • Rocksy

    How did Warsi come by the title of Baroness?

  • Geo Shepherd

    The facts:

    It is very likely Cameron will not be leader after GE15
    So, the leadership race is on – its Osborne vs Boris
    Gove is a loyal lackey and has gone to war for Osborne – attacking Boris at every opportunity
    The anti Eton jibe is aimed at Boris
    There will be more of this from Gove

  • Frank

    By the way, did we ever get to the bottom of the expenses claims by La Warsi?

  • The Commentator

    Should give Warsi the senior cabinet job she so richly deserves. Home Secretary would be a good choice and dump the malevolent and incompetent May. Amazing to think someone suggested David Davis should be in the cabinet – hilarious!

    • saffrin

      That’s no suntan Warsi’s wearing, nor does it don’t rub-off.

  • ButcombeMan

    You are being fooled by this nonsense. You would do better to listen to the wiser heads of those who comment here. We are old enough to have seen this sort of play acting many times.

  • In2minds

    No10 should get rid of Warsi.

    • Wessex Man

      No 10 should get rid of Call me Dave but it won’t happen yet unfortunately!

  • Hello

    Look, when two senior Cameron loyalist simultaneously go off-message, a year out from an election, in some grand conspiracy with a third, the balance of probability is that they are on message.

    • Kitty MLB

      Indeed, I whiff the suspicious and nidorous vapours of fowl play.

  • Kitty MLB

    My somewhat mischievous post regarding Baronress Warsi ‘s attributes,
    all three attributes have vanished – we are not becoming too politically correct are we ?

    • telemachus

      You are a relative newcomer
      The moderation is mostly automatic (except perhaps on Frasers threads)
      Watch your specific words
      Usually you will get a flag asking yountomwaitvfor moderation before deletion
      At that stage cut and paste to a new reply window and either substitute suspect words or use the * for a key vowel

      • Kitty MLB

        Thank you, Telemachus.
        I shall remember what you say, to be quite honest this place is very reasonable, unlike a well known conservative blog site
        this place never polices your posts and is not against freedom of speech. That place has even blocked people from posting that do not support the government’s dribble, especially Kippers and even grass root Tories- I am able to post myself, but am boycotting the place because of friends that cannot post-
        I suppose there is an election next year and people are trying
        to manipulate the agenda
        But thanks for the advice and Fraser is a strict chap, is he,
        I think he’s adorable.

  • swatnan

    Dave’s been on The ‘Agenda’ hiisself so he knows that its all a big light hearted jape.
    And all tongue in cheek. These ‘Headlines’ are concocted by old Tom Baldry and his team anyway and nothing to do with the participants.

    • Rocksy

      ‘Jape’ I love that word.