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Nick Clegg’s comedy act

10 March 2014

12:45 PM

10 March 2014

12:45 PM

I much recommend Nick Clegg’s weekend speech. Since it was given at the Liberal Democrat Spring some people may have missed it.

There is hardly a line that cannot draw a laugh. My favourite passage is this subtle reference to UKIP:

‘An ungenerous, backwards looking politics has emerged in Britain. The politics of blame has found an acceptable face: it wears a big smile and looks like someone you could have a pint with down the pub. So I’m drawing a line in the sand. I am going to defend the tolerant and modern Britain we love, and I am going to start by showing people what’s at stake at the upcoming European elections: do you want Britain in Europe, or out?’

I imagine that the success of this strategy will be demonstrated at the EU elections in May. But in the meantime, can any reader imagine why Nick Clegg in particular might want to avoid ‘the politics of blame’?

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  • greggf

    I read most of his speech but didn’t recognize to whom he was appealing except maybe those with an impression of Britain. It sounded like a parody of the Britain I know – a tourist version, childlike in its appeal – I’m surprised he didn’t mention Billy Bunter!

  • Grey Wolf

    He is one of the high priests of doctrinaire progressive moralism – a tendency virulently opposed to traditionalism. This guy, along with his pals among the Tories and Labour are busy burying the vestiges of traditional culture and way of life. At a Philosophical level, the progressive-moral tendencies (deriving from Abrahamic religious thoughts, albeit secularised) are diametrically opposed to Indo-European civilisation, culture, tradition, history and I-E spirituality.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Clegg! Clegg? Clegg…why not leave him alone? It seems an unfair contest to keep ridiculing him. He’s a gift. It’s that Miliband who needs the boot in him so come on DM get to it!

  • FrankieThompson

    Mr. Clegg is very interested in Europe.

    Do you think he would support Russian admittance to the EU, simply on the basis that 40% of Europe is in the Russian Federation?

    • FrankieThompson

      And it wouldn’t be a problem if Asiatic Russia was admitted as well because there are EU outposts not in Europe. Why not Siberia?

  • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

    I make a prediction with no evidence to support it.

    Nick Clegg will be ‘slaughtered’ in the projected debate with Farage.
    I assume only that the event is a proper debate and not an ‘interruption heckle fest’ as per many BBC political interviews.

    I hope that Farage does not lamely concede that limiting immigration will have an economic cost.
    This cannot possibly be true.

    One cost rarely mentioned: money sent out of the UK by immigrants.
    It took the banking system sweat and effort of will to ‘majik’ that money into existence.
    Surely it would be advantageous to spend it here.
    Not to mention the cost of housing schools and security activity due to the peace lovers in our midst etc etc etc.

    Also the legions of frequently lauded immigrant/descended employees in the NHS are a result of uncontrolled immigration. and MUST displace the locals.
    I seem to remember restrictions were placed on Doctors coming from outside the EU a few years ago
    Hypocritical or what ?. ie disadvantaging the upper sector of the middle class is deffo not allowed.

    I wonder if the spectator Sunday censor is on duty to pass this post.

  • global city

    Good one Douglas…expose the evil fool for what he is, a dogmatic europhile.

    I wish you could also inform some of your co-writers on this magazine as to the real dangers of the whole ‘European project’!

  • Terry Field

    He loves a version of Britain I loathe.
    He and his party have operated with a squalid cynicism unmatched even by the Labour dream-machine and that really is saying something.I hope he loses his deposit, the revolting little creep.I am no UKIPer, but Farage is a brave patriot. And then there is Clegg.

    • global city

      Clegg the Quisling… genuinely.

      • Conway

        Clegg said it was “unpatriotic” not to support the EU!

  • James Allen

    What a pathetic, contemptible excuse for a parliamentarian.

  • Two Bob

    Ever been to a pub Mr Clegg?

    • disqus_KdiRmsUO4U

      T and A very often not visible in pubs when ‘in vino veritas ‘ surfaces.

  • Frank

    So tedious. Whatever happens in the euro elections, Britain will still be part of Europe (Clegg as a hint, it is called geography). The issue is that a very large number of Brits don’t want to be part of the EU (either at all, or as currently constituted). Since the Lib-Dems have been beaten at a recent by-election by a joke candidate, it would seem pretty clear that Clegg doesn’t have his finger on Britain’s pulse.
    I suspect that anyone silly enough to give Clegg some European sinecure (when he gets booted from office) will create a major row in Britain.

  • Vinnie

    Clegg has had his day in the sun, or his 15 minutes of political fame and back to the depths of obscurity for the Lib Dems

    UKIP are a one policy party. But’s the policy that affects everything else, jobs, crime, benefits, healthcare, infrastructure, culture, population and general well being. And therefore the public want it (75% want out of Europe, that’s a landslide).

    The Left are dictators and they’re not even in power. It’s frightening how much they govern when not technically in control.

    • MikeF

      I think you mean how much they control when not in government.

      • Vinnie

        Correct! Thank you squire

        • global city

          No, no.. both statements are true. There is a difference between governence and government.

          The bastards still rule over us, through their quangos and institutions, Common Purpose, Fabianism and academe even when they are not at the helm in the seat of government.

          • shebamurphy

            Well said that man!