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Introducing The Spectator’s mobile-friendly website

27 March 2014

1:14 PM

27 March 2014

1:14 PM

Ways to read the Spectator are evolving all the time and we’re today delighted to introduce a tablet- and smartphone-friendly version of our website. In technical terms, we’ve moved to a responsive design that automatically reconfigures itself for whatever device you’re reading it on — be it a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

In non-technical terms, we’ll now be a lot easier to read on your iPhone, your tablet and everything else besides. Given than half of you now read us on some kind of mobile device, we hope you’ll notice the difference. The Guardian and BBC now both work in this way, and we agree with them this is the future of web design. If you’re browsing on a smartphone, this is how it new Spectator site looks:



Or on an tablet:


But if you’re reading on a desktop computer, there’s no difference. We’re taking this in stages and this is a so-called beta launch. We’d be grateful for your thoughts and feedback, and we’ll keep improving based on your suggestions. We hope you enjoy this new version of The Spectator’s website.

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  • SpookySpook

    Looking good. Thanks for making the change.

  • sfin

    About bloody time! Even the Express has been viewable on a smartphone for eons!

    Seriously though, Bravo! All’s looking good on my phone – even with my rapidly failing eyesight!

    Speccy on the Metro! Yes!

  • HookesLaw

    So we can read kippers telling us to eff off on a tablet now? Brilliant step forward.

    • monty61

      You mean so we can be insulted by the One True Tory?

  • Darnell Jackson

    Thanks Sebastian

    Reading on my phone as usual and a much better experience

    Took a little while to see the show comments button so now perfect

    Well done everyone

    • Sebastian Payne

      They’re hidden by default so the pages load quicker by default on mobile

  • DavidL

    You need to make clear it’s an app for subscribers only – not an access route for the Coffee House.

    • Dan Grover

      It’s not? I just tried it and I’m getting exactly what’s shown in those screen shots up top.

      Looks great!

    • Sebastian Payne

      As usual – our blogs are free for non-subscribers and the magazine content is behind our metered paywall

      • Michael

        Could the PC vs. Tablet/Phone settings be changed to enable the View from 22 page to have the download MP3 option available on Tablet/phone instead of (or as well as) PC?

        • Sebastian Payne

          We’re working on an improved podcast page both on mobile and desktop – keep your eyes peeled!

          • Michael