I’m not surprised at David Cameron’s Nepalese nanny

9 March 2014

8:38 PM

9 March 2014

8:38 PM

Why the surprise? Of course the Prime Minister would employ a nanny from somewhere like Nepal. David Cameron is simply taking part in the familiar upper-middle class game of ‘Exploited Third World Labour Top Trumps’. The more backward, far-flung and desolate the country of origin, the higher your nanny scores.

And, incidentally, the cheaper she is likely to be. Nepal scores a very commendable fifty points. Right now I’ll bet Osborne is trying desperately to source a skivvy from Kyrgyzstan, or perhaps a member of the Melpa tribe from Papua New Guinea, with their strange binary counting system and facility for pig-rearing. Nick Clegg has gone for easy points with a Belgian (thirty points for a Walloon, fifteen for a Flem).

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  • Voinea Vwlv
  • The_greyhound

    A fitting symbol of the solidarity shown by the likes of Cameron with the British working class. Good enough to fight in two World Wars, but the middle class now has access to cheaper and more biddable servants.

    I expect the toad reads the Guardian.

  • Cogra Bro

    I would worry about a nanny from Papua New Guinea, given the taste for human flesh in those parts.

  • The Laughing Cavalier

    Employment in No 10 and a Visa to boot. Just goes to show what can be done when you work for the ‘right’ sort.

  • Terry Field

    OH dear, he could have gone for a nice Scottish lass, and returned home to the contented zzzzzz in the night-nursery as the ‘wee bairns’ contentedly digested their tasty haggis and accompanying fried marsbars.

  • arnoldo87

    Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Papua New Guinea, Belgium….
    There’s surely a satrapy in that lot, isn’t there, Rod?

    • Baron

      You should offer your brain to science, arnoldo87, the way it’s wired is a never ending puzzle.

  • Baron

    Indeed, why the surprise.

    The colonising instinct of the middle classes of the Cameron’s kind haven’t changed since the empire imploded, only the travelling arrangements got reversed. Instead of the British sahib packing a suitcase, boarding a boat, arriving in the distant lands to give employment to the locals, it’s the locals from the distant lands, who now travel up here to be employed by the new breed of the progressive sahibs.

  • David Webb

    Time to revoke this nanny’s “citizenship”, and deport her back to Nepal.

  • Cornelius Bonkers

    Well of course. When I was employed by a well known left-leaning university department many of my extremely right-on colleagues would patronise their “au pairs” and the sterling work they did for the smooth running of their employers’ families. When I suggested they might be more accurately referred to as “slaves” or “servants” I ceased to be a popular member of the department…bunch of f..king hypocrites yo

    • StephanieJCW

      Were they forcing them to work against their will then?

      • Cornelius Bonkers

        Well Steph, that’s hardly the point now is it! Leftie academics are F..king hypocrites is my message; nominally devoted to the emancipation of the working class but exploiting them mercilessly just the same yo!

  • saffrin

    Nepal being the closest country able to find someone that doesn’t already know Cameron is a complete tw**.

    • Hootsman

      You might find the Gurkhas have a view on that.

  • FrankieThompson

    When Cameron arrived on the scene all fresh-faced, and quick-witted , and light-touched, in sharp contrast to the tortured , flailing, Polyphemus-like Brown, some of us were hoping that this Triple First scion of wealth and privilege might well be exactly the type of intelligent leader that the UK needed.

    Oh dear.

    The rot began to set in when he led the toe-curling standing ovation for Blair.
    And reached its final , condemned, state when he flew to Libya in his Blairist white shirt to to take the stage-managed applause.

    Since then we have seen him for what he is. A rather sad, feckless, glib, shallow figure who will be remembered as a deeply disappointing PM.

    • monty61

      Indeed. After McDoom many of us had high hopes for Cameron, sadly those were very quickly dashed. The verdict of history will be ‘Worse than John Major’ which is pretty damning given his achievement include the ERM debacle, the cones hotline and the monumentally botched rail privatisation.

      • Teacher

        Come now, surely the ‘cones’ hotline’ is only rivalled for comedy fun by the dangerous dogs act?

    • sarahsmith232

      Agree completely. Noticed that myself with the rousing the Tory ranks to give Blair his standing ovation, he was his most/only enthusiastic cheerleader that day. For me, this is all Cameron is, an attempt at completing Blair’s Brown blocked New Labour project. Including using mass immigration to ‘rub the right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments obsolete’. So, unsurprisingly, he’s refusing to lift a finger with immigration policy. I too fell for the act, just didn’t get it, didn’t occur to me that he really would go in for the exact same BS Blair went in for – spending their whole time standing on platform telling people they’re pulling out all the stops a PM can manage while behind the scenes doing everything to make sure the doors stay wide open. Counting down the days ’till May 2015 and can get to see the back of him.

    • Baron

      But, Frankie, isn’t it enough for you to know that ‘we’re all in it together’?

    • Cogra Bro

      As I recall, he was more or less unknown but made a better speech than a much more substantial man, David Davis, at a Tory conference , because of which he was elected Tory Leader.

      Problem is, it’s a lot easier to make a speech than do anything effective. Upmarket Car showrooms are replete with good talkers who know very little about the mechanics of cars; Financial services companies employ good talkers who can sell a service but know nothing about delivery.

      The public is forever taken in by these glossy salesmen types. Blair was another.

      The age of Television has a lot to answer for. Bald, toothless but experienced people like Churchill or Attlee would have an uphill struggle becoming leaders nowadays.

  • Eyesee

    You only get 15 points for a flem if it actually goes in the spittoon.

  • Patricia

    “Why the surprise? Of course the Prime Minister would employ a nanny from somewhere like Nepal.”

    No surprise here, Rod. Dave is just making an “I’m a multi-culturist” statement to show he’s embracingly celebratory of anyone not born white and British. Trained British nannies, the best in the world, are not good enough for the Camerons.

    • John Lea

      No, Patricia, it’s about money. Not even Cameron would have the chutzpah
      to say this was about promoting multiculturalism.

      • Patricia

        “No, Patricia, it’s about money. Not even Cameron would have the chutzpah to say this was about promoting multiculturalism.”

        Maybe, but the end result is still a slap in the face for the British worker looking for a job – from the PM of all people !

    • StephanieJCW

      Maybe the one he hired was just the best one. I don’t get why he should be obliged to employ a nanny who also happens to be British.

  • StephanieJCW

    Lord – is he supposed to source a nanny with the instruction – “Only white english women/men need apply”?

    • rodliddle

      Nope, Steph. It would cost him too much.

      • Baron

        Money an issue for Cameron, Rod? Hmmm.

        Baron reckons it’s more that employing a foreign nanny re-enforces his inborn trait of superiority, the ‘being born English is to win the first prize in the lottery of life”, it would never be the same with the winner of the same prize.

      • StephanieJCW

        Could it not be of all the Nannies he interviewed she was the best (and cheapest).

        I don’t actually get this piece, is the argument he should recruit a more expensive nanny…just because?

        • rodliddle

          Steph, my point is that the affluent are very much in favour of the extremely cheap source of labour on hand as a source of almost unregulated immigration.

          • StephanieJCW

            Is she ‘extremely cheap’ compared to a British nanny? Do we have the comparative salaries to hand?

            ‘Unregulated immigration’? You can’t know anybody who has tried to move to the UK if you think it’s ‘almost unregulated’! Within the EU maybe, but then that’s a right millions of Britons have also taken up. But outside?

  • The PrangWizard of England

    Cameroon – what a creep – fashionable, trendy, poseur, why have we not seen a selfie yet? Pass the sick bag.

    • Jambo25

      We have. Remember the Mandela funeral?

      • Kitty MLB

        That is somewhat unfair Jambo. You may find the woman in the
        centre pulled his face into the photo shot, as I said elsewhere
        criticising Cameron is now a national sport.

        • Jambo25

          Well Dave was eager to get a ‘selfie’ taken with that good looking Scandi blonde.

          • Kitty MLB

            With your description
            you have hit the nail on the head and explained why
            Dave & Barack did not get away with it unlike the alluring
            and fragrant female.

  • Jack Dawson

    When my kids were young we got our nanny from social housing in Longbridge. Forty points at least, I would have thought.

  • Daniel Maris

    Long pig for dinner?

  • Peter Stroud

    And to think that this country produces the finest, best trained nannies in the world. Nannies that grace the households of aristocrats and the great and the good worldwide. One has to assume that our PM and his good lady are running short of money. Or, that David is hypocritical, and miserly, and does not really believe in ‘British jobs for British people’.

    • Hexhamgeezer

      In the olden days the likes of dave used to employ the likes of my gran. Her brothers went down the pit and the girls went into ‘service’ but the likes of dave found cheaper versions from overseas who could subsist on far less protein.

      • HenryWood

        How true, except in the case of my own gran, she herself was an “immigrant”, having managed to travel all the way down from Kirkcaldy to Northumberland. The family she left behind in Scotland were pit-yackers, and once she found “employment” in service in Northumberland she was allowed a half day off on a Sunday afternoon every single week to meet her pit-yacker relations in the North East, though she was never, ever allowed to stay overnight with them. Apparently the “lady” of the house she worked in thought an overnight stay with relations might have made my gran stray from the straight and narrow.
        I still have her diaries. I will bet you now a pound to a pinch of shyte that no one, no BBC commissioner, no Guardianista, and probably not even a Speccy editor would ever consider her written words worthy of publication.
        Can anyone guess why?

        • Hexhamgeezer

          My own went abroad to Suffolk, ran away, and was brought back to work by the local plod.

          • sarahsmith232

            Just read both these, unbelievable. Can’t be bothered to listen to all of that ‘the white, I was a slave, the whites enslaved me’ rubbish. Your relatives stories are guaranteed to just as bad.

            • Cogra Bro

              They should make a movie located in sub Saharan Africa entitled ‘Untold millennia of slavery and cannibalism’.

              Oh, but that wouldn’t involve exploiting the bottomless capacity of white liberals to wring their hands in guilty anguish.

              Nor would it involve their coughing up large sums in payment for their masochistic enjoyment of their self – imposed misery.

      • sarahsmith232

        Some great comments being made, I’m only 2 down and both spot on.

    • sarahsmith232

      Absolutely brilliant Peter, spot on.

  • HenryWood

    I’m trying to find a nanny from *anywhere*, male or female, but preferably someone who would understand me Geordie accent and know wot I *really* mean when I say, “Gis a broon, pet!” – especially if I end up with a male nanny.

    I fear I might have to look far and wide, and mebbes pay some canny money to find such a caring soul.

    Meantime, I’ll just keep pouring me own and keep dabbing up me own dribbles, like.

  • terence patrick hewett


    • Daniel Maris

      Surely that should be supercalifragilisticexploitalidocious?

  • Vinnie

    If he employed a white English nanny he’d be vilified for that too – he’s only playing the cards that Labour have dealt him and the rest of us

    • Mynydd

      What has Labour got to do with Mr Cameron employing a nanny?

      • Cogra Bro

        It’s in the name.