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Hold the front page: Anne McIntosh is holding a constituency surgery!

18 March 2014

18 March 2014

Mr S takes embargos very seriously. He respects the convention. An embargo is sacred.

Yet the news that Anne McIntosh MP is holding a constituency surgery is so momentous that it took every ounce of my integrity not to share it with you before the appointed time this morning.

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Most ordinary MPs don’t embargo news of their surgeries. These events happen every week, more or less; they ought not to be newsworthy. But McIntosh is extraordinary. Readers may recall that McIntosh, the Tory MP for Thirsk and Malton, has not been re-selected by her association. The Spectator’s Martin Vander Weyer, a member of the association, wrote an account of the row. ‘I have never heard anyone in Thirsk and Malton say anything other than that they would like a choice of good candidates, preferably not called McIntosh,’ he said, which gives you a flavour of some of the feeling up there.

Frozen out by the constituency party, McIntosh is standing as an independent. The double starred ‘**PRESS RELEASE**’ says that she is ‘delighted to be able to meet Constituents [sic] in Thirsk on Friday 28th March.’ The fight-back is on.

Westminster awaits (embargoed?) news of the meeting. In the meantime, Mr S wonders if McIntosh would benefit if she took herself a little less seriously.

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