Finally, after 118 years, The Daily Mail masters irony

27 March 2014

4:10 PM

27 March 2014

4:10 PM

The Daily Mail has been holding habitués of the corridors of power to account for so long, it has decided that it deserves a corridor of its own. The Editors Hallway has just been unveiled in Northcliffe House, home of DMGT. It’s a sight to behold, complete with a Vegas-style lobby, pomegranate White Company candles and an all-male line-up of editors since the 19th century. There’s even a picture of Mrs T in the ladies loo.

Our only question is: if this is a hallway belonging to the editors, shouldn’t there be an apostrophe? Perhaps it’s an ironic joke about the Mail’s rigorous editing standards.

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  • stearl33

    Why should there be an apostrophe? In what way does the phrase imply ownership? It’s a hallway in which (if I understand this blog correctly) the portraits of a bunch of editors are displayed. Isn’t that just a plural? Or is it a place only editors are allowed to walk through?
    If I am showing grammatical illiteracy, could someone please (gently) put me right.

  • Liz

    I was in that building recently, everyone was 22 years old.

  • Daniel Maris

    Presumably it would have an apostrophe if it was the Sub-Editors’ Hallway?

  • HookesLaw

    I’m surprised it does not have a parade of ladies baring their cellulite and a selection of today’s hottest fashion finds
    Peheps it has a section for editors with their before and after weight loss.

  • Martin Adamson

    “all-male line-up of editors since the 19th century.”

    And how many female editors has the Spectator had since the 19th Century?

    • Frank

      And indeed, how many female editors at the Telegraph?

      • Jabez Foodbotham

        And, perhaps more pointedly, how many at the Grauniad?

    • Liz

      The Spectator doesn’t do women, except in the traditional sense.