FGM is a shaming indictment of multiculturalism and mass-immigration

25 March 2014

3:05 PM

25 March 2014

3:05 PM

A number of interesting things have happened recently:

  • The Law Society has provided legal guidance to ensure that Muslims in Britain can have their wills judged according to Sharia.
  • BBC Newsnight hosted an in-studio row between three Muslims over whether one Muslim should be allowed to say or do anything that is deemed religiously insensitive by any other Muslim. Majority opinion seemed to be ‘no’.
  • Then there has been huge excitement that, after decades during which tens of thousands of girls in Britain were genitally mutilated, charges have for the first time been brought against some suspected perpetrators of this horrific crime.

Just in case anyone is lost in all this – this is Britain in 2014.

So what do these things have in common? Quite a number of things, but the most interesting is a thought spurred by the last.


I have been slightly involved in the female genital mutilation [FGM] debate over the years. And I have always noticed that whatever their sex, religious affiliation or skin colour, public opponents of FGM have without exception all been subjected to accusations of racism, ‘Islamophobia’ and more. Lately a high profile campaign against FGM has been waged in the press, spearheaded by the London Evening Standard and others. Boris Johnson has also spoken out. They and many others will be rightly congratulating themselves for their role in putting pressure on the authorities to finally charge anyone with this crime.

But take a step back for a moment. FGM is about the mutilation, with knives, of young girls’ genitals. Does opposing anything ever come any easier than that? I very much doubt it.

Now take these other issues – the encroachment of Sharia law into our legal system, the right to express dissenting, even ‘blasphemous’, opinions within a religious minority in Britain in 2014. These also present a societal challenge.  But there can be little doubt that they are less striking. The FGM debate has been going on for how long – 15 or 20 years – without any prosecution. Think how much longer we will have to wait before anything meaningful is done to prevent the other advances of these Islamic revanchists.

The multicultural, mass-immigration movement professes to believe that you can import millions of people into a country without any problems. What challenges do arise can be dealt with and absorbed over time, they claim. So it is worth reminding ourselves that after decades of this experiment we have just got to the point where some people might go to trial for the ritual mutilation of young girls’ genitals.

Not a success story, when taken in the round, is it?

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  • James Mayer

    Who is behind multiculturalism in Europe?

    Who indeed…

  • StephanieJCW

    “But take a step back for a moment. FGM is about the mutilation, with knives, of young girls’ genitals. Does opposing anything ever come any easier than that? I very much doubt it.”

    It’s unsurprising really though. Look at the abuse those who oppose male circumcision come in for, even though it is mutilation of young boy’s genitals with knives. I am unsurprised therefore that some people seem to struggle with the concept of criticising FGM for the savagery that it is. Although I do suspect some people don’t care that much about FGM but do seek another stick to beat muslims over the head with. And I place Douglas Murray in that category.

    As evidenced by:

    ” the encroachment of Sharia law into our legal system,”

    No this is muslims using British law to also ensure their wills are compliant with their faith. It’s a non story. Insisting it is a sign of the ‘encroachment of Sharia law into our legal system’ is a complete and utter falsehood.

    “Think how much longer we will have to wait before anything meaningful is done to prevent the other advances of these Islamic revanchists.”

    Aaaaargh!!! You can do what you like with your assets in your will. What you are arguing for Murray is for muslims to lose the right to do this.

  • StephanieJCW

    The Law Society has provided legal guidance to ensure that Muslims in Britain can have their wills judged according to Sharia.”
    Biggest non story of the decade. We are already free to depose on our assets, on death, in whatever way we see fit. Law society receives specific queries and issues guidance.

    The big deal is…?

  • scampy1

    When will we hear of muslim grooming gangs being caught in labour run areas of Scotland or Wales?
    None were caught during the time of Tony the phony Blair or Gordon the clown Brown?

  • Sean Raymond

    @ GreenKing
    I think you need to learn to read otherwise how you managed to decipher any of that from my comment will remain a mystery until the end of time. I made no comparison between Jews and Moslems but merely referred to the curious phenomena of people’s Orwellian observation that we are in the midst of Islamophobic hysteria where Moslems are being unfairly victimised and deemed a threat the way Jews were in the 20’s and 30’s.
    To clarify – the Jews were subjected to appalling treatment during this time as a result of all sorts of untrue conspiracy theories and properganda – and it is this heartbreaking episode of unjustified fear mongering whipped up by the media, amongst others, which many are saying is happening today with Moslems now as the victims. My post was designed to demonstrate that their is no anti-Islamic smear campaign being waged by the media and that their is no comparable persecution of Moslems happening in 2014 Britain to that which happened to the Jews.
    Now, I hope I have cleared up your mistake but I am not finished for I must take umbrage with a comment you made. I am an ardent supporter of Israel, I will debate any one who thinks Israel doesn’t have a right to exist and that it is nothing but a force for good in the world – I have no grievience ,so to speak, with Jews, it is a non prosletysing closed club of a religion which simply doesn’t pose any threat to me and so am indifferent to Jews as I am to pretty much anyone else. However – to say that the Jews are integrated is simply not true – a ludicrous statement to be sure. I invite you to come down to Hendon, a place I spend alot of time, to prove this point. Jews haven’t integrated and this IS where a similarity lies between them and Moslems.
    People need to stop being so biased in these debates because on the one hand people complain about Islam and how it isn’t inegrating, has special laws, slaughters animals barbarically etc etc. Well sorry, but Jews are not integrating as evident by the copious ghettos of North London whilst they too have laws in place that I as a non Jew am not privy too and also slaughter animals in an equally barbaric manner. I do not agree with this – for while I accept that the legislation bought in for Jews only is less extensive than that for Moslems I believe we should have one rule for all. I also care passionately about EVERYONE integrating. People need consistency in how they approach their argument I feel.

    • jjjj

      ‘Copious ghettos’? What is this crap. You haven’t been to Hendon in your life but kudos for being able to use the London A-Z. Some Jews dress in an identifiable way as religious Jews and other Jews do not identify themselves in this way. It is arrant nonsense to say that ‘Jews haven’t integrated’. They pray in their synagogues as you pray in church. That’s freedom of worship. They have contributed and contribute to this country in all/walks of life. Quite frankly, the notion that some POS like you should determine what constitutes ‘integration’ is beyond me. Fact is, you are envious of them and rather then recognising this you turn to hatred.All this country’s current terror problems stem from that ‘other’ religion, not the Jews.

      • Sean Raymond

        What lunacy is this? Mate – such is the extent of your hypersensitivity that in your anaphalatic frenzy you appear to be incapable of reading words in front of your face. It is rather comical that I am now being portrayed as a jew hater – I am always in trouble for quite the opposite. I do not dislike Jews – but if you had read my post you’d know that. But you do say I hate Jews so I throw an easy challenge to you – please show me one example of anything hateful that I said towards Jews in that post! Take all the time in the world – but you will fail – I am actually cringing for you. I am sure I won’t hear a response because you can’t – so the moral of the story is – don’t make claims you can’t substantiate. It makes you look like a little weasel.
        I have never been to Hendon? What are we – 12 or something? Well, I have – I am there all the time as my partner works there but what does it matter – we are clearly dealing with mental illness here right?
        I hope people do read my comment then this lunatic’s response to see the crazyness times we now live in where by simply pointing out facts makes you hateful – this is exactly what happens when I debate Moslems. I’m quite surprised by this I must say. Anyway – you can invert reality if you wish and choose to ignore truth but the fact is Jews HAVE NOT integrated – as the Jewish areas of North london you deny exist attest’s. This is simply un-arguable. I was not making an attack on the Jews but was responding to a poster who said Jews are integrated into British life. This is utter nonsense. I repeat, I have no issue with Jews, they do not threaten my way of life or existence – the way it should be really. Furthermore, I am very passionate about Israel and will debate anyone who has a problem with them – I have the up most respect for that nation and its people who are and have contributed so much to humanity in the way of democracy, law, science, medicine and technology that we can’t imagine where we’d be without them…..
        But what I won’t do is be hypocritical – sorry, but if we are to criticise Moslems for not integrating or for being privy to seperate laws then we have to be honest about Jews who also do not integrate and who also have seperate laws to a degree – I believe in integration of all of our society – a society which should be under one rule of law – I fail to see how that is hate?
        I am a fierce critic of Islam because of its unwillingness to integrate and I would lack no credibilty what so ever if I was to then ignore the fact that Jews don’t either. The difference between Jewish non-integration when compared to that of Islam is simple – Jews do not wish to impose their way of life or religion on to anyone else, they are tolerant of other faiths (barring the most orthodox) and are not rapidly expanding – all issues that trouble me about Islam and which will cause serious civil strife in the near future.

  • Sean Raymond

    It truly baffles me to read comments written here which tally with much of what I hear in the public space – that Islam is being demonised and that what is happening to Moslems is what happened to the Jews. These are utterly astonishing claims that truly twist reality back to front. I appeal to anyone to please show me where rampant Islamophobia is occuring in Britain. I don’t see it – and as a profoundly Persian looking Male living in a profoundly ‘white’ working class area I really really would have!
    Indeed, the government funded think Tank ‘Tell Mama’ who were charged with documenting/proving ‘Islamphobia’ were disbanded because the overwhelming majority of evidence which they submitted as attacks on Moslems turned out to be comments on web blogs! If that is the criteria used to identify hate crime then I think we can all safely claim to be victims! THAT was the level the ‘official’ government think tank had to sink to prove our society is full of anti-Moslem bigotry.
    The dilution of our culture, a receding of our laws and the introduction of numerous new ones to accomodate Islam does not sound like demonisation to me but rather one of phenomenal toleration and appeasement – yet Moslems and their apologists are allowed to get away with portraying themselves as victims. Have these apologists never stopped and considered that the focus on Islam has occured because Islam keeps drawing attention to itself? And that if it just batted on like the rest of us no-one would give them a second thought? Have these people really not thought about the fact that if critics of Islam were all racists intolerant of different cultures & skin colour then why don’t we have the same concerns towards Hindus or the Sikhs? Could it really not be because, actually, we are not racists but rather people concerned about the increasingly special treatment meted out to Islam which is leading towards increasingly bad things?

    • KingGreen

      jews were integrated – how dare you compare real victims that were exterminated, to the ones coming here, taking money, taking freedom, taking safety, take everything we give them and then telling us how to live, threaten us when we disagree with tim, blackmail us and spit on our culture and rape our daughters??

      Muslims can not even live in peace with other Muslims – so according to your brilliant logic, would that make Muslims ‘Islamophobic’ too?

      how dare you compare these monsters with ANYBODY else, let alone jews who were hounded for centuries???

      seriously, some people should be banned from the internet and jailed for stupidity

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    According to the DM, the prosecution of a doctor charged with FGM is about to begin, together with his accomplice. A first in UK. Hope the pair of them get double digit custodial.

  • Patricia

    “The multicultural, mass-immigration movement professes to believe that you can import millions of people into a country without any problems.”

    The multicultural, mass-immigration movement doesn’t give a stuff about the new towns that will have to be built on our precious green land to accommodate these people who are supposed to be so good for our economy and will be paying our pensions.

    I’d love to know who will be paying their pensions. The whole immigration thing is a journey without end.

  • zanzamander

    Look, Islam is not going anywhere, it is not only here to stay but expand, multiply and dominate.

    Accept it. This is our fate. Show me anywhere in the world where Islam is in recession. No where, instead, with the help of our politicians, feminists, media and educators, it is progressing leaps and bound, thank you very much. And we have only ourselves to blame in all this, but that is another story.

    Cameron has just accepted thousands of Syrians. What do you think they and their future generations (of which there will be plenty, I’m sure) are going follow?

    So instead of fighting this practice, and if we are really concerned about the welfare of the “mutilatee”, why not offer this service on the NHS, where it can all be carried out under local anesthetic and by qualified Muslim lady surgeons?

    • zanzamander

      Look, we’ve accepted halal food for everyone, Eid, Mosques, Islamic schools where kids are taught how to discriminate against non-Muslims, burkhas, aspects of Sharia law, no-go areas, antisemitism, calls to prayers from loud speakers, unofficial quotas for Muslims in our media and politics, compulsory prayer rooms in nearly all public buildings, schools and universities etc. I mean the list long…

      So in time I’m sure we’ll accept FGM too. Think of all the wonderful things Islam has created without which we’d still be living in the dark ages.

      Lie back and think of the liberal utopia and feminist heaven that is Saudi Arabia, birthplace of our future national religion.

    • KingGreen

      that what the Roman Empire used to think I bet

      not everybody is going to cowardly roll over and hand these troglodytes our children

      seems to me, you are exactly thew sort of person who helped put us into this mess

  • Willum James

    I firmly agree with this headline.

    The sooner we outlaw the chewing off of innocent Jewish baby boys foreskins by their religious leaders, the better.

    In extreme cases, the herpes virus is passed on and death follows for the poor mite !

    PS Can anyone on this forum tell me why our Royal males are circumcised by the chief Rabbi of Britain ?

    I thought we were a Protestant nation………………..

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Uh.. would the clue be in the abbreviation FGM (Female GM)?

      • Willum James

        Thats a tad sexist isnt it ?

        What a racist bigot you must be , no ?

        • FrenchNewsonlin

          Can you read?

          • Willum James

            Have you ever attempted to think on an abstract level?

            Try it…………………..

    • KingGreen


      those pesky jews, if only they stopped circumcising their sons, then Muslims wouldn’t slaughter each other and everybody else in sight….!!!

    • Ritch Ritchloui

      Please cite your sources on your claim that William and Harry were circumcised.

    • jjjj

      You must think we are all idiots here. Do you care one bit for Jewish babies? You’re a Jew hater and yet you come on here to profess to care about babies who will grow up to be your target when they are adults.

      • Willum James

        I hate no man- i dislike being demoted to second-class status in my own land, along with my fellow English kith and kin.
        If pointing out the outrageous , ethnocentric, racist aliens who have implemented this genocide annoys you, for this i apologize……………….

        • jjjj

          Someone is ignorant of history. There is no homogeneous ‘English kith and
          Kin’ except in the minds of people who ignore the history of the English people.

          • Willum James

            Is that how you spell `while`, as in wend ?

          • Willum James

            PS- i met one of my heroes this year; a hero in my view due to his amazing alto/soprano sax work AND his love of an element crucial to the furtherance of mankind, known as the truth.

            And it will prevail………..

            The truth and our humanity form a bond between he and i- Gilad`s ethnicity does not enter into it funnily enough.

            I wonder whether N. Finkelstein will reply to my next email now its out i`m a dreaded `hater`.

            These critical theorist tactics are seen for the falsities there are and always have been, and will follow the Berlin Wall………


          • Willum James

            I find, that one who has to point out the non-existence of the English, or is compelled to ask, `what is it to be English?`, is:

            1) An immigrant
            2) An outsider, looking in on his race, loathing and self-loathing his isolation and social ineptitude.
            3) An Marxist
            4) A materialist

            The English have no need of petty critical theorizing- for the question of self disposition does not arise…….

  • jack

    Utter insanity. But what are the supposed benefits that offset these horrors. Surely you have not totally thrown away British and western civilization for a bag of beans? Surly not that beautiful island and that hard earned cultural patrimony. Say what was the benefit? The goal at least. Say it was not simple greed or stupidity.

  • mark

    Remember also, one of the founding statements of the muslim council of britain is that muslims WOULD NOT INTEGRATE in the UK.

    Plus its links to terrorism for example the muslim brotherhood.

    When will our leaders wake up indeed (or is it really that votes are more important than not committing treason?).

  • Gwangi

    Utterly spot-on – I agree with every word.
    But remember that there is a definite tendency amongst feminists and the media to blame FGM on nasty men; the truth is that it is the women in these societies – and Muslim matriarchs – who wield the power behind the so-called patriarchy of Islamic culture. It is they who force young girls into marriage aged 12 with their uncle or cousin back in Pakistan or Bangladesh; it is they who force girls to be ‘cut’. Not the men. And the media – esp BBC – take that it’s just ‘one or two bad apples’ is their typical response when the true face of the backwards Pakistani village version of Islam shows itself.
    Thankfully, there are brave women in places like Canada and France who refuse to comply with the demands of the multiculturalists, those wolves in sheeps clothing, who always want to betray our values and our ancestors who fought long and hard for them, just to appease anyone from a minority group with a dark skin and a minority religion (esp if they make veiled threats to kill. The BBC have been so cowardly in deferring to loud extremist Muslims that BBC managers should be exposed for the traitors they are).
    The ideology of multiculturalism was flawed from the start. You cannot have people coming here and living separate lives in separate ‘communities’ and give them permission to do that (as our political elite, teachers, media have done) without them thinking, logically, that they therefore have the right to bring all their backwards habits and traditions and ‘values’ here.
    Any incomer to the UK – and their offspring – must abide not only with our laws, but also with our values. That is what the morally bankrupt ideology of multiculturalism forgets. We should be like Rome – which was most definitely NOT multicultural, just cosmopolitan, with everyone abiding by the same laws and values as one. It was integrationist, not multiculturalist. But we after 50 years of promoting the segregationist counter-productive and very damaging ideology of multiculturalism will not have to take another 50 to put the toothpaste back in the tube – and yet, even now, after 7/7 and polls that show 15% of British Muslims think that was a good thing and 45% approved, and others showing that most Muslims want separatist laws here, the bien pensants of our political and media and educational elites still just do not get it. That is why universities still allow Islamofascists to promote their evil filth at places like Greenwich, where the two murderous Michaels who killed Lee Rigby studied their craft.
    We need a national enquiry really. We then need to be more like France – integrationist not segregationist with our multiculturalist separatist policies.

  • AndrewMelville

    Don’t use the euphemism, FGM. Instead always say the mutilation of girls’ genitals. This covers the majority of cases and properly gives the correct name to the horror of this vile deed.

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    All types of genital mutilation should be made illegal, and the law rigorously enforced. But male genital mutilation would put Jews in the frame.
    What arrogance believing they could improve on God`s handiwork.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      Come come Jack, in tropical climes for many decades (and that includes the US in post-War decades) male circumcision was standard practice on medical grounds. Bantu tribes in southern Africa still use male circumcision at puberty as a rite of passage, God’s handiwork notwithstanding.

      • Jackthesmilingblack

        The practices of primitive tribes does shot your argument in the foot.

        • FrenchNewsonlin

          “Bantu primitives” what does that say about you?

          • Jackthesmilingblack

            You just keep digging, don`t you?

    • KingGreen

      i have yet to meet 1 single jewish man, who as a grown adult suffers excruciating pain, because of a circumcision that was done when he was 8 days old!

      it seems to me that both men and women (!) like male circumcision

      to compare it to what the women tottered by FGM have to go through for the rest of their lives, is stupid and nonsensical

      • Willum James

        Oh, i see you resisted your ethnic penchant for scat here- well done !

  • andagain

    “The Law Society has provided legal guidance to ensure that Muslims in Britain can have their wills judged according to Sharia.”

    So what? England is a common law country, as you must surely be aware. You could leave 100% of your wealth to your son if you liked. Many people used to. Or you could leave 0%. Or anything in between.

    The more idiotic complaints you make, the less seriously you should expect people to take any other complaints you make.

  • ultraviolet_uk

    The Law Society has provided legal guidance to ensure that Muslims in Britain can have their wills judged according to Sharia.

    The most interesting thing about this is that it is false, as is about 95% of what has been written on this subject in the past three days. The statement has the benefit over most others of correctly stating that what has happened is that the Law Society has issued some guidance to solicitors. That guidance has no legal status. It does not change the law. It does not affect how Courts judge Sharia wills. It merely gives some non-binding guidance to solicitors on how a will can be drawn up that complies both with Sharia principles and with English law. The guidance builds on the centuries-old legal principle that a testator can draw up his will however he damn well pleases. That principle is subject to the proviso that the Inheritance Act protects certain dependents. That Act applies equally to any will drawn up following these guidelines as it does to any other will.

    But that would not generate the outrage and the clicks, so that disappointing truth has had to be spiced up, and that spiced up lie has now gone several times around the world and the truth isn’t even getting a look-in.

    • SimonNorwich

      The Law Society has issued advice to help a male dominated group (Muslims) draw up wills that adhere to the beliefs of that group (e.g. to discriminate against women).

      This is the same Law Society that refused to assist those who campaigned against same-sex marriage, claiming on that occasion that they supported equality.

      I can’t for a moment imagine the Law Society offering advice on how to help a racist group discriminate against black people.

      So why is the Law Society assisting those who want to discriminate against women?

      • Gwangi

        The motivation for this? Making money. That is all.
        Many Muslims are rich and also own businesses and they want to pander to the every whim of paying clients.
        Who cares about values? Lawyers don’t, that’s for sure, and nor do banks who offer Muslim bank accounts already.

  • Liz

    “BBC Newsnight hosted an in-studio row between three Muslims over whether one Muslim should be allowed to say or do anything that is deemed religiously insensitive by any other Muslim. Majority opinion seemed to be ‘no’.”

    Actually the opinion seemed to be quite categorically, yes.

  • Roy

    It is the leading lawyers of the country that have the knowledge of what to do and how to do it, to change things. Along with members of parliament who appear to be somehow blind deaf and dumb to what is taking place. The “people” should not be blamed, they don’t know what they can do about it, or are ignorant of the facts.

  • In2minds

    The police have never even collected statistics on FGM – it used to be
    classified as: ‘less serious wounding’ it is now lodged under
    ‘poisoning or FGM’.

    These are the same people who wrenched small children from their parents who were deemed to be indulging in satanic abuse; the same people who lied on camera about Andrew Mitchell; the same people who were responsible for ignoring the Stafford hospital abuses – none are blamed, none lose their jobs or pensions, it is easier not to rock the boat and keep ticking the right forms.

    Police in The Netherlands are helping opponents of politician Geert Wilders by handing out a standard form, known as the ‘Wildersformulier,’ to anyone wanting to make a criminal complaint against him. Our government banned him from the UK.

    People here are scared of criticising Islam and Muslim charities organise ‘victimhood’ ie mass reporting of any minor slight as Islamophobic. This is why it has taken decades for anything at all to be done about the grievous bodily harm done to small Muslim girls.

  • Agrippina

    Park View Academy Birmingham is in special measures, as one of the schools being taken over by the muslim fanatics. They installed loud speakers in the playground to call the kids to prayer at a cost of £70k to us taxpayers.

    Perhaps when all these mossies turn up claiming asylum or seeking citizenship we could point out the equalities act, girls not be treated as 2nd class citizens, no FGM, arranged forced marriage not permitted, etc. Citizenship not to be given until folks have lived here 10yrs unblemished record, speak Eng, or back you go. Fit in or go to a muslim country.

    Solicitors only sought guidance from the Law Soc so that they can make money for drafting and the Imam will get a cut for checking some aspects. Just as they do sitting on the Boards of banks & other financial institutions flogging shariah compliant products.

    Immigrant free for all has led to 2 veg packing plants in Chatteris losing 1 person to TB and 17 infected with the disease.

  • Sean Raymond

    @ Shazza.
    Whether Taqiya is actually practiced by the lay Moslem or not is up for debate how ever I agree that many do seem to lie – that, or they are truly ignorant of what it is they argue against. Furthermore, these debates are always cloaked in hypersensitivity and victimhood. The topic of FGM is one – because it is clearly an issue intimately related to Islam, regardless of whether it is scriptually mandated or not – yet the lay Moslem will be astonished that you can draw such parallels between this act and the religion.
    I saw a similar thing when I debated a Moslem regarding Moslem rape gangs – they invarably would say that I was picking on Islam, that faith had nothing to do with it and these crimes were no different to those by Saville etc.
    When I pointed out to them that it was not me that bought faith into it but the rapists themselves who, when caught, said that they raped these women BECAUSE the girls were NOT Moslem and White they suddenly go quite. Not that we need to point this out when we consider that 99% of the victims of these gangs are white and Non Moslem – making them race hate crimes as well. I also add that the public are absolutely justified to question Islam when we consider the scale and homegenous nature of these crimes – at least 85% of gang rape is carried out by 2% of the population – Moslem Males – and we see the same in Europe. This makes the epidemic, pre-meditated, specific profiled nature of these crimes a far different animal to a lone perpertrator such as a Saville.

    • crosscop

      Not just Europe. This grooming/rape epidemic is worldwide. Wherever Muslims are – it exists. I came across this one in South Dakota just the other day. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

      “many of them had testified how he had given them drugs and shelter to lure them into dependency and prostitution”

      We are actually just at the beginning. The Copts have had to put up with this kind of thing for over a thousand years. And it all stems from Islam. Mohammad and his merry men raped captured non-Muslim girls. Mohammad was the “Perfect Man” and whatever he did is OK by Muslims. It is total insanity to allow them to colonise the West.

      Oh, and Mohammad recommended FGM, too – as long as the cut wasn’t too drastic.

      • Shazza

        I have said this on numerous occasions before on different blogs –

        Where there is islam, there is horror.

        • OldJoeClark

          I have known, personally, many Muslims and they all have been fine people. But, they have been so in spite of their religion, not because of it. The doctrines of Islam are nothing more than a suitable modus vivendi for a pre-Mediaeval war-band and the fact that this dreadful way of seeing the world and the role of humanity in it is espoused by over a billion people today is the greatest threat to civilization and to the survival of the human race. It is, indeed, a horror to contemplate.

          • Gwangi

            Indeed – and the constant pandering by our politicians and media to the more extremist and literalist puritanical backwards Muslims, who rule that joke ‘council’ the Muslim Council of Britain, are responsible for undermining moderate and modern Muslims.
            We knew Muslims 30+ years ago in the UK. They were relatively modern – no praying 5 times a day, no headscarves and certain no one woman tents. I expect they were relieved to leave all that behind in the Pakistan they left. Muslims who arrive now or who are here face enormous pressure to attend mosque, pray 5 times a day, wear backwards village peasant clothes etc.
            Whose fault is that? It is the fault of the over-tolerant multiculturalists morons from our political and media and educational systems who allowed and even encouraged that to happen. The fact is: Saudi oil money has paid for the spread of the evil of Wahabi-ism into the UK< where it pans out like a virus infecting everything it touches. This land needs to be cleansed of such filth.

          • andyrwebman

            Islam is like a virus or a meme) hat lies dormant when surrounded by a liberal majority – but changes its tune when its believers are the majority.

            In some ways it’s like HIV. HIV’s strength is that it spreads rapidly but is not immediately fatal -0 which means it spreads much further and wider than a nasty fatal disease like e.g. pneumonic plague which burns itself out by killing its victims.

            One biology textbook I read said that HIV has found the achilles heel in the immune system – and I think that’s true of western culture and Islam.

            Islam exploits our tolerance and religious freedom to allow a large subsection of society to grow which is deeply opposed to those same tenets of tolerance. It becomes difficult because we can’t fight it without in some measure becoming what we hate.

            Thanks to the left, we have no good choices left, only the least bad one. Whatever we do, our innocent tolerance and openness will be forever wounded by the actions we take to survive – if we are not destroyed forever by it.

            Islam – the HIV of religions.

    • Daniel Maris

      Bringing in skin colour is not helpful. Muslim gangs have targetted Sikh and Hindu Asian girls as well.

      • Sean Raymond

        You are right – Moslem rape gangs have raped Sikh and Hindu girls – however I stand by my point that the absolutely overwhelming majority of rapes occured against White girls.
        For clarification, I am not White and date a Hindu – I have no reason to unfairly smear or base my argument upon skin colour ‘grieviences’. I do take your point however.

      • James Lovelace

        “Bringing in skin colour is not helpful. Muslim gangs have targetted Sikh and Hindu Asian girls as well.”

        Even the lame statistics cover-up by The Children’s Commissioner showed that asian girls were UNDER-REPRESENTED in victims of grooming gangs.

        The book I mentioned earlier analyses the data and removes all the extraneous cruft added by The Children’s Commissioner. See the Appendices of the book. I remember the same data was re-drawn in simpler charts.

        The book is available as a free PDF.

        • madge hirsch

          Probably because Sikh and Hindu parents with family histories of Partition are far less hampered by political correctness and warn their girls to keep away from Muslims and educate them about the tactics used by grooming gangs. Any organised attempt by white parents to do likewise would no doubt be denounced as racist and probably get them arrested.

      • andyrwebman

        True. I’ve known at least 3 Sikh girls marry white guys. Examples of the same in Muslim girls are incredibly rare.

    • James Lovelace

      “I saw a similar thing when I debated a Moslem regarding Moslem rape gangs – they invarably would say that I was picking on Islam, that faith had nothing to do with it and these crimes were no different to those by Saville etc”

      The Law and Freedom Foundation has now published an entire book on the subject of the grooming gangs. “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex-Slavery” by Peter McLoughlin.

  • 70sgirly

    You could hardly imagine anything more disgusting and barbaric than slicing up a little girls genitals for the “cultural” purpose of controlling women. How about a prospective LibDem candidate saying that something doesn’t offend him and being subject to hostility and death threats. I didn’t hear Nick Clegg commenting much on that one, I didn’t hear very much at all.

    The BBC have the reach and the programming to raise and report on these issues but they don’t. So desperate are they not to offend that they have lost sense of what is right and wrong. It’s like every topic connected with Islam has to be run through some sort of jihad-o-meter and if it registers even the tiniest chance that Islam may be criticised for its backward practices or extreme overreaction, it’s censored.

    • Gwangi

      Yep and the BBC is based in London and have schemes to set quotas for ethnic staff, so Muslims are massively over-represented at the BBC – around 10% Muslims in London I think.
      Then there’s the white guilt hypocrites who think they have to pander to anyone with a dark skin and a minority religion – and boy they do, all the time. The BBC even run a prize JUST for Muslims writers!
      But the fact is, if these Muslims spokespeople were white and atheist, they would be called fascists and extreme right wingers by the BBC – because their views are way more extreme than those of the BNP or EDL. Yet because of the skin colour and religion, they are protected by some invisible forcefield which means we must never ever criticise or even take issue with such diverse and enriching immigrant communities. Utter cant and hypocrisy! Utter racism and discrimination too, actually. If these Muslims were mostly white, they’d never get away with it.
      Whatever happened to treating all people equally? Oh I know, it got lost in the muddle of multiculturalism, and ideology that makes turning a blind eye to atrocities not only legal but recommended as ‘good practice’ by every dumb diversity department bimbo in the land!

      • 70sgirly

        I totally agree Gwangi, any tiny bit of British patriotism is stamped on hard by liberal do gooders as right wing fascist thinking, yet the elephant in the room is ignored. We are bombarded by; “Nazis, a warning from history” but should really be Zeaolts! A warning from history.

        • Willum James

          The `TV series ` you mention is one of the greatest frauds the BBC and Rees have formulated together.

          Pure anti Christian propaganda………………….

      • andyrwebman

        There’s nobody so hypocritical as the left. Says it all.

  • rtj1211

    I think you mean ‘FGM in Britain’.

    It has nothing to do with ‘multiculturalism’ but is a product of mass immigration, in as much as the more immigrants you get from parts of the world where FGM is practiced, the more chance you have of its frequency here going up.

    I would wager the national debt that most people my age in Britain had never heard of it until about a decade ago, as it is culturally inconceivable in the anglo-saxon population.

    I don’t think you can therefore blame ‘multiculturalism’ for something occurring.

    You can only blame it if ‘multiculturalist’ politicians knowingly turned a blind eye after being informed that it was going on, which would mean they were prolonging its occurrence rather than causing its initiation.

    Did they or didn’t they?

  • Dan Grover

    The first issue listed isn’t a problem at all, I think. Wills have always allowed people to basically give whatever they want to whomever they want. It’s why you see the odd story about a bunch of adult offspring being a little put out when their last remaining parent drops dead and leaves everything to their local RSPCA shelter or dog rehoming facility. You can choose to leave everything you own to one child, another, or the government if you were so (bizarrely inclined) – and that means you can give it based on what you perceive to be appropriate as per your religion. You’ve always been able to do that – only now there’s specific guidance for lawyers when they’re asked to do it as per Shariah Law.

    The other two issues are far bigger problems.

    • crosscop

      Accepting this apparently minor aspect of Shariah is the thin end of a monstrous wedge. We are actually condoning barbarism and built in inequality. Shariah ( the Koran) stipulates how a man’s inheritance is divided – not the person leaving the inheritance. For instance – a daughter has to receive half the amount her brother receives. To share out the inheritance equally or ( shock, horror!) give more to the girl is to fly in the face of instructions from Allah himself – and that can be very risky for a Muslim.
      Don’t for a moment think, either, that Muslims will be satisfied with this small victory. The wedge has a long way to go before they stop hammering on it.

      • Dan Grover

        But my point is that we aren’t at the “accepting” stage, nor is there a “victory” – you’ve always been able to do this. You could go to your solicitor and have a will drawn up tomorrow that gives your daughter 33% of your wealth and your son 66%. You can do this right now, and you could have done it 100 years ago (in fact, it WAS the case in the UK until relatively recently that men often were the chief beneficiaries of wills). Unless you wish to change it to take such matters out of the hands of those whose wealth it is and into the hands of the state, I can’t see why the defining force – be it a belief in Allah’s word or your own idea that a dog-rehoming shelter is the best place for your money – should matter.

        • crosscop

          You don’t get it. We are condoning built in inequality. A Muslim man, under Shariah, cannot decide how to share out an inheritance. He has to abide by what the Koran says – and it says that women inherit half of what a man does. We should not allow Shariah in any shape or form to infiltrate our legal system. Leaving our possessions to off-spring should be a decision made by exercising our freedom of choice – not decided according to a strict religious dogma in which females are automatically inferior. And when we give Muslims any leeway whatsoever – they immediately push for more.
          You do realise that they will eventually be demanding the right to beat their women, don’t you? The Koran ( Allah himself ) and Shariah instruct them that in certain circumstances, they must beat their women. When it comes to Shariah we should not give way one inch. It only encourages further demands.

          • Dan Grover

            Please stop saying “You don’t get it”. The phrase is “You disagree”.

            I think you’re making an arbitrary distinction there. If you’re against unfair inheritance policies, then that’s good for you, but are you against it even when it comes about as a result of a “an exercise of freedom of choice”? The way we live our lives and the reasons we do things are different for everyone, the philosophies that define our path through this world. Whether the thing that informs your decisions is religion, Kant, Socrates, Utilitarianism or a roll of the dice, if you think that a person should be allowed to exercise their own judgement on where their possessions go after they die then you have to make allowances for the fact that some people’s judgement is informed by worse systems than others. If it is to truly be an “exercise in freedom of choice” then one has to allow for that exercise to be performed poorly. Saying that you can’t do this or that because it’s due to an adherence to a religion because it isn’t a sufficiently “free” choice is like banning someone from deciding their will based on a single roll of a die. Would you seek to ban this also? It’s just as arbitrary.

            They’re free to demand the right to beat women – so long as we don’t give it to them. The comparison is an entirely moot one. We already give people the freedom to discriminate in wills, we do not give people the freedom to batter each other. I find it ludicrous that you’d be happy for Mr Jones to divvy up his fortune based on his wild sexism but you wouldn’t allow Mr Muhammed the same right due to the nature of their sexism.

            • crosscop

              You really don’t get it. By merely accepting that Muslims can make Shariah based Wills here in the UK we are condoning the built in misogyny of Islam. If they want to discriminate against their women they should do it under existing English Law. We should not be making it easier for them to practice their inequality by pandering to them. The UK should be a completely Shariah-free zone.

              • Dan Grover

                I think perhaps, then, it’s you that doesn’t get it. They *are* doing it under existing English Law, just like you could. You could have last week, last month, last year too. No law is changing.

                • Penny

                  The problem, as I understand it, is that the Law Society have been issued with guidelines on how to draw up Shari’a compliant wills. However, there is no single interpretation of Shari’a, so there can’t be single set of guidelines. Those opposing this say – among other concerns – that Shari’a wills can be drawn up by religious leaders anyway and that the Law Society should not be drawn into theological issues that it simply doesn’t understand.

                • Dan Grover

                  I’d be inclined to agree with you Penny, but I’d also suggest that it’s basically a matter for the Law Society without significant impact anywhere else; They are, in part at least, there to serve solicitors and clearly solicitors are being asked to perform this function with sufficient frequency that they felt the need to do it.

                • Gwangi

                  I think what the previous posters mean is that this pandering to the demands of Muslim extremists
                  1) ignores the wishes of moderate Muslims who do not want this change but will feel bullied and intimidated into accepting it (as they are bullied into praying 5 times a day and earing headscarves these days, thanks to Saudi-funded campaigns), and
                  2) it is the thin end of the wedge – and more Sharia-stained laws will come in.
                  I am sure lawyers will automatically assume in future that all Muslims will want Islamic services and offer them – at a price.
                  There must be ONE law for all. Henry II started that. He was here as were our forebears long before Islamic peasants arrived from backwards Pakistani villages, only for our cowardly and misplaced multiculturalism to permit them to live according to their vile values here.

                  But you are right of course that anyone can leave their dosh to anyone. However, there will now be an assumption and a service that assumes Muslims want Islamic wills. A local woman lawyer who has pioneered that service where I live has just won a Law Society award. That just shows how eager these blood-sucking lawyers are to get their hands on all that Islamic cash inshallah!

                • Dan Grover

                  I don’t understand – you say “There must be one law for all” and then go on to acknowledge that there *is* one law for all. Solicitors will do whatever their clients ask them to when it comes to wills. Now they have “guidance” to provide a clear precedent for how to actually do it. Nothing’s actually changed, though. If people don’t ask for a Shariah will, why would you think they’d get one?

                • cbinTH

                  Suppose you’re a Muslim and you go to your lawyer, who is also a Muslim, maybe even one of your acquaintance, and he asks you if you would like your will to be in accordance with the sharia: wouldn’t you then feel, perhaps, pressure to say, “Yes, of course”?

                • itbeso

                  Yes but these guidelines put a veneer of acceptability over a vile practice. It is de facto acceptance of inequality. solicitors should be pointing out that in the UK it is not the custom to descriminate not condone it.

            • Liz

              The difference is that under English law, Ms Jones jnr could challenge her father’s will in court. Under the new conditions, Ms Mohammed probably can’t.

              • Dan Grover

                They could both challenge, they could both possibly win and both possibly lose. Do you have any precedence to suggest that muslim children would successfully challenge now?

                • Penny

                  There are instances in which some Muslim women do not have the same access to the law as their non-Muslim peers. I’ve no idea what the figures are but we’ve heard of cases where they are “encouraged” to attend arbitration by Shari’a court and adherence to the judgement thereof. In some cases British law would be the more appropriate course of action but family/community/shame pressures are applied.

                  While I accept that in the legal sense these guidelines haven’t changed the law (my earlier comment notwithstanding), I nevertheless feel the nod given to Shari’a via the Law Soc may send a message to such women that it supports a code that endorses discrimination to women – and some children.

                • Liz

                  The proposed change in the law isn’t to allow Muslims to have their wills written according to Sharia, that is already a right, it is to allow them to have them judged in an English court according to Sharia.

            • cbinTH

              I suppose the significant difference might be, that only now will solicitors be suggesting the exclusion of certain family members from wills, or the reduction of proceeds to certain family members. It might be said that they’ll be pressuring the man into making decisions he wouldn’t otherwise make, and it might be said that there would be ethical problems in a solicitor encouraging a person to exclude beneficiaries whom the solicitor would not themselves want to exclude.

              I don’t know.

              Do these arguments carry any weight, do you think/

              • Dan Grover

                Possibly but I’m not sure. There’s no financial incentive for the solicitors to do such a thing, so I don’t really see why they should. If someone wants a will drawn up, they’ll get a will drawn up. I can’t imagine a solicitor pressuring someone to get one that specifically harms certain members of their family.

    • FrenchNewsonlin

      “Shariah Law” . There is only one law in the country and that emanates from parliament. “Shariah Law” is imported as part of an ideology to be used nefariously as a tool of subversion in the host society. There should be no truck with it in the civilised West.

  • ohforheavensake

    How come, then, the recent campaign against FGM was run by The Guardian? Surely that’s the multiculturalist’s bible?

    Or maybe you’re just wrong?

    • paulthorgan

      They joined a bandwagon on the last lap.

    • Lamia

      As pointed out with a link to statistical evidence on this thread, the Guardian has over the past ten years been by a long way the worst record of the broadsheets when it comes to reporting FGM.

      They have jumped on the bandwagon only now that there is sufficient public momentum. Until a couple of months ago they’ve been sweeping it under the carpet more assiduously than any other media organisation – more interested in tarring those who did talk about it as ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes’.

  • Ron Todd

    If white families started mutilating their daughters there would be prosecutions quick enough. Those doing it would be lucky to get to a trial before they were strung up from a lamppost.

    • crosscop

      And if you slit the throat of a sheep or cow and let it bleed to death, your feet would not touch either. The nation’s chief vet has called for ritual slaughter to be banned- as it is in Denmark, Poland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland as have the RSPCA.
      Our leaders, however, think differently. Both Cameron and Miliband have promised ( on trips to Israel) that it won’t be banned. Miliband also promised to make sure Britain would not ban Male Genital Mutilation which both Norway and Germany are considering.

  • andy_gill

    We urgently need to de-Islamize the UK, by creating conditions in which Islam comes to be regarded as inferior.

    Children should be taught about the brutal history of Islam, its attempts to conquer the west, and the relationship between modern Islam and terrorism. The aim of Islamic extremists to force the UK to accept Islamic law should be exposed. Young girls should be warned about the contempt of Muslims for women in general and non-Muslim women in particular. The full-face veil, and public calls to prayer should be banned.

    Muslims who identify as gay, renounce their faith or convert to another religion should be celebrated, and the Koran delegitimized as a charter for racism and human rights abuse.

    In this way, we can weaken the hold Islam has over its adherents, and emasculate it as a functioning ideology.

    • anncalba

      Not going to happen any time soon.

    • crosscop

      On many occasions in the past I have had to laugh when reading about the police raiding an “extremist” mosque and reporting that they have discovered “hate literature.” Every single mosque has “hate literature” on its premises and every Muslim family has “hate literature” in their house – it’s called the Koran.

      • mark

        Yes, but remember whilst the quran itself exposes islams evil filth, the other books muslims have to use to be muslim, to make any sense of the quran etc are the hadiths and sira (life of muhamad) these are really the books muslims dont want people to know about and read.

    • andyrwebman

      Banning non medical circumcision for under 18 year olds might do it. And we must be prepared to lock up huge numbers of people for breaking that law.

  • MikeF

    “The multicultural, mass-immigration movement professes to believe that you can import millions of people into a country without any problems.” They may profess it but whether they really believe it is another matter. The reality in many cases is that they do not. Instead they actively seek to create dissension and disruption as an excuse for ‘anti-racist’ activism that is itself merely a means of introducing into public discourse the politics of ‘zero tolerance’, which in the end mean complete intolerance of and active suppression of everything they decide they dislike. That is what it is really all about.

    • White Dragon

      I tried posting a comment how Jewish intellectuals were the main problem behind the cultural death of the west, but even this moderator is scared of the truth, so deleted my comment.

      • jjjj

        You lying piece of s**t. Anyone can scroll back to your comment and see the antisemitic comment that wouldn’t have looked out of place in Goebbels’ speeches.

        • White Dragon


          “NAZI’s” build racially united, 1st world, wealthy nations. (pre-WW2 Germany)

          Liberals (Communists) build racially divided, crime-ridden, impoverished nations. (Greece and USA today)

          • Willum James

            Hear hear again……………..

            • KingGreen

              white dragon & willum James are probably the same loser
              posting their garbage over and over and over again, not realising that the reason they are being ignored, is because usually people don;t like to play with excrement

              I love the jewish people
              thank you for all you have contributed to the world, my friends

  • Kasperlos

    The educated reader will know that the Great War was the first act in the disassembling of the western tradition, sweeping away the poltiical, social and religious construct of that day. The second world war saw the emergence of the U.S. and its western European partners establish the supra-national, international order with its monetary, military, Hollywood cultural, and political institutions. The late 20th century scheme of mass migration into the west is the third act to shape the social/demographic/cultural dynamic of a generic brand which is easily controllable under the established international institutions. The old order in Europe is gone, the last piece that was dealt with was the demographic. In its place is the brave new world that is fraught with instability in the long term. Think Balkans.

    • I like Comb-over

      LOL! The biggest triumph of the move to ‘disassemble the western tradition’ is that you are still thinking about the world in the cold war categories.

  • White Dragon

    Why are so many Whites celebrating diversity as they
    slowly become minorities in nations founded and built by Whites?

    White taxpayer money is being used to help fund
    diversity. In other words, Whites are paying to replace themselves by non-Whites.(read

    And they are celebrating it! (read EXTREME INSANITY)

    No other race would do this.

    This is partly due to Whites being genetically more

    Not only that, it is blindingly obvious that not every
    race is capable of building/maintaining a 1st world nation. You can‘t build 1st world nations with 3rd
    world immigrants. You can’t create wealth with races that have never created
    advanced nations themselves. The truth is “racist”.

    In fact, non-Whites flock to White majority nations,
    because Whites build the most desirable societies. Again, the truth is

    Do most Whites honestly believe their nation will still
    be 1st world when Whites become a minority?

    Racially diverse
    societies mean lower trust, democracy and happiness levels. (see Harvard
    Professor Putnam, Bowling Alone). People
    know this but refuse to believe it. They fear being labelled “racist”, or

    Your race is your nation. Jews understand this. Asians
    understand this. Blacks understand this. However, Whites have been brainwashed
    to believe the opposite. But if they don’t wake up soon, they will lose
    everything their ancestors worked and died for.

    What’s stopping minorities using their increasing wealth
    and power to promote their own interests at the expense of Whites? Minorities
    WILL NOT reciprocate the compassion and tolerance Whites have shown. (This
    cannot be emphasized enough)

    Why are only White nations being targeted for diversity?

    Racially homogenous societies are FAR more stable than
    racially diverse ones.

    • Ritch Ritchloui

      My friend, it is NOT the colour of a Man’s skin but the content of his character that matters. Personally, I have found more Afro-Caribeans showing courage and fearless fortitude in the face of the threat the Islamic slaving cult than I have most ‘whites’. They are our friends and share the same values that we do. Admittedly the older ones seem a lot more civilised than the younger ones, but that is something we have to admit to being partly our failing. The Muslims, no matter what the colour of their skin, are not normal humans, they are very dangerous and harbour very, very toxic views and they lie to your face without pause nor shame.

  • Mr Grumpy

    Some time in the Eighties Belgium brought – or at least considered bringing – its first FGM prosecution. The Guardian carried a piece condemning this act of cultural imperialism. This has indeed been going on a long, long time.

    • James Lovelace

      Der Guardian finally reversed their position with an editorial against FGM a few weeks ago.

      Look at the charts towards the end of this thread, and see for yourself how slow Der Guardian has been in catching up with the rest of the media.

      For sure, if the EDL had never been created, FGM would still be ignored, and the grooming gangs would still be operating with barely a prosecution every 3 years.

  • saffrin

    Idi Amin had the solution, kick the lot of them out of the country a.s.a.p.

    • Ritch Ritchloui

      Idi Amin was a racist Muslim fanatic. You sir, are part of the problem not the solution.

      • saffrin

        Whatever Idi Amin was he had the right idea on this one.
        I’m not the one attacking people on the streets of Britain with moving cars and machetes or hacking off parts of women’s anatomy.
        You sir have an odd idea on what constitutes a problem.

        • James Todd

          No he didn’t “have the right idea”. He was an ignorant murderous buffoon, and the people he evicted were a law-abiding mercantile class whose loss seriously damaged Uganda even further than that cretin had already done.

          You don’t “throw out” a whole group of people. You insist they obey the law, and help those who wish to extract themselves from religious nonsense to do so without fear. You chuck out the nuisance element. not random, totally innocent people. This is called civilisation. What you’re advocating is not civilised.

          • saffrin

            “You insist they obey the law”

            No way is that ever going to happen while we are led by political parties that are not only intent on promoting open door mass immigration at all costs but also fail to obey UK laws themselves.
            The last three UK Prime Ministers all being guilty of what would be considered capital offences in most countries across the World.
            Two war criminals, one traitor, all of whom leading parties infested with habitual fraudsters.

            • James Todd

              You live in a democracy. If that’s what you believe, take it to the electorate, convincingly present an alternative programme, and see if they elect you.

              I’m not being flippant. What’s the alternative? It’s not a perfect system, but the rule of law is better than any other variation. It’s what differentiates us from the likes of Amin.

  • Ricky Strong

    Not forgetting;

    – The attempted takeover of schools in Birmingham by muslims,
    – Gender segregation in universities at the request of…. muslims,
    – The sharp rise of ‘grooming gangs’ – actually let’s not call it grooming, the drugging, sexual abuse and rape of children,

    – The self-proclaimed muslim patrol gangs,

    – The double standards of animal slaughter,

    – The utter contempt for English law (i.e veils in court)

    This is happening all over Europe.

  • Sean Raymond

    Thankyou once again Douglas for having the bravery to speak out on the side of the common good even though in doing so you leave yourself wide open for the smear.
    The subject of FGM perfectly exemplifies the paralysis of our society as a result of multi-culturalism, the political correct and more over – Islam. That this horrific mutilation is occurinmg in our midst, unopposed, with a frightening regularity is shameful. I have debated this subject with Moslems many times – they say this is not an Islamic precpt but a cultural one. This is a typical obscuranting of the truth for the facts are clear – for whilst it is true that some non-Moslem African cultures do carry out this barbaric act (culture which may or may not have been influenced by Islam) the Islam is the ONLY religion which has swallowed this practice wholesale

    • Shazza

      Sean, when debating with anyone who is a member of the RoP, always remember to take their contribution with a very, very large pinch of Taqiyya salt.

    • Ritch Ritchloui

      Imam Jafar Sadiq, the sixthImam of Shia’ Islam, doctrine of kithman (taqiyya):
      One, who exposes something from our religion is like one who intentionally kills us. Hadith Imam. Jafar Sadiq Footnote. #1 Usool al Kafi, p.88

      You belong to a religion that whosoever conceals it, Allah will honor him and whosoever reveals it, Allah will disgrace him. ibid. Ft. #2, Ibid, p.522

      Quran 3:118 O you who have believed, do not take as intimates those other than yourselves.

      Quran 9:123 O you who have believed, fight those adjacent to you of the disbelievers and let them find in you harshness.

  • Daniel Maris

    “But take a step back for a moment. FGM is about the mutilation, with
    knives, of young girls’ genitals. Does opposing anything ever come any
    easier than that? I very much doubt it.”

    I have always opposed FGM, even when it was less fashionable to do so. But clearly one of the things holding us back here is that there exists also MGM, which we are supposed to ignore. The fact we have the double standard complicates the issue. Male circumcision also involves knives and helpless infants in this case.

    If you want to tackle FGM you have to make it a serious offence for a parent who is caring for a child to have a child who has been subjected to FGM. The parents of at risk children (e.g. Somali Muslim girls) should be served with legal notices explaining their duties. The at risk girls should be inspected regularly.

    • ItinerantView

      According to this piece the Dutch wanted to tackle FGM in the Somali community in Holland, in response apparently thousands of Somalis left,where did they go ? why the multicultural paradise of the UK..
      “Several years ago the Balkenende cabinet seriously considered compulsory genital inspections for Somali girls. The proposal was ultimately toned down, to ‘more intensive supervision by school doctors’. But the Somalis got the message: thousands moved to the UK. ”

  • Kitty MLB

    Multiculturalism and mass immigration as we know was used by Labour
    as a tool to destroy this country its traditions, culture and values.
    And the EU has created the Muslim Bill of Rights so that those who threaten to do us harm will be protected ( not all people wish to do us harm, thank God) but we are afraid of them.
    This generous and kind Christian country is gradually being eroded and taken over
    by some who wish to make a mini version of their own country here.
    They unlike others, such as Indians and Chinese who have embraced this country
    have no respect for this land and are not interested in multiculturalism-
    unless its there own. They are guests in this Christian land and should
    obey our laws- when will all this stop.

    • Shazza

      Kitty, unfortunately they do not see themselves as guests. They believe that their mission, i.e., jihad is to ‘revert’ us, the kuffr etc. to islam and establish a worldwide caliphate. Their book exhorts this and I believe, they are not allowed to disavow any one of it’s tenets on pain of apostasy.

      Islam is only doing what it says on the tin.

    • Ritch Ritchloui

      My friend, you ask ‘when will all this stop?’ It will only stop when Islam has been COMPLETELY defeated. It cannot be allowed to shrink back into its poisonous shell only to re-emerge whenever the opportunity arises. Islam must be exposed ENTIRELY, not one of its dirty secrets shall remain hidden – ALL of it shall be shown to the ENTIRE WORLD and yes, that will be the Day of Judgement on their disgusting child raping slaving cult. We shall dissect and examine its stinking and rotten heart and let it be a warning to Mankind and all future generations of what a moral cesspit really is.

  • ADW

    Yeah but food is more interesting, both at street markets and in restaurants, so balance that against the three factors Douglas complaints about and there’s no doubt that immigration has enriched our culture enormously and brought tremendous benefits to all. Because, after all, his three negatives are only being judged from his Western imperialist perspective, and properly seen without his cultural relativism they aren’t negative at all.

    And even if they are, they’re only a “tiny minority”; the vast majority being tremendously civilised, much more hard working than the natives and an enormous boon to our culture and our economy.

    And even if they weren’t, we must not _ever_ talk about them because the BNP might gain something. What I’m not sure. Maybe it will go from its current zero MPs to possibly slightly more than zero MPs, and that would be far worse than millions of young girls being mutilated because that isn’t a bad thing anyway in their culture.

    • Ritch Ritchloui

      My friend, let us be absolutely clear about this, Islam and Muslims are the ONLY problem immigrants. They have have not brought ANY cultural bonuses to the party. NONE. They have NO intention whatsoever of adapting. Their values and practices are WHOLLY incompatible with our own. Their moral high ground is that of a floating turd. They regard a dirty 7th century child rapist as their ‘most excellent example of conduct’. Furthermore, they are supposed to emulate him – he made his fortune as a robber and professional slaver. He didn’t just inherit slaves, he made his entire fortune by enslaving, robbing, slaughtering and subjugating free people. The 1,400 year old Islamic slaving cult is SO disgusting it is hard for normal people to truly grasp what we are up against. You will not find a single Muslim who is not fluent in their seditious loathing of our civilisation and willingly projectile vomit a torrent of toxic half-truths, gross accusations, blatant lies and virulent hatred and self-aggrandisement. They ALL repeat the SAME garbage – they are indoctrinated morons who are completely primed to become genocidal, which is what their filthy doctrines requires of them.

      • crosscop

        “let us be absolutely clear about this, Islam and Muslims are the ONLY problem immigrants.”
        Err… I seem to remember some slight problems with Jamaicans. Yardies ring any bells? It wasn’t Muslims who killed Keith Blakelock, either. And then there’s the Roma, of course. And I hear there’s currently an outbreak of TB in Cambridgeshire… Eastern Europeans, I believe.

        • Ritch Ritchloui

          Yes, I know that there are problems with various anti-social characters and gangs. However, Islam is a global cult and its membership and psychotic child raping slaving ideology literally DWARFS these other minnows.

  • Paul Perrin

    As I understand it the FGM prosecution relates to ‘repairing’ a mutilation after the woman in question gave birth.

    This prosecution does not relate to the new mutilation of a child – it is a pathetic, weak sop just to stop the ‘there has never been a prosecution’ attacks on the government and the disgustign Keir Starmer.

    Nothing has really changed. Our institutions want to appear to act, but without doing anything.

  • Shazza

    When is someone going to stand up and say ‘enough’. What is it going to take to wake the somnambulant British public and make them aware that they are perilously close to losing what we take for granted.

    Our very precious, hard won secular civilisation is being lost to a primitive creed which does not threaten – no it promises to inflict it’s horrors on all of us. The evidence of this is worldwide and cannot be disputed. Wherever this ideology is present, misery and horror replace hope and joie de vivre.

    Why is this happening?

    • Andrew Saint

      When are we going to say “enough”? When the indigenous people of this country stop acting like sheep and continuing to vote in huge numbers for the ConLabLib establishment. Brits keep whining, “why does our government not act like the French in combating Islamic extremisim?” Well, the answer is that the French have the balls in large numbers (more than 20 per cent) to vote for the Front Nationale – we don’t.

    • anncalba

      Agree with much of what you say, but “the somnabulent British public” has been unable to express it’s horror at this barbarism so prevalent in many places in the UK. If you did so, you would immediately be accussed of racism. Many of us new things were going very wrong, but were howled down. Thank goodness, however late, we can now talk about these things. Sadly, for many it is too late.

      • Shazza

        Very true about the ‘racism’ charge. In fact, have you watched the latest Pat Condell on Youtube? It’s available on the Gates of Vienna site.

        For me the biggest problem is apathy. We who post on sites like this are like minded and are just preaching to the converted. For the greater public out there, as long as they can drug themselves on football, trash tv, celeb culture etc. they believe that their lives are going to carry on as per normal. The majority have no interest in politics – even those who have higher than average IQs. They simply will not believe that our secular, western civilisation is under threat.

      • andyrwebman

        We need someone to publicly declare for a much narrower, more rationally based concept of racism, not the ridiculously overinclusive one used in today’s media.
        When you have such a wide ranging defintion of racism, and when it is exaggerated to such heights of horror in the popular media (i.e.. “He said something RACIST? That’s the worst thing he could possibly do in the world….etc etc”) then you have a means of repressing rational debate.

        I propose to encourage a more rational and specific basis, something like
        “Racism is discriminating against someone on a skin colour or genetic basis as opposed to looking at their behaviour”

        Racism is NOT being against a religion – because a religion is a political belief of sorts, and we need to be able to condemn beliefs

        Racism is NOT being against a way of life – because again, certain habits in a way of life may justly invoke our censure.

        Racism is not being oppose to a culture – because again, a culture might have reprehensible values.

        If you are happy to associate with anyone of any skin colour who behaves as a decent human being, then you’re not a racist.

        If you condemn the actions or tenets of a religious cult composed of people of all sorts of different colours, then you’re not a racist.

        Take back the word racism from the manipulative left!!

    • White Dragon

      JEWS and their deliberate destruction of the west.


      Jews fear White unity and Christianity for historical reasons.

      • mountolive

        Wrong on every count. Pure anti-semitism and worth no further comment.

        • Willum James

          Your comment equals pure buffoonery.

          You are either a Marxist, a Jew or a total TV consuming moron; either way, you and your kind HATE or do not recognize the one element that will save Europe- the TRUTH

        • James Mayer

          Now watch the following video:

          You’ve got a lot of research to do…

      • Ron Todd


        • Jackthesmilingblack

          I do appreciate the reasoned argument.

      • Lungfish66


      • chrisphillips

        Fuck off.

      • Tom Allalone

        Just crawl back into your bunker and die

        • Willum James

          Any intellectual response on the back of your profound teachings ?

          • KingGreen

            you don;t deserve ‘serious’ responses

            you deserve exactly the life you have, including all the hatred that is eating you from the inside out

            you and your extremist muslim pets have a lot of things in common: they also blame jews for everything, and look how well and peaceful they’re living LOOOOOL

            • frederickdixon

              What does “loooool” mean? I presume that English is not your native tongue.

              • James Lovelace

                If your use of the language spoken in this country had not evolved, you’d be speaking as people spoke in the 6th century.

                • frederickdixon

                  Well, what on earth does it mean? Do you know?

      • Hexhamgeezer

        Cobblers. If I wasn’t born a white male Protestant Geordie, I would be proud and count me blessed if I’d been born Jewish.

        • White Dragon

          For historical reasons, JEWS fear White unity and Christianity, that is why you will find many JEWS at the forefront of promoting diversity and anti-Christian messages in their media. e.g Zuckerberg = pro-diversity, Soros =
          pro-open borders. JEWS fear White majority nations. By suckering Whites into pretending diversity is a strength, Whites end up celebrating (and often funding) their own ethnic displacement. No other race would.

          This is partly due to Whites being genetically more altruistic.

          JEWISH intellectuals know Whites are more altruistic (and
          arguably more compassionate), and with the use of their media encourage minorities to take advantage of these virtues. Because Whites are more altruistic, they build more desirable societies, and that’s why non-Whites flock to them.

          Here’s the kicker: When JEWS commit crimes, most Americans are bamboozled into thinking Whites are committing the crimes…

          However, when JEWS are ‘victims’ (e.g. the “Holocau$t”), then suddenly the media screams “Antisemitism!”, and the JEWS are portrayed as a unique race (which they are).

          There’s no denying it, if you want to test the strength of a civilization, send in the JEWS. Masters of divide and conquer. They brought Marxism to Russia and China,
          and now they are bringing it to many western nations.

          Jews see White unity and Christianity as threats to Jewish interests for historical reasons, so they have made themselves the driving force behind multiculturalism and diversity – a White minority USA means no race is the one
          majority, thus Jews feel less threatened as a minority.

          • Willum James

            Note the ad hominem attacks on yourself a la Dershowitz or Foxman.

            The only form of reply from a source with no intellectual acumen and certainly no reason; devoid of any semblance or truth………………………

          • KingGreen


            hey troglodyte, why are you ‘yelling’ JEWS?

            are you one of those Abduls, who foams at the mouth when hissing this word??

        • Jackthesmilingblack

          … count myself blessed …

        • James Mayer

          Now watch the following video:

          You’ve got a lot of research to do my friend…

      • Willum James

        I just posted but didnt name the canker as you have ; i thought it would be taken down but `hear hear` WD.

        We have to stop the demonization of Muslims ( although their return to their homes would be nice- it may save a few thousand British women from rape and murder) and concentrate on the alien subverts who brought them here.

        Also, when is the Lamestreammedia going to report on the daily drone strikes on Pakistan ?

        Yes, all in OUR NAME ………………

        • Sean Raymond

          Utter tosh.
          First, please explain how Moslems are being demonised in Britain- and provide specific examples to support your case. I argue strongly that it is quite the opposite – we live in a culture of fear backed up by a hair trigger response to violence, thus we have a media that are at pains to not even mention the religion in issues where it is implicitly implicated ala FGM etc etc. We have laws bought in that moslems are privy to and non Moslems are not, we turn a blind eye to polygamy for one and not the other, tailor our employment laws for Moslems, dilute our culture to not offend etc etc…..this is not demonisation but complete and utter appeasement.
          Second, drone strikes are necessary and effective – targetting and killing many Taliban & Al-Qaeda terrorists. You see, this is a war fought against terrorist organisations (who really do kill innocent people/Moslems) and NOT Moslems as you imply but sadly this enemy hides amongst the general public, doesn’t adhere to the rules of engagement thus traditional modes of combat are futile. That innocent people die is tragic of course, but sadly when you fight an enemy of this nature innocent people will die either way – but we must fight this enemy..
          I can’t wait for your reply.

        • madge hirsch

          FFS! I suppose the British Empire was a Jewish plot too. Pakistanis were encouraged to come from a former colony to do the night shifts in textile mills that native Brits did not want to do. Your medication needs changing.

          • Willum James

            See Herzls `Jewish State`.

            See Dutch East India Company.

            In your research you will find the agenda and the 75% ownership in the slave trade- the veil slips, no?

            Why waste words when the eternal parasite , his words and actions, do it for one……………………..

          • Willum James

            For St. Simon!
            For St. Hugh!
            For St. William!

            Never forget them countrymen- though they be edited from our annuls by the machinations of Dizzy and Rothschild, theirs is the spirit that lives on. Theirs is the spirit that shall prevail……………………………

          • Willum James

            ———- Forwarded message ———-

          • Weyland

            Those mills had thrived for 2 hundred years using British workers like my Grandparents , as soon as Pakistanis arrived they went bust.

            • madge hirsch

              Mine too! Both my grandmothers went in the mill when they were 12 years old!

      • KingGreen



      • James Lovelace

        “Jews fear White unity and Christianity for historical reasons.”

        Yes, jews fear white people so much, they keep on marrying out!

        Keep on taking your medication.

        All my jewish friends have married “white” people (some married English people, others married Europeans).

        • White Dragon

          It’s called a genetic buffer. Duh!

      • I like Comb-over

        Your rhetoric would appeal to lilly-white simpletons with 2 inch dark roots. Have you considered joining UKiP?

        • White Dragon

          Hi, Mr. Communist:

          “NAZI’s” build racially united, 1st world, wealthy nations. (pre-WW2 Germany)

          Liberals (Communists) build racially divided, crime-ridden, impoverished nations. (UK and USA today)

    • Augustus

      If Muslims living in the West were to fit in, fully assimilate and adopt Western norms, it would spell disaster for the vision of Muslim dominance, and their ultimate goal of making the entire world Muslim. In the past Muslims were simply unable to catch up with Western progress. So in the light of their inferiority, it became clear that the vision of Muslim global dominance was also growing dim. What they are now doing is to impose Islamic ‘values’ on the West by phasing them in to Western society. Britain is foremost in still refusing to understand the threat the future holds in store if it continues down its current path.

    • Willum James

      Stop scratching the rash and deal with the virus.

      Investigate the cause and the individuals behind this genocide of the indigenous people of this island.

      I`ll give you some clues :

      They are usually on the left though not always; they cover and fund all angles.
      They promote multiculturalism in Western nations only- their rogue apartheid state is immune to this canker.
      They are inveigled in media, politics and finance- the ultimate chameleons.
      They blend in extremely well in said nations, and oftentimes they change their surnames to suit their surroundings.
      They have been working toward the destruction of Christian nations for centuries- they murdered our Icon in 33 AD.

      And finally, they are being exposed TODAY……………

      • andyrwebman

        Yes, this deserves to be proclaimed loudly and in bright letters.

        The Left are weakening us from within.
        The Left are the maanifestation of the West’s self Loathing and Post colonial Guilt
        The Left want to commit suicide on behalf of Western Civilisation

        It looks lunatic but it’s true.

        • Willum James

          Agreed- now wait for the `hater` accusation from the ignorant .

          It follows everytime……………..

    • Fergus Pickering

      Because racism is the new religion of the kaffirs, mate.

    • James Lovelace

      If you look at the statistical analysis of the “quality” media reporting on the issue of FGM, you will see that following the creation of the EDL, the number of reports on FGM went up by 1000% . I will post a link in a moment.

      Considering that Parliament passed the laws, it is 30 years of cowardice on the part of journalists which is responsible for those laws not being implemented. If doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers will not report the cases of FGM, or the police/CPS will not bring prosecutions, then THERE WAS NO-ONE LEFT BUT THE MEDIA TO DRAW ATTENTION TO THIS. They did nothing.

      Of course, “the muslim community” did nothing to stop FGM, because manuals of sharia law state that FGM ranges anywhere between obligatory and desirable (depending on which school of sharia they claim to follow).