Eddie Izzard’s kiss of death to Scotland

18 March 2014

12:29 PM

18 March 2014

12:29 PM

Game over: Eddie Izzard has cursed the union. The comedian who once championed equal clothing rights has waded into the debate over Scottish independence, to the horror of supporters of the union.

You might imagine that we unionists would welcome a celebrity endorsement – even from a c-lister like Izzard. But he has a dreadful track record when it comes to these things. He was a devout Europhile who campaigned for us to join the single currency. He supported Gordon Brown and Labour at the last election. He backed Ken Livingstone last time round in London. And who can forget Izzard’s deathless contribution to the Yes2AV campaign?

A source at the Better Together campaign tells me: ‘Eddie’s going to be sending out the message from the rest of the UK – “Scotland, please don’t go” – in his own unique and brilliant way.’ That’s certainly one way of putting it.

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  • smilingvulture

    eddie is a cross YESer

  • rammyorstramash

    Ah Eddie, trying so very hard to keep Scotland in the union and OF COURSE all those seats for his beloved Labour party. His intentions are so clear they are TRANSparent.

  • FrankieThompson

    Funny once. In 1994.

  • Michael H Kenyon

    In a world of talentless exhibitionists, Izzard is particularly notable. He’s also incredibly unfunny. His judgement is 180 degrees wrong.

  • Shorne

    It could be worse, it could be Vanessa Redgrave saying the same thing.

  • CraigStrachan

    I hear Eddie Izzard is considering a run for London mayor, presumably to restore some seriousness to the office after two terms of BoJo the clown.

    • Colonel Mustard


  • Chris Hobson

    This clown supported Euro, AV referendum yes vote and Gordon Brown 2010….

  • MaxSceptic

    If they carry on like this, Scots won’t need to vote for independence – we’ll vote to expel them.

    It won’t be a loss as any enterprising Scot north of the border will soon be heading south.

    • rod robertson

      It is such misplaced arrogance and pomposity that ensures we will Vote Yes , thanks keep up the xenophobic racism please

      • MaxSceptic

        I’m glad we’re both working to the same objective then.

      • James

        Xenophobia is a fear of outsiders, he seems to be welcoming Scottish migration south. Your claim of racism is even more absurd.

        Did you ever stop to think that a significant portion of those south of the border legitimately want you to leave?

    • justejudexultionis

      ‘any enterprising Scot north of the border will soon be heading south’ — what are you talking about? The ‘enterprising Scots’ all moved to London years ago. This is precisely we need independence to reverse a century of cultural, intellectual and economic decline due to the unnatural dominance of London and the south-east of England.

      • Barakzai

        And just what proportion of Scotland’s population understands ‘Saor Alba,’ do you think? Just how many Lowland Scots think the spread of Gaelic one liners adopted by BBC Scotland, rail companies etc makes them more distinctively Scots?

  • edlancey

    Just because he can trot out his rehearsed, unfunny jokes about dangly bits and high heels in french he thinks he’s a european.

  • Kitty MLB

    I always remember Andy Murray saying he needed to leave Scotland
    because he would not get anywhere by staying.
    When are we going to here from the likes of Sean Connery( assuming we have not
    already) or does it not count when you have left, what about the Aussie chap
    from the braveheart film.
    But honesty, how mortified are we, embarrassed that we now live in such
    a leftie benighted and that these people involve themselves in these issues.

    • Wessex Man

      I don’t remember Andy Murray saying that, perhaps he did. He did say when asked who he would be supporting in the 2010 World Cup ‘anyone but England’ and later, very recently refused to say if he backed Scottish Indepence. I belive his comment about England was said in jest and misguided.

      Sean Connery, a tax exile, has however supported Scottish Independence for sometime and no doubt when Scotland becomes Independent wii rush home to make sure his tax contribution supports Scotland.

    • monty61

      Same experience myself. I worked in a profession where people literally ‘kent ma faither’ and regardless of what I achieved in life it would have been as my father’s son. I have moved back several times and found the pariochial atmosphere very stifling, the anti-Englishness against my kids utterly enraging. Not to mention the welfarist mindset. No wonder Salmond has set himself up as the Milky Bar kid, free handouts for all on the back of supposedly everlasting oil revenues.

      • rod robertson

        I would suggest you have never been outside the M25 in your sad narrow minded life.

        • Fergus Pickering

          So you are suggesting he is lying. I have never lived inside the M25 and I back his comments 100%. Scotland is small-minded, parochial and xenophobic.

    • jaydu

      not only did andy leave Scotland to improve he left the GREAT Britain for Spain, are you advocating closer relationships with Europe ?

    • JPJ2

      Actually he said he had to leave the UK so he is no Brit Nat poster boy.
      He has expressed anger at the way the LTA treated his brother, and went to Spain (which is neither in Scotland nor in England) to advance his career.

  • Pitkapoika

    Oh please don’t let the self-publicising Izzard loon loose on the unsuspecting populous again.

  • Auldreekie

    Doesn’t Eddie have a comedy routine mocking how the Empire was acquired – by going into other nations’ countries and planting a flag?
    “This is ours, now.”
    “Whaddya mean? It’s our country: we live here.”
    “Do you have a flag?”
    Quite amusing. But he doesn’t seem to have noticed that the imperialism started within these isles and that his attitudes toward the Empire and Scottish independence are contradictory.

    • monty61

      ‘Imperialism started within these isles’? Typical Gnat chippy nonsense.

    • James

      Wasn’t it following a failed attempt to form a Scottish Empire? Scotland bankrupted itself and asked for a bailout and access to the existing colonial lands in exchange for the union.

      I seem to remember Scottish entrepreneurs gained a great deal from the agreement. Bloody imperialist jocks.

      • Wessex Man

        You need to take a anger management course.

        • James


      • tartanarse

        “Wasn’t it following a failed attempt to form a Scottish Empire? Scotland bankrupted itself and asked for a bailout and access to the existing colonial lands in exchange for the union”

        No it wasn’t James. Nice try though.

        A little tip. Don’t use Wiki for your information, it may make you look a tube.

        • James

          Educate me oh wise tartanarse.

          What were the actual circumstances surrounding the acts of union?

          The wiki is merely a summary of information , the relevant links/sources are all contained within and you are free to read into it as much as you like.

          A little tip. Don’t try to refute people without offering up any information at all, it may make you look like you don’t know what you’re talking about..

          • tartanarse

            “The wiki is merely a summary of information , the relevant links/sources are all contained within and you are free to read into it as much as you like.”

            Indeed it is. You should try it sometime.

            • James

              Why would I deny you the pleasure of telling me exactly how wrong I am?
              Please, enough with the flirting. Don’t be such a tease.

  • Malcolm McCandless

    You’ll find that Scotland is not going anywhere. We will be right here after the 18th Sept, 2014 whether we vote YES or NO.

    • Freebornbriton

      Oh gawd, will you??