Ed Miliband’s sympathy for ‘needy’ Gove

25 March 2014

1:30 PM

25 March 2014

1:30 PM

Congratulations to Sarah Vine. Last night the Mail columnist achieved the almost impossible feat of getting the leader of the Labour Party to defend his party’s favourite pantomime villain: Michael Gove. ‘I feel like I should rush to your husband’s defence now,’ spluttered Ed Miliband on ITV’s Agenda last night, declaring that he was sure that the Education Secretary (Vine’s husband) was a great father.

The secret to Vine’s success is to have no secrets. She is making a career out of revealing the minute details of the power couple’s domestic arrangements. And last night she regaled the show with tales of paternity leave in the Gove household:

‘He hung around the house eating biscuits having cups of tea made for him and looking at the baby and then reading another book and looking a bit more at the baby… he is quite good with children but he’s better with slightly older children.’


Not an ideal description for the Education Secretary, but Vine was not done:

‘The thing is when you’ve just had a baby you sort of don’t really want your husband around, well I, I just didn’t really want anyone else around. Now it’s lovely, but, your life is so mad and complicated that, well the thing about men is that they do have this thing that they like to be the centre of a woman’s attention. So when the baby comes along there is something cuter and more interesting and they can get quite needy.’

Oh dear. Mr S has visions of ‘needy Gove’ becoming the new mantra of the teaching unions.

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  • Fencesitter

    This little piece made me think better of Miliband than anything else I’ve ever read about him. Not enough to vote for him, obviously.

    • James Allen

      He does seem to be a decent chap. Foolish of course. But decent.

  • Sean Moran
  • PaulMJohnson

    I can relate to what Vine said.

    My wife told me to piss off back to work as well.

  • Kitty MLB

    Ed Silibland is the one who needs our sympathy, not only are things going
    pear shaped for him but he apparently is still seen as weird and one of the most weird
    political leaders in modern times ( people do feel free to contradict, if you can)
    Whereas Michael Gove drinking tea and eating biscuits sounds endearing,
    we might even think the same about poor beautiful, statuesque but dim Tristram,
    but no thoughts of Balls making lasagne will ever have that effect.
    Although I do wish the fragrant Mrs Gove would stop, a little demeaning maybe,
    but not as much as the speakers wife- she is dreadful.

    • The_Average_Joe_UK

      Gove is useless and full of his own self importance. he wouldn’t know conservative if it repeatedly smacked him in the face.

      Nasty metropolitan liberal, squandering millions on his vanity projects.