Do you believe what the Malaysian government is saying about flight MH370?

17 March 2014

17 March 2014

Is the world now being fed a bit of disinformation from the Malaysians over the fate of that missing jet, flight MH370?

We are now told that the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, was a ‘fanatical’ dissident, a supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, who has once again been jailed under Malaysia’s homophobic laws for allegedly having sex with a man. This makes Shah a democrat and a moderate, in my book – and I would have thought most people’s books. There is no suggestion that Shah had sympathies with PAS, Malaysia’s somewhat fundamentalist, although lately moderating, Islamist party (and which for reasons of political expediency has in the past allied itself with Anwar). There is almost nothing the Malaysian government will not do in order to discredit the most articulate and charismatic of its opponents. I wonder if this is what they are doing now?

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    I collected a bit of a library of favourite titles ( and am
    personally struck by the international effort on this. I don’t know if it’s vain hope – obviously the plane couldn’t have “disappeared” and just hope that there’s a prompt resolution around the corner.

  • Lungfish66

    Somebody in the cockpit went batshit crazy has stabbed everyone and bolted the security door. He has then flown to 45000 feet to knock everybody out and ditched the plane in the deep blue briney somewhere in the Southern Ocean. A small piece of debris will eventually turn up bobbing about but nobody will ever be sure of the details. Well maybe.

  • nz

    Correction: it wasn’t the Malaysian government that trumped up the connection.. it was the British tabloid!

  • James Strong

    It’s unlikely to have been terrorism.
    There’s little point in hijacking a plane and /or killing the passengers unless you let it be known what your goals are.
    Without claiming responsibility and stating what changes they want made to policy, and threatening more attacks if concessions aren’t offered, then terrorists can’t hope to effect any change.

    • crosscop

      Suicide can be terrorism. We now know that the pilot was a supporter of a secular politician who was arrested for homosexuality. He had even attended the trial and wore “Democracy is Dead” T-Shirts. Now, we don’t know how the co-pilot felt about all this. Perhaps the co-pilot also didn’t like the pilot’s habit of inviting pretty kuffar girls into the cockpit. Who knows? There could have been an argument and violence. Perhaps the pilot was badly hurt some way or even killed. Then the co-pilot would be left with a dilemma – does he turn back and hand himself over to the authorities to face trial or does he end it all? As a Muslim, martyrdom might appear quite attractive at this stage.
      If he did decide on martyrdom – and to take all the passengers with him – then turning the plane to fly towards Mecca as he said his final prayers would be the logical thing to do.

      • James Strong

        Who knows?
        But if the co-pilot had killed the pilot then committed suicide it wouldn’t be martyrdom. It wouldn’t be action in defence of Islam, it wouldn’t be to advance Islam. How could it be if nobody knows about it?

  • Jackthesmilingblack

    Over KL you see “We pray for MH370” signs. Good luck with that.
    Many believe that the very popular leader of the political opposition was framed and unjustly imprisoned. Eliminate the impossible …
    Jack, Kuala Lumpur

    • Apaliteno

      Except that he is not in prison yet and presently lives in his large house just down the road from me.

  • JimmyLinton

    This is a disaster for Malaysia, however it turns out. That said, the best possible outcome now for the government is that the plane developed some catastrophic mechanical malfunction and crashed. The worst case scenario for the Malaysian government is that it was the work of home grown Islamic extremists. If this turns out to be the case, the effect on tourism, commerce and community relations in Malaysia will be severe.

    I’m having trouble believing that an aircraft of the physical size and radar footprint of a 777 could just disappear. Something doesn’t feel right about this (Puts on tin foil hat).

    I’m trying not to think what the families of the passengers and crew are going through.

  • littlegreyrabbit

    1. It went to Bagram Air Base

    2. It will remain an unresolved mystery. Someone seems to have screwed up but it looks like the powers that be are just going to brazen it out.

    Maybe some of the passengers on the 9/11 planes developed a sudden hankering to learn mahjong?

  • Dodgy Geezer

    …Do you believe what the Malaysian government is saying about flight MH370?..

    As far as I can tell, the Malaysian government has presented every possible variation of the probable fate(s) of Flight MH370.

    I suppose one of those variations must be pretty close to the truth…

  • mikewaller

    What fascinates me is the dozens of wars Malaysia must have fought to account for all those medals on the general’s chest.

  • Jabez Foodbotham

    It’ll be on the Moon, along with that WW2 bomber I read about in the Sunday Sport.

    • gelert

      Along with Elvis. JFK and Marilyn Monroe.

      • Robertus Maximus

        Elvis is alive and well and living two doors away from me. Charming man. Rod often pops in for a cuppa and a gospel sing-song.

        • gelert

          You are lucky ! Any chance that I could come along one day ?


          Seems that you are an Elmore Leonard fan, too 😉

          • Robertus Maximus

            I’ll speak to Elvis. I’m sure he won’t mind. As long as you can put up with Rod’s truly awful voice when he sings along with Elvis. It brings tears to the eyes.

            PS Elmore James is more to my taste.

        • Hexhamgeezer

          Has he given up that Wal-Mart checkout job?

          • Robertus Maximus

            Elvis was sacked. He was doing a number from his Las Vegas routine to amuse the customers when his karate kick made contact with the manager’s goolies.

            • Hexhamgeezer

              Stupid move. He’s just the sort of employee you need to get the punters in. And what about the Christmas karaoke – sorely missed I’ll bet.

      • post_x_it

        Glenn Miller

  • Daniel Maris

    Jihad Watch tends to be more right about these things than the UK Media in general and the Spectator in particular. They say the Malaysian opposition is actually closely tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood – anything but democrats.

    • Apaliteno

      Highly misleading – of the 3 opposition parties, PAS (to whom your Jihad Watch report must refer) has the fewest MPs.

      • Daniel Maris

        JW were referring to the party supported by the pilot – duh!

        • Apaliteno

          That makes even less sense than your initial comment .Capt Zaharie was a supporter of the People’s Justice party, a multiracial group with 30 MPs, 14 of whom are non muslims.

  • Hexhamgeezer

    It was them aliens wot dun it surely? .

    • La Fold

      Im running a book on it with the lads in the workshop. Aliens are coming in as a hotly tipped long shot whilst my money is on north koreans.

      • Ian Walker

        If the aliens have the technology to fly between stars, enter Earth’s atmosphere undetected and make off with several hundred tons of aircraft, what on earth would they want one for? To study the engines?

        • La Fold

          Strange, who’d have thunk that a bunch of hairy @rsed joiners, scaffolders and riggers having a laugh never really thought that one through.

        • Hexhamgeezer

          Maybe they want one for their kids. In a retro intergalactic Lego type scenario.

          • La Fold

            Just spat tea out everywhere reading that one.

    • Jackthesmilingblack

      I lean fractionally towards the rogue North Korean missile.

    • IanM

      Lets not forget that the current search area is within the Bermuda Triangle antipode.

  • DougS

    I think it would a breath of fresh air if the authorities and the media just admitted that they haven’t got the first idea what happened to MH370. And then just shut up until some real evidence emerges.

    • Daniel Maris

      Why? It’s a fascinating story that most people want to hear the latest news about it. Are you Alain de Bottom in disguise?

      • DougS

        Who’s Alain de Bottom?

        I wasn’t referring to the news. News is OK but that’s about 5% of the output, the rest is speculation.

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